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Sleep Walker

I remember growing up and finding my older sister Angie wandering the house — and sometimes the neighborhood — while sound asleep. The first time I caught her like that I woke her up right then and there. My god I thought she was going psycho on me the way she screamed in terror! Our folks took her to the doctor and were told to be very careful that we NOT wake her up during these episodes. Rather we were to gently guide her back to her bed, or at least just let her wander as long as she couldn’t get hurt by her actions.

She left home after high school and I figured that eventually she had outgrown it. Nobody ever mentioned her still doing it. Each of us married soon after leaving the paternal home and ironically found that both couples purchased new homes within six blocks of each other! Shit, we even picked out the EXACT same floor plan! Man did we have a laugh fest over that one!

When I turned 24 and Angie hit 27 our folks hit it big on the progressive slot machine. Make that, hit it HUGE as they both instantly quit work and moved to Florida to ‘retire’. Angie and I found we saw each other more often after that just to have some connection with family. One year later my ever loving wife gave birth to a VERY black little girl, which is hard to explain coming from two parents of Scandinavian decent! I filed for divorce two days later after the paternity test proved I was not the father. In our state that was all the cause I needed and she was booted out with nothing but her cloths and her baby.

Living as a bachelor again was a big change as I suddenly realized that she actually had done several things around the house. Just not enough to keep her sorry ass here. Fuck that shit! Angie soon was spending huge amounts of time with me whenever her husband was out of town on business, which was happening more and more as he progressed further up the corporate ladder.

This morning I got a frantic call from sis telling me that she woke up to find eight inches of water in her house due to a broken weld in one of the pipes. I instantly told her they could stay with me while their house was being remodeled. Naturally her husband Rick was 2000 miles away on business and couldn’t get back for nearly three weeks.

Two nights later at around midnight I was coming in from taking out the trash when I nearly crashed into my sister as she walked down the hallway. I jumped back startled to see her as she had gone to bed over an hour ago, then noticed the telltale signs on her face that she was sound asleep! Shit was that a surprise.

I followed her into the kitchen where she opened the fridge and got out the milk, then poured a glassful through her empty hand shaped like a ‘C’. Milk poured off the counter top, down the cabinet doors onto the floors. Sis put the milk away, chugged from her empty hand and glided down the hallway to my bedroom where she got in bed and covered up as if she was at home. Shit, this wasn’t good! Wondering what I should do I returned to the kitchen and cleaned up the mess before getting a blanket and pillow so I could sleep on the couch.

«Dave, wake up,» my sister said as she shook my shoulder.

«Huh,» I mumbled as my eyes tried to open.

«How come you are out here and how did I get in your bed?»

By then I was fully awake and had swung my legs out to sit up. I looked at her and chuckled before telling her of her late night wanderings. «Oh shit, I haven’t done that in over 4 years! Damn it, I hope I didn’t make too much of a mess for you to clean up!»

I assured her not to worry about it and eventually she calmed down. Luckily she stayed put the next two nights and both of us thought that maybe it way just a mental reaction to her nightmare of a problem at her house. Then it was Friday night and I woke up around one AM as she slipped into bed right on top of me. I guessed I was sleeping on ‘her’ side of the bed! It took some doing but finally I was out from under her and then managed to coax her out of bed without waking her. I guided her to the guest bedroom and got her into bed where she started snoring softly right away.

At around 4 o’clock I woke with a start as a moist and warm pussy slipped down onto my rock hard cock. Hell I had been in the middle of a fantastic dream but I never expected it to turn out to be this! «Oh god honey, you feel so good tonight,» Angie said softly as she slowly started moving her hips up and down in about two inch movements. «Oh Rick, you feel so good inside of me,» she moaned again.

‘Fuck’ I thought, ‘this is just so wrong in so many ways!’ My mind was whirling as I tried to come up with a way to get her to stop and then back into her own bed, but how? Her moans were getting louder and her pussy was really working over my cock as she pushed towards her climax. Suddenly I thought, ‘Oh shit sis, don’t wakeup while you cum!’

I needn’t have worried. About ten minutes into her ride she flung her head back and cried out «Oh god Rick, I’m cumming! Oh shit I’m cumming so hard! Yes…yes…yes…YES!!!» Her madly convulsing body slowed to a near stop as she recovered while slowly moving on and off of my granite-like 8 inch pillar. Very gently I tried to move her a bit to start getting her to un-mount me when she started pumping her cunt on me harder and harder…faster and faster.

