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My Runaway Sister

I remember it was raining that night. I was relaxing on the sofa, beer in one hand, cock in the other, porn on the TV. The girl in the video was getting spit-roasted by a pair of black guys. This was the life, 21 and not a care in the world. I had moved out of my house on my 18th birthday, the very day—I hadn’t even finished my cake—just to get away from my bitch of a mother and her husband. My sister, Lori, had helped me move all my stuff here before I drove her back home. She had given me a hug before I left.

«Don’t forget your promise,» she told me. «When I turn 18, I’m moving out too, and I’m coming straight to your place.»

«My casa is your casa or whatever.»

Of course, I had forgotten all about that. I hadn’t seen her or my mother since then, just talked on the phone. And I’d been joking with her. But my sister wasn’t on my mind that night. I had called her earlier in the day and left a message wishing her a happy 18th birthday. I had also sent her a card with 100 dollars in it—quite a sacrifice for poor guy like me. With that, my big-brother duty was complete. Time to relax. Time to jerk off. Time to cum.

Then there was a knock on the door.

«Oh, fuck off,» I called.

I already knew who it was, my bitch of a next-door neighbor, an old bat who always pounded on my door and shouted, «Turn down the TV, pervert!» She had sent the landlord to my door quite a few times too.

Yeah, maybe I could have lowered the volume, but what can I say? I like to hear a woman scream. But, hell, the girl on the TV couldn’t even speak with that cock in her throat. Then the knocking started again.

«Fucking bitch,» I said. «Fine.»

If the old lady wanted to pound on my door, I was going to give her something to complain about. I could hear the landlord now, «Son, you can’t answer the door with your dick hanging out.»

So I crossed my studio apartment—it was a small apartment but it was mine, damn it! That was my sofa, with my pullout bed, and those two windows that looked into the alley were mine too! Hell, that whole alley was mine, sort of. Yeah, these 500-square-feet were my kingdom, and that old lady was an invader. I had my spear ready. My spear is pretty respectable too, just saying—and I yanked the door open with a grin.

«What can I do for you, Mrs.—holy shit!»

«Oh my god, Chris!»

I slammed the door in my little sister’s face. What choice did I have, really?

«Lori?» I shouted through the door. «What the hell are you doing here?»

«I, um, came to see you.»

«Jesus,» I said. «Hold on.»

I ran across my apartment as if the place were on fire, pulled my pants and shirt out of the hamper in the bathroom and threw them on. I turned off the TV too; the girl was screaming again, DPed. There was no way my sister had not seen that over my shoulder. Then again, they way her eyes had been fixed on my cock, maybe she hadn’t.

I was back at the door, pulling it open. Thank god my mother wasn’t with her. She was probably on her way upstairs though. Lori didn’t have a car. But why on earth had they come here unannounced?

«Lori!» I said.

Her whole face was bright red. «Hey.»

And then the door down the hall opened and the old bat popped her head out. «What’s that noise, hammering on the door? Your TV is too loud again! It sounds like you’re killing a woman in there!»

«Go back inside, Mrs. Webber.»

«Who’s that? Looks like a hooker the way she’s dressed! «

«Mrs. Webber, this is my sister!»

«Your sister? She should know you’re a pervert, watching porn all hours of the day! Disgusting! You oughta be ashamed!»

I was. «I am! Go back inside!»

My sister was biting her lip, stifling a laugh. For the record, she did not look like a hooker, but she was underdressed. She had on a jean jacket, which didn’t pass her ribs, and a pink bikini underneath. The bowties of a matching pair of bikini briefs were peeking out just above her jean skirt, which barely made it down her thighs. And that was it. She was wearing nothing else, not even shoes. Her feet were filthy and her hair was soaked from the rain outside, almost black as it hung over her shoulders.

The last time I saw my sister, I started to notice she was growing up. Now, she looked fine. Cute face, braces gone, great breasts, a solid C cup, with a toned tummy and curved hips, and a shapely ass, all of which I chastised myself for looking at. Her legs, too, were nice and long. She had orange nail polish on her toes and fingers, and her lips were full, like they were asking for a kiss.

«She seems nice,» Lori said.

«What are you doing here?» I asked. I was humiliated. I had answered the door naked and I felt like an idiot. I wanted to pretend that had not happened. «Is Mom here? Is Dale?»

«No, I’m by myself.»


«I took a bus.»

«A bus? Alone? Why?»

She shrugged. «It’s my birthday. I wanted to see you.»

«Are you serious? Why didn’t you call?»

«Well, it’s a long story. Are you going to invite me in or are we going to talk out here?»

«Yeah, sorry, come in.» I moved out of the way and she came in and looked around. There wasn’t much to see, just the sofa, the dresser, a lamp, a fan in the window, two stools at the counter that separated the kitchen.

«Smaller than I remember.»

«What is?»

«Your apartment.»

«Oh, yeah.»

«Your cock is bigger than I remember though.»

«Oh my fucking God.» I put my hand over my face.

She was laughing. «Come on, I’m teasing. You knew it was coming.»

«Okay, you had your joke.»

«I only get one?»

«I was trying to mess with Mrs. Webber.»

«Were you trying to kill her? Because if I was her age and I saw a cock that big, I’d have a heart attack.»

I turned around and beat my head against the door. Lori was still laughing.

«Okay, I’m done now. Can I use the bathroom? I need to dry off.»

«Help yourself,» I said.

She disappeared behind the bathroom door, but the latch was broken.

«It doesn’t close?» she called.

«My landlord is lazy. Do you want something to drink or something?»

«Yeah, a beer,» she answered.

«You’re 18.»

«And you still haven’t wished me happy birthday,» she said.

«Happy birthday,» I said.

«Thanks,» she said. «Do you have a hair dryer?»

«What the hell am I going to do with a hair dryer?»

«You’re cranky tonight.»

I was, but she had put me on the defensive. I still wanted to know why she was here. It didn’t make sense, especially alone. I busied myself grabbing a couple of bottles out of the fridge, making my way over to my sofa. I cleaned up the evidence I had left behind, the paper towels, the lube, and stuffed them under the end table. Then I looked up as the bathroom door squeaked. My sister was in a towel! Nothing else. Even the strings of her bikini were missing from over her shoulders.

«That’s better,» she said. «It’s pouring out.»

And then she sat down on my sofa. Okay, I wasn’t going to make a big deal out of this. So, my sister was sitting there in a towel. Don’t look at her. I gave her the beer.

«So, Lori,» I said, «what are you doing here?»

She took a sip and met my eyes. She had really pretty brown eyes. Her hair was lightening up too, more chocolate than black. She must have dried it off with a towel. It looked messy, but I liked it.

«I ran away,» she said.

«Ran away?»

«Yeah. Well, I moved out, actually.»

«Hu? You moved out?»


«Okay, start from the beginning.»

«Earlier today I was at this surprise party my friend threw for me. She invited me over to her house and took me in the backyard and all my friends were there. It was awesome. She bought me a bikini for my birthday, and I swam, and I flirted with a couple of cute guys, and it was a really good time.»

«That’s cool,» I said, but I wanted her to get to the point. Watching her sitting there in that towel was distracting. She was holding it closed with one hand, but it was splitting open at her thigh. I could see her waist and all the way down her leg. She had taken off her bikini bottoms too.

«So I came home and Mom started demanding to know where I was because I wasn’t answering my phone, and I said it was none of her business. Then she threatened to take my phone away because she pays for it. And then Dale, fucking asshole, said everything I owned belongs to him, everything, the clothes on my back, the phone, everything, and if I wanted to keep my stuff, I had better answer my phone when they call, and Mom agreed, of course. So I said fuck you both, I’m not your slave. And they grounded me. On my fucking birthday, they grounded me. But I refused to be grounded, so I said I was going out and they couldn’t stop me. Then Dale grabbed me, shoved me in my room, and held the door closed. Can you believe that?»

«What an asshole,» I said.

«Yeah, and I screamed that I would call the cops, and that just pissed him off more. He came back in and took my phone. And I told them I’m moving out right now. I’m leaving. And they said if I wanted to leave, I’d do it naked, because everything I have they bought me. And I said that wasn’t true, because my friend gave me a bikini, and you sent me 100 dollars—thanks by the way—and with it I bought a jean jacket and a skirt, so I could wear that. So I changed, took the rest of the money you sent me, went to the bus station, and here I am. So hello, roomie.»

«Roomie?» I said.

«Yup. Home sweet home.»

«Whoa, hold on. I can’t believe this.»

«I know. Mom and Dale are insane, right?»

«No, I meant you living here. You’re not serious.»

Her smile fell. «Well, yeah. You said I could.»

See, I had forgotten all about saying she could move in when she was 18, and she took the opportunity to remind me of it.

«Don’t you remember?» she asked.

«That was a joke,» I said. «I was joking.»

She held her lower lip between her teeth. «You mean I can’t stay?»

«Lori…no, you can’t stay. This is my apartment. I don’t have room for you here. I barely have room for me.»

«But it’s not like I’ll take up a lot of space, and I totally intend to get a job and chip in.»

«What about school?»

«My senior year doesn’t start until September. And I’ll work part-time.»

«But your school is fifty miles away.»

«I’ll enroll here.»

«What about your friends?»

«My only real friend is Sarah, but I’m not that close to anyone else.»

«Don’t you have a boyfriend or something?»

«Not since school let out.»

«You know what, none of that matters. You can’t stay here.»

«You’re going to send me out in the rain?» she pouted.

«Of course not.» I turned halfway around and picked up the telephone. I couldn’t afford a cell phone. Times are tough. «I’ll call Mom and she can come pick you up.»

«What? No way!»

I dialed. She leapt at me and tried to grab the phone, but I wasn’t letting go. Then her towel slipped. For a brief moment, I saw her right breast, just the right one; there was a flash of a dark nipple, hard and standing at attention. She quickly let go of the phone to secure the towel. I turned away, pretending not to notice, and finished dialing, putting the phone on speaker.

«Chris, please don’t.»

«Sorry, Lori, you can’t stay here.»

«But I thought you had my back. I thought you’d take care of me.»

«You’ll be better off at home. You need to finish school, figure out your life, get a job, your own place.»

«Come on, no,» she begged.

The phone was already ringing.

«Hello,» my mother answered.

«Hey, Mom.»

«Oh, hello, Christopher, it’s you. Now’s not a good time. I’ll have to call you back.»

«No, hold on, Mom. It’s important. It’s about Lori.»

«You can wish her a happy birthday tomorrow. She ran off and I have to track her down. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.»

«Wait, Mom!» She had hung up.

«You’re going to send me back to that?» Lori said. «Chris, don’t.»

I pressed redial.

«I’ll sleep on the floor,» she said as it rang. «You won’t even notice I’m here. I’ll be a ghost. The corner. That’s all I’ll need. The corner.»

«Lori, stop.»

«Hello?» Mom said.

«Mom, it’s me again.»

«Christopher, I don’t have time to talk to you. Dale is out looking for your sister, and I need to keep the line open in case he calls. Goodbye.»

«Mom, wait, Lori is here!»

«What?» she said, lifting the phone moments before it hung up. «What did you say?»

«Lori is here,» I repeated. «She took a bus to my apartment.»

«Put her on this instant!»

«I’m not talking to her!» Lori shouted above the phone. «She’s a bitch and I’m never coming home!»

«Lori!» my mother yelled. «You are in so much trouble!»

«I’m not in trouble because you can’t punish someone who doesn’t live with you, and I live here now, with Chris. He said I could stay as long as I want!»

«Whoa, hold on. No, I didn’t.»

«Chris, please,» Lori whispered.

«Christopher!» my mother shouted. «Is that true?»

«No,» I said. «Lori told me what happened, and I don’t think you’re being fair to her. It was her birthday and you shouldn’t have grounded her.»

«Christopher,» my mother said, «do not tell me how to parent my own daughter. Now, you keep her there. I will have Dale come by and pick her up.»

«I’m not going back with him!» Lori said.

«You will so!» Mom shouted.

«Lori,» I said, «just go.»

«But, but Dale tried to rape me!» Lori said.

«What?» I said.

«What?» my mother said.

«Dale tried to rape me!» Lori repeated. «And Mom knows. I told her, but she doesn’t believe me! But he did!»

I got angry, quick. Blood rushed to my head and I felt hot all over. I wanted to kill Dale. I’ve wanted to kill him for years, ever since he moved in on Mom after Dad died, but now I really wanted to kill him. «That motherfucker!»

«That’s a lie!» my mother said. «Lori, I swear if you say that one more time!»

«It’s true,» Lori said, looking at me. «Chris, please don’t send me back with Dale.»

«What happened?» I asked her. I didn’t care that my mom was still on the phone.

«Okay, it’s like this,» Lori said. «Every time I walk past him in the living room, like, past the sofa to get to the hall, he slaps my butt.»

«He does not!» my mother shouted.

«You don’t see it, but he does!» Lori said. «I don’t even go in the living room anymore when he’s there. And, Chris, when I come out of the shower in the morning, in my towel, he’s always outside the door, just watching me while I walk back to my room, staring at me.»

«He’s waiting to take a shower because he has to go to work,» my mother said. «And you take forever in the shower!»

«When did he try to rape you?» I asked, my anger still boiling.

«Well, okay, this one time, I woke up in bed, and he was in my room, and he knows I sleep naked, and he was looking at me.»

«The laundry basket was in her room and he needed his things,» Mom said. «And I have told you not to sleep undressed!»

«But when did he try to rape you?» I asked.

«That night,» Lori said. «He was looking at me, and I know he was thinking about it.»

«Thinking about it? That’s it?»

«He was, Chris, and next time he might do something.»

«Oh, Jesus,» I said, my rage deflating. «I thought you meant he tried to force himself on you.»

«He did, sort of, with his eyes.»

«Fuck,» I said, breathing again. «Lori…»

«Chris, please, he’s a terrible man. And he’s going to try something serious with me. I know it.»

«Lori,» my mother said, «Dale will be by to pick you in a couple of hours. Do you understand me?»

Lori just looked at me with her big brown eyes, her hand clenching her towel closed, waiting for me to decide her fate.

