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Tiffany was twenty years old when she married «Famous Larry,» a self-made millionaire whose chain of used car dealerships had made him a minor celebrity in several Southwestern cities. They met on the beach near Panama City, Florida where Tiffany was waiting in line to get a snow cone with a friend. Larry walked up to her and offered to buy her a car if she would go on a date with him. As outrageous as his offer was, it was just crazy enough to get Tiffany’s attention.

Larry showered Tiffany with gifts, money, and affection, and it didn’t hurt that he was not hard to look at and pretty good in bed as well. After six months of dating, Larry proposed to her with a three-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring. They flew to Las Vegas and were married within forty-eight hours of his proposal. The newly-wed couple were happy, in love, and very sexually active.

Larry was forty at the time and already had ten used car dealerships spread out from Houston to Phoenix. He specialized in higher-end used cars, however, he never used the words «used cars» in any capacity at all. His dealerships only sold «Pre-Owned Sports and Luxury Vehicles» and he sold a lot of them. BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lexus, Range Rover, Maserati, Cadillac, you name the car and he had it, or would get it for you, if the price was right. Tiffany quickly became accustomed to the luxurious lifestyle that Larry’s business afforded her.

Tiffany had an extraordinary body. At five-foot-eight, one-hundred forty pounds, and with dark red hair, green eyes; huge, natural, 38E breasts; thin waist and round ass, she had been stopping men in their tracks for years. Some years later, her friends told her she could pass for a slightly thinner double for the actress, Christina Hendricks from the series Mad Men. Tiffany and Larry were quick to have their only son, Ben who arrived a year after they were married.

After having Ben, the couple decided not to have any more children; mostly because Tiffany felt that one was almost too much for her to handle as it was. Larry had a vasectomy after Ben was born, putting the matter to rest for all time. Tiffany and Larry’s sex life began to wane around the time Ben entered high school. Larry was in his late fifties and was preoccupied most of the time with his ever-expanding car business, and a twenty-four-year old mistress. Sex with Tiffany became less of a priority for him, and Tiffany began to retreat to romance novels, erotica, and masturbation using a vibrator.

Ben got into trouble in high school, smoking weed, drinking, skipping class, and graduating with a 2.8 GPA, despite the fact that he was very smart, and was capable of earning much higher marks. It was pure luck that he was able to attend a major university in California. His sketchy high school performance aside, Larry and Tiffany were proud of their son and made sure that his first year in college was as stress-free as possible. Ben’s father not only paid for his college, but he also gave him a forty-thousand-dollar expense account for clothes, football games, and other social and miscellaneous expenses. Ben was all set.

Ben’s parents sent him off to school with high hopes. He had all the resources he needed to be successful his freshman year. Everyone had high expectations for the handsome son of «Famous Larry.»

One year later, Larry and Tiffany flew their son back home, disgraced, and dejected; his freshman year was a total disaster.

Ben had burned-through the forty thousand buying weed, alcohol, road trips, and taking his friends out to eat in fine restaurants. His father was able to access his grades online and was shocked to discover that his son had earned three «D’s,» two «F’s,» and an «Incomplete» due to absences. Larry felt ashamed of his son. The money wouldn’t have been an issue had his grades been good. He had envisioned Ben becoming a lawyer, or getting his MBA and helping with the business. Not only were his grades bad, but he had wasted tens of thousands of dollars of his father’s money and had nothing to show for it.

Now, recently back from his failed freshman year, Ben was back at home and living in his spacious bedroom. He was unemployed, without any plans for his future, and without many friends. Thankfully for him, he still had his friend, Alex. Ben had been talking with Alex on a regular basis since returning home from school. Alex had chosen to take a year off before going to college and had discovered a way to make good money in the interim.

«Let me understand this, Alex, you and Taylor have been making videos and selling them on this site?»

The two friends were looking at an amateur porn website on Alex’s laptop called «Hot Amateurs». It was a site that specialized in high quality, homemade porn videos that customers buy via a one-time download to their computer. Alex and his girlfriend, Taylor, had been selling videos on the site and making quite a bit of money.

«How much for one of your videos?» Ben’s interest was piqued; this sounded like easy money to the nineteen-year-old.

«That depends. They take around fifty percent from each sale because they handle the website, the payment processing, the advertising, and nearly all the other logistics.»

«So, you just handle the recording end?» Ben confirmed.

«Yep. Sometimes we take turns holding the camera so it’s like point of view perspective, but there are also times when we use a tripod, and there was one time when we had someone video us; that was our best video.»

«Who held the camera?» Ben was completely enthralled by his friend’s new occupation.

«A woman who answered an ad we placed online.»

Alex continued, «Taylor and I have over thirty videos. Some are long, like thirty-minute sex sessions, some are short solos of Taylor, or me masturbating, or quickies with the two of us. We price the short videos at twenty bucks. The longer ones are thirty to fifty depending on what we do.»

«For each video?» Ben inquired.

«Yes, but once they download it, it’s theirs to keep,» Alex confirmed.

«How many have you sold?»

«As of a couple of days ago, seven thousand four hundred and something.»

Ben paused to calculate, «you’ve made about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in eight months?» Ben could not believe what he was hearing.

«No, it took us about six months…and the money keeps coming in because the videos are still for sale and being downloaded all the time.»

Alex had his laptop out and showed him his personal account with the website that gave the information about video statistics, income earned, and other, similar data. He played a video of Taylor masturbating that was for sale for $22.00.

«She’s hot, bro.» Ben fist-bumped Alex.


Ben watched as Taylor, walked into a purple-colored room with a black and white bean-bag chair in the center. She plopped down on the chair, lifted up her skirt and revealed a cleanly shaved pussy. She spread her legs wide and began rubbing her clit as the camera very slowly zoomed in on her pussy. She was talking as if it was her brother holding the camera in some sort of role-play scenario. The clip only lasted for about fifteen minutes and ended with her squirting onto the floor as she came.

«Wow! So, if I wanted that video, I would just download it to my computer?» Ben asked.

«Yeah, well, after you use a credit card or an online payment service to buy it.»

«Twenty-two bucks for that…and you made eleven dollars?»

«Off of each sale, Ben.» Alex scrolled over a link and looked at the list of videos he had.

«We have sold one hundred and thirty-three downloads of that video alone, and it cost us about thirty minutes of our time. That’s over a thousand dollars for less than thirty minutes of work.»

Ben was floored. The money was just too good to be true. He looked over the rest of their videos while Alex visited. Ben thought Taylor had an amazing body, and could do mainstream porn if she wanted to. Alex was muscular and had a big dick. Probably eight inches and it was thick, like a log. It was no accident that their videos were selling well.

Ben noted that his own dick was longer, and looked bigger that Alex’s. He also had a skinny body and was even slightly taller than Alex. Ben thought about the possibilities.

«I could do this, Alex.» He closed Alex’s computer.

«Hell yes, you could do this, but before you do, you had better be clear about the fact that your naked body will pop-up all over the Internet on free porn sites. You have to be sure you’re okay with having millions of people see you naked before you post whatever type of video you decide to make.»

Ben took a moment to consider what his friend was saying.

«Why would it show up on free porn sites?»

«A lot of people upload the videos to free sites after they buy them. You can contact these free sites and they’ll take them down, but it still happens.»

«What if I hide my face in my videos so no one will recognize me?»

«They probably won’t sell as well. It might work if you had a gimmick like wear a mask because your fucking someone else’s wife, or if there was some other hook. Most of the videos I have seen where people wear masks or blur-out their faces are from the Cheating Wives and Incest Role Play categories.»

«Incest? Seriously?» Ben didn’t believe his friend.

«Yeah, there are a lot of couples who pretend they’re related and make fantasy, role-playing videos. Some show their faces, but some don’t. They’re the top sellers according to the data on the website.»

«But, people can go to hundreds, even thousands of membership porn sites and pay twenty bucks to join, then download dozens, even hundreds of videos for that one price. Why should someone go to «Hot Amateurs?»

«Because of the content. There’s a huge market for what the site offers: private shows, unique amateurs, viewer requested content and fantasies, and especially, incest role-play. Most membership sites, and even free porn sites won’t allow even incest role-play videos to be uploaded. They allow step-family fantasies, but not biological family fantasies. It’s stupid, but true.» Alex explained the entire situation regarding content and the membership sites.

«How do you know all this? I mean, you and Taylor are doing boyfriend-girlfriend videos.»

«No, Ben, we do brother/sister, father/daughter, and mother/son fantasy videos. Mainstream sex videos wouldn’t pay nearly as much.»

«But you two aren’t old enough to pose as a mother or father.»

«There are ways around that, and you’re right, it would be better to have more of an age difference. Still, our mother/son videos sell the best. It’s POV with me holding the camera. You only see my dick, so you can’t tell how old I am. It’s just fantasy anyway.»

Ben watched a couple of Alex and Taylor’s videos and understood the attraction. They really played-up the role play aspect of the experience. The two friends discussed the business end of recording videos for another hour before Alex left for home.

After Alex left, Ben lay on his bed and thought about Alex and Taylor’s video business. It was just the sort of easy-money venture that appealed to him. He could be his own boss, have sex for a living, and earn pretty good money while doing it. He would need several things: a camera, a female model or girlfriend willing to pose, and a setting. He knew that he could do this.

«Ben? Come down for dinner please!» Ben’s mom, Tiffany, was calling him down stairs.

Tiffany had remained loyal to her son in the face of his father’s ridicule and utter disappointment; always defending him when his father wanted him out of the house. She felt sorry for Ben and actually enjoyed having him around. She was also a little pissed at Ben for having taken for granted all that he had been freely given in his life. Tiffany was a lonely woman, mostly because of her husband’s lifestyle, but also due to her introverted nature.

Ben was researching digital video cameras and closed his computer after hearing his mother’s call. He scrambled down the stairs and into the kitchen.

«Hey, Mom.» Ben sat at the large, white, marble island in the kitchen.

His mother was dressed in white shorts, white pump sandals, and a navy-blue top that showed a little cleavage. She wore her hair up in a sort of bun that accentuated the contrast of the ivory skin of her neck with her dark, red hair. Ben loved to watch his mom work in the kitchen. She liked to wear shorts, short skirts, and dresses that showed-off her sexy legs and her curvaceous ass. Her huge, voluminous, tits were out of this world; they dropped down just enough to reveal that they were natural, yet firm enough to stick out away from her body. He had cum many, many times to the thought of her huge breasts. Ben still actively fantasized about his mom.

«Where’s Dad?» Ben looked around for signs of his father.

«He’s visiting the Dallas stores. They had another record month so he’s looking into buying bigger lots and moving to a larger building. He should be gone for a few weeks. You should call him and see how it’s going.»

«He doesn’t want to hear from me. He’s ignored me the entire two weeks I’ve been back. He even cut me off! I have no money, Mom!»

«He’s pretty upset, Ben. He told me not to give you a cent. He said you need to get a job and begin saving money. We’re both pretty disappointed, Ben.»

«I know. I blew it.» Ben looked down at the marble counter.

«I’m glad you realize that. Let’s spend this week trying to get you into a good job. And please, reach out to your father. You should try to get in his good graces again.»

«Okay. When he gets back, I’ll talk to him.»

Tiffany served her son quesadillas and salsa and began cleaning up the countertop near the stove.

Ben watched his mother bend down and put dishes into the dishwasher. He looked down her top as she bent over in front of him to put away a bowl. Her tits moved from side-to-side as she worked.

‘She’s so fucking hot.’ Ben was reminded just how sexy his mom was when he returned home after not seeing her for almost a year. She was the hottest, sexiest woman he had ever seen.

After dinner, Ben returned to his room and found a local store that had one of the cameras he was interested in buying. Alex gave him a few models that were good for HD recording, but they weren’t cheap. The model he wanted cost about two-thousand dollars. It would be an excellent camera for what he wanted to do. Now, all he needed was to get the money.

Ben’s bedroom was upstairs at the opposite end of the house from his mom and dad’s master bedroom. He walked down to ask his mom if there was anything he could do to either get the two thousand from her, or have her buy the camera outright. If he couldn’t get the money from his mom, he would have to get a job to save for the camera.

Larry and Tiffany’s home was just over eight thousand square feet, and called the «mini-mansion» by Ben’s high school friends. As he walked down the hallway to the staircase and finally down to his mother’s master bedroom, he noted several spots where he could record, if he only had a camera. Ben walked into the master suite to find his mom, wrapped in a towel coming into the bedroom from taking a shower.

«Ben! Oh my God! Knock, please!» She recoiled, then dashed across the room to her closet on her tip-toes to retrieve her robe. Ben watched her almost bounce out of the towel, but to his disappointment, managed to keep her body from being exposed. She came out from the closet wearing her robe, cinched tightly around her curvy body.

«Sorry, Mom.» Ben pretended to shield his eyes.

Throughout his life, he had come close to seeing his mom naked a few times, but never actually saw more than what she was willing to reveal in her normal, day-to-day dress. Two years ago, he used to spy on her when his dad was out of town. She liked to wear clothes that highlighted her figure around the house, which provided Ben with a wealth of images to masturbate to, but he wanted to see her without any clothes on, which never actually happened. Ben stopped spying when he was caught peeking around the corner to her room and was told that if he did it again, he would be sent to a military boarding school.

«What do you want!» Tiffany snapped.

