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Mom’s Hidden Urges

Chapter 1

Andy and Linda were mother and son, but anyone that did not know them personally would think they were brother and sister. There was twenty year difference in their ages, Andy being 22 and Linda 42, but apart from a few crow’s feet at Linda’s eyes they looked close enough to be siblings. Andy was a strong and handsome boy, standing six foot two and weighting one hundred and eighty pounds. Linda was a large woman at five foot nine, and weighed almost one-fifty-five. She had a large bosom, a well rounded derriere, blond hair, blue eyes and gorgeous skin that seemed to have never been touched by the sun. Linda had been a model in her youth and worked for a clothing manufacturer. She had quit the profession after she met and married her husband. She had not gone back to work until after Andy was born and off to school. When she returned to work she became an elementary school teacher. A few years later she quit work again when her husband died suddenly. She felt that without a father, Andy would need more attention than a child who had both parents. He was all she had left.

Linda had grown up in a family of six and her parents followed an unusually strict moral code. Their views on sex and sexual activity were out of the mainstream. Linda was not allowed to date until she was eighteen, even missing her senior prom. As a result of her strict upbringing she was quite naive as to the ways of the world, especially when it came to sex. She had met and fell in love with her husband the year she graduated from high school and was a virgin when they married. He was a good man, but was not much of a lover. His idea of sex was to turn out the lights and roll over onto Linda and penetrate her until he got his relief, leaving Linda mostly frustrated. Yet, since Linda didn’t know the difference, she did not realize that a woman should receive pleasure too. Yes, she had had orgasms, but they were manually stimulated and few and far between. Whether it was normal sex or masturbation, afterward she always felt dirty; sex was dirty, or so she thought. She lived with mounting sexual frustration and mostly put sexual thoughts out of her mind. Yet, now at 42 years old, her body and mind were betraying her. There was an almost constant feeling of sexual stimulation, which was only briefly satiated when she masturbated.

The increase in her libido had steadily grown over the years, but it seemed to have gone wild a year earlier when she began to have recurring dreams of a sexual nature. She would wake up in such a state of sexual agitation that she had to masturbate to relieve the tension. In the past, a brief masturbation session had satisfied her carnal desires for long periods of time. However, now, it seemed to be happening almost every night. The worst thing about it was that somehow the men in her dreams all seemed to look alike and incredibly had a strange resemblance to her son, Andy. After months of struggling with her carnal thoughts and dreams, she began to wonder if she was going mad. As a result she finally summonsed enough courage to see a psychologist. It didn’t take the female psychologist long to realize that what Linda was experiencing was late stage sexual maturity. She explained to Linda that it was perfectly normal for a healthy woman to have sexual dreams; it was healthy and was occurring now as a result of her repressed sexual development. Of course Linda had not told the doctor that the men in her dreams resembled her 21 year old son. That would have shamed her beyond belief.

The psychologist tried to convince Linda that there was nothing dirty about sex. Yet Linda could not erase beliefs that had been so effectively forged into her brain by her parents. It had taken many years to put them there and talking to a professional was not going to change that over night. The doctor told her that her upbringing and her marriage had served to suppress normal and healthy sexual feelings. She encouraged Linda to date and experience the beauty of sexual relationship. Of course for Linda, dating was out of the question. She wanted Andy to move back home and she didn’t want anything to get in the way of that. Besides, he was the man in her life and she didn’t need anyone else.

It was with this background that the relationship between her and her son began to change. She had begun to wonder how her feelings of suppressed sexual desire had affected her son. She had very few discussions about sexual relationships with him and none she had initiated, so she wasn’t sure how much he knew. Andy had dated several different girls and she had, on several occasions, interrupted him in the mists of some type of sexual activity. While she did not verbally scold him, she let him know by her body language that what he was doing was inappropriate. Now, after discussions with the psychologist, she wondered about the legacy she had forced onto her son. Had she done the exact same thing her parents had done to her? Did he think sex was dirty? Was he sexually repressed like her? And, was he a virgin … at 22? There was no real way for her to find out, or so she thought.

She remembered a conversation that she had had with her son a few years ago when he was 18:

It was a wonderful winter day and she and Andy were sitting by the fire watching the snow trickle by the large picture window. They were holding cups of hot chocolate and were talking about their week when Andy brought up a subject that sent a chill through her. He had been acting strangely for the past week or so and she wondered if something had happened between him and his newest girlfriend. She had not seen Britta in almost a week.