Oh god this is not good. If she doesn’t stop I am going to cum inside of her! A brother doesn’t fuck his sister! He doesn’t cum inside of her…even if she is sleep-fucking! My hands on her hips tried to slow her down but there was just no way to gently get her to stop!

I felt my balls rumble in readiness and I gritted my teeth trying to forestall my cum explosion. Angie leaned forward and supported herself with her hands on my chest as she really attacked me with gusto. I looked up into her blank sleep shrouded eyes as she clamped onto my cock harder than any female ever had done to me.

My balls rose up in my sack and my shaft swelled even more and Angie tensed as a deep groaning voice came from her as she gasped «Oh god…..I’m cumming again! Give it to me! Give me your cum! Cumming so harrrrrrrrrrd!» Just then I couldn’t hold out any longer as her super tight pussy won the battle. My first hot blast of cum rocketed into her as if shooting out of a fire hose and she shook violently as she screamed «Oh god!»

My hips were thrusting up into her while she still pounded her pussy onto me frantically as our climaxes raced onward. Each of my six blasts of cum elicited another cry of passion from her while her body shook hard in time with each pulse. Holy fuck, no woman had ever came that hard for me, and I thought I was a pretty good lover, if I do say so myself. Once my cock stopped throbbing her body slowed to a halt and she just sat there gasping for breath while her body twitched with each and every after shock from her powerful orgasm.

I was staring up at her in shock at what had just happened. Her blank, sleep shrouded face was covered with sweat but showed no sign that she knew what had just taken place. Holy fuck, I did not know she could be this far out of it!

«Oh Rick, that was wonderful,» she moaned as she looked straight over my head. Suddenly I was PISSED! If my sister is going to fuck me then she should at least KNOW that it was my cock that got her off! But I stayed mute as she leaned down till her chest rested on mine as she hugged me gently. «I love you baby,» she moaned gently before her breathing turned soft and steady.

As much as I liked ‘cuddling’ after sex, this is not what I had in mind! I lay there pondering our position wondering if she was going to sleep the night through like this when time marched on and my shaft finally wilted enough to slip quietly from her hot love tunnel. I heard a soft sigh come from her and about three minutes later she rolled off of me, and then curled up facing away from me. I had nearly fallen asleep when I felt her get up and slowly walk out of my room. Son of a bitch!

I followed her out to the living room where she stood there staring straight ahead for several moments. Then she turned and looked right through me as she walked towards the hallway again. I just barely stepped out of the way or she would have walked right into me, and no way did I want her to wake up screaming while my cum poured down her legs. I watched in amazement as she turned into her bedroom and quickly got into bed as if she had never left it.

I changed my sheets to get rid of the huge wet spot of evidence then took a cold shower to clear my head. After a restless night I got up at 7 and was on my second pot of coffee when Angie finally wandered out to the kitchen. I decided to let her start the conversation to see if she had any knowledge of her actions from last night.

She didn’t as she brightly said, «Hi brother dear! How’s my favorite brother this morning?»

As she poured a cup of java I laughed while saying, «Well, your ONLY brother is groggy if you must know.»

«I’m sorry to hear that bro, I slept like a rock! Couldn’t feel better!» She smiled at me before sipping from her cup just before sitting opposite from me at the table. «I must have drooled quite a lot though as I am sticky all over!» Shit I nearly spit my sip of coffee right at her when she said that. I recovered blaming it on some going down the wrong pipe.

Concern covered her animated face as I recovered from my coffee spew. We talked for nearly an hour before she headed to the shower to clean off her ‘drool’. I was elated to know that she had no recollection of her entering my room and fucking the shit out of me early that morning. We had a great day together and each of us went to bed at ten that night.

«Oh god that feels good,’ I was thinking as my brain woke up. Then I realized something felt good because my sister was sucking my cock all the way down her talented throat! SHIT! I had fallen asleep with the TV on so my room was bathed in the soft glow from it, clearly illuminating her beautiful face taking my entire eight inches to the root and holding it deep for several seconds before pulling slowly off of me only to retrace her movements over and over again.