It wasn’t the best time to ask for money, but Ben needed to start recording right away if he was going to start making big money. Not only did he want money to live on, he also wanted to pay his dad back the money he blew and ultimately pay for his own college with the money he was going to make. It was a very ambitious idea.

«Mom, I have an opportunity to make some good money, but I need a little to get started.»

«No. Ben, your father said no money. You’ll need to get a job, or use the last of the money in your account. Just out of curiosity, what do you need the money for?»

«I need a camera to make videos for a project that’s going to make me a lot of money.»

«I can’t give you any money, nor would I if I could. Your dad said under no circumstances are you to get a dime.» Tiffany was in no mood to play games, especially after Ben’s intrusion.

Ben knew that, where money was concerned, his mom never made any major purchases without his dad’s okay.

«Wait, I still have money in my account? I thought dad closed it?»

«No, he just won’t give you any more. You still have the account.»

Ben quickly ran upstairs to check his bank account online.

«Fuck, yes, $2,675.66. More than enough!»

Ben quickly drove to the electronics store before it closed and came back with the camera. He spent the remainder of the evening watching online videos on how to operate it. The next day, Ben was scouting amateur porn sites for ideas for videos. He made several visits to the «Hot Amateurs» site and got a much better idea about what they offered. They sold every kind of adult content you could think of, and a lot of content that Ben had never realized even existed.

Ben noticed that the most popular categories in terms of the number of videos offered were MILF and Incest Role Play. He wondered how he could go about entering videos in those categories and maximize his potential for sales. He immediately thought of his mom. He would love to take video of his mom.

‘She would be fucking perfect,’ he thought. But he knew his mom. She was pretty bitter both about his dad and about Ben’s entire past year in college. Even under ideal circumstances, there would be no way she would allow her picture to be taken, let alone videos of her body. She may dress in sexy clothes around the house, but she was always careful about how much of her body was displayed when venturing out in public.

Ben set up an account with the website and entered his bank information for the direct deposit feature. It took him two hours to finally get everything squared away to the point where he could even think about recording.

Now that he was more familiar with the camera, he wanted to experiment and upload a video to see if he could sell it. He thought he would try a candid video, spying on his mom. Unfortunately, she was in her room with the door closed and he wanted to film something immediately. Instead, he thought he would just do a solo, jack-off video of him masturbating. He remembers Alex saying he had a few videos of just himself jacking off. Ben figured he too could sell at least a few videos like that since he had a big dick and toned body.

He set up the camera on a tripod that he found in a hall closet and pointed it toward the brown, leather love seat that was against the wall in his room, just across from his door. He made sure the camera was focused and on the correct setting for the available light in the scene. He had to bring in more lights, a floor lamp from the hall and his desk lamp, just to be sure his first recording wasn’t too dark.

Ben went to the bathroom and greased-up his cock with Vaseline. He wanted to look good, so he brushed his short, auburn hair and used some gel to make it look just right.

Ben set the camera to record from behind and entered the scene from the side totally naked. He sat with his long, tanned legs spread wide apart. His cock was about half erect, so he tugged on it to get it to its full length and width, which was straight, long, and quite thick.

He looked directly into the camera and began stroking his now engorged cock. He was thinking about how many people would watch his video, and how much money it would make. He was getting off on the fantasy that other people would be watching him masturbate. After a few minutes of stroking himself in front of the camera, he was about ready to cum.

Ben slid onto the floor on his knees, hovering above the towel he intended to splatter with his load. He wanted to put on a good show and shoot a lot of cum. He was thinking that he’d need to orgasm slowly for the camera.

His breathing became faster, his strokes were more rapid and slightly shorter…he grabbed the base of his dick near his scrotum and squeezed firmly while pumping the top half of his cock. His dick head grew a darker shade of red. Precum began flowing freely, then he felt cum rocket through his shaft. This was it. He felt a huge load pulse out of his tight ball sack and aimed his cock slightly up for the greatest trajectory.


Just then, his door flew open, «Ben, I made some lunch, come and…oh my God, Ben!»

His mother had come barging in, and their eyes met as she dropped the basket of dirty clothes she was carrying.

Ben crouched there, frozen. Tiffany’s eyes were wide in surprise as she stood staring at him just to the right of the camera.

«Ben! Jesus! Put that away right now!» Tiffany stood about ten feet in front of her son with her hands on her hips. She was wearing a short, red skirt that rose up about four inches above her knees, with matching, open-toed heels, red toe nail polish and a white T-shirt that accentuated her fantastic tits. She looked insanely hot…just what Ben needed at that very moment.

His mouth dropped open and he pumped his cock, staring at his mom.

«Oooohhh fuuuuckkk MOMMM!»

Ben’s cock erupted, spraying a thick stream across the towel and onto the carpet, landing just short of his mother’s open-toed heels. Tiffany gasped in response, covering her mouth and watching in horror.

Ben stared right back, deliberately stroking his jetting cock. He grunted and fired a second pale burst.

«You stop that right now, young man,» Tiffany put a hand on her hip and scolded her son, shaking her index finger at him.

«…Ffffuuuuuuck…» was Ben’s only response as he went right on pumping his cock through his orgasm. Ben’s mom coming into the room had an interesting effect on him. The fact that he was jacking off, and that she saw his big dick, really turned him on. He didn’t pull back and cover up, like he would have done if this had happened a year ago. Instead, he kept boldly stroking his cock in front of her, looking at her up and down as if she was the sole object of his attention.

Tiffany stood right in front of her son and watched as he didn’t even attempt to hide his giant penis from her. He seemed to be jacking off while intentionally looking at her body. Her eyes went straight for his crotch and her pussy tingled instinctively as she saw it.

Finally, after blowing his tremendous load openly for his mother, Ben fell back against the love seat, totally spent; his cock still leaking and throbbing in his grip.

«Darn it, Ben! How could you masturbate in front of me like that! What’s wrong with you?» Tiffany stood with both hands on her hips, surveying the scene below her. As her eyes travelled up the soiled towel, she couldn’t help but marvel at the volume of sperm her son had released.

‘Were Larry’s loads that big?’ She couldn’t remember.

Her eyes moved to her son. He lay there panting in a post-orgasmic bliss. His dick was still in hand, but didn’t look to have lost much stiffness. Come to think of it, he had a nice-sized penis. It may even be the biggest she’d seen if she took a good look at it.

«I… I…» Ben was stammering, his eyes half-closed.

«Look at this mess. I suppose I’m going to have to clean this up, right?!»

Tiffany turned and stormed out of his room, not wanting to see any more of her son in that state. Ben sat back in his original position and caught his breath. Then he got up and shut the camera off.

‘There will be hell to pay for that.’ He warned himself as he slipped into his shorts. He left the towel on the floor for his mother to clean up.

Tiffany was sitting in the living area that was just off of the kitchen downstairs. She was angry. It was a disturbing scene to witness her son’s penis so big, hard, and ejaculating as it was. It reminded her of Larry’s, only considerably larger. It also reminded her of how little attention she had been getting from her husband, and how long it had been since he had shown any interest in her at all. She knew about Jamie, his new, young girlfriend, but wasn’t about to divorce him over his cheating and give up her lavish lifestyle, so she suffered through his infidelities.

Thinking about how her marriage once was, she was reminded how she loved it when Larry paid her compliments. There was a time when he couldn’t stand to be away from her for more than a day at a time. There was also a period in their relationship where he would, every so often, stay home and make love to her for the entire day. They would take breaks and lay out naked by the pool, then have sex again. She missed that terribly. Tiffany felt as though she was in her prime and she wanted to be the hot wife again. Catching her son masturbating reminded her of how boring her life had become, and how pissed off she was at her husband.

«Ben? I’m in here,» she bellowed.

‘Shit. Here we go.’ Ben dreaded the conversation he was about to have. He lingered in the doorway to the living room, watching her, seated on the couch, from behind and slightly above. He couldn’t help but stare at her deep, soft cleavage, accentuated by his angle above her. His cock stiffened against his shorts, despite his recent orgasm.

Tiffany felt him looming behind her and turned slightly back to him. «Come on Ben, sit down,» she instructed, patting the couch next to her.

Ben sat down next to his mom and turned sideways. As she sat waiting for him to settle in, he noticed she glanced at his crotch.

Tiffany folded her hands in her lap. «First of all, I want to apologize for walking in on you like that. I should have knocked. I’m sure you’ve gotten used to your privacy while you were away at school and you never had to worry about your mom catching you while you were jerk-…er…in your private moments.»

There was a brief pause as she composed her thoughts.

In the momentary quiet, Ben awkwardly blurted out, «It’s okay, Mom. I should have locked my door. It’s pretty embarrassing, for me too. I’m sorry.»

Tiffany held her hand up gently, stopping his words. She wasn’t sure if she believed that her son was embarrassed at all. He hadn’t tried to control himself. In fact, he seemed to deliberately finish in front of her. He had even ejaculated without so much as trying to cover himself.

Tiffany continued softly, «Let me finish. Second, I’m upset and disturbed that when you saw me, you continued to masturbate and not only did you not try to cover up, but looked at me as if I was what you were masturbating about! What the heck was all that, Ben?»

Now, she wanted answers from her son.

«Why did you have that new camera on the stand set up in your room? Were you filming yourself?»

«It’s a tripod, Mom, and no. It was on the tripod to see if it would work with the camera.» Ben lied. He had to. He wasn’t prepared to let his mom in on his scheme. He knew she wouldn’t approve, especially if she figured out he wanted to record her and her sexy body.

Tiffany sat quietly next to her son for a few moments staring straight ahead. She had to remind herself that he was, after all, nineteen years old, and he was in the privacy of his room. She felt she had said all there was to say about the incident.

«Well, you need to be more discreet from now on. Let’s just put this behind us and go have lunch.» Tiffany leaned over to kiss her son and noticed a bulge in his shorts. She thought he still looked as though he was hard. Her face became flush as her eyes lingered on the distinct tent.

‘Is Ben attracted to me?’ She wondered. She put the thought aside and pulled her gaze from his crotch. Tiffany leaned in and gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

Ben wiped the wet peck off of his cheek and remained on the couch, enjoying his mom’s perfume after she left. He loved how she smelled, and when she leaned in close like that, he inhaled her distinct and very feminine scent.

After their talk, Tiffany and Ben sat down to eat their sandwiches in the kitchen dining area.

«What was this project that you’re using the camera for?» Ben’s mom was curious. The camera she saw looked expensive.

«Selling videos and taking stock footage for commercials for a video production company.» Ben lied again.

«Why would anyone buy stock videos from you? I mean, no offense, Ben, but you just bought the camera last night and you’ve never shown any interest in this before.»

Tiffany had serious doubts about her son’s new venture. She thought it more likely that he’d make some gimmicky YouTube video or something like that. She collected their dishes and placed them in the sink.

«You’d be surprised, Mom. You’ll see.» Ben said as he chewed his last mouthful. He watched his mom saunter over to the sink, admiring her sexy legs and narrow waist as she was moving about in the kitchen. He reached down and gave his cock a firm pinch.

«Thanks for lunch, Mom. I’m going to go upstairs and learn more about the camera.» Ben stood, openly rubbing his dick over his shorts, watching his mom bend over as she began loading the dishwasher.

He had missed staring at her full, round ass while away at college. It always made him envision what her pussy looked like.

«Ok, Ben. I’m going to be out by the pool in case you need me.»

As Ben stared at her ass, he remembered his mother’s favorite swim suit: her bright red bikini. He longed for this view of her in that outfit.

Tiffany’s signature suit was also Ben’s favorite. The color of the bikini really made her pale, lightly-freckled skin and bright green eyes pop. It also, of course, accentuated her large, hanging breasts and firm, yet voluptuous body.

Hearing that his mom was going to be laying out by the pool, Ben dashed to his room. He worked quickly to change into his own bathing suit and prepare the camera. If he was lucky, he’d catch some good shots of her by the pool.

Tiffany finished tidying up the kitchen and made her way to her bedroom to change. She slipped into the red bikini, then smoothed sunscreen onto her long, white legs, kept muscular by her daily use of her treadmill. She spread the creamy balm onto her torso and up to her large breasts routinely. After sufficiently covering her body and face, she entered the pool area from her master bedroom door.

Ben moved to the other side of the house, eager to record some footage of his curvy mom in her skimpy suit. He fiddled with his camera, and sat waiting for his mom to lay on her usual chaise. He was excited at having his first good idea for a video. He planned to use his mom as the subject for an incest role-play scene.

Tiffany spread her blue and white striped towel across the padded lounge chair. She adjusted the position to face the sun, then slid her sunglasses on, laid down, and inserted her headphones into her ears. She was finally ready to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the little color that the SPF 50 would allow.

Positioned inside the house, Ben used the lightly tinted windows that faced the pool to his advantage. He knew from experience that during the day, the glare from the sun was very strong. Anyone outside by the pool would not be able to see what those inside were doing very well, yet those inside had a clear view to the activities going on outside.

He set up his camera so that it was about three feet above the ground and focused on his mom, laying outside the window. He stood next to the window, only a few feet from where his mom lay outside. He retrieved his dick and balls from inside his suit, pulling them out over his waistband. He squeezed his fat shaft, watching his mom. He was mostly erect. His mother lay stretched out and covered the entire view of the camera. He pushed the power, then the record button, framing his prone mother in the lens. Confident with the set up, Ben gripped his dick and entered the frame. He began jacking off in front of the camera, slightly to the side, keeping his mom as the central subject.