«Mom,» I said with a sigh, «don’t send Dale. It’s already after 10:00 pm. Lori’s going to stay here until the weekend. You and Dale can pick her up Saturday. It’ll give everyone a chance to cool down.»

Lori was smiling. She leaned across the sofa, hugged me with one arm, and gave me a peck on the lips. She always did that, even when we were younger, and it always caught me off guard. «You’re the best.»

«But where will she stay in that tiny apartment of yours?» my mother demanded. «You only have that sofa bed.»

«She can have the bed. I’ll sleep on the floor,» I said.

«I don’t like this, Christopher. Lori’s not the same girl you remember. She’s become very slutty.»

«Mom! I have not!»

«Oh my God, Mom, seriously,» I said.

«Christopher, I’m not kidding. You haven’t seen how she dresses, or the boys she goes out with. Some nights she doesn’t come home at all. She’s sleeping around with all of them!»

«Fuck you!» Lori cried.

«Okay, you know what, Mom,» I said, «what she does is none of your business. She’s 18, and if she wants to be a slut, she can be.»

«I’m not!»

«The point is, she’s with me, and it’s not as if anything is going to happen to her here.»

«It had better not, Christopher! I will be there Saturday!»

«Fine, goodbye.» I hung up. «I can’t believe she said that about you.»

«It’s not true,» she said. «I’m not a slut.»

«I meant about you being with me, like, as if we’d…you know?»

«Oh, yeah, no, she’s so gross. Like, I mean, what does she think, that’d we’d just start fucking if we shared an apartment?»

«Yeah,» I said, but I was looking at the towel. I could see a lot of her tummy as it split open at her side. «I mean, no, we wouldn’t. I meant, yeah, you’re right, we wouldn’t.»

«Exactly, but you do have a nice cock.»

«Jesus, Lori.»

She laughed. «I’m only teasing. Thanks for letting me stay.»

«It’s just until Saturday. Three days. Then you’re going home.»

«Well, the way I see it, I have three days to convince you to let me stay permanently.»

«That’s not going to happen.»

«It might.»

«It won’t.»

«I can be very persuasive.»

«I bet. But I have to go to sleep. I get up at 7:00 am, and if I don’t get eight hours a night, the mail doesn’t get sorted.»

«You’re still working in that mailroom?»

«Jobs are hard to find around here. And you may have to work a shitty job too if you drop out of school.»

«I’d rather work in a mailroom than live with Mom and Dale for one more day.»

«Say that after you’ve worked in a mailroom,» I said. «Now, bedtime.»

«I don’t normally go to sleep so early, but, okay, if that’s the rule of the house, I’ll sleep.»

«What are you sleeping in?» I asked.

«I don’t know. Why?»

«I might have sweats or something you can borrow.»

«They’ll be too big on me. And I like to sleep naked.»

«You can’t sleep naked here.»

She scrunched up her eyebrows. «Well, what are you sleeping in?»

«I usually sleep naked too, but I’ll wear boxers.»

«Okay. Give me that shirt you’re wearing. That’ll be enough.»

«Just the shirt?» I said. «Don’t you want sweat pants to go with it?»

«I can’t sleep in pants. I’ll put my bikini back on.»

«Okay,» I said, pulling the shirt off my shoulders and handing it to her.

«Thanks. I’m going to change.»

And then she bounced off to the bathroom. I admit I watched her bare legs below the towel as she left. When the door closed, I took my pants off and put on my boxer shorts. Running around in front of my sister in boxers was a little embarrassing, but no more than flashing my dick, so I figured it didn’t matter. Besides, it was my apartment, damn it! I gave my half-hard dick a squeeze. It would have to wait. Three days. Shit, that was a long time.

«Okay,» Lori said as she came back out.

My eyes were saucers. The dress shirt looked so sexy on her. The sleeves hung down past her hands. She had only buttoned one button, just between her breasts. And I could see the color of her nipples through the white material. As she moved, the bottom of the shirt split open, revealing her tummy, her belly button, and the pink bikini bottoms.

«I can’t believe you still have this pullout bed,» Lori said. «Didn’t you find this on the side of the road?»

«Yeah,» I said. I took the cushions off, piling them up like I did every night.

«Will it be big enough for both of us?» she asked.

«I’ll sleep on the floor.» I grabbed the handle and pulled out the bed, unfolding it.

«No,» she said. «You sleep in the bed.»

«I’ll be fine on the floor. It’s just for a few days.»

«No, it’s not just for a few days,» she said. «If you’re sleeping on the floor, you’re definitely going to want me out by Saturday. Sleep in your own bed.»

«Where are you going to sleep?»

«I’ll sleep with you. I mean in the bed, not sleep with you. God, sorry. You know what I meant. We’ll share. We’ve done it before, remember?»

«We’re a bit old to share a bed. We’re not kids.»

«It’s no different. I won’t take up much room. You can sleep however you normally do. I told you, it’ll be like I’m not even here. I’m a ghost. Sleep in your bed and I’ll just sleep on the edge here.»

«Lori, I don’t know.»

«Come on. Where’s the harm?»

«All right,» I said. «I really didn’t want to sleep on the floor anyway.»

She smiled. «Neither did I.»

I threw the pillows on and then climbed under the sheet. It was too hot for blankets. I normally slept in the middle but I stayed to one side. She jumped in, pulling the sheet up to her hip, still smiling and looking happy. It wasn’t a large bed, about the size of a double. We were right up against each other, shoulder to shoulder. I turned on my alarm and then turned off the light.

«Night, sis.»

«Goodnight,» she said, lying on her side, looking at me in the dark. «Thanks again for letting me stay.»

«Yeah,» I said, glancing at her. That shirt button was barely holding her breasts together. I could see her tummy easily. Damn, she was making me think bad thoughts.

«See, there’s plenty of room for both of us,» she said. «If I stayed, I wouldn’t be in your way.»

«I guess,» I said. Then I closed my eyes. Best not to think about her like that. She’s my sister. I was just going to go to sleep, but then she started talking again.

«Do you mean you guess you’ll let me stay permanently?»

«No, I meant, ‘I guess you should be quiet and go to sleep.'»

«Oh, sorry.» She fell quiet again, but for only for a moment. «I wouldn’t be in your way though.»

«Lori…» I said, opening my eyes.

«I just want you to think about it,» she said. «And there are benefits if I stay.»

«Benefits?» I said. «Like what?»

«My gratitude. Like, tomorrow, while you’re at work, I’m going to clean your whole apartment. What do you think of that?»

«All 500 square feet? That’ll take you all day.»

«Come on,» she whined. «The floors will sparkle. And your bathroom needs attention.»

«So I get a live-in maid who takes up half my bed?»

«A third of your bed,» she said. «What else would it take to let me stay? Seriously, Chris, whatever you want, I’ll do it. I’m your slave.»

The moment she said it, my thoughts ran to sex, but then I reminded myself she was my sister. Still, I was going to tease her about it. She had teased me plenty. «You better be careful telling a guy you’ll be his slave.»

«Why’s that? Is there something you want me to do?»

I could see her brown eyes sparkle in the dark, as if she knew what I was thinking. I laughed it off. «Are you joking with me?»

«No. I’ll do anything you say. Absolutely anything.»

«And what if I abuse my power?» I asked with a smirk.

«You wouldn’t do that,» she said. «You’ve always looked out for me. It’s not as if you’d ask me to do something seriously depraved, would you?»

Damn it! «If you’re willing to do anything, then I’ll just order you to go home and live with Mom.»

«No,» she said. «If I have to be a slave, I want to choose my master.»

«You’re not my slave, Lori. I don’t need a slave.»

«I’m just trying to say I wouldn’t be a burden.»

«And what if I want to bring a girl home or something?» I asked. «Then what? Yes, this is my little sister. She’s going to clean the kitchen while we fuck. Try not to let it bother you.»

She pouted, her full lips quivering in the dark. «Do you bring home a lot of girls?»

I wish. «That’s not the point.»

«Then what’s the point? If you want to bring someone home, I’ll wait in the hall.»

«And if she sleeps here?»

«I’ll sleep in the hall.»

«Lori, you’re just not thinking this through.»

«What am I not thinking through?» she asked.

«There’s more to it than that. I like my space.»

«You’ll have it. You don’t have to entertain me.»

«I like to sleep naked.»

«Then take off the boxers. I never said you had to wear them.»

«I can’t do that with you here.»

«I already saw your cock, Chris.»

«Jesus, do you have to keep bringing that up? It’s humiliating.»

«It’s just me. I thought it was funny.»

«Yeah, a girl thinks my dick is funny, just what I needed to hear.»

«I didn’t mean it like that, and your cock is too big to laugh at.»

«Jesus, stop teasing me, please.»

«I’m just trying to lighten you up.»

«And what if I want to watch porn?» I said.

She shrugged in the dark. «I don’t care. I watch porn too.»

«I can’t watch that stuff in front of you.»

«You can. Doesn’t bother me.»

«Yeah, that’s fine until I start jerking off. Hey, sis, pass the lube.»

She giggled. «Okay, you can jerk off in front of me.»

«Stop joking, I can’t.»

«Seriously, I don’t care. I’ll turn my head.»

«You don’t think it’s gross to sit there while your bother jerks off to porn? Are you fucking kidding me?»

«It’s not that gross. I masturbate all the time.»

«Not in front of people.»

«I’m not people. I’m your sister.»

«You know, I think Mom was right. You are a slut.»

«Stop it, I am not. It’s different with you. You’re family.»

«So you’d masturbate in front of me?» I asked. My eyes ran over her again, lingering on her tummy. The sheet was slipping down her hip. She was twirling the tie of her bikini bottoms between her fingers, as if she was threatening to tug on those strings.

«Sure, why not? If we see each other, it’s not a big deal. It’s not like we’d be doing anything together or touching each other.»

«Lori, seriously, you’re not the same girl I remember. Mom was right. You are a slut.»

«I’m not a slut, Chris,» she said. «I haven’t even, um, I haven’t fucked that many guys.»

«That’s not my business,» I said.

«Well, I haven’t. Mom sees me leave for dates and then I don’t come home at night, but that doesn’t mean I’m out having sex. I spend the night at my friend Sarah’s house, and sometimes we eat each other out, but that’s it.»

«What! You do what? You eat pussy now?»

«Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian. I’m just sleeping there, and only because I can’t stand to be in that house with Dale. I’m miserable. Today, all I could think about was when it would be my turn to move out, and when I got in that argument with Mom, I was happy because I finally had an excuse to get out and come live with you.»

«But there’s not enough room here for both of us,» I said. «Why don’t you move in with your friend Sarah? You two can eat pussy all you want.»

«She doesn’t want to leave home. Her parents are actually nice to her. Would you leave if you got a free car, and money, and you had a pool and your parents were paying for you to go to college? I wouldn’t leave that house either.»

«Why don’t you get a job and save up like I did and then move out?»

«If you let me stay here, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll get a job and I’ll save up, and maybe we could move to a new place together, with two rooms, then you could have your privacy but we could still live together.»

«That’s a long way off.»

«I know, and in the meantime, we can be roomies.»

«And share a bed and masturbate in front of each other?»


«I’m not doing that, Lori. It’s weird.»

«I’m just saying you could do it if you wanted to. I feel comfortable with you. I wouldn’t care.»

«I care,» I said, getting annoyed with her. She wasn’t getting it.

«Okay, look, remember when Dad died? I crawled into your bed every night and cried myself to sleep. I did that for…how long, three months? Until Mom told us we were too old to sleep together.»

«She was right. We were.»

«But I didn’t think about it like that. I just wanted my brother. That’s how I felt today. I just wanted to get out of that house and be with you.»

She climbed up and crawled over, her back arched, the shirt held together by that one button, threatening to pop open and expose her breasts. She came down right beside me, putting her hand on my chest. Then she bumped her nose into my nose, rubbing from side to side like she used to when she was little.

«You know, I didn’t come here just to get away from Mom and Dale. I also came because I missed you. I thought it would be fun to be together again, how we used to be.»

She gave me a quick kiss. I felt her soft lips on mine for a moment and then she settled down with her head on my chest. She began rubbing with her hand, moving it down, pushing the sheet aside as she went, her hand stopping at the waistline of the boxers. Then her hand came back up to my chest. My cock was stirring. I hadn’t had sex in quite a while.

«I’ve really missed you,» Lori said.

«I’ve missed you too.»

«So, what do you say?» she asked. «Can I move in?»

I wanted to say no, but if I did, she’d keep talking. «Let me think about, okay?»

She smiled up at me. «Really, you’re going to think about it?»

«Yeah. I have three days.»

«Okay, that’s fair. Three days. I’ll show you what a good roomie I can be.»

«Then be a really good roomie and let me sleep. I have to get up early.»

«You got it.»

She put her head back down. I exhaled and closed my eyes. She was still rubbing up and down, from my chest to my stomach, her fingers lingering around my bellybutton. My cock was wondering if she was going to go lower, but she always brought her hand back up. It was torture, but she wasn’t stopping. She was probably used to staying up late.

Maybe I liked this, having her here, but at the same time, it was uncomfortable. I could really feel my cock getting harder as she kept rubbing my chest and stomach. I wish I had finished jerking off earlier. I was going to have to start jerking off in the shower. I couldn’t actually do it in front of her. I’m sure that was a bluff anyway. She was going to say anything so I wouldn’t throw her out. But she couldn’t be serious, could she? Masturbating in front of each other? That was crazy. She was definitely bluffing.

I drifted off to sleep but woke up later in the night to the red numbers telling me it was 3:00 am. Lori was still there, but her head had moved farther down my stomach. Her heavy breathing told me she was sleeping, but to my surprise, my cock was standing straight up, pointing at her face. And it wasn’t under the sheet; it wasn’t even in my boxers. Somehow, it had worked itself out of the piss flap and was just standing there for all the world to see.

«Oh, fuck,» I whispered to myself. I reached around Lori’s head and grabbed it. It was really stiff, almost painful. Without waking my sister, I tried to stuff it back into my boxers. Then I pulled the sheet over it. It still looked obscene, a large tent right in front of her face. Thank god she was asleep.