Damn! How do I get her to stop this?! Yet even as that thought formed in my brain I realized my cock felt better than I could ever remember. No woman had ever managed to get more than two-thirds of my shaft in her mouth so this was a real mind blowing cock blowing! Soon I knew she would receive a huge load of man batter and my hips started pumping into her mouth, smashing her nose against my pubic hair forcefully. Angie was working her tongue on me like a woman possessed while my hips thrust harder and harder into her hungry mouth.

No more than ten minutes after I woke up my balls rolled before a long and powerful spurt of cum blasted into her throat and stomach. It was all I could do to keep from loudly crying out in ecstasy as my sleep blowing sister moaned around my shaft as rope after huge rope shot into her throat and then her mouth when she pulled back five inches or so. Incredibly my sister slept right through her incredible draining of my super full balls!

Most gals I’ve had sex with couldn’t keep up with my balls when I cum. Few would even try — lord knows my ex sure as hell wouldn’t. Even more surprising was Angie finished swallowing the last of my load and went right on sucking my cock like she was just starting. Finally it dawned on me that she wasn’t just ‘cleaning me off’. I knew this because my formerly wilting shaft was once again harder than anything else on planet Earth.

‘Damn,’ I thought, ‘how do I get her to stop’ I thought just before she pulled off of me with a very blank look on her face only to swiftly move over me and slide my prick fully into her pussy in one sudden movement. ‘Oh shit…not again!’ I looked up at her in horror as once again my sister began fucking herself on me. Moments later she groaned in pleasure and I started getting into our lascivious act.

One of the things that surprised me about my ex having an affair was that she KNEW that if she kept working my cock after my first cum then my dick would stay hard for however long she wanted it, guaranteeing her countless spectacular climaxes. Once we fucked for over three hours straight during which time I came five times while she came 18 times according to her count. This knowledge made me worry about just how long Angie could remain asleep while riding my rock hard cock.

About ten minutes later my hips were pounding up into her as she flung her head about while groaning huskily, «Oh goddddd, I’m cumming! Oh! Oh! Fuck yes I’m cumming Rick!» Hearing my brother-in-law’s name cried out made me SLAM my cock up into her just at the perfect instant and she screeched once then hung on as her body shook violently as her climax roared through her.

Yet her body never stopped moving. Oh sure, she slowed way down for several minutes, her body gliding up and down my full length as she chewed her lower lip with her blank eyes looking into the wall. I nearly shit when suddenly she resumed pounding onto me as her pussy gripped tightly onto me while she moaned «Oh fuck yessssssss.» Even with her already tight grasp around my cock her pussy somehow tripled its grip on me and my balls instantly jumped into action. Never had I moved from feeling good to blasting huge ropes of cum as quickly as I did at that instant.

Each of us croaked and groaned as on bodies rutted together in climactic release. It felt incredible, so incredible that I felt remorse that my sleep walking sister was the cause of it. Just then she gasped through her climax, «Oh god Honey, fuck me! Fuck me harder. Oh god, fuck me Rick!»

‘Shit.’ I thought, ‘there’s that name again!’ My lower brain — the one still blasting rope after rope of sperm — was doing my thinking as I pulled her to me then quickly rolled us over taking the top for the first time. My only functioning brain thought, ‘If it’s fucking…spurt…she wants…spurt, spurt…then it’s fucking she will…spurt…get!’ With that my hips quickly moved on their own into a fast and powerful pounding into her over flowing pussy.

Angie looked through me as my hips drove my shaft into her trying to reach her tonsils from the inside. I stared into her blank eyes wishing she would suddenly wake up and say my name. About ten minutes later she wrapped her legs around my ass then used them to help power my hips into her cunt even harder than I was. Less than a minute later she dug her nails into my biceps as she groaned «Oh my god, I’m cumming again! Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh god FUCK ME!» Again she clamped onto me at least as tight as before making my balls power up once again flooding her pussy with hot white cream!

«YESSSSS! Give it to me!» she croaked out. «Give me your cum Rick!» My hips paused and her feet pulled on me hard while she cried out, «Oh god don’t stop! Please don’t stop!» My bigger brain…the one that was PISSED…forced my hips to resume their thrusts and both of our climaxes peaked in unison before gliding gloriously to a nice after glow.

It was my turn to continue slowly moving in and out of her super soaked cum receptacle. She started whimpering as I picked up my pace, her body finally joining me with gusto as our hips pounded into each other. I was amazed at myself for being so hell bent on getting her to wake up since I knew how dangerous that could be for her. Yet just because I knew I shouldn’t be trying to fuck her awake, there was no doubt that I was giving her everything I had trying to reach that end.