Ben focused on his mom’s body. She lay virtually motionless save for her chest rising and falling slightly with her relaxed breaths. Her huge tits looked supple and inviting in the bright sun. Ben gazed over her beautiful face and her plump, thick lips, painted a glossy red which matched her red suit. Tiffany fidgeted slightly and adjusted her top. Ben watched as she lifted the shoulder straps, causing her breasts to rise and press together. He imagined the exposed tops of her tits streaked with his cum.

That was all it took. After only a few minutes, Ben arched his back, moving his entire body out of the frame except for his stiff erection. He aimed at her image on the other side of the window and fired.

«Nnnn…Uhhh!» he grunted briefly, splattering the window with his first cum volley. He pumped himself a few times and grunted again, firing a second stream onto the glass surface. He watched the image of his mother become smeared and blurry as he finished shooting his cum against the window.

He walked back over to the camera and checked the frame, then stopped recording. Ben cleaned up, and went upstairs to begin the long task of figuring out the editing and uploading process that was necessary to his goal.

Sitting down at his desk, he put the memory card into his laptop and opened the file. It showed excellent clarity; his mom on her back, her huge tits parted and slightly settling to her sides within the cups of her bikini top, her beautiful, white legs shining in the afternoon sun; she was perfect.

Ben’s role in the video was far less impressive. The camera did not focus on him very clearly so his jacking off and his orgasm, were somewhat blurry and in the foreground. In fact, it was difficult to determine if he had cum or not. This didn’t upset him too much as he produced much less semen since it had only been about ninety minutes since his last orgasm. There was good audio to the clip of him talking to himself about how hot his mom was, which brought him some degree of satisfaction. After reviewing the recording, he saved it and then opened the masturbation video from earlier that morning.

It seemed he had some luck recording his initial scene from his bedroom. ‘Excellent clarity. Perfect distance from the camera. I look big in this!’ Ben was very pleased.

He watched himself masturbate. He saw himself slide off the love seat and square up to the towel, preparing to cum. Suddenly, the in-video Ben looks up at something off camera. Tiffany enters the frame, dropping the laundry and audibly gasping. The audio of Tiffany admonishing her son as he erupted was perfectly clear.

‘Damn! Did I really just keep jerking off as Mom came into the room?’ Ben was impressed with how genuine the video appeared, probably because it was a very genuine experience that happened to be caught on camera. He was also rather impressed by the amount of semen that shot out of him. Maybe it was the angle or the contrast to the dark towel he came on, but it was a huge, almost fake-looking, amount.

After an hour of experimenting, Ben figured out how to join the two video files using software that he found online. He decided to combine the two, placing the footage by the pool first, then the other, where she caught him in the act, second in the order. He uploaded both recordings as a single, twenty-minute video that he titled, «Mom Drives Me Crazy.» While editing it, he was very pleased that the video shows a son lusting after his hot mother by the pool, jacking off secretly. He transitioned the two clips in the video by recording a shot of him in his suit walking up his stairs to his room and then the clip shows the scene on his couch that he recorded earlier that day. It didn’t take him very long to jack-off in that part of the video, so when his mom came in, it was as if she had come in from the pool. She may not have been in her red bikini, but he didn’t think the detail was too important. It turned out much better than he could have ever hoped for, having just thrown it together on his first try.

He uploaded the video and saw that it was marked «Pending Review». He filled out the pricing and then uploaded a fifteen second trailer for previews. The uploading process was easy enough, but the editing was the most difficult to figure out. He decided he would get better at it as he became more familiar with the process.

After posting the video, Ben didn’t know how long the website review would take, so he put the video out of mind for the moment, instead concentrating on his next scene and how he could get more footage of his mom. Unfortunately, he didn’t see much of her for the rest of the day.

The next day, Ben was hopeful he’d have an opportunity to acquire more footage. He dressed in a pair of seersucker shorts and a white T-shirt. He was naked under his shorts, in the event he’d have a chance to record himself jacking off to his mom. Hopefully she’d be dressed in something sexy. He was on the prowl for footage, any footage, that he could upload and sell. His new theme was going to be a son jacking off to his sexy mom as she went about her routine around the house. He brought his camera downstairs in the hope of secretly recording his mom in some sort of hot outfit. He wasn’t disappointed.

Ben descended the stairs and entered the kitchen, where Tiffany was putting away dishes. She was about to run on the treadmill and go through her yoga routine, and had already dressed for her workout. Her outfit immediately caused Ben to set the camera on the counter and press record.

Tiffany was placing clean glasses on a high shelf. Ben made sure the camera caught her round ass in the tight black yoga pants as she reached up. She turned to face Ben and, without looking up, leaned forward to extract more clean dishes from the dishwasher.

«Good morning, sweetie,» she greeted her son, retrieving a heavy pot. «Your father called last night and he wanted me to…»

Ben tuned his mother’s voice out and checked the scene through the viewfinder. «Damn,» he murmured.

Tiffany was wearing a black and yellow sports tank top. The top fit her trim torso and tummy snugly, but was obviously not sized for her enormous breasts. Ben stared down the neck opening through the camera, marveling at the deep cleavage the angle gave him. Her breasts were pushed together and up, accentuating the broad tops of her creamy-white tits as they spilled out invitingly. Ben watched her hanging breasts sway with her movements, fighting the strong desire to plant his face directly in the crack between them. His mom had the hottest tits he’d ever seen, and his teenage cock grew rapidly as a reaction to the sexy sight.

«…remind you to clean out the shed. Are you busy?»

Ben didn’t hear her question.

At that moment, she looked up at him looking through the camera right at her. Tiffany frowned.

«Hey, were you even listening to me?»

«I… I…» Ben was caught, trying to act casual as he adjusted his straining erection, hiding from his mother’s view below the counter.

«Okay. What are you doing?» Tiffany gave a deep, loud sigh and rose to face Ben and his camera. «Let me have the camera, young man,» she said sternly, holding out an open hand.

«It’s not on, Mom, it’s just sitting on the counter.»

Before he could grab the camera and retreat to his room, Tiffany plucked the camera from the countertop.

«Mom. Don’t…!»

Tiffany stopped the recording camera and ran the footage back a few seconds. She was shocked to see the clip focusing on her exposed cleavage.

Ben’s mind reeled as he waited for her reaction.

«You’re recording me in my workout clothes to get shots of my breasts? Oh my God! Ben, that’s so inappropriate! What the heck?!»

«It’s for a project, Mom.» Ben did his best to sound convincing. He wasn’t exactly lying.

Tiffany looked at her son and pulled her top up instinctively, still holding the camera. ‘Typical perverted man,’ she thought, feeling disgusted by her son’s violation of her privacy.

Luckily for Ben, she didn’t delete anything.

Tiffany didn’t know where to start. «A project? What kind of project requires you to secretly record your mother in positions that show her breasts?»

«It’s a long story.» Ben looked down, dejectedly.

Taking the camera in her hand and walking back to her bedroom she grumbled, «I’m going to keep the camera until I decide what to do about you. You can’t be trusted, Ben.»

«Mom! You can’t do that! I need that camera!» He rushed after her.

It was too late. Tiffany closed the door in his face and locked it behind her. She leaned back against the door, overcome by feelings of anger and outrage. In that moment, she felt something else, a spare thought. It materialized in her mind as a mental image of her son stroking that big penis of his. The way his eyes lit up as she walked in on him, the way he deliberately finished right in front of her, shooting his semen everywhere. And his penis… his big hard…

‘What has gotten into me?’ Tiffany shook her head to somehow remove the unwanted image of her son masturbating. She was only somewhat successful.

On the other side of the door, Ben had leaned back against it, mirroring his mother. His head was throbbing. Anger, fear, and desperation set in. He needed that camera and wondered how could he possibly get out of the situation he was in.

After wracking his brain, he couldn’t come up with any excuse, or plea that would get his camera back. He went up to his room to check the status of the videos he posted online.

Tiffany suspected that Ben had taken other pictures and video of her, so she accessed the files on the camera’s memory card and watched all that he had recorded on the small display screen. She found a total of three videos, the one from today and two recorded yesterday. She selected the oldest one.

It was the scene in Ben’s bedroom. She watched her son enter the frame naked and immediately moved her hand to stop, but had second thoughts and continued watching. Her mind was muddled with a confusing mix of intrigue, rage, and disappointment. She watched Ben sit and eagerly begin masturbating. She became outraged at the realization that he’d lied to her about the camera being off. Even though she knew how the clip ended, she watched anyway, her heart fluttering excitedly as she saw herself enter the frame, then watched herself watching Ben ejaculate. There was his big penis again, launching thick spunk at her from across the room.

The clip ended and she selected the second one. To her surprise, this one featured her on her back in her bikini. She again fought the urge to stop the show. A blurry figure entered the foreground, separated from her by a window. Though the image was not completely clear, she could still see that it was Ben masturbating while looking at her. She continued watching as Ben came again, then the recording stopped.

She sat there, contemplating what her choices were. She felt intense anger, but also felt strangely aroused. Her young son obviously lusted after her and being the object of male affection was always a turn on for Tiffany. She resolved to blow off steam through sweat.

Tiffany left her room for the spare bedroom they converted to a work out room and began her work-out regimen: forty minutes on the treadmill and twenty minutes of yoga stretches. Ben was on her mind the entire time. ‘What «project» could he possibly be referring to?’ She put extra effort into the tail end of her run, sweating copiously. Her curiosity was becoming too strong to simply let this slide. She decided to speak to her son after her workout.

Ben logged on to his account on Hot Amateurs and was shocked to see that not only was his video up, but that he had eight requests for specific future scenes, twelve comments from viewers of the trailer, and one-hundred and ten downloads. After the website takes their fifty percent, he will have made over a thousand dollars in just the few hours it had been posted! He was thrilled, but also very nervous about his mom taking his camera. Without the camera, the only revenue he will have would be from the one video he had uploaded. He would have to somehow convince her to return his camera.

Tiffany showered and dressed. She had been thinking about her son filming himself masturbating. This thought was met with revulsion, but to her frustration, she simply couldn’t get the images that she saw on video out of her mind.

With her thoughts focused on the situation with her son, Tiffany selected a white, long-sleeved beach shirt that had a deep «V» neck to it. The light top meant she could only wear a lighter-colored bra so the bra wouldn’t be visible through the shirt. She found the one, lacey, white bra she owned, and slipped it on. She knew it was too small for her massive breasts, but it was the only light-colored one she had that went with the shirt. Tiffany pulled the beach shirt on and regarded herself in the mirror.

Despite being furious with her son for sexualizing her and filming her without her permission, she chose to wear very provocative clothing. The small bra created a huge bulge of tit flesh that could be seen toward the bottom of the V-neck. She also wore white shorts that were too short to be worn in public. The contradiction between her stern attitude and the sexy clothing that she was wearing did not register with her.

‘Now I’m going to get to the bottom of this.’ She proceeded to her son’s bedroom and knocked on the door loudly. She didn’t want to surprise him this time.

«Come in, Mom.» Ben minimized the screen on his laptop.

Tiffany barged in, full of ire. «Ben, I want you to explain exactly what this project is you’ve been working on and why it involves taking video of me,» she laid into him. «I want answers and I want them now!» she barked.

Ben watched his mom enter and his jaw almost dropped as she strutted in angrily. Even more of her huge tits were on display in this outfit, not to mention her bare thighs. He took a moment to look at her from head to toe and shook his head. ‘Damn she’s hot,’ he thought, then answered, meeting her stern gaze.

«Well, see, it… it doesn’t necessarily have to involve you specifically, Mom, it’s just that I… there has to be another person besides myself, and you’re-» He hesitated, not wanting to give his mom too much information.

«I’m what?» Tiffany challenged her son. «Spit it out, Ben,» she added impatiently.

«You’re…» Ben paused, his eyes breaking her enraged glare and dropping down to roam her body. «You’re …hot. You know that. You have to know that, Mom.» Ben looked at what his mom was wearing and wanted to whip out his dick and jack off right in front of her all over again. Her body was absolutely incredible.

Tiffany held back her temper with a sigh. She shifted her position and was now standing with her arms crossed, looking as sexy as ever with plenty of cleavage showing above her crossed arms, tapping one foot angrily. Even this movement caused her soft cleavage to jiggle obscenely. Ben was to the point where he didn’t think she owned any clothes that didn’t make her look sexy. His cock was expanding in his shorts.

«Well, what’s the project?» she asked, impatiently.

«It’s just selling videos to people that want to see them.» Ben was now sitting on the love seat in his room looking up at his mom. His cock was nearly fully erect and sticking straight up under his shorts. He shifted very slightly to raise his hips and present his erection to her. It was impossible to miss. In that moment, Ben thought what it would be like to fuck his mom.

«What kind of videos?» Tiffany was growing annoyed with Ben’s vague answers. She was also having a very difficult time not looking down at the growing rise in his shorts.

«They could be anything, I guess…» Ben was staring right at his mother’s tits now.

«Bullshit. Okay…see this camera?» She produced the hand-held. «It’s gone. I’m not even going to get the money back for it, I’m going to smash it to bits. You want to play more games? I’ll take your car too.» Tiffany was holding the expensive camera menacingly, as if to let it drop to the ground.

Ben waved his hands in front of him. «Mom, Mom, Mom. Wait! Okay, I’ll tell you. But please listen to me before you react.» Ben sat up. He knew when his mom meant business and this was one of those times.