As gently as I could, I slid my hand under her head and moved her to the other side of the bed. She snorted, but then she was quiet. But the button, that one button, popped open. The shirt tugged as I set her head down and her breasts fell out.

«Shit,» I mumbled, but I looked. Her breasts were so perfect, her nipples dark and perky and pointing at me. Her head turned and I froze. Her arms lazily reached over her head and stretched. Her breasts seemed to amplify in size, but her eyes remained closed. She breathed slowly and didn’t move again. I think she was asleep. If she wasn’t, I was in trouble. I very slowly pulled the shirt back together and buttoned it, just the one, so she wouldn’t know.

Then I lay back down. My cock was so hard it hurt. I wanted to take it out and beat the hell out of it, and I almost did. This was my apartment, damn it, and she had told me I could, but there this was this door in my head that kept knocking, reminding me she was my little sister. Still, I slid my hand under the sheet and gave my cock a squeeze, just to let it know I was sorry.

I looked up at the ceiling. Then I squirmed. Something was under me. I reached down and pulled it out. Pink bikini briefs. My jaw dropped and my head turned. My eyes instantly went to Lori’s crotch, covered by the sheet. She was naked under there. She had to be. How had these come off? The strings must have caught on something, pulled open accidently. There was no way I could put these back on. What was I going to do?

Forget it. It wasn’t my fault. I placed them delicately in her hand and turned all the way around, my back to her. I gave my cock a few strokes over my boxers. Shit, thinking of her naked right next to me was getting me way too worked up. I felt like rolling over and just fucking her awake, but my head-door was knocking again. She’s my sister.

I climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom, taking my cock out, giving it a few more loving strokes as I stood in front of the toilet. There was no way I could piss like this. I needed to get soft, quick. I moved over to the sink and took handfuls of cold water, running it along the length of my shaft.


That did it. I pissed, turned off the light, and made my way back to bed. Lori was still sleeping. I could see the outline of her body under the sheet. Her legs were spread wide open. The sheet seemed to melt against her pussy, leaving a crease. I stared at it for a second. It looked almost wet in the dark. Was she wet? No, I was imagining things. I climbed into bed, trying not to wake her with my movement.

«Mmm, Chris?» Lori whispered. She opened her eyes, blinking at me. «Is that you?»

«I had to use the bathroom. Go back to sleep.»

«Okay,» she said, but then she rolled over and her arm came down on my chest again. She lifted her neck and once again kissed my lips. It was a longer kiss than the earlier one, with her mouth parted, which felt more like a real kiss, but then her head came down on my chest and she was quiet. Yeah, she was just tired.

Then I felt her leg on top of mine. Her crotch was pressed right up against my thigh. My cock jerked, daring me to drown it in cold water again as it filled with warm blood. Lori must have been really out of it not to realize she was naked and pressing her bare pussy right up against my leg. I pinched my eyes shut and thought of baseball. Then she grinded her pussy against me. Had she just done that? Or was she just twitching in her sleep? What the fuck? And she did feel wet. I think she really was. Or maybe she was just having a wet dream. I took a deep breath and delved into my own dreams.

I woke to the sound of my alarm. I started to sit up, but I found Lori’s head on my chest. She sat up, the sheet falling away as she climbed up to her knees and stretched over me to reach the clock. My eyes bulged. Her knees were spread and I could see her pussy. It was totally shaven, her little clit poking out between her lips. And that wasn’t all. The shirt’s buttons had opened. Her breasts were hanging in my face as she hit the snooze button. Then she fell back down on the bed, practically on top of me.

«Ugh, way too early.»

«Uh, sis?»


«You’re not dressed.»


«Your bikini is off and your shirt is open.»

She lifted up, looking down at herself. «Oh, shit, sorry.»

And then she buttoned it. I turned my head.

«What happened to my bikini?» she asked, looking all around.

«I don’t know. It’s your bikini. Keep your damn clothes on.»

Lori lifted the sheet, which I really wish she had not done, because my cock was raging with morning wood, fighting to get out of my boxers. I sat up and swung my legs off the bed.

«Got it,» she called behind me. «Sorry, wardrobe malfunction. Guess we’re even for yesterday.»

«Yeah, right. I have to shower and get going.»

«Okay. I’m going back to sleep.»

«I’ll be back around 5:00 pm.»

«See ya.»

As I climbed up and headed to the bathroom, I tried to keep my back to her so she wouldn’t see the tent in my boxers, but I was glad to shut the door and climb into the shower. I slid the glass door closed and turned on the water. Finally, I could jerk off. I took some soap, lathered up, and then slowly began stroking my cock. It felt so good after so long—12 hours is a long time for me—I just leaned against the wall and had at it, until I heard my sister.

«Oh, shit, sorry!» Lori said.

I opened my eyes to see her standing right there, watching me through the shower glass.

«Jesus, fuck!» I said as I spun around. «What the hell are you doing in here?»

«I had to pee.»

«You don’t knock?» I yelled.

«The door wasn’t closed,» she said.

«The door doesn’t close,» I said. «It’s broken, remember?»

«Well, I was just going to be quick.»

«Fine, go.»

I kept my back to her, but she could still see my butt. I felt like I was on display with the toilet right across from the shower. Was she done yet?

«Are you done yet?»

«Yeah, you can turn around.»

I turned but she was still standing there. I spun back around, my cock flying after me, hitting the wall. «What the hell? I thought you were done.»

«I finished peeing. I have to wash my hands.»

I was angry now. «Damn it, Lori. See, this is why we can’t share an apartment.»

«Why? Because I had to pee?» she asked.


«I told you, it’s fine if you jerk off. I don’t care.»

«I don’t want you to see me naked. It’s embarrassing.»

«I saw you naked yesterday. And I woke up in the middle of the night with your cock in my face. It was all hard and just out in the open. But I didn’t wake you up and yell at you, even though you yelled at me because my bikini accidently fell off.»

«Can I please finish showering?» I said.

«Yes. Sorry, geez.»

She left and I finished showering. I would just have to wait until Saturday to jerk off. There was no other choice. I climbed out of the shower and toweled off, wrapping it around my waist. I still needed to get my clothes though. Before I even left the bathroom, I could hear noise. Someone was moaning. Was that Lori? Was she out there masturbating, playing with her pussy? I stepped out, seeing something even more shocking. She was watching porn, my porn, the DVD I had left in yesterday. She was under the sheets. I couldn’t tell what she was doing, but…

«What are you doing?»

Her hands came out from under the sheet. «Nothing. I just turned on the TV and this was on.»

«I thought you were going back to bed.»

«I’m too awake now. I thought you were still in the shower.»

I laughed. I couldn’t believe it. My little sister was playing with herself in my bed. Words escaped me. «Whatever, Lori. I just really need to get out of here.»

I picked out my clothes from the dresser and turned back toward the bathroom.

«Where are you going?’ she asked.

«To get dressed.»

«Why don’t you dress out here?» she asked, turning on her side, watching me.

«Seeing me naked earlier wasn’t enough for you?» I asked.

She shook her head with a grin. «I want you to be comfortable when you’re at home. Come on, let’s see that cock again.»

«Are you serious right now?» I asked.

«Sure. I’ve already seen it. You’re not going to surprise me. Come on, change.»

I raised an eyebrow, but then I decided to call her bluff, if it was a bluff. I opened my towel and tossed it on the bed. My cock was still half hard, and getting harder, thinking about her playing with her pussy. Her eyes were on it.

«See?» she said. «Like I’m not even here.»

«This doesn’t bother you?»

She shook her head. «Not at all. I like it.»

«You like it?» I said.

«Yeah. I think you have a great cock. I like looking at it.»

«You do know we’re related, right?»

«I didn’t say I wanted to climb on top of it and ride it all day long. I just said I like it.»

«Are you sure you’re not a slut?»

«Why? Do you like slutty girls? Maybe I am a slut. Maybe I like big cocks.»

I shook my head but started to dress. One of her hands was under the sheet while she watched me. I was pretty sure she was playing herself. By the time I finished dressing, my cock was straining against my zipper.

«See you later,» I said.

«Wait, come give me a hug and a kiss goodbye,» she said, sitting up in bed, keeping the sheet around her waist, the shirt still hanging onto its button for dear life. I wasn’t in the habit of kissing someone goodbye in the morning, but I wasn’t in the habit of dressing in front of anyone either. And now her fingers were all slick and glossy from playing with herself. Fuck, my sister was a seriously horny girl, and I was beginning to suspect she had undressed herself last night. I sat on the bed, turning my head to offer my cheek.

«No,» she pouted. «Eskimo kiss.»

I rolled my eyes but faced her. She put her hands on my jaw and came in, rubbing our noses together, up and down, her full lips just in front of mine. I really wanted to kiss her, but then she kissed me, and it was even longer this time, closing her mouth around my lower lip. Then she pulled away, sucking on my lower lip as she did so.

«Mmm. See ya, roomie.»

I climbed up. «See ya.»

It is hard, hard to sort mail when you’re thinking about your naked little sister all day long, playing with her pussy and watching porn in your bed. But work gave me time to think about the situation. A couple of things occurred to me. First, nudity wasn’t that important to Lori, at least not with family. I don’t know where she got that from, but some families were nudists, so maybe it wasn’t a big deal. Next, I think she was flirting with me. I wasn’t imagining that. I didn’t know how far she expected it to go. Maybe she was just being playful, but she was still off limits. And it made me think about why she was doing it. Either she was trying to tempt me into letting her stay, and once I agreed, it would stop, or she was doing it because she really did have some sort of crush on me, which I found just as unbelievable. After all, she was my sister!

On the way home, I stopped at the department store. Shopping in the girl’s section for panties, t-shirts, jeans, socks, and shoes will get you looks every time. No bra though. I told myself it was because I didn’t know anything about bra sizes, but I really liked the idea of seeing her nipples again.

«Hello?» I called as I entered my apartment.

Lori was gone, but there weren’t a lot of places to hide. For a moment I was worried. She must have gone out on her own, with nothing but a bikini and a jean jacket and a skirt! My neighborhood wasn’t the nicest either, but then I heard the shower running. Oh, she was taking a shower. Well, I could wait.

The apartment itself, I noticed, was very clean. Everything was dusted and the hardwood floors reflected the light. Even all the dishes had been washed and put away. And there was food simmering on the stove. She was making pasta soup, which was about the only thing she could make with my limited pantry.

I sat on the stool at my kitchen counter, thinking about my sister in the shower…naked. I wanted to charge in on her, like she had done to me. It would have been fair too. She’s the one who said she didn’t care, and I had dressed in front of her this morning. God, had I really done that? Oh, hell, why not go in? I went to the bathroom door and knocked. It creaked open.


«Chris, that you?»

«No, it’s the landlord. This apartment is only leased for one tenant.»

«He didn’t say that,» she called back. «Did he?»

«I don’t think he’d care.»


«Not that I’m agreeing.»

«Come in here. I can’t hear you.»

«You’re showering.»

«I said come in here. Don’t worry, I’m not playing with myself, like you were.»

I sighed. She was giggling. Fine, if she didn’t care if I saw her naked, than neither did I. I barged in and stared right through the glass. She was scrubbing her face, giving me plenty of time to stare at her bare breasts and shaved pussy, the fog barely blocking my gaze. The water was running freely from her dark nipples, her legs were spread apart. Her clit was poking out just to say hello. Then her hands slid down and blocked my view.

«My face is up here, pervert.»

«Sorry,» I mumbled. «I got you a present.»

«Really?» she said through the glass. She was washing between her legs now, running the bar of soap across her pussy lips. «A present for me? Hey, up here.»

«You are totally washing your pussy right now to fuck with me.»

She laughed. «When I fuck with you, you’ll know it. Come on, what’d you get me?»

Her hands had moved on, lathering her breasts, running her fingers over her nipples.

«I bought you a t-shirt, pants, panties, socks, and some shoes.»

«Really? You’re so sweet.»

«I would’ve taken you to the store with me, but no shirt, no shoes, no service.»

«It’s okay. I figured I’d just walk around your apartment naked for the rest of my life.»

«What a tempting thought.»

«Oh, you’re dirty thinking like that, staring at your sister while she’s showering.»

«You told me to come in here!»

«I didn’t tell you to fuck me with your eyes.»

I threw the bag of clothes at the shower door. «That’s it. I’m leaving.»

She was laughing again, her words chasing me out. «Ow, Chris, your cock is so big and hard, and my pussy is so small and tight, be gentle!»

I slammed the door, though it creaked back open. I was definitely going to yell at the landlord to fix that thing. Damn, my sister was annoying. And watching her shower like that had my cock hard all over again.

«Fucking hell, I can’t live like this. I am going to fuck her or throw her out, but either way she is screwed.»

A few minutes later, the door opened and she stood there in a pair of white cotton panties and a pink t-shirt with the word PINK across the chest. It was on clearance. Her nipples were poking out between the P and K. Maybe I should have bought her the bra.

«Fits perfect,» she said.

«What about the pants?» I asked.

«Didn’t fit perfect, too big. I guess you’ve been staring at my tits too much and not my ass.»

«Fuck, Lori, do you have to say that sort of stuff?»

«Calm down. I’m just teasing. The pants are fine if we go somewhere, but I’m going to have to borrow a belt or something, and I don’t like wearing jeans around the house.»

«So you’re going to prance around in panties?»

«Should I put my bikini back on?»

«Fine, wear whatever you want. Not like I haven’t seen everything.»

«Good, there you go. You’re getting more comfortable with me by the minute. See, I told you I’d be the ghost roomie.»

«I thought you were slave roomie.»

«I’m both. Look at this place.»

«It does look good. You really busted your ass cleaning up.»

«I did. Tomorrow, I’m going to wash all the windows.»

«Both windows? Are you sure you can handle it?»

«I didn’t say it was going to take all day.»

«And you made dinner?» I said.

«Yup. It should be done. Hungry?»

«Sure. Let me change first.»

I took my sweatpants into the bathroom, stripping and tossing my work clothes into the hamper. I considered wearing underwear, but I prefer to rock out with my cock out, or if I have to, in sweat pants.

«No shirt?» she said when I came out.

«It’s my apartment, damn it. I don’t have to wear a shirt if I don’t want to. You don’t have pants on.»