I didn’t realize how much effort I was putting into this until sweat started dripping off of my nose onto her face and chest. Realizing that I had been pounding the shit out of her for nearly fifteen minutes shocked me as time had seemed to stand still. Angie’s blank eyes were staring right up at me…and through me…as her body reacted energetically to my movements. My balls again began powering up and I wanted this explosion to be our best so I eased my weight off of my right hand as I perched on a tripod stance. In spite of my sister’s tightly wrapped legs around my ass I managed to slip my hand between us and sought out her clit.

The instant I touched it she sucked in a HUGE amount of air while her face remained blank. Four powerful thrusts later I gave her clit a really good rub making her gasp. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders tightly as her face nestled into the crook of my neck. Our bodies grunted and groaned in unison as we stepped off the precipice once again into orgasm land.

My god I thought my cock was going to be ripped right off of me the way her pussy clamped onto it! The incredible amount of friction that caused made my balls explode harder than ever as her legs held me deep within her. Thrusting was impossible for me, but her arms and legs somehow managed an incredible rocking/swinging motion as she hung beneath me screaming in release.

Her first cries were nonsense sounds but soon became words as she roared out loud, «OH MY GOD! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESFUCKINGHELLYESSSSSSSSS!» By then my fifth powerful rope of sperm had splatted instantly against her deepest wall. Angie was shaking violently as she somehow continued fucking onto me while her incredibly tight hold on me grew even tighter. Suddenly she gripped onto me even tighter as she cried out loud «OH MY FUCKING GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!»

Those were the last words she said that night. Her body rode out both of our climaxes while holding super tight to me. Once I was finished shooting into her she gradually came to a complete stop, her body hanging from me with my hand still trapped between us. I wasn’t a total asshole as I made certain that I had moved my fingers away from her clit. I lost track of the number of climactic aftershocks that rolled through her but I remember thinking ‘fifteen’. Holy shit did I wish she would remember just what had happened to her and WHO had done it!

I did my best to keep my weight off of her while the tight grip her arms and legs had on me never wavered. Her twitching and spasming pussy felt incredible to my trapped prick while I wondered how to get her back to her own bed. Incredibly after about four minutes I felt my balls roll then one lone rope of jism rocketed into her super tight pussy and both of us moaned at the sensation. Damn her pussy felt good. Several minutes later her hold on me slackened and then she snored softly as her arms fell from around my shoulders.

I eased my hand out from between us finally and pushed up onto my arms to gaze at her. ‘Fuck,’ I thought, ‘why does she have to look so beautiful right now?’ Another few minutes later and her legs let loose of their tight hold on my hips before sliding off of me, ending up splayed out wide each of them bent at the knee. Jesus how I wanted to fuck her when she was awake!

About a minute later her pussy relaxed and my cock slipped easily out of her warm cunt back into the chill of the night air. My sister snored softly as I moaned even softer, «Holy fucking shit.» My eyes scanned her wide open body, pausing at her pussy which was gaping wide open with cum flowing from it, before I carefully moved to her side and lay down.

I was watching her sleep when about fifteen minutes later she slipped out of bed and walked slowly out of the room and into the kitchen. This time she went to the sink where she ran water through her cupped hand as she filled the missing glass, then drank it down. Hey, no mess this time. Abruptly she turned and nearly walked through me as she headed back to the bedrooms. I barely moved in time and then very carefully guided her into her room where she slept the night through.

As much as I had enjoyed the sensations our incredible sex had given me, I couldn’t sleep as my larger brain tried to get a handle on what we had done. After cleaning the garage to keep myself occupied I was sipping coffee on my patio when Angie stepped outside. She looked radiant, her face bright and happy…perhaps happier than I could remember it in years. She leaned down and gave me a hug and a kiss while her chaste nightgown gaped showing me her perfect 34B tits.

«Oops,» she said on noticing my gaze, «I’ll try to keep the girls covered.»

«Sorry sis.»

«Don’t be, it was my fault.» Sis took a sip of coffee then blushed as she asked, «So what do you think?»


«You got a good enough look at them,» she said. I tried to pretend I didn’t know what she was talking about so she went on, «You know, hooters, fun bags, tata’s, melons, tits, milk cartons, breasts….»

«I said I was sorry.»

«I didn’t say I was mad.» Angie bit her lip a bit then went on, «I think they’re kinda small.»