Ben needed to get honest with his mom. It was clear he couldn’t do what he was trying to do without her knowledge of what was going on. He just hoped she wouldn’t keep his camera, or tell his dad.

«You know Alex Morgan?» he began.

Tiffany nodded impatiently, gesturing as if to say «get on with it».

«Well, he and his girlfriend, Taylor, told me about how much money they’re making selling videos of themselves online.» Ben was sitting up on the love seat leaning forward toward his mom.

Tiffany could guess where this was going. She pulled up the chair behind the desk in the corner and sat listening intently.

«Their videos started out simple,» Ben explained, «…naked, kissing and that sort of thing, and now they do a lot more, but they’ve made thousands and thousands of dollars, Mom. Enough that this has become a high-paying job for both of them, and they only have to deal with each other; no producers, no sleazy people of any kind.»

Ben paused to gauge his mother’s reaction.

«Well, that’s their choice, Ben,» she replied, her tone flat. «I have slightly higher expectations for you.» Tiffany wasn’t impressed.

«Mom, I can potentially earn all the college tuition and the forty grand I spent in no time. I want to pay you and Dad back. I want to make this right.» Ben was being sincere. What he didn’t tell his mom was that he wanted to get her involved, both on and off the camera.

Tiffany was upset by what her son was saying. She was expecting him to say that he was just recording her for his own, personal reasons, instead of some sort of developing enterprise. She had not quite expected this, but decided to reason with him rather than show her disappointment.

«Ben, you are a smart young man with lots of potential. I know you just need to find motivation,» she started warmly. Tiffany walked over and sat next to her son. «This… this video thing… I don’t understand it, Ben. You’re going to sell these videos of you masturbating for money? Only gay men will watch something like that.» She felt she had a good point.

«That’s not my plan, Mom, it’s just all I have to work with right now.»

«Well, I don’t think you will sell ten dollars’ worth of videos, let alone tens of thousands,» she said dismissively. Tiffany was trying to discourage him, but she noticed a sly smile suddenly appear on his face.

«Too late, I’ve already made two thousand dollars with just that crappy little video I made.»

Tiffany scoffed, «Impossible.»

«You don’t believe me? Okay, Mom. I’ll show you, but you have to promise not to freak out.» Ben opened his laptop. He maximized the personal account page and turned the computer toward her, but then quickly turned it back.

«You promise? Don’t freak out?»

Tiffany bit her lip, not liking where this was going. She reluctantly shook her head.

«Ok, I won’t freak out. But you better show me and this had better be good.»

Ben tilted the computer so she could see it clearly.

«See this? This is the title.» He pointed to the top corner. «Here’s the number of downloads. Here’s the price per download, and these are the requests and comments.»

Tiffany reached across her son’s lap and took the computer from him. She spent several moments orienting herself and examining the webpage carefully.

» ‘Mom Drives Me Crazy’?! That’s the title?! Ben, what the heck kind of video is this?»

She placed the cursor over the thumbnail and several preview images flashed in the small box, showing her in the bikini by the pool.

«Is that… You uploaded the recording of me by the pool?!» She felt her face flush red.

Tiffany’s anger was growing, not subsiding. Not only did he video record her in a very revealing swim suit, but he uploaded it to the Internet where it would, at least theoretically, never go away.

«I can explain, but it might be embarrassing.» Ben warned.

«More embarrassing than this!?» Tiffany wanted more information. She couldn’t believe her son had the sort of mind that would even think of such a thing. She wanted more answers.

«Just relax, Mom. You promised.» Ben put his hand over his mom’s hand as it rested on the touchpad and took over. He wanted to show her just so he could get his camera back. There may still be a chance to upload more videos if he only had his camera.

«Ok. Here. See these categories? Scroll down and see how many videos there are for each.»

Tiffany withdrew her hand and let Ben do the clicking. He showed his mom all the categories of downloads available. Anal, BBW, Big cock, Big tits…he showed her all the categories.

«Now, if we sort by popularity…» Ben clicked and filtered. The two most popular by far rose to the top.

«MILF and Incest Role-Play,» Ben said, satisfied.

Tiffany hadn’t planned on being exposed to any of this sort of thing when she came up to his room. Her mind was spinning from all the sordid images flashing on the screen. Nude women on webcams, graphic sexual positions, even pornographic advertisements flooded the monitor.

«White MILFs stuffed with big black- …Ben, this is sick.» Tiffany shook her head slowly.

«See, I targeted the ones that are most popular. In this case, MILF and incest. You just happened to be around…and you fit the bill for both…so…» he said suggestively.

«So, you just thought it would be okay to sneak around, record me without my consent, and post it for any stranger to see?» She paused for emphasis, then shook her head. «Ben, I don’t know what to do with you. I appreciate the fact that you’re doing this to pay us back, but you won’t be able to tell your father how you got the money, so what’s the point?»

Regardless of his motives, Tiffany could not condone her son’s involvement with such an activity.

«Oh, come on, Mom! I’ll just tell him I’m working with digital cameras. He hates computers and tech stuff, he won’t even question me.»

Tiffany paused. He had a point. Larry even hated using the text feature on his cell phone.

«Well…Ok… So, that may be true, but you’ll have to find another subject for your videos. If I catch you recording me again without my permission, I will smash the camera with a hammer and tell your father exactly what you’ve been doing.»

Ben had not expected this reaction and realized that he’d need to tread carefully.

«Can I keep the footage I’ve used so far?» Ben was really pushing his luck, but he needed to keep that video up. It was already making money.

Tiffany considered this. As mad as she was, the damage had already been done. So they might as well get paid for it. She hated the situation her son had put her in. She was beginning to think that he was incapable of normal behavior and that he would always be a trouble maker.

She sighed. «You can keep it up only because it’s already out there and it’s selling…» Tiffany rose and turned back to her seated son, shaking an index finger at him, «…but if you record me without my permission again, it’s gone.»

Ben’s eyes were glued to his mother’s shaking cleavage hanging in front of his face. He nodded dumbly, then rose his stare to meet her eyes.

«I’m sorry, Mom. I won’t record you again without your permission,» he said with genuine sincerity. He wanted his mom to feel better.

She turned to go downstairs and start lunch. Ben watched her ass in the short shorts. He could see the seam disappear into her crotch and part of her butt sticking out.

Tiffany paused at the door of Ben’s room. «Just ask next, time, okay, Ben?» She said sweetly, then left.

Ben watched his mom sway her hips as she left the room. He took a deep breath and sighed. ‘If she would only pose for my videos, this would be a piece of cake.’

Ben was relieved he had come out of that crisis with his camera…and his videos. He felt better knowing that his mom had an honest understanding of what he was doing, although he was more than a little surprised that she seemed to be accepting of the fact that he was going to make homemade adult videos.

But something else stuck in his mind. Something she’d said. The phrase ‘Just ask me next time’. Why would she offer that? To Ben’s mind, the phrase left the door open to having her play some sort of role in his recording her for future videos. He hoped his hunch was right.

Ben spent the next thirty minutes responding to messages from the site. Not wanting to cause any more trouble, he stayed out of his mother’s way for the rest of the day. Later in the afternoon, he called Alex.

«How did you like the video?» Ben emailed the video for Alex to look at.

«It looks really good, Ben, at least for a jack-off video. I’m actually surprised it’s doing so well.» Alex was being honest with his friend. The video was soft compared to everything else on the site.

«Wait, why are you surprised it’s doing well?» Ben asked.

«Maybe ‘surprised’ is too strong. I guess I underestimated the popularity of incest role-play videos.» Alex was now being nice to Ben. He actually thought the video belonged in the «Solo» category.

«Actually, I’m surprised too, but some of the commenters complained about not having enough footage with the mom in it. They’re expecting more.» Ben admitted.

«Makes sense, she’s hot,» Alex commented. «But if she’s out, you’ll need to find someone to play your mom. And don’t even think about asking Taylor. We don’t do other people.» Alex wasn’t about to let Ben fuck his girlfriend.

«I have a couple of people in mind.» Ben lied, he had no one in mind, but he knew that Alex wouldn’t know this.

«Okay, good.» Alex ended the call.

After his rather discouraging conversation with Alex, Ben went online to research escorts in an effort to solve his problem of not having a female model. He messaged a few women asking about making a video. He would have to pay them, but it would solve his problem.

The next morning, Ben woke to find three messages from the several escorts he contacted. He approached the subject as a fee for video modeling rather than having sex in an adult movie. He was smart enough to know they wouldn’t agree to discuss money for sex with a stranger online. One of the women didn’t do videos. One wanted a percentage of revenue from any movie she modelled in, but was very interested in the prospect, and the last, wanted one thousand dollars for every video.

Ben found this very reassuring, but he would need to work out the financial details before he committed to any, one escort. He would need the model for several videos, so at the least, he would need a few thousand in cash before he would be able to pay for the one. He wasn’t interested in giving a percentage of earnings to a model only because it sounded messy and most likely required a contract of some kind.

In the meantime, he needed to think about another video to earn more cash for the escort he planned to work with. Ben put on a pair of thin running shorts and a T-shirt, grabbed his camera, and went downstairs to have some breakfast.

Tiffany had spent all night thinking about her son and his situation. She thought about what he was about to do and how this could potentially ruin his life. If it weren’t for the fact that he had been such a difficult teenager, and a problem as a young man, she may not have agreed to be complicit in this adult film venture. As unsettling as it was, it was a plan and from what she has seen, there was potential for him to make good money. She calmed herself with the thought that this will most likely be a passing phase and after he posts a couple of videos, he will abandon this and move on to something else.

Tiffany decided to buy the video from the website and download it to her laptop without telling Ben. She did this without giving the matter much thought.

‘I suppose I should have a copy of the video, just in case,’ she told herself. After putting in the payment information, she’d set the video to download and then went off to bed.

The next morning in the kitchen, she was standing at the stove, making oatmeal for herself and Ben. She looked down at the stove, stirring the oatmeal and checking its consistency. At that moment, she noticed her nipples were hard, creating two pronounced bumps atop her large breasts in her thin T-shirt.

‘Why didn’t I put a bra on this morning? This is ridiculous,’ she thought to herself, wondering how she could have forgotten such a regular part of her dress. She never went braless in front of anyone but Larry.

Ben barged in, plopping down on a stool at the counter. «Good morning, Mom.» He set his camera on the counter with the lens pointing away from his mom, just to set her more at ease.

«Good morning, Ben. How did you sleep?» Tiffany was absently stirring the oatmeal and looking like she just stepped out of some X-rated photo shoot.

Ben resisted the urge to capture her stunning outfit by recording another video, but mentally documented every detail. His mom wore a pair of tan, tight-fitting shorts and a sky-blue cotton T-shirt that hugged her immense breasts. He could immediately tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her pendulous tits were swinging heavily as she busied herself in the kitchen. Her nipples created two large protrusions, rising about a quarter inch from her shirt. Blue canvas pumps with open-toes and pink toe nail polish completed her outfit.

Ben responded, «Great! I’ve been talking to Alex about the site.» Ben was stroking his cock over the thin material of his shorts under the counter. He had anticipated his mom dressing more conservatively now that she knew he was eyeing her sexually. She appeared to be doing the exact opposite, but he couldn’t figure out why. After all, she seemed pissed off at him almost all of the time.

«What did he have to say?» She didn’t like Alex and her tone reflected it.

«He said I need to hire a model for work on future videos. I already knew that, but he reminded me.»

Tiffany did not like the idea of bringing someone else into this «project» of her son’s. She could foresee legal problems, and other complications with having more people involved.

«Do you think that’s such a good idea?» Tiffany was spooning the oatmeal into two bowls for herself and Ben.

He ogled his mother, still playing with his hidden cock. «Unless I find a girlfriend soon, I don’t have much choice.»

Ben thought about his next video and what he was going to do. He wouldn’t have to do much to outdo his first one. His plan was to start slow and if possible, introduce more nudity and sex with each new clip. He wanted to create a number of related recordings, like a series, not just a bunch of stand-alone videos. He knew the key to success in the niche he was in was a strong plot and familiar characters. Of course, none of this would be possible if he didn’t find a willing, female co-star for his videos.

As he watched his sexy mom move around in the kitchen, it occurred to him that she could play a role in his videos that might be acceptable to her, at least in the next few, where the content would be milder. The idea made him even harder than he already was. He sat in his chair watching the sexiest MILF he had ever seen bounce and jiggle her way around the kitchen. He couldn’t help but to keep stroking his cock under the overhang of the island, bringing himself to a full-blown erection.

Tiffany had been thinking too. This whole business was getting out of hand faster than she had imagined. Now he was talking about hiring prostitutes to star with him in his video. She needed a way to turn this around.

«Can’t you just keep doing your…the…you know, the…» She became flush from the memory of watching her son masturbate, then managed to blurt out, «…what you did in your first one?»

«I was thinking about something like that.» Ben knew he needed her help or he would have to change his video category to «Solo/Masturbation» or «Gay» and those were among the poorest performers on the site.

He tentatively continued «But, what makes the current video I have for sale successful is that it plays to a very popular niche…»

«Yes, I noticed,» she interrupted sharply. «So, your plan is to continue that theme in your future videos?» This conversation was making her very uncomfortable.

«Yes, like an evolving story, or maybe a couple of videos with the same theme and characters, then move onto something else.»