«Mom, can I ask you something?» Andy asked.

«Sure, Sweetheart, you can ask me anything,» Linda answered with a smile.

«Well, I … uh … it is … I mean … uh … it is about … uh sex.»

Linda felt her face flush hot. At the time she thought it was strictly from embarrassment. Later as she thought back about it she realized it was much more than that. Of course she was surprised that her son was asking her about sex at his age. She felt that he was too old to have to have a discussion about the birds and the bees, even if she had been qualified to discuss it, which she was not. Her parents had never discussed sex with her, other then to say it was wrong and dirty. She did not want him to feel that it was dirty, at least after he was married, of course. She took a deep breath and said, «You can still ask me anything … even about … uh sex.»

«Well, Britta and I broke up last week.»

«Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that, dear,» Linda said. Actually she was not at all sorry to hear that. She didn’t like any of the girls her son had dated. They were just not good enough for him.

«Thanks. It is the reason we broke up that is causing me a problem.» Andy paused, his face suddenly turning red.

Linda was thinking, he probably wanted his girlfriend to give him a hand job and she refused.

«Yes, go on.»

«It is really hard to discuss this, but I don’t have anyone else to talk to about it.» Again Andy paused, gathering his courage. «Mom, Britta wanted me to … to do … uh something and I … well I don’t know … it just seemed dirty.»

«Dirty?» Linda asked, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable.

«Uh … well, she has done … I mean she has you know … put her mouth on me … down there.»

«OH,» Linda said with surprise. Oh my God, she thought, that little slut. I knew she was a slut the first time I saw her she thought. Her mind was racing now … get a hold on yourself, calm down. «I see,» she said with a calmness that she did not feel. For some strange reason she was feeling a tingling down below, which was highly unusual.

«You see … uh Britta wants me to do the same to her.»

«Oh my God,» Linda blurted and was immediately sorry. «I’m sorry, Sweetheart … I mean … what did you do … I mean you didn’t do that did you?»

«No. But I … I kind of wanted too.»

Suddenly Linda was trembling. She didn’t realize that she was suddenly hugging herself as if she were cold. She had to fight the urge to jump up and run from the room. This was more than she ever expected when she agreed to talk to him about «anything». She wondered what she was going to do now. If she told him that it was dirty and nasty wouldn’t she be just like her parents? Of course she knew the answer to that. Yet, it WAS dirty and nasty. But why was the thought of such a disgusting act making her heart race and her body tremble. She needed time to think, but had no idea how to end the conversation without embarrassing her son.

«Are you okay, Mom?» Andy asked.

«Uh … yes … so, go on,» Linda said, biting her lip almost till it bled.

«Well, since she had done it to me she said it was only right. I … know from the way guys talk that most of them do it … you know eat their girlfriends.»

«REALLY?» Linda said too loudly, her breath coming in gasps now.

«Yes. They are always talking about how they are eating this girl or that girl.»

She didn’t know what to say so she said, «Eating?’, don’t be crude, Andy.»

«What would you call it then?»

«I don’t know. It just sounds so … so nasty when you say eating it.»

«Well, all the guys say the girls love it and that they cum like crazy when they do it.»

«They do?»

«That is what they say. I was thinking, if all the guys really do it, can it be that dirty or nasty?»

«Well down there is where women … you know, pee and other things.» Linda fought hard to suppress the incredible tingling she was now feeling.

«I’m know, but they swear they do it.»

«Andy, I … uh … I forgot … I have some errands to run … we can continue this conversation later,» Linda said. Suddenly she saw Andy’s shoulder’s slump and his head dropped.

«I’m … sorry … I should have never brought it up.»

Linda felt her heart break. «No, no, Sweetheart. I am glad you did. But I have some things to do. We can continue this conversation at a later time,» she said and suddenly hurried from the room. She knew it was wrong to leave him like this, but she couldn’t stay there for a moment longer. She rushed to her bedroom and closed the door quickly. She leaned back against it, her breath coming in great gasps. Her body was trembling and her private parts were throbbing. With a moan of surrender she lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down. Then she hurried over to the bed and fell on it. Her fingers went to her pussy and she gasped … the lips were incredibly swollen and juice was literally running from her opening. She opened her pussy lips and found a huge nub of flesh. She had to look down to make sure it was in fact her clitoris … it had always been a tiny thing at the top of her pussy lips … something she had to work to find. Now, it was clearly visible, protruding from the hood, looking like a large fleshy pea. She gasped when she touched it and saw it throb. She touched it again and got the same results. She began to rub it. «Oh God, oh God,» she gasped. It took her but a few seconds before she was climaxing. It was like nothing she had ever felt in her life. Her body went into convulsions and she rolled on the bed as if she were having a fit. The waves of pleasure shot up and down her body, making her toes curl. From somewhere far off she could hear moaning and realized it was coming from her, as one climax blended into another. The pleasure went on for so long she wondered if she were going to expire. She didn’t, but she did pass out.