As she said that her eyes were locked onto mine. Eventually my eyes dropped to her chest for a brief moment and she was grinning when I met her gaze once again. «Oh all right!» I boldly looked down and held my gaze on her chest. «If you really must know…I think they are fantastic! Just perfect and most assuredly NOT too small!»

«Oh stop trying to make me feel good,» she said as she cupped her boobs and gently squeezed them while my eyes burned at the sight.

«I’m not ‘trying to make you feel good’; I’m just giving you my honest opinion! They look much nicer than Meg’s (the ex) did.»

«Bullshit! Her tits were huge!»

«Trust me, bigger is not always better!» I saw the disbelief in her eyes so once more I dropped my gaze to her chest then said, «She was five years younger than you, yet hers were already sagging grotesquely. By now they must be nearly to her navel on the way to her knees. Yours look MUCH better……….much better!»

I looked up at her surprised face and waited for a response. Finally I asked, «So what makes my hot sister want to know what I think of her tits?»

«Girls like to know how they look to the opposite sex. I thought I was over the hill and am in no way capable of looking hot, you liar you.»

«I’m not lying, for a sister you are a very sexy woman.» I shifted trying to control my cock which was reacting to the conversation in the worst way. «I think we should change the subject.»

Angie started to speak then caught the words on her tongue as her eyes dropped to my crotch, my half hard woody clearly visible through the glass table top. «OH my goodness, I think my brother DOES mean it! Sorry bro, didn’t mean to embarrass you. But since I already did, nice package you’ve got down there! I never knew you were so…well, you know.»

Angie finished her coffee then stood up saying, «Ok, now that both of us have been embarrassed, I need a shower.» She stood up and gave me another kiss with just as much of a cleavage show as the first time. With a giggle she stood back upright and took a couple steps. «Darn it, I must have slept wrong last night….my legs and, um, hips are sore. I hope my shower makes them feel better too.»

As she left me sitting there I wondered if she had remembered any of her previous sleep walking adventures. God I sure hoped not!

By the time Angie was out of the shower I was just about finished making breakfast for us. «Wow little brother» she said as she entered the kitchen fully dressed, «good timing! I was wondering what to make for us to eat. Mmmm, smells good!»

Each of us dished up some grub, then ate heartily with not much conversation. Angie was finishing her second plateful when she looked up at me to say, «Good god you are one fine cook! Sure am glad since I seem to be famished this morning. Mind if I finish this stuff up?»

I let my eyes slowly scan her body from head to toe before saying, «Go for it sis, there is no danger of you getting fat…»

«Oh stop!»

«I mean it. For an old married woman you sure are hot!»

«I am NOT OLD!»

«Aha! I just got you to agree that you are hot!»

«I did not! I’m not hot; if I was Rick would say so. Shit I did, didn’t I»

«Yup. By the way, if he doesn’t know it then he is dumber than I thought.»

«Oh you goof…wait, you think my husband is dumb?»

«Hell yes, he has to be! Otherwise there is no way he would take off on business for as long as he has been lately. If I was married to a woman like you there is NO way I would even contemplate being gone for so long!»

Angie stared at her plate for several moments then a tear slid down her cheek as she said, «God that makes me love you so much! Damn it I wish my husband thought that way! Oh shit, I’m sorry…» I was beside her instantly holding her as her body shook hard while her tears flowed profusely. Being the dumb male I remained silent till her tears finally stopped.

«Geez sis, I didn’t mean to make you cry,» I started when she put her fingers on my lips.

«No, don’t you dare apologize. I…I like knowing that I still look good. I just wish it would come from Rick once in a while.»

Taking her hand in mine I held it to my lips and kissed it lightly before saying, «Okay my dear sister. No apology from me for shooting off with my mouth. But from now on I will try to NOT tell you how hot and sexy you are! Is that a deal? No more will you hear me saying that you are beautiful, have a fantastic body, are wonderful to be around, and make all the other women jealous when they see you! On no, I won’t be saying any of those things again…….well, maybe not for a month or so!»

«You’re too much bro! Thanks. I love you.» Then she kissed me, softly at first, before slowly it built up into a full blown tongue kiss that shook me to my spine. Finally she broke off our lip lock saying «Wow, now I know Meg was certifiably insane! You can cook, are handsome as all get out, say the nicest things, and you kiss better than any guy could that I’ve ever kissed before! What the fuck was wrong with her?»