Tiffany couldn’t see her son hiring some whore to work with him, and she absolutely wouldn’t allow such trash into her home or on her property. She had no solution to his problem, and was glad to see that his video career was coming to a screeching stop.

«There won’t be anyone coming to this house to make a video, especially an escort or someone you pay. I just want to be clear about that.»

«Then I’ll have to just video myself, alone. It’s going to suck, but it’s the only choice I have.» Ben was discouraged, but still determined.

The two added toppings to their oatmeal and began eating breakfast. Ben was feeling nonplussed, and this was reflected in his uncharacteristic quietness.

Finally an idea occurred to him. It was a long shot, but worth a try.

«I think the solo videos will probably suck, but maybe I can spice them up with a change of scenery. I’d like to at least try to shoot somewhere more exciting than my bedroom. It’s just so boring. What do you think of me filming in other places around the house?»

«That depends. Where do you have in mind?» Tiffany didn’t want him masturbating in the middle of the house when she was trying to get things done. It was perverted, not to mention inappropriate.

Ben sensed his mother’s reticence. «I don’t know, but I’ll stay out of your way.»

Tiffany didn’t respond.

He considered his options as he ate his oatmeal. While fiddling with the settings on his camera, it occurred to him that the pool area may be an option. After all, it was mid-morning and the last time he’d recorded his mother sunbathing, it had been this time of day. The lighting would be perfect.

Excited by his new idea, Ben rushed off, thanking his mom for breakfast, his mind moving faster than his body.

Tiffany was a bit put off by Ben’s hasty exit. «Well, don’t… just be careful!» she called after him, not sure what to say.

Left alone in the kitchen, Tiffany was finishing her coffee, thinking about how all this would sound to Larry. He would most likely have a fit and confiscate the camera immediately. Tiffany was in a difficult spot as his mother. On one hand, she didn’t want to have a camera trained on her body or a son that ran around beating off all over the place. On the other hand, she didn’t want to sabotage Ben’s efforts to repair his relationship with his father. Paying his dad back would pretty much make things right with Larry, she knew that. Ultimately, her decision to allow her son to continue was based upon how much money he had already made with his video.

The pool’s patio area in the back yard was a perfect location to record. It was designed for entertaining so there were a lot of picturesque spots where Ben could film. The pool area had a variety of natural foliage around the deep end and a rather large fountain feature that cascaded water over stones into their pool. It was a beautiful, natural stone construct that circulated water and provided a nice sound. Off to the side was a large arbor with outdoor furniture under it. Ben chose to set up here.

After cleaning up the breakfast dishes, Tiffany was looking through catalogues and sorting through the mail at her kitchen table when through the window she saw movement around the pool. It was Ben setting up the tripod and looking at the sky and the surrounding patio. He had the camera pointing toward the pool fountain about fifty feet from the kitchen windows. Tiffany watched as he adjusted the camera, sat on the rock ledge, then returned to the camera. At that point, Ben was apparently satisfied with the setting. He abruptly dropped his bathrobe and sat on the rock ledge, naked. She watched in shock as her son began masturbating right then and there. The camera was apparently recording.

‘You’ve got to be kidding me! This is ridiculous!’ Tiffany shook her head. She resolved to continue to peruse the catalog, but her mind kept thinking about her son and his perverted new enterprise. She did her best to fight the distraction.

Ben had found the perfect spot to jack off. It was sexy, beautiful, and looked like he was at an exotic location. He settled onto his rock perch naked, and began stroking himself.

‘So what if a bunch of gay, dirty old men are my fans, as long as they buy the download, who cares?’ He rationalized as he continued to work his cock into a turgid erection.

Thinking about that demographic as his customer base did not expedite his arousal.

Instead, he focused on his mom. He thought more about how much better it would be if she were somehow a part of his videos. His dick quickly thickened in his grip. Just thinking about his mom helped him become erect.

Ben felt the urge to close his eyes and fully fantasize about Tiffany. On second thought, closing his eyes in the video would look weird. Deciding to keep his eyes open, but unfocused, he began thinking of his mom’s luscious, plump tits, recalling the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra today. He continued to stroke his long, slick, white shaft and was getting pretty turned on.

Tiffany caught a glimpse of her masturbating son over the top of her catalogue. It was an extremely distracting sight. She couldn’t make up her mind whether or not to go out to confront him. Watching her son grab his penis and run it through his hand as he slowly achieved an erection was not something that she was used to seeing around her house.

Yet there he was, out in the open, and sure enough, he seemed to have achieved a full, rock-hard erection from where she sat watching. In a huff, she discarded the catalogue.

‘No, this won’t do at all.’ Tiffany decided to go out and tell her son he had to record in a room somewhere inside the house.

Although the backyard was a very private space, his masturbating was unsettling to her. She didn’t know how to handle the situation that she felt at least partially responsible for. Tiffany opened the door to the pool area and squinted over at Ben. She had to shade her eyes with her hands in the brilliant sun.

Ben saw his mom at the door from his poolside perch easily, as the sun was behind him. ‘Yes! This will definitely help,’ he thought. He turned his body toward her, smiling slightly. His bloated cock swelled pleasantly in his grip.

Ben’s shift in focus was caught on camera as he changed the direction to which he was staring to where his mom had entered the back yard. He was staring right at her as he stroked his huge cock; glistening from lubricant and as hard as it could possible get.

«Ben! You put that thing away right now!» Tiffany called over to him.

From his seat next to the fountain, he could barely hear her words, let alone distinguish them. He continued gazing at Tiffany, now pointing his dick at her and stroking intently.

‘What’s wrong with him?’ Tiffany wondered, again squinting at Ben.

«Do you hear me?» she yelled, trying to project her voice over the splashing fountain.

«HUH?!» Ben yelled back, continuing to jerk-off.

‘Darn him,’ she swore mentally. She had to get closer.

Tiffany’s heavy breasts bounced as if in slow motion as she approached. In the outdoor light, Ben could see her nipples under the light blue shirt quite clearly. Her sexy, seductive sway was mesmerizing. She just couldn’t help the fact that she was so sexy and desirable. She exuded sexuality in everything she did, except for her bitchy attitude, which he didn’t find very sexy at all, especially since he had come home from college.

‘That body, though!’ He thought.

Tiffany walked around the far side of the pool opposite of where the waterfall was located and approached her son from straight on. He was staring right at her, still brazenly stroking himself. She felt some nagging trepidation, some semblance of self-consciousness, as she stepped around the camera to address her son. In that moment, with him staring and her watching, she wondered whether confronting him was such a good idea after all.

She stood resolute, hands on her hips, legs slightly parted. «Ben, why are you doing this out here? You need to go inside to your room, or somewhere more private.» His mom had unwittingly stood in partial view of the camera and was quite close to her son.

Ben didn’t miss a beat, continuing to stroke himself. «Mom, I told you I need to record in other places. This is perfect.»

Tiffany noticed that he not only continued beating off, his hand seemed to jerk faster and grip tighter. He was gazing over his mom’s perfect breasts and narrow waist, acting like this was all completely normal.

From behind, the camera continued running. As Tiffany stood talking to Ben, with her legs still apart, she was sporting a defined thigh gap. The bright sunlight reflected off of the surface of the pool and, at that angle, it twinkled between her legs, accentuating the gap. Tiffany’s ass was perfectly captured by the camera, peeking out as her tight, tan shorts had ridden up during her walk out to the pool. Ben was still in full view, just to the left of the camera’s frame.

The sound of his eager strokes were drowned out by the cascading waterfall.

«Ben?» She wondered how long she should stand in front of her naked and erect nineteen-year-old son before he began to wonder why she was even outside watching him in the first place. The mysterious reality was that Tiffany was drawn like a magnet to her son and his hard cock.

Even as his mom stood there brooding over him, he could not stop jacking off. His strokes became long and harder as he stared at his mom’s bulbous, hanging tits and long, luscious legs. Tiffany just stood there frozen, not sure why she was standing so close to her vulgar son as he continued to masturbate in front of her, realizing just then that it was inappropriate and awkward for her to be there at all.

«You listen to me, Benjamin,» she said in the harshest tone she could muster, her eyes dropping to his bouncing hand as it glided on his slick, girthy shaft. «You put that thing away right now, do you hear me?» Her eyes were glued right to his cock. She noticed the fat head puffed out more and grew redder. Precum appeared to ooze from his tip in a steady, clear flow.

She could walk away at any time. She could physically smack him or make a serious threat that would cause him to stop. Ben realized this and noticed that she seemed to be having a difficult time diverting her eyes from his cock.

Tiffany continued nagging. «Are you trying to have an orgasm? It looks like you’re trying to orgasm. Don’t you dare, young man. You stop jerking your penis and put it away right now!»

She seemed to be deliberately teasing him now. This idea sent Ben over the edge. He felt the familiar eruption begin in his balls and barrel up his shaft. He dragged his hand to the base of his cock, feeling it throb as his orgasm loomed. He brandished his swollen member at his mother like a sword and began a low moan.


«Don’t you dare!» she repeated.

«…UuuuuAAAAAHHHH!» Ben shamelessly spat a fountain of semen up into the air.

Tiffany gasped dramatically, unable to look away from her son’s geyser.

Ben put his other hand on his balls, squeezing them while pumping his shaft like he was repeatedly cocking a shotgun.

«UUUUHHH!» he grunted, thrusting his hips into the air as a second stream erupted. This volley sprayed higher and wider than his first stream, splattering the ground in front of him with thick spunk as it fell back to the earth.

«Stop that right now!» Tiffany commanded uselessly. «You stop cumming right this minute, Ben!»

Ben and his mother locked eyes as he ignored her, pumping several more spurts from his cock. All while his mom stood about five feet away watching every move he made, every stroke, and every shot of cum that blasted out of his engorged dick.

«Ben! What the heck! Again?!» Tiffany’s protest was superficial. She knew he was going to cum, that’s why he was there, but she felt the need to say something. She couldn’t just stand there silently witnessing his defiance; his outright disobedience. As Ben came, she cringed slightly not expecting him to produce such quantities of semen as he climaxed. She had never seen anything so crude, yet so strangely captivating.

«Ahhh… Damn, mom…» he sighed, returning his bare ass to his rocky perch.

«Alright. That’s enough. I’ve told you to get inside and go to a more private space. This is getting out of control and I’m beginning to think that your father needs to know about this.»

As Ben sat, huffing and panting recovering from his mind-blowing orgasm, Tiffany walked away in disgust.

She yelled from the door to the house, «I want to talk to you about this when you get cleaned up and into some clothes.» She closed the door behind her, conflicted about how she felt about Ben jacking off all over the place. She feared she had made a terrible mistake giving him permission to continue this new «hobby».

Tiffany had forgotten that the camera had caught the entire exchange. She was still not used to there being a camera around and carried on as she would normally. Ben wanted to get to his room and upload the memory card to his laptop as quickly as possible before his mom objected to being in part of the video. He was both surprised and thrilled she came out and accidentally got into the shot.

Now in his room, Ben uploaded the scene to his computer and began editing it. What the fifteen-minute video showed was Ben sitting naked on the beautiful water element, stroking his cock, softly. The recording displayed crystal-clear, high-definition footage of his flaccid cock growing stiffer as he jerked it, looking at the camera.

The camera recorded several minutes of him stroking. Then suddenly, his attention was diverted and his cock grew noticeably stiffer. A moment later, a shadow appears. The soundtrack needed some work due to the sound of the water, but the climax to the scene was when his mom walked directly into the right of the frame and stood as if posing. Her ass was sublime. The image was clear. Ben saw her ass cheeks peeking from the bottoms of her shorts and the reflected sunlight through the gap in her thighs was exquisite. He paused the video and zoomed in. The camera had even managed to capture the shape of her mound, illuminated through the gap. This was more than he could have hoped for and he took a few screen captures of his mother’s camel toe for his personal collection before continuing the clip. He watched the brief exchange between them and then the part where he exploded in orgasm. His load looked copious and messy. It was perfect. Finally, Tiffany walked off and he approached the camera, with cum dripping from his hanging cock, to shut it off.

«Wow! Fuck yes!» Ben was delighted with the result. He continued to work on it; toning down the background noise and muting the part where she said his name. He uploaded the video to the site and laid down to take a nap.

After an hour-long nap, Ben awoke and checked the status of his new video which he titled «Mom Catches Me by the Pool.» It had sold sixty-two copies in less than an hour. Ben couldn’t believe it. He refreshed the screen to be sure the information was accurate. It reloaded, then the site issued a ringing chime, indicating another sale. The number ticked up to sixty-three. His incest role-play theme was paying off big-time. The comments were pouring in as well, all wanting more footage involving his mom. Ben sat and thought about how to get his mom more involved.

After confronting her son, Tiffany went to her room to lie down for a few minutes. She was frustrated, pissed off, and to her dismay, her body was aching to be touched. This was one of those moments where she sorely missed the physical contact she once had with her husband. Her mind was consumed with the obscene image of her son sitting on the stone fountain, staring at her and masturbating. She was shocked to discover her hand was rubbing over the stitching of the crotch her shorts, seemingly of its own accord. She struggled trying to ignore the memory of Ben’s long, thick cock, slick with lubricant. Her hand pressed hard between her legs. She decided she needed to slip her shorts off, just for a moment.