«I wasn’t complaining. You have a nice body. I like it.»

Did she just say that?

«Sit,» she said.

I sat and ate her pasta soup. Truth be told, she wasn’t the best cook, but she only had our mother to blame, who was a terrible cook, and I wasn’t giving her the ingredients she needed.

«We really need to go shopping for food,» she said over the counter.

«No cash. I spent the last of my money on the pants you aren’t wearing.»

«What a sweetheart,» she said, smiling at me. «How was work?»

«Work was work.»

«Did you miss me?» she cooed.

«Actually, yeah.»

«Really?» she said, the sarcasm leaving her voice.

«Sure. Just because I don’t have room for you, doesn’t mean I’m not happy to see you, but only for a few days.»

«You were doing so well.»

I chuckled and then took my dishes to the sink, but Lori cut me off.

«Ah-ah, let me. One of the perks of a roomie like me, I do all the dishes. Get comfy on the sofa and I’ll bring you a beer.»

«Not bad,» I said, following her orders. I began channel surfing as she set a couple of bottles down on the end table, and then she sat sideways on the sofa, resting her back against my side. I opened my arm to her.

«What are we watching?» she asked.

«Not much. I can’t afford cable.»

«I noticed,» she said.

«I have a few DVDs.»

«You mean porn?» she asked.

«No! I meant movie DVDs. I have, like, Titanic.»

«You like that movie?»

«I love it, especially the tits, and all the mayhem too.»

«I like the romance.»

«It’s got something for everyone.»

I put the movie in and returned to the sofa. Lori began squirming.

«What?» I said.

«I’m not comfortable.»

«What do you want me to do about it?»

She sat up. «Spread ’em.»

«My legs?»


I obeyed, throwing my leg up. She fell between them. I could feel her whole body right up against mine, the plumpness of her breasts, the rigidity of her ribs, her hip bone digging into my cock, and the view, those white panties, bare thighs, long legs curled up under her butt, her feet tucked away.

«Much better,» she said.

She nuzzled her nose against mine, but this time, I didn’t wait for her to kiss me. I kissed her, and I wasn’t cutesy about it. I opened my mouth and closed against her lips. She gave a squeal of surprise and pulled away.

«What was that?» she said. «You totally just tried to make out with me.»

«I did not,» I said. «I was just kissing you like you kiss me.»

«I don’t kiss you like that. You tried to stick your tongue in my mouth.»

«I did not,» I defended, and I really hadn’t.

«Did so, I felt it.»

«I did not,» I repeated. Really, I hadn’t!

«Did so!» she said. «You went like this.»

And then she showed me what I didn’t do. She kissed me. It started out as a peck, but she opened her mouth and her tongue flicked out. My mouth opened to welcome it. I licked back and our tongues swirled against each other. She pulled away again and laughed.

«You did it again!»

«Whoa, you kissed me that time. I was just participating.»

«Is that what you call it?» she said. «And your cock is hard again.»

It was, and I knew she could feel it, but I couldn’t help it. She was so sexy. «It’s because you’re crushing it.»

«Yeah, right,» she said, driving her hip into me.

I responded by grinding back against her. «Slut.»

«Me?» she said. «You’re the slut, grinding that big cock against me.»

«You’re the one pushing up against that big cock,» I said.

«I came here to get comfortable. You’re the one trying to fuck me.»

«I’m not trying to fuck you.»

«Then why is your cock hard?»

«Because it doesn’t know we’re related, but I’ll send it a memo.»

«Mmmhmm,» she said, turning back to the TV and settling in, still pinning my cock under her. It was starting to hurt now. «Let’s just get back to the movie.»

I tried to watch the movie, but it just wasn’t happening. I was so horny. I was thinking about fucking her again. It would be so easy to lift her right up into my lap, yank her panties to the side, and thrust up into her cunt. It would take one minute, two tops, and I would be inside her. Fuck, stop! The head-door was knocking again, reminding me this was my little sister. I taught her how to ride a bike. I wasn’t going to teach her how to ride a cock.

«Lean back a little more,» she said.

I lifted up, taking the excuse to grind my cock into her side as I settled back down. Then she sat up. I was worried she was upset, but her head came down and she laid it right on my crotch, pinning the dick under her skull.

«This movie is so long, getting a little sleepy,» Lori said, yawning.

«Er, sorry.»

«Sorry? For what?»

«For, uh, you know,» I said. My cock throbbed under her head.

«Oh, for you cock? It’s okay. It didn’t get the memo.»

«Look, your head is uncomfortable on it, actually.»

«Oh,» she said, looking up. My dick tented in front of her. «Is it uncomfortable in your pants?»


«Then take it out,» she said, and then she grabbed my pants. I just watched dumbfounded as she pulled the flap open, lined up the slit, and then slipped my cock right out into the open. It was pointing straight out in front of her, blocking her view of the TV. She gave it a long look and then turned her eyes up at me. «Better?»

It was better, far better. «Yeah, much. It was really hurting.»

«I fixed it.»

«You’re okay seeing it?»

«I told you it’s fine.» She lifted her head and kissed my stomach. I thought she was going to kiss my cock. It did brush up against her neck though. «I just want you to be comfortable. It’s your home. If your cock is uncomfortable stuck in your pants, take it out. I don’t want to be in your way.»

«Thanks,» I said, and then her head came back down. I was not entirely sure whether she was watching the movie or just staring straight at my cock. Either way, I was so horny I was throbbing involuntarily.

«I didn’t know they moved so much,» she said with a giggle.

I flexed it for her a few times.

«Oh, neat trick. Trying to impress me?»

«Yeah, he loves his little sister.»

«Mmm, I bet he does. He’s probably going to cum all over me as soon the Titanic tits come on.»

«At least he’ll get soft and you can watch the movie.»

She chuckled again, but then she yawned. Seeing her mouth wide open like that, I thought about just grabbing her head and shoving my cock in. «Sorry. I’m so sleepy. I didn’t sleep well last night.»

«Yeah, this sofa mattress is terrible. Another reason you wouldn’t want to stay.»

«No, it wasn’t the mattress. It was my clothes. I like to sleep naked, and the shirt just tugged on me all night long whenever I moved.»

«Oh. Yeah, I don’t like wearing clothes either.»

She looked up at me, my cock bobbing right beside her pretty face. «Think we can sleep naked tonight?»

«Both of us?»

«Yeah. It’s not like you’re hiding anything now.»

«You’re okay with that?»

«Sure. Just don’t start fucking me in my sleep or anything.»

I chuckled. «No promises.»

«Oh, you are dirty. I think you’re really thinking about it, fucking your poor, defenseless, homeless little sister while she’s sleeping…with this giant thing.» She flicked my cock with her middle finger.

«Ahhh. Come on, don’t do that.»

«What, this?» She flicked it again.

«Stop,» I complained.

She grinned. «What do you say we pull out the bed and get some sleep?»

«Sounds good.»

We turned off the movie, climbed off the sofa, and pulled out the bed, my cock bobbing around the whole time. It was really embarrassing, especially the way she kept looking at it. She was still my little sister, after all, but I had talked myself into some rationale here, and that was that nudism was a very common thing in some families, even families who weren’t practicing incest, just practicing nudism. And maybe that’s all we were doing. The human body is a beautiful thing, especially my sister’s. I could admire her, see that she was beautiful. It’s not as if we were going to have sex.

My whole epiphany pretty much went out the window when she grabbed the bottom of her pink shirt, lifted it up, and exposed her breasts. My eyes locked on her, just staring at those perfectly shaped globes and gorgeous dark nipples. Then she turned all the way around, taking the hip of her panties and peeling them down. I watched as her ass was exposed. And then she bent over, as if she was not content to let her panties fall to her feet. She widened her stance and I could see her pussy lips between her legs, glistening. Then she stepped out of her panties, one foot at a time. My cock was flexing all on its own, as if it was trying to get her pussy’s attention, inviting it over for some fun. I wanted to slap it.

«Well,» she said, looking at me with her hands on her hips, «aren’t you losing the sweat pants?»

I pushed them down, my cock tugged along until it sprung back up and bounced around, happy to do its only trick for the naked girl. Lori was watching, a silly smirk on her face. I shyly got into bed, pulling the sheet up over my dick. She climbed in after me, only taking the sheet up to her waist.

«See how comfortable this is?» she asked. «You can sleep naked, get dressed in front of me, shower, and all of it’s fine. Your roomie is not in your way at all.»

«I haven’t jerked off yet,» I pointed out.

«So, do it.»

«I’m not jerking off in front of you.»

«Why not?»

«I thought you were bluffing about that.»

«I don’t know how to bluff. Seriously, lower the sheet, rub your cock. I don’t mind. I want to watch.»

«You want to watch?»

«Yeah. I’ve never seen a guy jerk off before.»

«But I’m your brother. What’s wrong with you?»

«I’m a slut, remember? And you made me horny.»


«Yeah. Don’t look at me like that. It’s your fault. You had your cock pressed up against my hip and then had it wagging around in front of my face. My pussy doesn’t know were related either. So, I want to see you play with it.»

«You’re sick.»

«No, I’m not. And I have to show you I’m comfortable with you jerking off in front of me, or you’ll kick me out. It’s not a problem. We can be roomies. So, get to it.»

«Lori, naked is one thing, but that’s too much.»

«It’s not. Just relax. You’re too uptight. Here, I know what you need.»

Lori climbed up on her knees and turned around, leaning over the bed. I had no idea what she was doing, but all I could focus on was her bare ass and pussy just inches from my face. Then she came back with a bottle of lube. «I found this earlier. Yours?»

«It’s Mrs. Webber’s. She keeps it here.»

She laughed. «Right. I bet you need it to grease up that giant piston of yours. Here, put some on your cock and get to work.»

«Lori, seriously, I’m not jerking off.»

«No, come on, you have to,» she said. «If you don’t, you might as well kick me out now because you’ll never let me stay.»

«I can’t. I’d feel too weird.»

«Just try. Here, I’ll help you get started.»

And then she peeled the sheet back.

«What are you doing?»

«Putting lube on your cock,» she said. She flipped the lid open. «You can do the rest.»

«You’re not serious.»

Before I could argue, she squeezed the bottle, and the clear fluid dripped along the underside of my cock. I groaned, mostly from the cold lube.

«I can’t fucking believe you just did that. You know that stuff is cold, right?»

«Come on, spread it over your cock. It’ll warm up.»

«I’m not doing it,» I said firmly.

«Jesus, fine, I’ll spread it, but you better start jerking off.»

And then Lori began rubbing the lube across my cock with her fingertips, trying to spread it along the shaft, from the bottom to the top, all around the crown. I was holding my breath. She was rubbing my cock. My sister was really rubbing my cock. Should I put a stop to this? How had things gotten so far out of hand?

«Hold on,» she said. «I need more lube. Jesus, you have a big cock. Virgins beware.»

She put a dollop of lube on her palm and rubbed her hands together. Then she wiped both hands on it, trying to get the lube off. I groaned now. I couldn’t believe she was doing this. I felt like I should say something, but it felt so good. She was making sure there was lube over every inch of it, top, bottom, sides. She paid the most attention to my head, sliding her little fingers along the slit.

«You really do have a big cock, Chris,» she said, glancing at me, her fingers moving in small circles along my shaft. «I saw it a few times when we were younger, but not like this.»

«You, uh, you missed a spot.»

She smirked at me, sandwiching my cock between her palms, running them from top to bottom. «Did I get it that time?»

Was it wrong if I said no and just told her to keep rubbing? Then she cupped my balls and rolled them between her fingers.

«Was I supposed to lube the balls?» she asked.

«Fuck,» I mumbled. «Lori, do you realize what you’re doing right now?»

«What am I doing?» she asked.

«You’re jerking me off.»

«No, I’m lubing you up, and I’m done now, so get to it.»

She sat back on her knees and folded her arms, still naked, her tits on display, her shaved pussy peeking out. I really didn’t know how we had come this far, but I do know it was her fault. And I was angry at her. Nobody told me to jerk off in my own apartment, damn it.

«I’m not jerking off,» I told her.

«Why are you being so difficult? Do I have to jerk you off now too?»

«Yeah, because I’m not doing it. So go ahead, slave, jerk me off. You want to stay so bad, do it.»

She stared at me for a moment. I actually wanted her to get angry, storm off, dress, ask me to take her home, now, do anything but jerk me off. Instead, she wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft and squeezed as hard as she could, an angry squeeze. Then she ran her hand from the bottom of my cock all the way up to the top.

«Holy fuck,» was all I could say.

She smirked at me, just stroking my long cock up and down, nice and slow. She rubbed the piss slit with her thumb, slick from all the lube.

«Feel good?»


«That’s a yes,» she said. She began using both hands, pumping it all the way up, sliding it between her slick fingers, running all the way back down. «This is really making my pussy wet. It’s too bad you’re my brother.»

«And if I wasn’t?» I asked.

«You’ll never know,» she said in a teasing voice.

«I can’t believe you’re doing this. You’ve lost your mind, you know that?»

«What do you mean?» she asked, sliding her hands up and down, holding my cock like a baseball bat, the slippery sound of the lube loud as she tugged on my cock. «Doesn’t this prove I’d make a good roomie? And this doesn’t have to be a one time thing.»

«Huh?» I mumbled. Watching her hands run up and down my cock had me in a trance. She began massaging my crown as her other hand went down and squeezed my balls.

«If I rub your cock from now on, whenever you want, would you let me live here?»

«Jesus, Lori, you’re really willing to whore-out hand jobs for half a bed in a shitty apartment?»

«A third of a bed, and I don’t give hand jobs to strangers.»

I was having trouble talking to her while she was working my cock over with those hands of hers. Her fingers were spread apart to keep a grip on the shaft, her orange nails glistening with lube.

«I think I’d be less shocked if you were giving hand jobs to strangers,» I said.

«My pussy’s still off limits, just so you know,» she said.

I glanced at her. «Are you sure?»

She laughed. «I bet you’d like that, huh? Fucking my little pussy with this.» She squeezed my cockhead. «I’m tight too, you know? You’d split me open. Or maybe you’d like that?»