«Guess I’m the wrong color and am just too successful with my company. I heard she married that gang-bangin’ biker shithead! But enough about her.» I gave her a light kiss on the forehead and then started clearing the table. I washed while she dried and in no time the kitchen was presentable again.

I finished rinsing the sink as Angie dried the last item and put it away. «This was nice,» she said as her hands snaked around me and she hugged her body tight to me from behind. I felt her place her turned head against my back while her body molded into me from head to toe. I tried to dry my hands while she intensified her hug, then she sighed and released her hold while stepping back a bit.

I turned to look at her and gave her a smile. «You okay sis?»

‘Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just that this is how I imagined my life with Rick would be. You know, working together having intimate moments like that one. The closest he gets to helping around the house is when he ’empties’ a few beer bottles! I don’t suppose there’s any way to do a brain swap between you two! Didn’t think so.»

The rest of the day was pretty normal although I did notice she was much more ‘touchy-feely’ than normal. We checked on her house to see how far along the crew was at remodeling it. Not very, it seemed. I treated her to dinner out and then we rented a DVD to watch. I figured we’d get a new release but she opted for her favorite, «Sleepless in Seattle».

It didn’t take long before Angie moved over by me and snuggled up tight against me. «I hope you don’t mind, I just like being close like this.» I shrugged while hoping my sister fucking cock wouldn’t get riled up and stand at attention. I was doing pretty good when she said, «I need to lie down.» Then she quickly stretched out beside me with her head on my lap. «Thanks bro, this is nice.»

Well shit, that makes it impossible to tell her ‘NO’; not after that smile and five word sentence! It got worse when she pulled her hand up and put it under her head and right on my inner thigh. Just over half way through the movie Angie complained about her hand falling asleep, then she repositioned which put her fingers right on top of my cock where it lay along side my thigh. OH SHIT! Now what do I do? Figuring if I mentioned it to her she would be embarrassed to tears I tried to ignore it. By the end of the movie my hard cock was straining against my blue jeans as her fingers traced back and forth on me.

Just as the movie ended Angie softly asked, «Are you ready for bed now honey?»

‘Honey’? Where did that come from, I wondered. Somehow I managed to speak saying, «Umm, yeah, I think I am, Sis.»

The instant I said sis she shot upright and looked at my face. «Oh my GOD!» she cried out as her eyes flitted to her hand on my cock then back at my eyes. «Wh…wh…why didn’t you say I was um…shit,» just then she realized her hand was still on my cock and yanked it from me. «Dave, you should have told me…said something!»

«I’m sorry sis, but I didn’t want you to get embarrassed — like you are now — and I figured you would move your hand before the movie ended! Guess that plan was a mistake and I’m so sorry sis.»

«You’re sorry! I’M the one who should be SORRY! Hell I’m practically jerking off my brother so I’m the one who should be sorry!»

By then she had gotten up and was standing in front of me. I stood up saying, «Okay Angie, both of us are sorry…case closed. I still love you so how about a goodnight hug.» Then I stepped closer and took her into my arms pulling her close in a brotherly type hug. She wrapped hers around me and pulled us tight together. Unfortunately that pressed my bulge right into her pussy area and she quickly stepped back with a gasp.

«OH SHIT!» she croaked out. «Dammit, there I go again!» Her eyes flicked downward and then back up to mine as she said, «Even though I already told you this earlier today, that is one mighty fine package you’ve got down there. And I am REALLY sorry to have hugged you like that.»

«Well, embarrassing as this is, I suppose there could be more of these moments to come since you will be living here for some time now. The time estimate for your repairs was over four months right?» Sis nodded her head so I went on, «We’ll get past this spot, believe me sis.»

«Yeah, I guess you are right,» she said as I hoped I just might be. I gave her a kiss on her forehead then we went about our end of day rituals. Within 45 minutes both of us were in bed where I lay not knowing whether I hoped she slept the night away in her bed, or longed for her to wander into my room and fuck the shit out of us both in her sleep. SHIT! I couldn’t believe I was actually really hoping for the latter to happen! I cussed myself mentally and eventually went to sleep. Eight hours later I awoke to my alarm going off, surprised to have been alone the entire night.