She tried to think about her husband, Larry, and the love they once made in the very bed she now lay in, alone. How passionate they were for each other, how many orgasms she would have. The more she tried to recall her pleasurable moments with her husband, the angrier she became that he had betrayed her with his young lovers. Her anger redirected her thoughts back to her son and the grotesque display of his genitals that she was forced to witness only a few minutes ago. She tried to block the image of his thick, white penis as he squeezed it, stroked it, and goaded it to its full measure. She noticed her son was becoming a man, and a very attractive, well-endowed man at that. She had never masturbated to thoughts of Ben, or even considered doing so and she would never in a million years imagine she would ever be playing with herself as she thought of his naked body. Her fingers froze at this realization.

‘I can’t do this.’ She was too upset to continue. Her anger and disappointment with Ben had caused her to wake herself up out of fantasy and back to her world. Tiffany got up and took a hot shower, turning the faucet to the coldest setting for the last few minutes.

She decided to lay back down in bed, now that her arousal had subsided, thanks in part to the cold shower, and to take a nap before making lunch. She ended up waiting until the next day before talking with her son about his recording around the house and pool.

Before breakfast the next day, Tiffany showered, fixed her hair, and slipped into a pastel green summer dress that rose about five inches above her knees. The cups of the dress cradled her breasts and hugged her curves around the sides tightly. She was barefoot and feeling full of energy. She decided to have that talk with her son before she did anything else that morning. Walking up to his room, she knocked on his door.

Ben was sleeping in the nude, awoken by the knocking.

«Just a minute,» he said groggily.

Ben fumbled around the side of his bed, feeling for a pair of boxers or shorts. He grabbed the first thing he felt, a pair of boxer briefs, and sat up, clumsily slipping the underwear on. As usual when he woke up, he had an erection that could cut glass. In his groggy state, he had carelessly donned the boxer briefs that pinned his jutting hard-on against his body. The large head of his stiff dick stuck out a few inches over the waistband, against his stomach.

«Come in.» He got up and stumbled over to his desk chair.

«We need to talk.» His mom walked over and sat on the sofa as he sat on his chair.

«Of course, Mom.»

«Um, honey?» she said tentatively, raising an eyebrow and nodding toward his crotch. She could clearly see his dick head.

Ben yawned lazily. «Huh?» he said, confused.

Tiffany nodded again toward his crotch and Ben looked down.

«Oh geeze, sorry Mom.» He tucked his hard on away as best he could.

Tiffany cleared her throat.

«Ben, yesterday, when you said you would find other places to record, it didn’t even occur to me that you would be doing that in broad daylight by the pool while I was home. I’m confused as to why you think it’s okay to all of a sudden expose yourself to me around the house.» Tiffany was about to pull the plug on Ben’s video recording altogether.

«I guess I should have been more specific about my plans. I’m sorry, Mom.»

«Remember I said that you may tape in a room, with the door closed, or in a different place with my permission?»

«Mom, the whole point of this is to make money in order to pay you and Dad back. I don’t know of a job that pays anywhere near as much as this does, do you?»

Tiffany wasn’t expecting her son’s apologetic position. She suddenly pitied him.

«Well…» she trailed off, now wanting to go easier on him. «No, I guess I don’t. But that doesn’t change the fact that you can’t just strip your clothes off and start masturbating anywhere you like! What if a friend had stopped by?»

Ben began his video recording to make money, but after masturbating in front of his insanely hot mom twice now, his motives became less clear. Having his cock exposed to his mom created a new kind of fantasy, one that he saw could actually play out in reality: having sex, or at least, becoming sexual with her. Ben began working toward this goal even as he tried to get video recorded for uploading purposes.

In this situation, he wasn’t sure how to respond to his mother. She was right, but he didn’t want to admit that. Instead, he scratched his chin absently and fidgeted in his desk chair. His elbow inadvertently bumped his computer desk, jostling the laptop enough to wake his sleeping computer.

The screen flashed on, displaying the page he’d left the computer on last night. It was on his Hot Amateurs profile/video homepage. His mom saw the site on his computer and stood, crossing the room to get a closer look. She could see his list of uploads.

Her eyes grew wide. «‘Mom Catches Me by the Pool’?!» Tiffany looked at Ben incredulously. «You already put that up on the site?»

«Yes.» Ben looked at the screen and smiled, «and it looks like it has already been downloaded over one hundred times in less than twenty-four hours. I’ve already made over a thousand dollars for that little video by the pool.» Ben was beaming.

«You’ve made over a thousand dollars for THAT?!» Tiffany couldn’t believe it. She thought at that moment that perhaps she should be more relaxed with her rules about his recording.

Tiffany considered things for a moment. «Can I see it?» Her anger quickly subsided when she learned how popular his recording of that little incident was out by the pool yesterday morning.

«Uh, yeah, sure.» Ben opened the edited video and clicked play.

The two watched the scene, mother and son. Ben found it was a surreal experience to watch his hot mom, whom he had always wanted to have sex with, watching a video of him jacking off and cumming looking right at her.

Tiffany sat in a trance as she watched her son’s hand push and pull his penis into an impressive erection right before her eyes. This was exactly the scene that came to mind last night that she had such a difficult time with. She became flush and was getting physically hot.

She was surprised to see how clearly and prominently displayed her own butt and legs were before the camera. She noticed her son staring right at her when he climaxed. The scene was much better than the first video. She could see why it was popular. It looked exactly like it was: a young man getting caught jerking off by his hot mom, then openly cumming as she looked on.

«Do you think the fact that you’re selling this as a ‘mom and son’ video is why it’s so popular?» Tiffany already knew the answer to this, but wanted to discuss the implications of his current, chosen niche.

The conversation was interrupted momentarily as the computer chimed, indicating another sale of the video. Ben continued, replying to his mom’s question.

«Well, Incest Role-Play is the most downloaded category…by quite a bit. Probably because other websites don’t allow direct reference to blood relatives; they only allow material for ‘step’ relatives. Apparently, it’s a popular fantasy.»

«But, Ben, the direction you seem to be heading is more mother-son type of videos. What are your intentions here?» The computer chimed again, then again. Seven more copies were sold while she was speaking to her son. Tiffany was looking at the still shot for the clip. It was of her legs with Ben’s erection off to the left. She winced.

«I have no intentions, Mom. I was outside recording and you came out to question me, I didn’t sneak any footage of you. I didn’t even know you were going to do what you did.» Ben was being totally honest.

«It’s turning out to be a pretty successful video for being unintentional. Your first one was like that too.» Tiffany recognized the pattern about the same time as Ben presented his proposition.

«Mom, you have seen me in a very embarrassing situation twice now. There is nothing more of me that you can see that you haven’t already seen.» Ben was still sitting in his chair, now leaning forward resting his hands on his knees.

«True, so what’s your point?»

Ben was trembling anxiously as he continued, «Why don’t you pose in my videos and help me earn some money to pay you and Dad back?» Ben opened his arms in a persuasive gesture.

Tiffany felt like her head nearly exploded with a rush of unexpected excitement, just before her sensibilities returned.

«My goodness, Ben! Are you serious? There’s no way. I am not posing for your videos. There at least a dozen good reasons not to. In fact, until you reminded me of your wanting to pay your dad and I back, I was about to confiscate the camera.» Tiffany was about to get up and go back downstairs to avoid the topic altogether. She was already in two of his videos, which she found to be beyond belief.

«You’re lucky I’m allowing you to record at all, even by yourself, so don’t push it.»

«You don’t have to pose nude.» Ben stood up, pleading. «You have plenty of clothes that are sexy enough to pull this off. All I need is a few more videos to make a series and then I can move on to something else.»

«Ben, I can’t have people see who I am, and besides that, I’m your mother for gosh sake.» Tiffany was shaking her head, but inside she was strangely excited at the prospect of being a sexy female star of his movies.

«Then I won’t show your face. Mom, it will be a great way for me to make money, and after I pay you and dad back, I might even be able to use the money to invest, or open another business, that sort of thing. This is an opportunity for me.»

Tiffany knew he was right. He had been such a screw-up lately, she hated to be a stumbling block in his way to become successful, even in such a sordid venture as this. His video recording was already proving to be semi-successful, almost accidentally, and it seemed to ignite a passion in her son, something she’d never seen and always hoped would happen for him. She weighed the idea in her mind. The proposition he was presenting wasn’t just that he continue his recording, but that she play a role, a major role. As flattering as it may be, this was completely out of the question.

«The whole idea disgusts me. I will need some time to think about it more, but for now, the answer is absolutely no.»

Ben’s shoulders slumped. He couldn’t hide his disappointment. He decided he would do more videos without his mom, but his new plan was to also do «dry-runs» where he would rehearse in the location where he was about to record. This way he could have a legitimate reason to be naked for longer periods of time. Hopefully this might break down his mom’s resistance and make his nudity around the house more normal, and even possibly serve to motivate her to participate. It was a long shot, but he thought he would give it a try.

With this new mindset, he asked, «In the meantime, can I do a video in the living room? It has excellent lighting.»

«The living room? That seems a little unusual, don’t you think?»

«Actually, the furniture and lighting make it a perfect spot.» The real reason Ben wanted to record in the living room was its proximity to the kitchen, where his mom spent a good deal of her time. She was more likely to see him in the living room than most other locations around the house. Regardless of his recording, Ben was getting turned on by his mom seeing him masturbate and wanted to give her opportunities to see more. He was hoping that this could possibly lead to some sort of sexual experience between he and his mom.

«Okay, Ben. Just no video of me, understood?» Tiffany made a mental note to stay away from his video «set» this time.

«You got it, Mom.»

Ben showered and dressed in athletic shorts and a T-shirt. He grabbed a towel, his baby oil, and his camera and headed downstairs to «rehearse» his scene. After a quick breakfast, he was ready.

The living room connected to the kitchen by a small hallway and allowed a partial view between each room, so there were plenty of opportunities for Ben’s mom to see what he was doing from her usual place in the kitchen; which is exactly why he wanted to record at that location.

Ben placed one of the leather chairs near one of the leaded glass windows which would serve as the center for his shot. He stripped off his shorts and T-shirt and was now naked in his living room. He rubbed the baby oil onto his cock and torso to give him a well-oiled sheen. As he prepared himself, he continuously looked to the kitchen to see what his mom was doing.

Tiffany was cleaning up after breakfast and had her back turned to Ben in the living room so she couldn’t see that he was already naked and preparing for his video shoot. Ben walked back and forth in front of his mom’s field of view hoping she would turn around and see him. Tiffany turned sideways to return the milk to the refrigerator and saw Ben moving around in her peripheral vision. She sensed that he didn’t have any clothes on and turned her head to see him walking about with his penis in his hand. Tiffany furrowed her brow and walked over to the living room and closed the French doors, then returned to the kitchen to finish cleaning.

Ben remained in the room for another ten minutes before giving up on his idea and returned to his bed room. His plan had failed. Although she could still see most of what he was doing in the living room, the act of closing the doors was a turn off, and a sign that she truly wasn’t interested. He vowed to try the same thing the next day.

Once upstairs, he dressed and decided to get out of the house for a while. He felt his project was going nowhere. Tiffany was relieved her son had left the living room and slipped her one-piece swimsuit on to spend some time swimming and laying out.

Ben visited Alex for the rest of the day while Tiffany laid out by the pool. She discovered that listening to music didn’t improve her mood. Tiffany had been having a difficult time being alone. The sight of her son naked, his prodigious penis, and her husband’s neglect, were all taking a toll on her. She wanted companionship, and when she didn’t have it, she was short-tempered and intolerant. Ben’s naked body reminded her exactly how uneventful and dull her life had become. She recalled the times when she and Larry would stay naked most of the day while Ben was in school. She longed for that sexually exciting lifestyle again, but felt those days were long gone.

She felt she had an itch that she just couldn’t scratch.

Tiffany wasn’t completely honest with Ben when she said his father was on a business trip in Texas. Larry had another young girlfriend and was now keeping an apartment with her in California, not Texas. Larry knew Tiffany was aware of the situation, but he also knew she would do nothing about it. Now, Tiffany found herself feeling lonely and aching for physical contact most of the time. She dared not try to date as she didn’t trust most men as they all seemed to be interested only in her body. She felt stuck. Now that Ben was strutting his giant penis around along with his beautiful, young body, she was being bombarded with sexual reminders of how her life used to be. The end result was that Tiffany was pissed off most of the time.

After an hour, she was too restless to relax, so she decided to try to masturbate again. She closed her eyes and massaged one of her large breasts with one hand. The other slipped down her tummy and moved the part of her suit covering her pussy to one side. As Tiffany began gently stroking herself with her legs spread open, she tried to think of Larry on top of her, licking her pussy. She pictured his head between her thighs and sighed, feeling her pussy grow wetter.

In her fantasy, she imagined his tongue firmly lapping at her wet pussy. The head between her legs lifted and turned up to her. It was Ben’s face.

‘Damn it!’ she thought, trying to will the fantasy man back into Larry, but it was no use.

Instead, in her daydream, Ben stood between her parted legs. Her son smiled at her, naked, and took ahold of his stiff cock. She squirmed on the chair, unaware that she was still pumping her soaked cunt. Ben’s cock was huge and aimed right at her. It was shining and oil-covered as she had seen it yesterday by the pool. In the fantasy, Ben lined his cock up with her aching pussy then moved a hand to each of her breasts as he prepared to penetrate her.

Her eyes flew open. ‘Stop it! My God!’ She told herself. She hated the fact that her son and his immense penis kept creeping into her thoughts. She despised the situation she was in.