After that incident Linda never quite looked at Andy in the same way. They never finished the conversation, but nothing overt happened between them until some years later.

Chapter 2

Andy had moved out of Linda’s house when he was 20, but it had been difficult to make ends meet. He had scraped by for two years until he began to have serious financial problems. As a result he asked his mother if he could move back for a while, at least until he was on his feet again. Linda was ecstatic. She had missed him greatly and while he visited often, it wasn’t the same. She said yes and he moved back in immediately. Things quickly slipped back into a routine and their relationship continued as it had before he had left. Andy was the love of her life and she would do anything for him. Yet, she saw the way he looked at her sometimes and it made her uncomfortable. There was a look in his eyes that she didn’t understand … or maybe she did and that was what bothered her. She would see him gazing at her when he didn’t know she was looking.

After Andy had left home two years earlier, Linda had begun to wear less around the house … more comfortable clothes. She did not dress for anyone to see her and therefore the clothes tended to revealed more of her mature curves. Now that Andy was returning she wondered if she should go back to her more modest way of dressing. But she had convinced herself that she was silly. She was twenty years older then him so why would he look at her other than as a mother. She remembered thinking when she was twenty that a man or woman at 40 was way too old to be attractive.

While Linda had put on some weight in the past couple of years since Andy left, she knew she was still attractive, in a full figured mature woman way. She had seen plenty of men give her a second glance. Now, since Andy had moved back in, he seemed to look at her much like those anonymous men. Linda tried to deny the feeling she got when she would catch him looking. But it harkened her back to that time many years ago when he had shared the story about his girlfriend. She had tried to put that out of her mind, but now it was coming back to her. She wished she had finished that conversation. She wondered if he had followed through on his girlfriend’s request to use his mouth on her … «eat» her as he said. Outwardly she still believed that it was nasty, but she could readily remembered her conversation with the doctor, she wondered if she had been wrong. And if it was wrong, why did the thought of it still make her tremble with an unwanted excitement?

There was a strange incident that occurred soon after Andy moved back in that was incredibly embarrassing. It was an unusually warm afternoon and Linda had been used to leaving the doors open all over the house to keep the air flowing, including the bathroom door. One afternoon she was using the bathroom and forgot to close the door. She was sitting on the toilet when she suddenly looked up and saw him standing in the doorway. He was staring between her legs and did not see her looking at him. Linda was too shocked to even say anything for a few moments. In that time she saw a very strange look in his eyes.

«Andy!» Linda almost screamed.

«Oh, sorry, Mom,» Andy said with a red face and he hurried off.

Incredibly after Linda closed the door she sat back down on the toilet and masturbated.

After that Linda tried to keep a level of privacy by making sure the bathroom and the bedroom doors were closed at all times. Yet it was not the last time she masturbated thinking about the incident.

Then, something happened that changed everything. One afternoon Andy came home from work excited. He said a friend had a cabin in the mountains and said that he could use it whenever he wanted.

«Can we go up there for vacation, Mom, please,» he begged.

«A cabin, in the woods? I don’t know, Andy, I am not much for cabins, or the woods.»

«He says it is rustic, but very nice. We could hike and swim in a nearby pond … you know get back to nature. He said there was even a lagoon with a giant waterfall. It would be wonderful, just you and me.»

Linda blushed at his enthusiasm at wanting to be with his mother. She started to say, why don’t you find a friend to go with you, but then stopped. What if he had a female friend that would go with him? She didn’t want him in the mountains with some hussy or slut. After a long and thoughtful pause she said, «I guess we could go for a few days.»

Andy jumped up and hugged his mother. «Wonderful … great. You will love it and it will be a time for just you and me to get to know each other again.»

Suddenly Linda was a bit worried. Just she and him together? Was that a good idea, she wondered. Yet he was so excited and she had already said yes, so it was really too late to change her mind.