«Would not,» I mumbled

She squeezed my cock harder, digging her nails into it, dragging them up and down. «Come on, admit it. You want to fuck me. You’re thinking about it.»

«It’s hard not to think about it when you’re jerking me off and running around my apartment naked. Do you want me to fuck you?»

She chuckled, tugging harder on my cock. «Letting my brother fuck me is worth more than a third of a bed in a shitty apartment.»

«Fuck, I’m going to cum.»

«Cum,» she said, wrapping both hands on top of each other. She began pumping them together in fast, long strokes. «Let’s see how much cum comes out of a giant cock like yours.»

That was it. I exploded, showering her with sperm. It went everywhere, her face, her tits, all over her stomach. She kept stroking even as I finished.

«Holy fuck, that’s a lot of cum,» she said. «Is that normal? You okay?»

«Yeah,» I said tiredly.

She was still stroking up and down. «I seriously cannot believe you came so much.»

«You can stop now.»

«Oh, okay,» she said, taking her hands off my cock. They were covered in cum. She looked at them and then down at herself like she didn’t know what to do. «I’m a mess.»

«Sorry,» I said.

«It’s okay. Feel good?»

«Yeah,» I said.

«Cool,» she said. «So…roomies?»

I sighed, falling back, putting my hands over my eyes.

«Think about it,» she said. «I’m going to wash my hands.»

I listened to her leave and heard the faucet turn on. I didn’t know what to say when she came back. If anything, I wanted her to leave sooner. This couldn’t go on, letting my baby sister jerk me off. I couldn’t even believe it had happened. Was she this desperate to move out? Things had never been that bad at home, but I couldn’t let her stay here, having her jerk me off on command, because I knew I would abuse my power. And it wouldn’t stop there. I would start fucking her. Hell, at this rate, I didn’t know if I was going to make it till Saturday.

When the bathroom light turned off, I rolled over and pretended to be asleep. She came back and whispered my name a few times, but I was quiet. Then she lay down and wrapped her arms around my waist. I felt her hard nipples against my back, as well as some of the cold cum on her stomach. I felt ashamed, like I had taken advantage of her.

The alarm! I rolled over to reach for it, but Lori was in my way, crawling over me, her breasts hanging in my face as she hit the snooze button. Then she came down next to me. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. Lori was mumbling something. Then I felt a breeze on my cock and realized she had lifted the sheet.

«Morning. Your cock is always hard.»

«Yeah,» I mumbled.

«Want another hand job?»

Last night. It all came back. My sister had lubed up my cock and jerked me off! I came all over her. I can’t believe we did that. «I can’t believe we did that,» I said out loud.

«It was fun, huh?» She looked up at me, her chin on my chest. «At least I proved you don’t have to change your life around if I move in.»

«Is that why you did it?»

She didn’t answer, just shrugged.

«We really shouldn’t have done that,» I said. I wanted to pretend it had not happened. I sat up, pushing her aside. I climbed out of bed and stood firm right in front of her. I realized my cock was just pointing straight at her face. She looked at it and stared. I tried not to stare at her tits. «Okay, Lori, here it is. I’m sorry I asked for a hand job. I was out of line. I didn’t think you’d do it. I wanted to scare you off, but I didn’t. I can’t believe you did it.»

«It’s okay,» she said. «It was fun. I didn’t mind.» She reached up, running her finger along the underside of my shaft. «And my offer stands. Hand jobs for roomies.»

«Jesus,» I said, backing away.

«Chris, what’s wrong?» she asked, climbing out of bed, standing there naked. She came closer, my cock bending against her stomach. She stood on her tiptoes to bump her nose into mine, rubbing them together, giving me a soft peck on the lips. «Are you upset?»

«Just with myself,» I said.

She kept kissing my lips, but I didn’t respond. I didn’t know what to do. This was spiraling out of control. She wasn’t even pretending like my sister anymore. I just turned away from her and moved into the bathroom. Under the shower, the door in my head was knocking again. This was my sister. Nudity was one was one thing, but now she was jerking me off? My whole nudist excuse was gone now. I had no explanation for her or for me. I could have stopped her. But she could have stopped too. Shit, what a cluster fuck. I had to get her out of my apartment before I fucked her.

«Hey in there,» Lori said.

I turned to see her sitting and peeing. «Hey.»

«I had to pee.»


«Not jerking off in there?»

«I was just thinking.»

«About what happened last night?»


«I hope you don’t regret it. It was just masturbation. Everyone does it.»

«Everyone grabs their brother’s cock and gives them hand jobs?»

«From time to time.» She stood up and came over, sliding the door open. «Room for one more?» She stepped in without an answer.

«What are you dong?» I asked, my eyes going up and down over her naked body.

«Well, I figured if we’ll be living together, we might fight over the bathroom sometimes. This is my way of showing you I’m okay with you jumping in the shower if you need to or coming in while I’m in here.»


«Besides, I could use a shower too. I’m still cummy from last night.»

She slid past me, my cock brushing against her butt and bending until it bounced free when she passed. God, I wanted to fuck her. I just wanted to bend her over right here and now and shove myself all the way into her pussy, make her the slut my mother said she was.

She smirked back at me, as if she could read my mind. Then she picked up the shampoo and began rubbing it into her scalp. I was suddenly angry with her, angry for teasing me like this, like I was some high school boyfriend. I stepped forward, pushing her into the wall. She gasped as my cock stabbed between her ass cheeks, my hands on her hips, my chest right up against her back, her tits mashed up against the cold tile.

«What the hell are you doing?» she cried.

«Me? What the hell are you doing, Lori?»

«Fuck, I’m showering,» she said, turning her head to look at me. «Let me go!»

«You’re a cock tease, and it’s my cock that’s getting teased. I’m not your fucking high school boyfriend. I’m a grown man, and you don’t come in here and start rubbing up against my cock like a slut.»

«So what are you going to do?» she asked, keeping one eye on me. «Fuck me in the shower? Bend me over and just rape me with that big cock of yours?»

«You know, I don’t think I could rape you if I wanted to.»

«What the fuck does that mean?»

«It means I think you want me to fuck you, and I don’t get why. Is an apartment really worth getting fucked by your brother?»

She turned away, avoiding eye contact. «Fuck you.»

That wasn’t the answer I wanted. I dug my knee between her legs. Her feet started to slip, her legs spreading open. I reached down and grabbed my cock, moving it in-between her legs. Then I slapped it upwards, hitting her pussy lips. It made her gasp.


«Do you want it?» I said in her ear, the water crashing down over both of us. She was standing on her tiptoes, something I hadn’t told her to do, and she then she spread her legs wider and arched her back all on her own, her face pressing into the tile, her hands up against it.

«Fuck you,» she repeated.

«Answer me or I will fuck you.»

I slapped her pussy with my cock again and she whimpered. I sawed back and forth, dragging my mushroom head across her clit. I could feel her labia running over my shaft. She was panting.

«I said do you want it?» I asked her. Still no answer. I hit her pussy with my cock again, as if I was going to beat the answer out of her. «Fucking answer me!»

«No!» she suddenly said. «No, not like this.»

«Then what the fuck are you doing to me?»

«I don’t know,» she said, speaking quicker. «I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s not like I have a plan, okay? I just want to stay, and maybe I’m horny, but I don’t want to get raped in the shower. Let me go, please.»

That wasn’t good enough. I didn’t want to let her go now. I wanted to fuck her. «Bend over.»

«No, Chris, please, not like this.»

I grabbed her by the back of the neck and bent her forward. She grabbed the faucet handles for support. I held my cock firm as I lined up with her pussy. I moved forward and felt my head start to separate her lips. She lost her breath.

«Please, Chris, wait!»

I wasn’t going to stop. Fuck her, the slut. This was my apartment, damn it!

«Chris, stop!» she cried. «I’m a virgin!»

That stopped me. My cock pulled back so fast it was as if her pussy bit me. «What?»

I took a step back. She turned around, one hand wrapping around her breasts, the other cupping her pussy to block it, or guard it. It was the first time she seemed modest.

«I’m a virgin, okay?»

«No, you’re not. Mom said you’re a slut.»

«And I told you, I sleep at Sarah’s. I’m saving my virginity for someone special.»

«What the fuck.»

«Look, I wouldn’t have cared if you thought I was a slut, because I would have kept jerking you off, you know? I would have even sucked your cock, just to stay. But this isn’t how I wanted to lose my virginity.»

Guilt and regret filled me. Jesus, what had I almost done? I stepped out of the shower, toweling off as I left the bathroom. I was so disappointed in myself. I dressed so fast, I didn’t even bother to tuck my shirt in or button it up. I fucked up, really fucked up. I almost raped her in the shower. What was going on with me?

My boss harassed me all day. He could tell my head wasn’t in the mail sorting game, but I was dreading going home. I was going to have to apologize. She’d probably ask to leave, which would be a good thing. I couldn’t take this on a permanent basis, but at the same time, I really hoped I could fix our relationship before she left.

I came into the apartment slowly. There was nothing on the stove tonight. She wasn’t in the shower either. She was just sitting on the sofa, watching TV, wearing her pink t-shirt and white panties again. She didn’t get up or look at me as I came in. Shit, she was furious.

«Hey, sis,» I said.

She looked up. «Hey. Do you want me to make you some ramen noodles? You don’t have anything else.»

Or maybe she was okay after all. «You don’t have to do that.»

«I don’t mind.»

«I’m not that hungry.»

«Fine.» Her attention returned to the TV. I sat down on the sofa next to her.

«How was your day?» I asked her.

She shrugged. «Almost got raped in the shower.»

«Fuck. I was going to ease into that.»

«Like you almost eased your cock into my pussy?»

«Okay, hold on.» I held my breath. «I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I lost all control in there. It was just one too many games, and I’ve been horny, and I wanted sex. I guess it doesn’t make it better that I thought you were a slut, but I wouldn’t have done it if I had known you were still a virgin. So I’m sorry.»

«So now you want to fuck me, is that it?» she asked.

«No, of course not.»

«You just said you did.»

«What I meant is you’ve been teasing me, and I can only take so much, you know? I wanted to teach you a lesson. But you’re my sister. I don’t know what I was thinking, really.»

«So, does that mean I can move in?»

«Huh? I figured you didn’t want to move in now.»

«No, I still want to.»

«Lori, I think what happened proves we wouldn’t be good roommates.»

«No, it doesn’t. It just proves you shouldn’t try to rape your sister in the shower to teach her a lesson.»

«And you shouldn’t tease your brother until he wants to fuck you.»

«So you do what to fuck me?» she said.

«Jesus, Lori. Look, I’m very sorry. I was way out of line. I hope you forgive me, and I hope we can have a normal relationship, but living together isn’t going to work.»

She pouted. «I’m going to make the noodles.»


We ate in silence, and then we watched TV in silence, and then we pulled out the bed in silence. I was about to speak up and say we shouldn’t sleep naked, but she was already undressing, and then she was under the covers. I took my things off and climbed in after her, turning out the light.

«Goodnight,» I offered.

«Goodnight,» she said, lying on her side, looking at me in the dark.

I took a glance at her bare breasts and then closed my eyes. It was quiet, but not for long.

«It felt good when you were slapping my pussy with your cock.»

I slapped my hands over my eyes. «Lori, when you say things like that, that’s teasing me. Is that what you’re trying to do, make me think about having sex with you?»

«No, I was just saying it felt good. I didn’t say it to tease you.»

«You shouldn’t tease men, Lori. I’m your brother, but if you start teasing regular guys out in the real world like you do to me, they’re not going to take no for an answer.»

«Well, I didn’t know that, did I? I’m not out in the real world. I thought my brother was better than that.»

«I am, and I already said sorry.»

«It’s fine. It was my fault.»

«It wasn’t your fault,» I said.

«No, you were right. I’ve been teasing you. I just want you to want me to stay. But I’m pushing too hard.»

«Forget it.»

«Can we make up?» she asked.

«Sure,» I said, turning and giving her a smile.

«With a kiss?» she said.

«Okay.» Kisses were innocent, weren’t they?

I felt her nose on my nose, rubbing like she had done before, and then she gave me a nice long kiss, slipping her tongue in my mouth.

«I really am sorry,» she said.

«I’m the one who tried to rape you. You don’t have to apologize.»

«But what I said in the shower was true. I meant it. I would suck your cock if you let me stay. And I’ll keep sucking it whenever you want me to.»


«Chris, I’m serious. I’ll prove it right now. I’ll give you a blow job.»

«Jesus, Lori. Does it even matter to you that I’m your brother?»

«It’s because you’re my brother that I’m okay with it. I wouldn’t suck your cock if you were a stranger.»

«Have you even given a blow job before?»

«No, but I’ve sucked Sarah’s dildo.»


«Come on, what do you say?» she asked. «Let me suck your cock one time, right now. If you like it, I get to stay. If you don’t, you can send me home. Let me at least try, okay?»

«Lori, it’s wrong. I can’t.»

«Please,» she begged. «Tomorrow’s Friday. I’m running out of time. One blow job.»


«I just want to make you happy.»

«You only want to make me happy so I’ll let you stay.»


She kissed me on the lips and then began kissing down my chest. Then she lowered the sheet. My cock was pointing straight up, hard and begging for attention. Her hand wrapped around it, rubbing and tugging. I really needed to cum.

«Can I suck it?» she asked.

I didn’t answer. She looked at me like she knew the answer though. My cock was so hard I just wanted the ache to go away. I put my hand on the back of her head and she went down, kissing my stomach. There was no way she was really going to suck my cock though, was there? Then she straddled my le, and I felt her wet pussy on my knee, grinding down. Her eyes lifted, her mouth hovering over my cock.

«If you don’t want me to, you better say something.»

I didn’t say anything. As long I didn’t agree out loud, it wasn’t my idea. And then her nose bumped into the head of my cock. She rubbed it from side to side, and then she gave it a soft kiss, her lips so pouty and so welcoming.

«You want this, don’t you? Come on, tell me you want it.»

Shit, she knew what she was doing. Fuck, I did want it though. I didn’t care why anymore. «I want it.»