Things were ‘normal’ the next five days as my sister only did small sleep walking trips. Both times I was up late figuring bids for my company and ended up carefully guiding her back to her bed after letting her wander for a bit. When I arrived home Friday night Angie was on the phone talking with Rick about the mess at their house. He still had at least two more weeks before he could return home and she was not happy about it. To help make her feel better I took her out for dinner and drinks. It worked as her mood was considerably better when we got back to my house.

Angie pleaded with me to play one game of Cribbage with her, then piled on a load of crap when she managed to skunk me soundly. I challenged her to another and this time only lost by 29 points. Not being a fool I didn’t ask for a third game. By then it was almost midnight so we both headed off to bed.

I awoke at about 2:30 to the sound of Angie’s voice saying, «Oh god Rick, I need you so much.»

I nearly spoke out but just then her incredible pussy slipped around and then fully down onto my rock hard cock. Both of us moaned together as my tip pressed tightly against her deepest wall. She paused for just a couple of seconds before her hips began slowly moving nearly all the way up my shaft before reversing and pushing down onto me again as she buried my shaft fully within her. My larger brain once more thought ‘Shit this is SO WRONG…I have got to stop her.’ At the same time she slowly sped up her movements as my smaller brain thought, ‘Holy fuck she feels so GOOD around me!’

Less than three minutes into her riding me I knew my smaller brain had won. Her pussy felt too damned good to even think again about stopping her. If it’s to hell I go for this then I’ll pack my bags when she’s done! With that thought behind me my hips started thrusting powerfully up into her in time with her movements. No more than ten minutes after my sister began fucking me she cried out in release as her first climax pummeled her body.

As she came Angie flung her head back and cried out nonsensical sounds that wavered in time with our hip movements. Her hips tried to stop moving but mine kept pumping into her and soon she joined me in search of her second orgasm.

My sister had started this round in the typical cowgirl position, her eyes staring blankly at my wall. Mere moments after her climax was over she eased around into the reverse cowgirl position and began fucking my granite pillar harder than any previous time. My hands grabbed onto her hips as I thought my brother-in-law had to be insane to be gone for so long when his wife could fuck so wantonly.

Not even ten minutes later my balls rumbled before my cock erupted into her vagina with my largest load ever, an incredible eight long powerful ropes of sperm. As I grunted in climax Angie screamed out «Oh my god I’m cumming! Do it! Do it! Oh god Rick I want your cum!» Fuck! There was that name again…the name I was growing to hate more than anything else on earth.

Our climaxes ended together and I pulled a moaning Angie back down onto me, her back on my chest, then I rolled us over making her gasp softly. Gripping her hips I pulled both of us into the doggie position and began pounding my cock into her with everything I had. «Oh my god, yes, oh god this feels so good,» she said as I moved my right leg up and placed that foot on the bed. Now I was on one knee and one foot in a position that seemed to allow even more of my eight inches to enter her! «Oh that’s it!» she gasped out nearly instantly. Her body was pounding back onto me in perfect time with my own thrusts and my own moans were close to drowning out hers.

I could tell she was getting close once more so I snaked my hand around her and began working her clit with gusto. Just a few moments later her head flung back as she cried out, «Oh that’s the spot! RIGHT FUCKING THERE! Oh my god I’m CUMMMMMINNGGG! Oh god Rick, I’m cumming so damned hard!» There’s that fucking name again! My hips slammed into her trying to drive my cock head right out her mouth. My sister’s hands slipped from beneath her and she fell onto her face as her orgasm roared onward.

«OH JEEZ…OH JEEZ…OH MY GOD RIGHT THERE!» she cried out as her fingers dug into the sheets. Her voice turned to a low rumble and mere sounds came from her for about a minute. Then she suddenly pushed back up onto her arms while her hips shot back at me driving my cock further into a woman’s body than it had ever been before! «OH MY GOD HIT IT! POUND MY PUSSY! RIGHT THERE OHGODDON’TSTOPDON’TFUCKINGSTOP!!!!» she loudly cried out as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

I was thinking maybe I should let my balls catch up with her when she cried out once more, «Oh god it’s so good! Oh god Rick, fuck me…fuck me…fuck me!» The instant I heard that fucking name again I knew I just HAD to keep going! With my hips slamming powerfully into her my sister’s climax roared on and on. Finally with a huge piercing cry she shook hard and fell forward pulling completely off of me.