Two weeks later Andy and Linda were in a rented Jeep, driving along a winding trail toward the cabin. It was a warm summer day, the leaves shimmered in the gentle breeze and the sky was crystal blue. Linda felt refreshed. Just breathing the fresh mountain air gave her a sense of serenity, something she sorely needed. Maybe this was going to be fun after all, she thought. Yet, while she had tried to put all her concerns behind her, there was still the nagging doubt about being alone with Andy. It seemed crazy because she was alone at home with him all the time. But this seemed so much more intimate. She told herself that he was her son and she was his mother, and it would be good for them to share time together. What could go wrong?

Andy was lost in his own thoughts. He was incredibly excited to be going away with his mother. While he didn’t know anything about how his mother was feeling, he had his own illicit feelings. He of course loved his mother, but it was so much more than that. While he had dated enough, no girl had ever really compared to her. They were always too immature, and way to skinny. His view of beauty in a woman was more … well was more like how his mother looked. He glanced over as he drove. He loved her gorgeous blue eyes and her shoulder length blond hair, which was tied in two pony tails for the trip, and framed her round face creating the image of a much younger woman. He loved how her large breasts bounced as the Jeep hit bumps in the road. He loved the way they jutted out and curved maturely downward without sagging.

It had been a surprise to Andy when his mother came out of the house wearing short shorts, and a tank top without a bra underneath. Not that she needed one. He had also eyed her tight jean short shorts, loving the way they lifted and shaped her well rounded buttocks. One of his many fantasies about his mother was to bury his face between those cheeks and lick and kiss every inch of her. And those nipples, which were as hard as two pearls in a mature oyster, were incredible and made for sucking. He pushed the thought from his mind as he began to get erect. Unlike his mother, however, he had no hang ups about sex. He had enjoyed it with a number of girls since high school, but invariable as he was making love to them, he pictured his mother. He no longer thought about if it was right or wrong to think about his mother this way. As long as no one knew, especially his mother, then what was the harm.

As they moved further into the wilderness, the road turned from pavement to dirt/gravel and the climb grew steeper. They drove across a rickety bridge spanning a rushing river. The rapidly moving water was only a few feet below the surface of the bridge. It was a bit frightening, but invigorating and exciting as well.

«That must be the water fall that my friend talked about,» Andy said, pointing to a large water fall to their left and upward toward the mountain. «So we must be close.»

«Good, my butt is getting sore,» Linda said with a laugh.

I’ll massage it for you Andy thought but did not say.

Linda had not seen a house in several hours and the desolation made her a bit more concerned about what they had gotten themselves into. She had never been camping, nor had she ever wanted to go. Yet she could not refuse Andy, especially since he seemed so excited about the trip. Now, as they moved further and further from civilization she began to feel a bit of regret. But the desolation was not all that was bothering her. She could feel Andy’s eyes on her and regretted that she had not put on a bra. She could feel her breasts bouncing even more as they traveled along the rutted path. The chafing of her top on her nipples made them as hard as rocks … and the stimulation kept sending unwanted tremors down her spine … not to mention the effect his eyes were having on her. It almost felt like he could see through her top.

Not too far from the bridge they arrived at the cabin … if you could call it that. It was quite a bit more rustic then either of them had expected. It looked solid enough, and was in relatively good repair, at least from the outside view, but it certainly has seen better days. They got out of the Jeep and looked at their surroundings. The cabin was situated on the side of the mountain, overlooking incredible vistas as far as the eye could see.

«This is beautiful, Andy, but it looks really crude,» Linda said.

«Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. But it will be fun, wait and see. It will be our chance to get back to nature.» Andy took his mother’s hand in his.

«I am not sure how much nature I can stand,» Linda said without a smile looking at the rustic cabin.

«All right, we can try it, and always leave if it is too much nature for us,» he returned.

«Well, it certainly is beautiful,» Linda said. «You think there are wild animals around here?» she asked looking around nervously.

«Maybe, but I am sure if we leave them alone they won’t bother us,» Andy responded.

«I hope you’re right about that.»

«Let’s check out the cabin.»

As they walked in, Linda said, «Oh, my.»

The cabin was but one room, with an old bed, wood stove, and a small table and several chairs representing the kitchen. «Look how small it is … and a wood stove, my God. There is only one bed too. And where is the bathroom?» Linda asked.

Andy went over and opened a small door. «Over here, I think.»

Linda walked over and stopped in her tracks with a look of shock on her face. In the tiny room was an old toilet with a broken seat. Linda saw an old sink in the corner and turned on the faucet. A trickle of water came out but nothing more. «Andy, I’m not sure about this,» she said.