«I know you do,» she said. Her tongue came rolling out of her mouth. She held my cock steady in one hand as her tongue ran from the base of the shaft, all the way up, taking her time, the coarseness caressing my skin. When her tongue ran over the head of my cock, I groaned. Then she began planting soft kisses along the length. «More?»

I didn’t answer.

«Say it. Let me hear you say you want more.»

I reached down, my hand sliding into her hair. Yes, I wanted more. «More.»

She licked again, from the bottom all the way to the top, and then she opened her mouth and give my crown a big kiss. Half of my cockhead was between her lips. I felt her tongue flicking out against it. She looked up at me.

«Want me to suck it?»

Damn it, I did. What was the point of fighting? «Yes.»

She held my cock straight up in the air, the head wet and glossy from all the attention. Her mouth opened wide and descended, but before she could close her lips, the phone rang.

«Fuck!» I said, sitting up, pulling my cock away from her mouth and reaching for the phone. I picked it up. «What?»

«Christopher? It’s your mother.»

«Mom, shit, hey,» I said. Lori smirked at me, and then she lowered her head and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock without batting an eye. I leaned back, sighing. «Shit.»

«Why are you always swearing?» my mother asked. «You have such a dirty mouth.»

«Sorry, Mom. Oh, fuck.»

Lori was licking the underside of my cock while she held it in her mouth. Then she pushed her lips down my shaft.

«Is Lori there?»

«Of course she’s here,» I said.

«Where is she? What’s she doing?»

Lori looked up, pulling her mouth off my cock. «Tell her I’m sucking your cock.»

«She’s watching TV.»

«Will you put her on?»

«She wants to talk to you,» I said, holding out the phone.

«Can’t talk right now,» Lori said, wrapping her lips around my cock again.

I sighed. «Mom, she can’t talk.»


«Her mouth is full.»


«I mean, she’s eating dinner.»

«I thought you said she was watching TV.»

«Yeah, whatever, both. Mom, what do you want? I’m busy.»

«I want to talk to Lori. Right now, Christopher.»

I couldn’t keep the conversation going anyway. I held out the phone. Lori rolled her eyes with my cock in her mouth. She pulled her tongue away as she put the phone to her ear.



Lori began licking the length of my shaft as she talked, mumbling. «Yeah?»

«I wanted to check up on you, make sure you’re doing all right.»

«Mmmhmm,» she said with my cockhead in her mouth. She pushed her throat down on it, making me groan.

«What’s that noise?» my mother asked.

«The TV. We’re watching Animal Planet. The lions are fucking.»

«Oh, that’s disgusting.»

Lori was bobbing her head up and down on my cock. I kept my mouth closed to stay quite.


«Huh?» Lori said, taking a break to breathe, her hand massaging up and down my shaft.

«Lori, have you and Christopher began getting along?»

«Mmmhmm,» she mumbled, nodding her head, sliding her lips up and down.

«Fucking hell,» I mumbled.

«That’s good,» my mother said. «He hasn’t been mistreating you, has he?»

Lori took her mouth away again. «Mistreating me how, like Dale did when he tried to rape me?»

«Lori!» my mother said.

«Because Chris tried to rape me too,» Lori said, kissing my cockhead. «Yeah, he tried to fuck me while I was in the shower.»

I looked down. «Jesus Christ!»

«Oh my god!» my mother cried. «Are you okay? How could Christopher do that?»

«Just kidding, Mom,» Lori said, smirking at me, stroking my shaft. She gave it a long lick, winking at me.

«That’s not funny, Lori!» Mom said.

Lori mumbled because my cock was back in her mouth, pushing up against her throat.


She pulled her lips off nice and slow, making a popping sound. «Mom, I’m busy right now.»

«Busy? Doing what?»

Lori massaged my shaft. «I’m busy sucking Chris’ cock.»

«What?» my mother shrieked.

«What?» I yelled.

«I’m just fucking with you, Mom,» Lori said, grinning at me, stroking my cock up and down.

«That’s disgusting and not at all funny, Lori!» my mother yelled.

«Well, I’m such a slut, you never can tell. I might really be sucking your son’s cock while I’m on the phone with you.»

She started sucking it again, pushing her lips down my shaft, the slurping noises loud.

«You are a disgusting, filthy girl, Lori!»

«Mmm, I am filthy, Mommy. Chris has a big cock too. It’s hard to fit it in my mouth.»

«She’s fucking insane,» I said to myself, but Lori was sucking again.

«Lori, I will see you Saturday! And you will be grounded for a whole month! Do you understand me?»

«Mmmhmm. Mommy, can’t talk. I think Chris is about to cum. Bye.»

She handed the phone back to me as she began deepthroating my cock as best she could.

«Mom, she’s joking,» I said, trying to focus on forming words as my little sister’s teeth scraped along the length of my shaft.

«Of course she was!» my mother said. «She’s a disgusting girl, and that sort of thing amuses her. You see why she has to be at home and looked after, Christopher?»

«Yes, for fuck’s sake! Mom, I have to go! Holy fuck!»


I slammed the phone down. «Fuck, I’m cumming!»

I erupted. She gagged and coughed as I sprayed inside her mouth. She pulled back to breathe and I came all over her face. She kept licking my cock though, swallowing what she could, and then she began sucking the head of my cock after I finished.

«Good?» she mumbled.

«Fuck,» I said. «Ah, enough, it’s sensitive.»

She stopped sucking and gave my cock a kiss.

«Okay, you hold on, I’m going to clean up. Back in a minute.»

I was in a daze as she left to clean the cum off. I couldn’t talk to her, not after that. I rolled over in bed and pretended to fall asleep. I was more ashamed than ever.

«I know you’re not asleep,» she said when she came back. I didn’t answer. She crawled into bed, leaning over me, her tits brushing my shoulder. «Chris,» she called in my ear. «Chris, come on, I’m horny too. I thought maybe you could play with me.»

No way was I playing with her.

«Come on, my pussy is fucking dripping. Sarah would eat me out. Lick my pussy, please? Fair’s fair.»

I snored, loudly. She scoffed.

«Are you seriously going to ignore me? Chris, please, my pussy needs attention. I’ll let you slap it with your cock again if you promise not to fuck me.»

She was crazy. I was never doing that again. No way.

She growled at me. «Are you serious right now? You’re actually starting to piss me off. Fine, fuck you. Go to sleep. This is bullshit.»

She turned around in bed, yanking the sheet away from me. I let her have it. I was back to feeling guilty. I had let my sister suck my cock, while she was on the phone with my mother, no less. This was beyond all control. Really, Lori had had a better chance of living here before all the sex stuff. No way now.

The alarm woke me up. Lori was there, her body sweaty and sticking to mine, naked and bare. She climbed up, peeling us apart, crawling over me to reach the button, her naked tits in my face. She smiled at me, coming down and giving me a peck on the lips.

«Mmm, morning.»

«Morning,» I said, rubbing my eyes.

«Oh, wait, I’m mad at you,» she said, yawning. «You totally left me high and dry.»

«Uh, sorry,» I said. Last day, I told myself.

«It’s okay,» she said groggily. «I guess while I live here, the oral sex only flows one way, huh?» She looked up at me. «I get to stay now, right? I sucked your cock, so I get to stay.»

«Lori, about that…»


«I just don’t know.»

«What?» she said, sitting up. «You’re kidding. That was a fucking awesome blowjob. You drowned me in sperm. There’s no way I didn’t blow you away.»

«What part of sister are you missing here?» I said. «This is the most fucked up week of my life. I can’t stop thinking about fucking you. I’m not supposed to think like that!»

«That’s sweet, I think. And if you feel the urge to fuck me, just let me know, and I’ll be happy to suck your cock.»

«I don’t want my cock sucked. I want you to stop doing this.»

I started to get out of bed, but she grabbed my hand. «Hey, hold on.»


«Call in sick.»


«Stay in bed with me.»


She shrugged, her tits jiggling. «It’s my last day here, last chance to convince you. If you need more than a blow job, we’ll see what we can do.»

I looked at her, thinking about what she was saying. Was she saying she’d suck my cock again if I stayed home? And then what, let me fuck her? Is that what she wanted me to do? What the hell was going on?

«I can’t afford to miss work.»

I climbed out of bed, my cock bouncing around as I walked, and got into the shower. I really shouldn’t have let her suck my cock last night. There was no more room to rationalize anything. Sisters don’t suck their brother’s cocks. And I had encouraged her. She had asked me, and I had said yes. Damn my weakness!

«Hey,» she said from outside the door.

«Huh? Yeah?» She was standing outside the glass door, not even peeing, just staring at me.

«We didn’t finish talking,» she said.

«I shouldn’t have let you suck my cock like that.»

«Why do you always have to regret it?»

She grabbed the shower door and slid it open, stepping it, closing it behind her. I backed up.

«What are you doing in here?»

«Whoa,» she said. «Put on the rape brakes there, tiger. I just want to make sure you’re okay.»

«I’m fine. I’m just sort of in a daze.»

«Have you even started washing yet?» she asked.

I shook my head.

«That blow job fried your brain, huh?»

«Sort of.»

«Here, I’ll help. Just don’t rape me.»

She took the bar of soap, lathering it between her hands, and then she began rubbing my neck and chest. She was standing close; my cock grew harder, touching her waist.

«He’s saying hello,» she said, rubbing my stomach with soap.

«He’s getting used to you,» I said.

«Good, because I intend to stay for a good long time.»

«Lori, you can’t—«

«Come on, I still have the rest of the day to change your mind. Don’t say I can’t, not yet. Turn around.»

I turned and she washed my back.

«Lori, be honest with me. You don’t feel weird after sucking my dick?»

«Do you?»

«Yes. Hell yes. I’m trying to figure out why you did it, whether it really was just to stay here, or if you wanted to do it.»

«What’s the difference?» she asked from behind me.

«The difference is if you did it just because you’re desperate to stay, it makes me feel like shit, because I took advantage of you, but if you did because you wanted to, maybe it’s not my fault, just wrong.»

«Okay, well, if it makes you feel better, I really did want to suck your cock, and I figured if blowing you kept me here, that’s two birds with one stone.»

«Then why did you want to blow me to begin with?»

«I told you, you have a great cock. It makes me horny.» She was still washing. «And I don’t know, I just thought it’d be a nice thing to do, sort of to say I love you, you know?»

«That’s how you say I love you?»

«To you it is.» She climbed down to her knees, washing my butt and legs. «Turn around.»

I turned. Her face was level with my cock. She soaped her way up my legs and thighs, her eyes on my cock.

«Want me to clean this too?» she asked.

«You don’t have to.»

«I want to.»

«You shouldn’t want to.»

She grinned. «I know I shouldn’t.»

She lathered the soap in her hand, and then she took hold of my cock, holding it tight. I let out a groan. She began working the soap, running her hands up and down.

«Oh, your cock is really dirty. When’s the last time this thing was cleaned properly? There I was sucking it while it was filthy too.»

«Lori, fuck…»

«What’d you say?» she said, looking up at me. «Did you just say you want to fuck me? Chris, I’m trying to clean your cock here. I don’t want you getting any ideas and trying to rape me again.»

She kept cleaning it, one hand rubbing the soap up and down the shaft while the other began massaging my balls.

«Damn it,» I mumbled. «Lori, I’m really scared we’re going to end up fucking each other.»

She looked up again. «Who ever said I’d let you fuck me?»

«You’re saying it with how you act. You’re seducing me.»

Her thumb began massaging the head of my dick, running back and forth over the slit.

«I’m not seducing you,» she said. «Maybe I do flirt, but it’s because I love you and it’s fun. It has gotten a little carried away. I admit that, but come on, when I’m horny, I can’t think straight. You know how it is.»

She squeezed my shaft, clenching it as tight as she could, and then pulled her hand forward. I groaned.

«Fuck, Lori.»

«You’re soo hard,» she said. «See, I’m getting horny again. I don’t mean to, but you cock really turns me on. I have to remind myself this is my brother’s cock. If you were my boyfriend, I don’t think I’d be able to hold on to my virginity, but you’re not.»

I looked down at her. «Then we’re not going to start fucking?»

She shook her head. «I don’t think so. Unless you rape me. Why, do you want to start fucking?»

She was tugging on my cock again, rolling my balls in her hand.

«God, you’re going to make me cum.»

«You can cum,» she said. «It’s all clean now.»

«You realize you’re jerking off your brother right now?»

«Mmmhmm,» she said, pulling on my cock back and forth, her fingers running along the shaft. «And my brother likes it. Tell you what. Hey, are you listening?»

«Huh?» I said, trying to focus on her eyes and not her hands rubbing up and down my shaft. «Yeah?»

«Just so we’re clear,» she said. «If we start living together, it’s okay to flirt, get naked, touch, even lick each other, but no sex, okay?»

«No sex?» I said.

«Yes. Don’t put your cock in my pussy. Don’t take my virginity. Don’t cum in me.»

«Anything else is fine?» I said, still dazed. She was pumping my cock fast now.

«We’ll figure out the rest later.»

«Are you doing this just so I’ll let you stay?» I asked.

She smirked, squeezing my cock harder as she yanked on it. «No,» she said after a moment. «But you know how much I want to stay. If a little foreplay between family helps you make up your mind, than I don’t mind.»

I reached down, putting my hand on her cheek, stroking it as she stroked my cock. «I really liked it when you sucked my cock.»

«Want me to suck it again?» she asked, licking her lips. She opened her mouth wide. «Park it right here, roomie.»

I almost laughed. Park it? She really was my little sister, making stupid jokes and saying weird things. She was Lori. I parked it, stepping forward and sliding my cock into her mouth. She closed her lips and my shaft was enveloped in heat. I put my head back and just groaned.

She mumbled she began licking and sucking, her head sliding up and down a few inches while her hand worked the rest. I put both my hands on her head, holding her in place as I started to pump my cock in and out. She coughed and gagging when I tried to push too deep.

I couldn’t last much longer though. She had already been jerking me off long enough. Cum came pouring out of me. I grabbed her hair like a handle and thrust in deeper, feeling the bend of her throat as she gagged. Cum spilled out of her mouth. Both of her hands were strangling my cock, trying to pull it out of the depths of her throat. As I finished, I eased up on her hair and she took my cock out, coughing.