She tried adjusting her position and starting over. Again, she drew from her memories of her husband and recalled a day where they had sex at least four times. She remembered a few of the positions and where they had been. He fucked her doggy-style by the pool that day, not far from the spot she was in, and maybe on this exact chair, she couldn’t remember.

Larry liked to talk during sex. In her fantasy, he was fucking her from behind.

«Oh fuck. Your pussy is really wet today,» he had said.

On that day, he continued to plow into her from behind with his stiff cock. She pushed right back, deepening his thrusts. She moaned as she maintained the fantasy, approaching orgasm. In the fantasy, he leaned forward to grab her tits. His mouth was right by her ear, his breath hot on her cheek.

«That’s it, push into me. I’m about to cum. Can you feel me about to cum inside you, Mom?»

Her eyes flew open and she removed her hand.

«FUCK!» she said out loud, surprised by her own vulgarity.

‘I can’t do this,’ she thought, stopping her masturbation session short. She gave up and dove into the pool for a swim. Hopefully that would clear her thoughts.

After breakfast the next day, Tiffany noticed Ben was setting up the living room again. She called him to the kitchen to see what was going on. Ben, smiling to himself and feeling particularly bold, slipped out of the robe he was wearing and walked in, delighted that his mother actually called him into the kitchen.

«Jesus, Ben why are you naked?!» Tiffany’s eyes went right to is dangling cock. She took a good look at her son’s semi-erect penis as it drooped down between his legs like a thick meaty hose before forcing herself to look up.

«I have to re-take the recording from yesterday. It didn’t turn out.» Ben grabbed his cock and began stroking it as he turned and walked back to the living room. Tiffany followed, trying to keep her eyes from looking at his butt.

«Please finish quickly,» she commanded as she turned and walked away, leaving the French doors open behind her.

Ben situated himself so that he was near the entrance to the living room, just in front of the open French doors. He flexed his abs and stuck his hard cock out in front of him. From his position, he couldn’t see if his mom was watching him or not, so he just stood in place jacking off very slowly hoping she would wander into sight of him as she worked in the kitchen.

Tiffany was wiping the counter that ran parallel to the hallway, giving her a clear view into the living room and saw Ben stroking his cock. As soon as she noticed, she set her towel down and was about to confront him, but found herself standing, watching her son from the kitchen instead.

«What the hell has gotten into me?» she wondered aloud. She decided to just let it go after watching the unusual sight for a few more minutes and walked across the kitchen and the large, sitting area to her master suite.

Tiffany became suddenly hot and felt the need to change into something more comfortable. Whether she admitted it or not, Ben’s nudity was causing her to think sexual thoughts about her son, and with an increasing frequency each day. This reaction was about to become immediately apparent in her choice of clothing.

Tiffany put on a black yoga top with long, thin, spaghetti-style elastic straps that struggled to keep her tits from hanging down to their natural state. She only wore it to bed, and never around the house. Her hard nipples and her white globes were essentially visible through the thinly stretched elastic fabric. Tiffany slipped into a tight pair of red shorts that revealed quite a bit of her butt. Had she looked at herself in the mirror, she may have had second thoughts about what she was about to wear in front of her naked, masturbating son.

Ben hadn’t seen his mom in the kitchen for a good while and assumed she had left to another part of the house. He slumped into the chair with the camera off, discouraged. He hadn’t even achieved a proper erection. Feeling melancholy, he sat there letting his cock hang down to one side. He was trying to determine what he should do for his next video, and how to get his mom motivated. At least he’d managed to be out in the living room, completely naked. If nothing else, he created a precedent that could allow him to record in other common rooms around the house.

He heard his mom’s shoes click softly as she approached the room.

«Are you done?» she asked, just as Ben turned his head around.

«Holy shit!» Ben uttered a bit louder than he intended to. Tiffany’s tits were undulating and wobbling wildly as she walked into the living room. They seemed to be moving on their own under the thin yoga top she was wearing. Ben couldn’t believe his eyes. Her nipples and all their glorious detail could be seen as they pressed firmly against the shirt. He had never seen so much of her body exposed.

Without any reservation, or exercising any restraint, the naked Ben stood up and walked toward his mom. He said nothing. He simply moved to a point where he was about five feet away from her, took his dick in one hand, and started jacking off. At that point, he didn’t give a damn about losing his camera, getting her pissed off, or even his father finding out. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pleasure himself to the sexiest sight he had ever seen.

«What the heck are you doing?» Tiffany put her hands on her hips, but didn’t walk away, nor did she make any effort to cover her nearly-exposed breasts under her sexy top. Her eyes locked on his growing penis. It had stiffened significantly in the seconds she had been standing there.

‘Damn, he’s big,’ she thought, staring openly at his cock. Tiffany fought the urge to leave the room. She wanted her son to stop and leave the living room, but her choice of clothing and her body language were serving to encourage him to continue his inappropriate behavior.

Ben stared back at his mom and felt his balls tighten. ‘She really gets me off,’ he thought, bringing himself to the edge of orgasm with only a few deliberate strokes. He felt the need to cum and smacked his rock-hard cock against his palm in an effort to delay the inevitable. It didn’t help.

«Ben?!» Tiffany only realized she had been staring at his cock when he smacked it against his palm. The fleshy sound snapped her out of her trance. She realized that Ben was looking at her with the exact expression he’d had in her fantasy, as he prepared to enter her pussy.

Ben paused momentarily as his cum barreled through his cock.

«Ffffffuuuccckkk! Mom!» he cried, shoving his cock out and launching three rapid-fire bursts of cum toward her.

«Jesus, Ben, already?!» Tiffany said, her mouth falling open. She backed up a few steps, although his ejaculate would have fallen short from where she was standing anyway.

His cum landed in wet streaks on the hardwood floor between them, splattering as they fell. Tiffany stood looking at her son’s pulsing cock, gaping. Ben panted as he streamed several more wet stripes onto the floor. Tiffany gasped in shock with each one.

When he’d finished, Tiffany observed the mess he had made. Ben gave his dick a shake, sending errant cum drops flying.

«What the heck, Ben? Now I’ve got to clean all this up!» She pointed at the thick trails of cum.

Ben simply shrugged, responding with a half-hearted, «Sorry, Mom.»

Tiffany, at a loss for words, turned and walked away. Her hips moving sideways, her slightly pigeon-toed instep caused her ass to move in a sexy pendulum motion.

Ben knew at that moment that he had pushed the envelope a bit too far and quickly dashed upstairs.

Tiffany returned to the living room, sponge in hand. She investigated her son’s cooling cum, streaked in wet lines on the floor. It was an impressive load. She knelt and began wiping it up, her mind replaying the scene of his spitting cock. Tiffany looked up to where Ben had just stood and in her mind’s eye, her son was still there, looking at her with that horny look that he has. She imagined herself, kneeling on the floor in front of him, as his penis exploded. She would have been soaked in cum if she’d been kneeling right here, where she was cleaning up, when he ejaculated.

Her heart was pounding in her chest. She felt her pussy throb between her thighs and was overcome in that moment, kneeling in her son’s cum puddle.

In a panicked rush, Tiffany dropped the sponge and darted across the house to her room. Closing the door, she yanked her shorts off and stuck three fingers deep into her hot, slippery pussy. She was overwhelmed with thoughts of her son’s giant dick being stroked as he looked at her body. Her efforts to limit her son’s sexual behavior by allowing him to record in select parts of the house had utterly failed. Now her situation was even worse than it was before. She was unable to put off her urges this time and succumbed to her deep desire to have an orgasm.

«Aaaahhhhhh!» she cried, her pussy making wet sloshing sounds as she stood, using her extended fingers to fuck herself fast and frantically. Her legs began shaking as pent-up pleasure devastated her. She came in a matter of seconds.

«Ohhh fuck…ohhh fuck…!» Days of holding off had produced one of the best orgasms she could remember. Huffing and out of breath from her fast, yet exhausting masturbation session, she collapsed on the bed. Filled with guilt and remorse for having given in to the fantasy of sex with her son.

Unable to control her thoughts about her Ben, Tiffany rolled over and masturbated two more times to the scene that she witnessed in the living room, but she still wasn’t sated. She went to her computer and accessed Ben’s video that she’d downloaded the other night. She came two more times over the course of the short movie. When it was over, she flopped back onto her bed, finally satisfied.

She was surprised that her orgasms had been as fast and as powerful as they were. She realized with a feeling of shame that she was already hooked on this incestuous fantasy. She knew that part of the intensity she experienced was due to her reluctantly giving in to the taboo desire for her son. She had crossed a line and she had serious doubts she could ever go back to the time before she had cum to the thoughts of having sex with her very own son. It was a very powerful fantasy that produced intense results.

Tiffany was angry with herself for giving in to such depraved cravings. She was deep in thought as she rose, returning to the living room to finish cleaning up her son’s spilt semen. She then reluctantly went out to the kitchen to see what she could prepare for lunch. She kept her sexy outfit on without thinking about how she looked. Her inhibitions were wearing down with Ben’s over-sexed behavior on display around the house, just as Ben had hoped.

Upstairs, Ben lay on his bed wishing he had been filming and that he had a video of his mom in that insanely revealing outfit. After returning several emails and messages from the website, he went downstairs to see if she was about. He needed to apologize.

Ben entered the kitchen to find lunch waiting for him. He took a seat at the counter while Tiffany was wiping down the island. She had hoped to avoid him and return to her room without having to say something about his overtly sexual behavior he displayed in the living room.

«Mom, listen, I… I’m really sorry. It’s just… You looked so sexy, I… I don’t know what happened…» Ben noticed she was wearing the same outfit and began rubbing his cock discretely. She looked more relaxed than she was earlier.

‘What’s gotten into Mom? She’s still wearing those clothes, damn. This is crazy!’ He knew he could probably cum again in a few minutes if he started jacking off.

Tiffany thought it might be a good idea to try to control the situation rather than deny her son his decision to make videos. The thought of being around such a virile, well-hung young man also began to pop into her mind uncontrollably. She was becoming sexual again, and it made her feel both excited and angry. Excited that she was having these feelings at all; angry that this was happening as a result of her son.

Tiffany decided that at this point, it was easier to give in. She may be able to have more control over the situation if she played a bigger role in what he did.

«Ben… about the video recording… I’ve made up my mind.» She paused from wiping the counter.

Ben put his fork down and examined his mother’s demeanor. All he could see was her tits.

«So, will you pose in my videos?» Ben gripped his cock firmly, hoping she had changed her mind.

Tiffany crossed her arms causing most of her breasts to spill out of her top.

«Well, I’ve been thinking about this and I’ll tell you what, as long as you don’t show my face, and I’m not naked in any way, I’ll see what I can do to help you out.» Tiffany nearly had a heart attack speaking those words. To her embarrassment, her pussy instantly became soaking wet.

Until a couple of days ago, she didn’t have any secret incest fantasies, nor did she entertain any fantasies about her son prior to that time. Now everything was changing. The extraordinary orgasms she just enjoyed told her that she couldn’t control how aroused she was becoming as a result of her son’s antics.

Ben couldn’t believe his ears; he smiled wide. «Mom, that’s great! I know we’ll sell thousands of dollars of downloads with you helping out!»

«Well, I hope so, Ben.» She walked around the counter and gave her son a hug.

As she pulled back, she couldn’t help but notice the erection stretching the crotch of his shorts. In that moment, she wondered if she could actually do this.

«Now, finish your lunch before it gets cold.»

The next day, Ben came down for breakfast and discovered his mom dressed in a short, black skirt and a tight, white T-shirt. Once again, it was immediately obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. The shape of her tits under the light fabric was obvious, as was the dark pinkish color of her nipples underneath. Ben always thought his mom was hot, but this was something else entirely. She had the type of body you would see in a porn video, only better because his mom didn’t look cheap and overly made-up like so many porn actresses. He thought about what it would be like to have access to her entire body.

«Good morning, Mom. You look amazing today!» Ben smiled crookedly and was scanning his mother’s body as she prepared their meal.

«Good morning, Ben. Oh,» she said glancing down, «thank you.» She observed the broad swell of her tits, topped by her visible nipples in the translucent shirt. She was a little embarrassed to note that her nipples were showing more prominently than they were in her bedroom mirror.

«Oh, Mom. I have an idea for my next video!» Ben’s voice was filled with excitement.

«My goodness,» Tiffany sighed, «already? What is it?» Tiffany was nervous about the entire idea. She was still having second thoughts, but after masturbating two more times this morning when she awoke to the thought of modelling for her son’s videos, she found herself uncontrollably aroused.

Ben continued, «You will be in a bathing suit laying out by the pool. You can wear sunglasses and a hat, just to be sure your face isn’t captured.»

«No face, no nudity.» Tiffany reinforced her boundary.

«Right. Anyway, I’ll have the camera near you. The view will be your body as I sneak up close without you knowing I’m there. I take off my swimming suit and start masturbating. Then I climax and you get mad at me and I run off.»

«Why do you run off?» Tiffany thought the idea was reasonable.

«I’m not supposed to be sneaking around jacking off in front of my mom, so I run away. The series I’m trying to create is about a pervy teenager who has a thing for his mom. This is the content that I’m selling.»

«I understand. What do I wear? It should be on the sexy side, right?»