«Me either,» he returned. «I thought it was a more modern cabin then this. We should probably go back.»

«I’m afraid so.»

«Well, it will be dark in an hour or two, and we are too far from civilization to leave tonight. We can stay tonight and head home tomorrow,» Andy said with clear disappointment.

«That might be a good idea. I’m sorry, sweetheart, I know you were looking forward to this.»

«It’s okay, Mom, I guess Tom is more of an outdoor guy then I thought.»

«Not your fault,» Linda said. Then trying to cheer Andy up she said, «We have plenty of food in the car and I am sure we can get the stove working. So we can act like we are on an overnight camping trip.»

«Okay,» Andy said with a smile. «Let’s unpack and then explore the area.»

They unloaded a minimum of clothes and food and stored it in the cabin. Then the two of them set off to explore the surrounding area. They hiked for an hour or so, circling around the cabin, but not going too far in fear of getting lost. When the sun started to slip behind the mountain they headed back.

«I’ll gather up some wood for the stove,» Andy said.

«Okay, I can at least whip up some soup and salad,» Linda said.

A few minutes later Andy came back with wood for the stove. «I found a generator out back. It looks like there is some fuel so I will see if I can get it started. Maybe it will be enough power for some lights, and to run that thing that looks like a refrigerator. And maybe even enough power to run the well pump.»

«Great. I will start dinner.»

Andy was successful in getting the generator started, and checked that it ran the few lights in the cabin and the well pump, but he was concerned that they did not have a lot of fuel to keep things running. So after he got it started he shut it off.

When he went back into the house Linda said, «The lights came on for a minute but then they went off again.»

«I got the generator started, but there is not a lot of fuel so figured I would not run it until we need electricity.»

«Okay. We don’t need it for dinner. I can light the oil lamps for now. Dinner by lamp light will be nice.»

Andy smiled and hugged his mother. Linda hugged him back, but pulled away when she felt an un-motherly like chill run down her spine. She put that out of her mind and hurried over to the stove. A few minutes later dinner was ready. They had canned soup and a salad with Italian bread.

After dinner, Andy cleaned up and Linda made the bed with a set of sheets they had brought with them. When Andy saw her making the bed, he said, «Mom, I can sleep in the rocker for tonight.»

«Nonsense, you would never be able to sleep in that. We can share a bed for one night.»

«Okay, if you’re sure.» Andy did his best to hide a smile.

«Yes, I am sure. But I need to wash up.»

«I saw a well pump out back. I tried it and got water out. I’ll bring some in.

«Maybe I can heat enough hot water for that thing that looks like a wash tub,» she said, pointing to a large metal tub sitting in the corner.

«I’ll get the generator going for the lights and the refrigerator.»

Linda got enough water heated to fill half the tub. But since there was no privacy she asked Andy to go outside while she took a quick wash. He said sure and went outside. Then Linda realized that she needed to use the toilet. She looked at the old toilet and wondered if it worked. There was water in the tank, but none in the bowl. Yet her only other alternative was to go outside and she wasn’t about to do that. It was already dark and she could see lightning and hear thunder. So she squatted over the toilet and did her business. She was able to flush the toilet, thankfully.

She called Andy back inside after she bathed. He was stoking the fire in the stove when a huge crack of lightning seemed to hit right outside the house. The blast lit up the room like daylight and a tremendous bang rocked the house. The lights went out. Linda practically jumped into Andy’s arms. «What was that?» she screamed.

«It must have been a lightening strike. I see smoke outside. Let me check,» Andy said and ran outside. A few minutes later he came back inside, and he was soaked. «Lightening hit the generator and fried it. We don’t have any electricity. Fortunately the rain put out the fire the lightning strike started.»

«Oh God,» Linda whispered.

«It will be okay, Mom,» Andy said, hugging his mother again. Then he lit the oil lamps so they at least had a little light. «I’m sorry I can’t take a bath,» Andy added sheepishly.

«I suppose we will survive that,» she said with a slight smile. Linda’s face turned red again. She wasn’t against going natural, meaning no bath, no deodorant, but she preferred to do it when Andy wasn’t around.

«Let’s go to bed and we will head out in the morning,» Andy said.

Linda nodded and said, «Turn your back, so I can change into my night clothes.»

«Okay,» Andy said, turning away. He waited until his mother said he could turn around again. He saw that she was wearing a camisole and panties. The top was relatively thin and he could see her large breasts in the lamp light silhouetted under the gauzy material.