Keeping my legs out of the way I eased her over onto her back then slammed my cock into her with all my might making her groan «Oh god baby, fuck me! Fuck me Rick and make me cum again.» BAM! My hips powered into her at the mention of his name. This was instantly followed by BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAM! On and on my hips shot forward into her moving her body up the bed until her head thumped against my headboard.

I gripped around her thighs and pulled her with me as I waddled back down the bed, each of these movements making her groan in shock. My little head had made up his mind…when he was finished her body would be completely wasted and full of cum! After about five minutes a small climax rolled through her, but my prick wanted more. I was looking straight down into her blank eyes as my hips pushed her closer and closer to a monumental climax.

My balls were once more reaching their breaking point and I wanted us to peak together. I changed my angle just a bit and with my first thrust she lurched in response. I moved my right hand to her clit once more then dipped down and latched onto her left nipple, slurping and nibbling on it voraciously.

Angie wrapped her arms tightly around me as her pussy clamped onto my cock like a vise. «Oh god Angie,» I moaned into her tit as my balls erupted like a sperm volcano shooting blast after white hot blast of cum into her.

«Oh my god I’m cumming again! Oh god give it to me! Fuck me Dave and give me your cum! Oh fuck me god it’s so good!» She continued crying out while my larger brain tried to recall what she had said. Just then another rope shot into her and she cried out, «Oh god yes, give it ALL to me Dave…I want your cum so bad!»

My hips nearly stopped as I lifted up and looked into her clear eyes. «Angie? You’re awake?!»

«YES! God damn it fuck me! Don’t stop on me now! Oh please Dave….oh god yes!»

My hips resumed their hard pummeling of her super tight cunt as our climaxes roared right back to their level before I heard my name. My name? She sure didn’t go nuts like I had expected when she woke up. ‘Oh fuck it,’ I thought, ‘we can talk this out later.’ I grabbed her legs and shoved them way back up past her head and became a battering ram into her upturned pussy.

«Holy shit yesssssssssssss! Oh my god I LOVE YOUR COCK!» Her eyes locked onto mine as my hips were pounding straight down into her upturned pussy. Incredibly she somehow managed to pump her hips up at me to intensify both of our sensations. Her fingers dug into my biceps as her eyes bugged out when her climax erupted into the hardest she had ever experienced!

«OH MY GOD I LOVE MY BROTHER! I LOVE FUCKING MY BROTHER! OH MY GOD DON’T STOP I’M CUMMING SO HARD!» she screamed at the top of her lungs while her pussy spasmed around my purple invader. We grunted and groaned together as our intense climaxes finally came to a conclusion. My hips slowed and finally stopped with my cock as deep inside of her as I could get.

Angie had pulled us into a super tight hug so I waited for her to release me so I could look into her eyes as I asked, «Holy shit Angie, are you okay? Are you okay with us doing this?»

«Oh you wonderful man you…of course I’m okay with this! Why do you think I did it?»

«But…….I thought you were sleep walking then ended up sleep…um…fucking. No way did I want to wake you and have you go crazy like you did when you were a kid.»

She laughed then kissed me quickly before saying, «I was counting on that! I’ve wanted you to make love to me for so long, and I was so damned jealous when Meg would tell me how good you were. Damn she pissed me off when she cheated on you!»


«So I tried faking it when I poured the milk through my hand, and you were totally convinced! The first time I climbed onto you I thought I had found nirvana. I had to call out Rick’s name so you would think I believed I was fucking him, even though he has never came close to making love to me like you have.»


«I didn’t think I would ever let on that I knew who I was fucking, but tonight you were making me cum so incredibly hard that I just HAD to call out your name! I hope you don’t hate me now.»

I looked down at her worried face and asked, «Can I talk now?» She nodded yes so I went on, «I could never hate you! I’m surprised that you did this on purpose, but I think I can understand why. I think from now on you should just sleep with me unless Rick — god I really HATE that name now — is here. So my brother raping sister, are you done for the night or can you go a bit longer?»

«Oh my god I am SO ready for more! But I’m going to need lots more than just ‘a bit’. You’re the only man that has ever made me cum so hard and I want lots more from you tonight!» I started moving my cock within her and she grinned while saying, «Oh yeah, I want LOTS more of that!»

Well we fucked the night away using every position I had ever heard of and several that we made up as we went. We didn’t stop until around 9 that morning, although I did let my cock rest a few times while I ate out her perfect pussy. She couldn’t believe I would do that as no previous partner would even consider it.

Wow do I love my sister!

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