Ben loved how willing his mom had become. He was relieved beyond words that she had agreed to at least do something to help him out. Just her being present in the video is helpful, but he planned to escalate her degree of undress as much as possible, and not necessarily just to sell more videos. He wanted her.

«A bathing suit; a bikini would be best.»

«Which one?» Tiffany was now preoccupied with how she presented herself as the mother in this video.

«Mom, I don’t know which ones you have that would work. Why don’t you try on a couple tomorrow? We will plan to shoot the video around noon. The lighting will be awesome then.»

Tiffany looked out through the kitchen window to the back yard, deep in thought. «Okay. That’s a good idea, that way I will know for sure which one will work. After breakfast, I have to run some errands. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.»

After their conversation, Tiffany became preoccupied with the scene that they would shoot tomorrow. Ben had no idea how serious she would take this commitment to be in his videos. He decided to go outside and work on the setting for the next day’s recording. He had a lot of work to do writing out sketches for the other videos he planned to do too. At that particular point, the only thought he had was to keep this «Mom Catches Me» series going for as long as possible.

The next day, Ben awoke just before eight o’clock in the morning. He had a huge, throbbing erection that would not go away on its own. Sitting down behind his computer, he began to masturbate to his latest video. His mom’s ass was so hot in her shorts…he knew this wouldn’t take long. Then, he caught himself, realizing that he was an adult video performer now and he needed a big «money shot» for his video that day. He couldn’t just jack off whenever he wanted any more. This thought turned him on even more, which unfortunately, prolonged his agony.

He reluctantly stuffed his straining erection into his shorts.

Tiffany was downstairs making Ben’s breakfast. She had on a short robe with the first swim suit she wanted to show him under it. The previous afternoon she had shopped for bathing suits and a few other outfits that she thought might look good in a video. She was a good deal more excited about this than she thought she would be.

«Good morning, Mom,» Ben took his place at the counter.

«Good morning, Ben…Oh! I went shopping yesterday for a couple of outfits for the videos. I bought bathing suits and a couple of other things.»

Ben’s eyes lit up. «That’s awesome, Mom! I can’t wait to see them!» Ben looked at his mom’s robe and determined she must be wearing one of them. He stared at her with anticipation, gripping his cock through his shorts out of her line of sight.

Tiffany smiled. «Ah, ah, I’ll show you after breakfast.»

Ben finished his bacon and eggs and went upstairs to shower. He made sure to shave, put on cologne, and use hair gel in his hair so he would look his best. He dressed in his bathing trunks and a T-shirt, then grabbed his fully-charged camera and tripod, and went downstairs to the sitting area just outside his mom and dad’s room. His dick had been in a semi-erect state all morning. He seriously did not know how he was going to last more than five strokes in a shoot with his mom.

After waiting a few minutes, Tiffany appeared, still in her robe.

«So, would you like to see my new outfits, Mr. Movie Director?» she teased.

«I’m ready when you are, Mom.» Ben was in no rush. He was enjoying every second of this.

She smiled and walked past him, standing in the sunlight streaming through a nearby window. She dropped her robe.

Ben’s jaw dropped and his eyes grew wide.

Tiffany stood, letting her son appraise her, turning back and forth so he had a nice view. She was wearing shiny white, four-inch heels with a matching white bikini. The bottoms were thin and hugged her butt nicely. Her top had one string that connected each cup at the top and tied around her neck. The other two strings connected at the sides and tied at the center of her back. There was a thin white cord with gold detail that barely kept the cups together in the front. Ben stared at her sublime body. Her top simply could not hold her breasts. Supple, freckled flesh spilled out everywhere. Ben noticed her breasts coming out of the sides, deep cleavage, and even some skin coming out underneath. Her tits were exposed wherever the fabric ended. Since this top was considerably smaller than her regular suits, Ben could see her obvious tan lines.

He noticed her nipples were hard and created bumps through the fabric near the top of her cups.

Ben’s mom had large, round, very full breasts that hung down and were a little loose around her body so they moved when she walked or, for that matter, did anything else. Ben loved how they looked on her since they were so big and natural looking. Any time he could see her in an outfit like this was a special event.

«Well, what do you think?» she asked Ben. Her pussy was throbbing and felt scorching hot in the thin bottoms.

«Wow! That’s just…wow. Mom.» Ben was shaking his head. His now, full-blown erection was sticking up and noticeable. He’d unknowingly grabbed it and was squeezing it over his shorts absentmindedly.

She smiled anxiously, turning for him, then said, «They are all a little small in the top. It’s really hard to get my size up there, unless I custom order.» She felt a bit self-conscious.

Tiffany was a combination of nervous and aroused. Speaking so frankly to her son about her breasts and body was something that she was unfamiliar with. She turned back around and noticed her son gripping his hard penis under his shorts, which encouraged her. She had to admit, she loved having this effect on her son.

«Yeah, that’s a shame, Mom.» Ben smiled and, realized he was holding his dick. He didn’t want to cum prematurely, so he let it go.

«Ok, ready for the next one?»

«Let’s do it!» Ben said excitedly.

Tiffany walked past him, back into her room. She felt her pussy leaking through her suit as she walked.

Ben watched his mom disappear into her room. He had to get up and pace to avoid jacking off before his shoot. He was now concerned that he would not be able to last long enough to get a usable length of video.

Tiffany soon emerged sporting a salmon-colored bikini that had a push-up style bra for a top and bottoms that were high at the hips, which made her legs look long and sexy. The top made her tits shake due to the fact that they only supported the lower half of her breasts. It was a ridiculous looking top for a woman with her cup size to wear.

«Damn, Mom! Did you try these on before you bought them?» Ben only asked because they looked scandalous on her, and not something that he thought she would ever buy for herself.

Tiffany blushed, then modeled for her son, again turning in place to give him a good look.

«Yes, but these tops were the largest they had, and these are for a special occasion anyway, not for public.»

As she walked back into her room, Ben wondered if his mom actually realized that she was about to make a video wearing these very suits and that potentially tens of thousands of people will see her in them.

Tiffany wiped herself in her bathroom after changing out of her last bikini. She was dripping wet and was afraid her son might notice, or worse yet, she’d be visibly wet on camera later on.

She came out about five minutes later with a skin-tight, ultra-thin, pull-over blouse. No bra. Her tits shook and jiggled obscenely when she walked. Although it wasn’t see-through, it was without a doubt the hottest thing Ben had ever seen in his life. It clung to every curve of her breasts, every bump on her hard nipples. It was as though her top was spray-painted on her chest. Seeing her as she shook and wiggled across the room made Ben want to tear the clothes off of her and fuck her thoroughly right then and there.

«Mom, you look hot in anything you wear, but these new outfits will make you an Internet sensation!» Ben’s cock throbbed powerfully in his shorts. He was now afraid he’d ejaculate without even touching himself. He couldn’t wait to jack off in front of his mom later.

«Why don’t you wear the salmon-colored bathing suit and meet me outside.»

«Okay, Ben. I’ll be right out.»

Ben set the camera on the tripod just under the patio veranda. He angled it toward the chaise his mom will be laying on, about eight feet away. The camera was about three feet off the ground, enough to catch his torso down to his feet and the perfect height to video his mom’s perfect body. Having an idea of how he should place the camera, he waited to record his mom as she walked out to the pool.

Ben trained the camera on his mom as she sauntered toward him from the house. She was swaying and wiggling the entire walk out. In reality, there were few women on the Web, or in public for that matter, that could match her body. Long legs, narrow waist, rounded hips, perfect ass, flat stomach, and tits so big and perfect that they could stop traffic.

«Okay, Ben. Where do you want me?» She stood with one hand on her hip.

«Here, let’s try this.»

Ben guided his mom down on the pool recliner and adjusted the back so her breasts would hang just right as she lay in the chair. He looked down at her, pausing for a moment. She looked up at him intently. He felt the urge to grab her huge tits and fondle them roughly. He fought it, resigned to stare at them up close. He had to marvel at his unbelievable fortune.

«You lay there with your eyes closed. I’m going to record for about one minute in this position, then, I’m going to pause the camera and shoot myself as I see you from over there near the house. After that, I’m going to come back over here and film myself approaching you. By that time, I will have stripped my shorts off and I’ll be masturbating. The camera will be on the tripod so I’ll be standing right here.»

Ben pointed to a spot that was literally two feet away from his mom, near her left thigh.

«Do you want me to wear my sunglasses?» In all her excitement, Tiffany forgot one of her boundaries: not to show her face.

«No Mom. Remember, you don’t want your face recorded. The way I have the camera focused, your head is out of the frame.

«Oh, right. So, then I don’t actually have to close my eyes either. Okay. I’m ready when you are!»

«When I’m about to cum, you pretend to wake up and yell at me…like you would if it were really happening. Something like, ‘Oh my God, Son! What’s wrong with you?’ or whatever.»

«Okay. I can do that. When do I stop yelling?»

«Yell until I turn the camera off.»

Ben began recording. He took the solo shots of his mom lying in the chair from inside the house. In first-person point of view, he recorded his walking through the door, behind a bush, around the pool and finally behind his mom to her left. He took his time and moved the camera so it looked as though he was spying on her. He was particularly focused on her tits that looked so amazing he could sell videos of them alone. His first shots told the story of a horny son creeping up on his mom while she was sunbathing. He felt his direction and camera work were solid. He had all the filming done that he would later edit as needed. Now he carefully secured the camera on the tripod and stripped off his shorts. His cock had been hard the whole time.

Ben quickly checked the framing in the viewfinder. The camera showed his mom from her chin down to her toes. He observed her heavenly body while simultaneously, pulling out and stroked his big, fat cock right in front of her. Her tits looked like they were inviting him for a soft, but furious tit-fuck, her legs begged to be caressed, her pussy was meant to be stuffed full with his dick.

He stroked his cock slowly as he prepared for the scene, then looked up and saw that his mom was staring straight at his cock.

«Are you set up yet?» She asked, speaking for the first time since he began recording. It looked like she was addressing his stiff dick, just over a foot from her face. Ben wanted to spray her with cum right there, but he fought the urge.

«I’m ready.» Ben walked past his mom as he stroked his cock slowly. The camera was facing Tiffany from the direction of her feet.

Tiffany was going crazy. She needed to cum badly. Her mouth was now watering whenever she saw his enormous tool. And her tingling pussy was so wet, she had saturated her suit. She could feel her moisture leak out and run down the inside of her ass cheeks, forming a small, moist spot on the chair below her butt. This was far more difficult than she imagined, but not for the reasons she thought it would be. She was too aroused, too into the recording, too hot for her son. She felt like she needed a good fucking.

‘How did I get myself into this crazy mess?’ She wondered.

Ben situated himself next to the chair, positioning himself behind her and to her left and looking down at her body. The camera faced them several feet away from the foot of the chair. The shot would show him jacking off as she lay in the lounge chair. He got into position and gripped his cock. He was already at the edge of an orgasm, knowing he’d only be able to manage a few strokes before cumming.

He slowly started jerking off, looking at his mother’s glorious tits. She had her face positioned straight ahead but her eyes were looking sideways to watch.

‘Fuck she looks good…’ he thought, stopping his stroking hand, not wanting the scene to be too short. Precum began dripping from the tip of his cock.

The scene was too sexy, his mom was too irresistible. As he held his engorged cock, so close to cumming, he saw his mom turn her head, she apparently thought it was her cue. Her face was no more than two feet from his cock as he held the swollen monster.

Ben was taken by surprise. He didn’t realize that when she would turn to see him that she would be so close to his dick. The fact he was now, jacking off two feet from his mom’s face, as she lay in the most revealing bikini he had ever seen her wear, caused an immediate explosion.

«FFFffuuuuuckkkkk!! He yelled, thrusting his dick out, nearly touching her chin. He moved the head quickly away from her face.

The first, thick rope of semen traveled across her torso, to her legs and landed heavily on both thighs with a wet splatter.

«Aaaahhh!» Tiffany squealed in shock, waving her hands. But she remained in position as his hot cum coated her thighs.

Ben turned his cock slightly as the second rope burst forcefully from his head, wanting to cum on as much of his mom’s body as possible. His aim was true. The second volley splattered powerfully against her round tits barely covered by the bikini top.

«EEEEHHH!» she squealed again daintily as her son doused her tits with a steady, thick stream.

Without even pumping himself, he angled his cock further and jetted again, spurting onto her bare stomach and creating a small puddle in her belly button.

Tiffany yelled, on cue, but not as part of her script. Her yelling was in her surprise that Ben came all over her, and that he came so quickly.

Ben’s knees buckled as he splattered his mom’s body with his hot, sticky semen. His saving himself this morning paid off in the outrageous amount of cum he deposited on her body. After the initial surprise, Tiffany lay still, letting her son ejaculate all over her. She felt the hot, thick streams of cum speckle and splatter all over her exposed skin. She could have cum in an instant had she so much as touched her pussy with her finger. As he collapsed to his knees, his cock dragged down her thigh, leaving a fresh, wet trail. He held his spurting cock firmly through his orgasm, even carelessly slapping his dick against her bare leg, until the rush finally subsided.

It was done.

«Was that ok?» Tiffany asked tentatively.

«Oh, man…» Ben moaned. His head swam. It was a huge orgasm. As Ben recovered, the realization that he had cum much too soon became apparent.

«That was unbelievably okay!» Ben laughed.

Ben looked down at his mom, he needed a new plan. There was no way he could sell such a short video, no matter how hot it was…

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