«Mmm, wow,» she said, looking up. «You liked that, huh?»

«Fuck, yes.»

«You know, that’s only my second blow job,» she said. «How am I doing?»

«Amazing,» I said.

«Yay!» she said, climbing up. She hugged me, as if I had helped her finish her math homework. «Really, it was good? Even last night? You’re not just saying that.»

«It was good, really good.»

«Good!» she said. «I swallowed a lot of cum too. I missed most of it though. You cum a lot.»


«It’s okay. It was fun. But I’ll get better at swallowing. Here, let me just clean your cock off again…» She grabbed the bar of soap and started tugging at my dick. I groaned. It was too sensitive for her to manhandle it.

«Okay, okay, it’s clean,» I said.

She chuckled. «I guess I’m tending to my own pussy again.»

«Geez, don’t tempt me.»

«All right. You’d better get to work. You’re paying the bills, roomie.»

She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then turned to the water, stepping under it. She immediately started playing with her pussy, her fingers running over her lips. I climbed out, my legs a little weak from the blowjob. I was dressed and out of the house before she finished in the shower. I could hear her moaning in there. I considered going back.

Work was dull now. I could not think about anything else but my sister. We had broken some serious boundaries, and even though she had given me her assurance that we wouldn’t fuck, I didn’t feel convinced. And moreover, I wanted to fuck her now. I really wanted her cherry. But I knew that was wrong.

I should have told her this whole plan of hers had backfired. She had to go. More than that, I wanted her to leave tomorrow, because if she stayed, I was going to fuck her brains out. And I was going to fuck her constantly, so much she’d want to go back home anyway. Yeah, if she wanted to stay, she could stay, but her pussy was mine. No way she’d agree to that.

And what was going to happen when I got home? Dinner again? A movie? Then a little oral sex and off to bed? I couldn’t live like that. Well, I could, but not with my sister. And what was wrong with her that she had let it come to this? And what was wrong with me for liking it? I needed help, but who can you talk to about something like this?

I felt anxious on my drive home, my old car clinking and clanking and threatening to cost me a paycheck at the auto shop. When I reached the door, I stopped. I could hear moaning and grunting inside. Someone was in my apartment, fucking! Fucking my sister? What the hell?

I used my key and barged in, stumbling. My little sister was in bed, on all fours, bent over, ass high in the air, her head on the mattress, watching porn while she rubbed her pussy. Her middle finger was right in her asshole. She was whimpering and moaning.

«What the fuck are you doing?» I said.

«Huh?» she said, lifting her head. «Oh, Chris, you’re home.»

«Yes, I’m home!»

«Okay, I’ll start dinner in a few minutes. Hold on.»

I realized I’d left the door open and quickly closed it before I came back to her. She was already busy again, her middle finger sawing in and out of her ass while her other hand rubbed up and down along her slit, teasing her clit.

I knew I should stop watching. I had told myself I was going to come home, tell her we had to stop playing around, that it was going to get way too serious, that she had to leave tomorrow morning. I had my whole speech ready, but she had planned this so I would walk in on her, see her playing with herself, trying to tempt me!

She turned her head, looking at me as I stared. «Mmm, like the show? Do you want to come over here and help your little sister cum?»

«Lori, you shouldn’t be doing this.»

«Why?» she asked, her finger still sliding in and out of her ass while the others assaulted her clit. «I jerked you off and sucked your cock. I have needs too, you know?»

«I know, but I’ve been thinking about it all day, and I regret it. It was wrong.»

«Oh, that again,» she said.

«Lori, would you please stop? I’m trying to tell you something.»

«Can it wait? I’m about to cum.»

«No, it can’t wait. I’ve reached a decision.»

She paused her fingers. «And?»

«And you have to go home tomorrow.»

She sighed and sat up, taking her fingers away from her pussy and ass. «So that’s how it is?»

I picked up the remote and turned off the porn. «Yeah, that’s how it is. Look, Lori, we—«

«Come over here.»


«You regret what we did? Fine, I regret it to.»

«You do?»

«Yeah, I do. I should never have sucked your cock if you weren’t going to let me move in, but fairs fair.»

«What do you mean?»

«Come eat my pussy.»

«I’m not going to eat your pussy,» I said, loud and indignant. «I wanted to tell you, this isn’t going to work out. We can’t do this stuff. We’re related. You can’t live here.»

«Okay, fine, I heard you. Now get over here and eat my pussy. I need to cum.»

«Are you kidding me?»

«No. I sucked your cock. Bring your tongue over here.»

«I’m not doing that.»

«The way I see it, the first blowjob was a freebie, but not the second one. I told you, if you let me stay, you get free blowjobs. Well, that blowjob was my rent, but if I can’t stay, you have to pay me back. Eat me out or I’m moving in.»

I couldn’t believe it. And as I reflected, it actually seemed fair, like a business deal. I had to do this to make everything level.


«Good boy,» she said. «Now come eat your sister’s pussy. Ah-ah, wait, off with the clothes. I sucked your cock naked, and you’re going to eat me out while that beautiful cock of yours is out in the open.»

I licked my teeth. I was angry with her now. I yanked my tie off, pulling it over my head and throwing it aside. She was smirking. She settled back on the bed, sliding her legs open nice and wide. Her whole cunt was glistening with juice, red and inflamed from the abuse she had already given it. She began massaging her breasts, tugging on her dark nipples, licking her lips. I pulled my shirt apart, taking it off, unbuttoning my pants with as much spite as I could manage.

«I am going to make you fucking beg me to stop,» I said.

«Ooh, big words from a little boy who can’t even finish fucking a girl in the shower.»

«You bitch, I will rape you right now if you keep running your mouth.»

«You can rape my pussy with your tongue. Hurry the fuck up.»

«I didn’t know you had so much spine,» I said, pushing my boxer shorts down.

«I had you thinking I was all sweet, huh?» she said, her eyes watching as I exposed my cock. «Now move it. You’re making my pussy wait. Just more work for you. I was ready to cum.»

I climbed on the bed, my cock bobbing in front of me. She was swaying her knees, opening and closing her legs.

«Wait,» she said. «Suck my nipples first.»


«Sarah always sucks my nipples first. You owe me an orgasm, so start up here.»

I climbed up farther, right between her legs, my cock perched before her pussy as I titled my head. She reached her hand out, running her fingers through my hair and around to the back of my head.

«Come on, your sister is horny,» she said.

She pulled my head into her breast. I did as she had done to me, nudging her nipple with my nose before I gave her a kiss.

«Aw,» she cooed. «Such a nice brother.»

A gave her nipple a few licks. My hands began to explore. She hadn’t really told me to but I figured I’d go for broke. I started at her waist, sliding up her sides. I cupped her other breast in my hand as my fingers began caressing, just enough to excite her.

«Ohh,» she mumbled.

My mouth closed around her nipple and I rolled my tongue over it, pinching with my teeth. Her head fell back and she let out another moan. I was still toying with her other nipple when she began lifting her crotch up, as if her pussy was a dog whining for attention. I fed it the palm of my hand. She immediately began grinding her pussy against my hand, all while she gripped my hair so tight it hurt, but I was tugging and licking her nipple and it had her moaning louder and louder. Then I slid my fingers across her pussy lips. Her breathing was heavy and fast.

«You’re going to make me fucking cum before you even eat me,» she said. «Doesn’t mean it counts though.»

She pulled my head off her nipple and brought my face up to hers, shoving her lips into mine. It wasn’t right to kiss her like this, her tongue stabbing into my mouth, but I wanted it now too, and my self-control was gone. I sucked on her tongue, my fingers still rubbing across her pussy while she tried to hump my hand.

Then she reached down, shoving my hand away from her crotch. I was a little confused, until she grabbed my cock and yanked on it, pulling me forward.


«Just, just,» she mumbled, kissing me again. She lifted herself straight up off the bed, bringing her pussy to my cock, and then she began slapping her clit with it. «Don’t put it in, okay? Don’t put it in. I fucking mean it.»

I nodded. As she slapped her cunt around, I grinded forward, letting my shaft slip over her pussy lips. They parted slightly, hugging the underside of my cock as I passed back and forth. My crown crashed into her clit. She was moaning even louder.

«I really wanted to stay,» she whispered into my ear. «If you had played your cards right, I would have done anything.»

«I don’t want your virginity,» I mumbled, but I did. Even as my cock was gliding back and forth over her pussy lips, I wanted to shove it right into her. «We can’t.»

«I can’t take much more,» she said. «Eat me.»

I pulled my cock away from her pussy. It throbbed in pain, but I had to keep this under control. I put my head down and went to work, giving her pussy a long lick.

«Ohh, fuck,» she said, taking hold of my head.

I gave her another lick, this time up to her clit, where I flicked my tongue. I brought my hand to her pussy, rubbing her lips, slipping one inside. She really was a virgin, her hole so small I couldn’t fit more than one inside her.

«God!» she cried.

I slid my tongue into her, right beside my finger, my nose enveloped by her pussy lips. She was tugging on my hair and screaming as I twisted my tongue, bucking her hips against my face, trying to shove my tongue deeper into her pussy. But then I took my tongue away, just long enough to close my mouth around her clit and suck.

That was all she could take. She screamed and fluid began squirting out of hole, running over my lips and chin. She fell back on the bed, her head turning, letting go of my hair and just panting.

I sat up, looking down at her, staring at her red, inflamed pussy, my rock hard cock poised right above it, asking me if it was our turn. I could just lean forward, shove myself right into her. She turned her head toward me, her eyes half closed, a silly smile on her face.

«You’re awesome.»

«Am I?»

«Almost as good as Sarah.»

«Never send a man to do a lesbian’s job.»

She laughed. «You’re funny.»

«I’m hilarious.»

«Mmm, that felt good, fucking awesome.»

«Glad you liked it. We’re even now.»

«Mmmhmm.» Then her eyes focused on my cock floating above her pussy. «Are you thinking about fucking me?»

«I’m thinking about it, yeah.»

«Going to do it?» she asked.

«Going to stop me?»

She shook her head tiredly. «Why bother? You’ll stop yourself.»

«Are you sure?»

«Yeah. You’re my big brother. You’ve always been the responsible one. You have to protect your little sister, teach her right from wrong, lead by example.»

I stared down at her cunt. Then I took my cock, slapping her pussy a few times. «Knock, knock.»

«Who’s there?’ she asked, lifting her knees and spreading them wide.


«Temptation who?» she asked.

I didn’t answer.

«Temptation who?» she repeated.

I pulled my cock away, lying down next to her. «Temptation knocked and ran away.»

«Told you. Big cock, no balls.»

«Damn it, don’t make me prove you wrong.»

She frowned at me. «You’re sending me away tomorrow, huh?»

I nodded, grabbing the sheet and pulling it up over both of us. «I’m teaching you right from wrong, doing the brotherly thing.»

She turned on her side and snuggled into me. «I had a lot of fun these last few days.»

«I did too. It’s going to make Thanksgiving awkward though.»

«Who’s coming to Thanksgiving?» she asked. «Not me. I’m moving out as soon as I can, and I’m never going back, not while Dale is around, so the only one I’m spending Thanksgiving with is you.»

«That’ll make it even more awkward, just the two of us and a turkey.»

«Maybe you’ll have the balls to fuck me by then.»

«Something to look forward to,» I said.

She chuckled. «A new Thanksgiving tradition.»

It took half an hour for my cock to cool down, leaving that stinging sensation behind. My balls really ached. Lori didn’t talk much. We just stayed in bed, flipping through TV stations until it got late. She didn’t want to go to sleep. Tomorrow, Mom and Dale would be here and she’d have to go home. I really was going to miss her, but I just didn’t have enough willpower to let her stay.

I didn’t wake up to the alarm. It was Saturday, after all. Instead I woke up to the curious sensation of my cock being sucked. I blinked a few times to make sure it wasn’t a dream. The clock said 10:00 am. The sheet was over my waist, but someone’s head was bobbing up and down.


«It’s not Lori. It’s Mrs. Webber. Pervert.»

I exhaled. Damn, it felt good. I couldn’t see her, but I could feel her tongue running up and down my shaft. She was squeezing my balls, tugging on them, then she engulfed the head of my cock and bobbed on it again. I felt the back of her throat.

«Lori, you can’t stay,» I said, though I wasn’t going to pull her off my cock.

«This is my last ditch effort. Morning blow jobs for life.»

«Fuck…» I put my hand on the back of her head, encouraging her by pushing her down. «I’m not eating you out for this.»

«Mmm,» she mumbled, taking my cock out of her mouth to speak again. «You wouldn’t have to if you’d just call Mom and Dale and tell them not to come get me.»

And then her mouth was on my cock again. I pulled the sheet out of the way and saw her big, full lips sliding up and down my hard shaft.

«Lori, you have to stop,» I said, but I didn’t want her to.

«Come on,» she said with a pout, her hand stroking up and down as she talked, squeezing nice and tight. «All you have to do is say I can be your roommate and you get blow jobs for life. That’s a fucking awesome deal. I could get an apartment three times this size with cable for that deal.»

«Lori, I swear to god, if you don’t stop, I’m going to fuck you.»

She frowned, giving a few pouty kisses against the head of my cock. «What if I…let you fuck me in the ass?»

«What? Are you crazy?» I asked.

She licked a few more times, strangling my cock with her hand, slapping it against her tongue. «I’ve heard it hurts a lot, but I like putting my finger up there. I could try to take your cock.»

She went back to sucking, but I grabbed her hair and pulled her off.

«You’d really let me fuck you in the ass just to stay?»

She nodded. «I don’t want to leave. I’ll do it, just once. I’ll let you fuck me in the ass, just not my pussy. If I do, can I stay?»

«I don’t think you can handle it.»

«I can.»

«You know what, if this is the only way you’ll learn, fine.» I climbed up and moved around behind her. She turned her head, looking at me.

«You’re going to do it?» she asked.

«Yeah, I’m going to fuck you in the ass.»

«Really?» she said. «And I get to stay afterward?»

«I’m going to make you a deal,» I said from behind her, looking down at her rosy ass. «If you can stay quiet while I fuck your ass, I’ll let you stay. If you scream, if you even make a sound, you’re gone as soon as Mom and Dale get here. What do you say? Deal?»

She looked nervous. «Hold on, I don’t know how much it’s going to hurt. I don’t know if I can keep quiet.»

«Then call it quits. But I’m not playing anymore sex games with you.»

I grabbed the lube from the end table and put a glob in my palm, grabbing my shaft and massaging it in. I handed her the bottle.

«Lube up.»

She frowned back at me. «Fine, fuck me in the ass, you jerk.» She put some lube on her fingers and the reached back. With one hand, she spread her cheek, and with the other, she slid her fingers up and down her crack, poking inside, rubbing the lube around.

Honestly, I didn’t expect her to agree. I was bluffing. I wasn’t actually going to fuck her in the ass. I was using the lube and all the bravado to scare her, to make her give up, but once again, she had called my bluff. You would’ve thought I had learned by now.

«You don’t have to do this,» I said, trying again.

«No, I want to,» she said. «And when you finish and I’m still quiet, I expect you to say I can stay. No more sex games.»

«Fair enough. If you want me to pull out, say so, but you forfeit.»

«I just have to last until you cum, right?»


«Then fuck my ass and cum quick, because I’m staying.»

That’s it. Fine, she was going to scream. I knew it. She had no idea what she was in for. She wouldn’t last past the head of my cock.


She nodded, turning around, putting her head down on the mattress.

«All right,» I said.

I lined my cock up with her asshole. She was holding her cheeks wide open, her pink little sphincter clenched in fear, her whole body trembling. I let the head of my cock touch her ass. I rubbed my shaft a few times up and down the length of her ass crack, giving a few pokes at her hole.

«Come on,» she said. «Just do it.»

I gave my cock a squeeze and then pushed the head forward, nudging her hole. Then I shoved it in. She screamed and pulled away.

«Ow, fuck!» she shouted.

«Hah!» I said. «You lose.»

«No! Hold on. I wasn’t ready.»

«You said you were ready.»

«I know, but you took me by surprise. That didn’t count. And I didn’t really scream.»

Suddenly, someone pounded on the front door. «Quiet down, pervert!»

«Hah, didn’t scream?» I said. «Even Mrs. Webber heard you.»

«Well, I wasn’t ready. Do it again. I’m ready now.»

«It’s your ass.»

She arched her back, turned around, put her head down, and held her cheeks apart. I slapped her ass with my cock.

«Stop fucking with me and fuck my ass already,» she said angrily.

«Stop clenching your ass. I can’t get in.»

She seemed to relax, a little, and I nudged my cockhead against her hole, pressing in. She didn’t make a sound, but she did flinch.


«I didn’t scream. Hold on. Give me a minute, okay? It’s my first time.»

She settled again, and I nudged her asshole with my dick. Then I pushed forward. The lube was very thick and her asshole began to open up to my invading cock like a flower. She wasn’t screaming but she was panting. I looked up and saw her biting down on her lip, eyes pinched shut. Her fingers were gripping her ass cheeks so tight her skin was bright white.

«Fuck…» she whispered.

«Was that a scream?»

She shook her head. «Why the fuck are you so big?»

And then the head of my cock popped inside and she caught a yelp in her throat, which she turned into a cough. She let go of her ass cheeks, apparently too pained to hold them open. She gripped the mattress and her calves began kicking up and down in silent pain. I was staring down at the head of my cock lodged in her ass. It was strangling me, but I wanted to go deeper.

«Ready for the rest of it?»

«Hold on,» she whimpered, wiping her eyes. «Not yet, please.»

«Are you crying?»

«No. Just hold on.»

I slid my hands over her butt cheeks, up her back, down her sides, grabbing her hips, holding on tight, ready to thrust. She glanced back at me, realizing what I was about to do.

«Don’t hurt me, please?»

«Tell me to take it out and I won’t.»

«Just go slow. I won’t scream if you go slow.»

She turned her head and put it back down, holding on to the sheets as if she were dangling from a ledge. I looked down at my cock, and then I shoved forward and pulled her hips in. My cock ripped through her ass, grinding several inches of meat into her behind. She screeched, her arms turning around and trying to shove me away.

«Fuck, fuck! Take it out! Take it out!»

I pulled back, ripping it out of her ass. The neighbor was pounding on the door again as my sister fell over, rolling on her side, one hand coming around to hold her asshole. She curled up, whimpering, her eyes watery.

«Ow, shit.»

«Are you okay?» I asked.

«No, you asshole! You did that on purpose! You didn’t even try to be gentle!»

«I did so. Look what I’m working with here.»

«Ow, fuck, it stings so much. Ow, ow, ow.»

«Sorry,» I said, but I had to add, «you lost.»

Her watery eyes turned angry. «Fuck you!» She climbed up on her knees. Then she shoved me and I toppled back.

«What the hell?»

«You’re such an asshole!» she yelled at me. «This was never about paying you off with sex!»

«Uh, it wasn’t?»

«No! Ever since you moved away, I’ve called you every week and left so many messages, but you never return my calls, and it really hurts my feelings.»

«I’m busy with work and stuff. I didn’t know you were so upset.»

«Just listen, stupid! It hurts my feelings because after you left, I started to realize how much I wanted to be with you. It just hit me one day, I wanted to save myself for you.»

«But I’m your brother.»

«I know that, jerk! It’s not like I haven’t dated other guys, but I can’t stop thinking about you. I wanted to live with you because I thought we could both figure out how we felt, but you don’t even want me here.»

«Okay, hold on,» I said, climbing up on my knees. My cock was rapidly deflating, hanging its head in shame, despite Lori naked in front of me. «Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you felt that way. Sometimes, I feel that way too, but that’s why I’ve been saying you can’t stay, because if you do, I’ll end up right where you are, wanting to be with you, and it’s not right. At least, it’s not supposed to be right.»

«I really don’t care what’s right, Chris. I just want to be with you.»

«You’re still my sister. What would our family think?»

«What family?» she asked. «Mom’s an overbearing, controlling bitch. I don’t care what she thinks. And Dale is not my family.»

I stared at for a moment. I could almost see the future, her living with me, becoming my lover, my fuck buddy, my sexy sister.

«So,» I said, «you’ve really been saving your cherry for me?»

She nodded with pouted lips. «Sort of. I’ve thought about it, but you haven’t earned it.»

I suddenly wanted her more than ever. «I can earn it. You still need a place to stay, right?»


«Well, I have room for you if you want to pay me rent…with your pussy.»

She took in a breath and her hand slipped down between her legs, her fingers holding her little slit. «My pussy? You mean you want to fuck me?»

«I mean your pussy is mine from now on, as much as I want, and I want a lot.»

«Oh,» she said. «But I’m not ready. I need more time to think about it.»

«You’re out of time. You have to pay rent before Mom and Dale get here.»

«Hold on, I don’t know. I thought it would be a little more romantic or something.»

I shook my head. «It’s now or never.»

«But your cock is really big and scary. It’s going to hurt.»

«You’ll get used to it,»

Lori looked nervous. «You’ll be gentle?»



«So, what’s it going to be?»

Her fingers slowly stroked her little clit. My cock was growing harder right in front of her, standing up. She was watching it grow, running her middle finger into her pussy, as if working out how it would fit. «Can you eat me out a little first to get me ready?»

«Lori, the rent is due now. What’s it going to be?»

She looked down, just staring at my cock. It was rock hard, pointing up at her, twitching. «Okay,» she said. «Fuck me.»

«Good girl. You’ll need the lube.»

Lori bent over the bed to find the lube, flashing me her cute little ass. I couldn’t wait to get back into that, after I had her pussy. She was mine now, and truth be told, I never loved her more.

She came back with the lube, pouring it into her palm. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and slowly ran it from the base to the tip, coating it in the slick liquid. She was even more thorough this time, making sure every inch shined. Her other hand slipped down between her legs and she began massaging some lube into her pussy. She looked nervous.

«I really am a virgin, Chris. You can’t just shove the whole thing in at once.»

«Don’t worry. I would never hurt my baby sister…much.»

I gave her a kiss, nice and deep with lots of tongue. My hand slipped down to her pussy and I ran my fingers along her slit. She was as ready as she was ever going to be. I turned her around and bent her over, shoving her face down into the mattress.

«Spread your legs,» I told her.

She widened her knees, turning her neck to look back at me. I moved closer, holding my cock by the base, aiming at her pretty little pussy. I slapped it a few times, how she liked. She let out a soft moan. Then I ran the head of my cock along her slit. She began grinding back against me. My hand ran over her butt, my thumb caressing her asshole. It was still slick with lube. I pushed my thumb in she squeaked in alarm.

«Ow! Chris!»

I held my thumb deep in her ass, grabbing her cheek for a handhold. I slapped her pussy with my cock a few more times.


«I guess,» she said. «You sure you wouldn’t just like another blow job?»

I answered by pressing the head of my cock between her pussy lips and shoving it right into her. Lori screamed.

«Ow! Fuck! Ow, ow! Shit, you could have warned me, you jerk! Ow, God, it’s fucking huge!»

I looked down at my cock buried a few inches in my sister’s pussy. She was trying to get away from it, squiring and shaking her ass, kicking her legs, but my thumb was still hooked in her asshole, holding her in place while she whimpered.

«Fuck, it hurts,» she said. «Take it out for a minute. Fuck, fuck. It’s so thick. God.»

I didn’t take it out. I pushed in farther and she groaned and whimpered. Then I stopped, but not because my cock wouldn’t fit, because someone began banging on the door again. Lori and I both looked up like we’d been caught.

«Fuck,» Lori whispered weakly.

«Oh, shit, is that Mom?» I whispered.

«Chris?» a voice came through. «It’s the Landlord. Mrs. Webber heard screaming. You home? Did you leave your TV on again? Damn kid.»

Lori and I were quiet until the footsteps took him away. She turned her head around. «You have a giant fucking cock, in case you didn’t know. You have to go slow or I’ll keep screaming.»

I smirked at her and pushed another inch into her pussy. She cried out nice and loud, grabbing a pillow and strangling it. Her other hand reached down between her legs and she began rubbing her clit.

«Ow, ow. Can’t you go slower?»

«I am going slow,» I told her.

But I was done going slow. I withdrew my cock and she whimpered in relief. Once I was all the way out of her, I looked down at my handiwork, my cock coated with a streak of her blood, and then I lined myself up and rammed right back into her pussy. Lori screeched and nearly jumped, but my thumb kept her ass grounded. She squirmed and tried to pull away but I pushed all the way in until I reached bottom. She looked back at me with tears in her eyes.

«Fuck, stop! It’s so big, it hurts. I need a break, Chris. Please, five minutes. I’ll suck it. We can fuck more later.»

I withdrew my cock halfway, giving her hope, but then shoved myself back into her pussy, throwing her whole body forward. She was holding onto the pillow for dear life.

«Ow, fuck! Not so hard, Chris! I’m not fucking used to your cock yet!»

I held her ass tight and then began pumping in and out of her tight little, red pussy. She groaned and began biting down on the pillow. I was in heaven. She was so tight and my cock had been through such a rough time these last few days.

«Fuck, sis, you feel incredible.»

«You fucking hurt like hell!» she said.

«You’ll get used to it.»

«Fuck, this hurts,» she whimpered. «Ow, God! Don’t shove it in so hard! My pussy doesn’t go that deep!»

I was shoving hard, ramming my cock deep into her with each thrust, bottoming out, her whole body rocking.

«Fuck, fuck, fuck,» she panted. «I’m so stretched out.»

«I’ll mold your fucking pussy to fit me,» I told her, shoving in hard.

She let out a guttural groan, but her screaming was getting softer.

«You’re starting to like it, aren’t you?» I asked her.

«It’s getting better,» she said, keeping her eyes pinched shut. «Go a little slower, please.»

«Still want to live here?» I asked her, pounding her pussy nice and deep.

She moaned louder and began pushing back against my cock. «Are you going to keep fucking me if I do?»

«Hell yes. This is my apartment, damn it, and I’m going to fuck you sore everyday.»

«Okay,» she grunted. «I guess I’ll stay.»

My pace was picking up, slamming in and out of her pussy, and she was shoving back to meet each of my thrusts. Her moans were getting louder and louder, thrashing as I fucked her.

«Fuck,» she said, «I think you’re going to make me cum! God, right there! Oh, God, your cock is fucking awesome!»

«Fuck, I’m going to cum,» I said.

«Huh?» she said. «No, wait, you can’t. You can’t cum in me. You’ll get me pregnant.»

«I’m not fucking pulling out,» I said, shoving my cock in deep.

«No, stop!»

Lori began squirming, trying to get away from my throbbing cock and the cum that was about to explode out of it, but I clenched onto her ass cheek and shoved deeper into her.

«No, Chris, don’t!»

I erupted, showering her pussy with sperm. She groaned but stopped fighting as I sprayed her insides. I stared down at my cock as it slid in and out of her, coated white and red with blood and cum. It ran out of her pussy and down her thighs but I kept thrusting.

«Fuck,» I said.

«Oh, shit, we’re seriously fucked,» Lori said as I kept pounding into her.

But then I stopped thrusting. It wasn’t because I had cum; it was because the door opened. We both looked up. The landlord pulled his keys out of the door and froze. Mrs. Webber was with him. But they weren’t alone. My mother and Dale were there too.

«Oh, fuck,» I said.

My mother screamed. Dale’s jaw fell open. The landlord gawked. Mrs. Webber fainted.

«What the fuck are you doing?» my mother shrieked.

«Uh,» I said, my sensitive cock still throbbing inside my sister’s pussy, «collecting rent from my new roomie?»

My sister smiled tiredly. «Yeah, Chris said I could move in, so I guess I won’t need that ride home after all. Can you close the door?»

My mother began crying and ran out of the apartment. Dale just stared at my poor naked sister with my cock lodged in her pussy. «Damn,» he said before he left.

The landlord folded his arms. «You got another tenant in here, kid?»

«Well, she’s more like a houseguest.»

«You fuck all your houseguests?»

«I don’t know. She’s the first one.»

He smirked at me. «Just keep it down in here.»

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