Linda was embarrassed again. She had thought they would have separate rooms and had not thought to bring night gowns and such. She hurried over and got under the covers. Andy stripped down to his underwear and came over and slid under the covers, a respectable distance from her. He turned out the oil lamp and lay quietly in bed, so close to his mother he could almost feel her heat, yet not touching. The room was quiet enough that they could hear the pouring rain on the roof and the room glowed with each bolt of lightning. Under the right circumstances it would have been quite romantic.

When a strong crack of lightning hit near the house again Linda jumped and turned over to her son with a frightened look on her face. «It’s okay, I think it hit on top of the mountain,» he said. Then he stretched his arm out and was pleased when his mother snuggled into it. He could feel that she was trembling and squeezed her tighter. In spite of trying to act like a normal son, the closeness of his mother, and her sweet smell gave him an erection. The fact that one large breast was pressed to his chest didn’t help either. He gently rubbed her shoulder until he heard her gentle snoring. A contented smile came to his face.

The storm lasted most of the night. The rain continued unabated and pounded the roof loudly. At one point Andy had to get up and put the metal tub under a leak in the roof. The drip, drip of the water and the torrential rain on the roof kept him awake most of the night. He finally fell into an exhausted sleep just before dawn.

Chapter 3

The chirping of birds awakened Linda the following morning. As she opened her eyes, she realized that she was lying on her side and Andy was snuggled up behind her. She lay there for some time feeling the warmth of her son behind her before she realized that at some point his hand had slipped down and across her breasts pushing the top of her camisole down. Her heart began to beat faster as she wondered how to extract herself from this situation. If she lifted his hand, he would probably awaken and maybe feel, if not see, her naked breast. Then she felt something behind her and realized with great mortification that Andy apparently had an erection. For a moment she wondered if he was awake, but then after listening to his heavy breathing convinced herself that he was still asleep.

What do I do now? she thought. Any movement was bound to wake him. She lay for a long time, unable to control the shivers that began to move up and down her body. It was chilly in the room, but not that chilly. Incredibly she could feel Andy’s penis throbbing as it lay situated between the cheeks of her buttocks. Then she heard him moan in his sleep. She had to get up, now.

Gently she extracted her son’s hand and slipped out of bed. She breathed a sigh of relief when he groaned and turned over onto his back, remaining asleep. When she saw the tent in the sheet she almost gasped. In spite of everything she was unable to turn away. She watched it for several minutes thinking how the pulsing of his cock raised the sheet with each beat of his heart. She bit her lip when she saw a dark spot appear at the tip and wondered if he was climaxing. She took a couple of steps closer but couldn’t tell. Then Andy moaned and turned away from her. She felt disappointed and relieved.

As she busied herself straightening up the cabin as quietly as possible, she had time to think about what had just happened. While she was embarrassed about it, it did not make her feel as bad as she thought it should. In fact, she felt good about the fact that she could have something like that happen and not feel totally guilty. She had felt her son’s hand on her breast and his erection on her buttocks, but it had all been accidental. She had seen his penis pulsing under the sheet and maybe even climaxing. Those things happen she told herself … he was a healthy young man. There was nothing to be embarrassed about. She looked over at the bed and smiled at her sleeping son. She loved her son so much and since he had returned home she could feel that love growing, if that was possible.

It was several hours later when Andy awoke to the smell of bacon, eggs, and coffee. He opened his eyes and saw his mother putting plates and silverware on the small table.

«Good morning, sleepyhead,» Linda said. The incident several hours earlier had been put out of her mind for the moment.

«Good morning,» Andy said, rubbing his eyes. He was still groggy from getting only a few hours of sleep. «The storm is over I see,» he said, looking at the sunshine streaming through the window.

«Yes, it is a beautiful morning, but that was a ferocious storm. I’m glad the cabin is still standing.»

«Well, it won’t matter, once we pack up and get out of here,» Andy replied.

Andy got out of bed and suddenly realized that his underwear was tented. He had a piss hard-on. His face flushed when he saw his mother look at his crotch. «I uh … I need to … uh … I’ll just go outside and pee.»

Linda’s face flushed as well. She nodded and quickly turned away. Andy couldn’t see that there was a small smile on her face. «Breakfast is ready when you get back,» she said. She had to giggle when Andy was gone. It was perfectly natural for a boy/man to have erections in the morning. But how embarrassed it must have been for him, she mused.

Andy did his business and came back in and had breakfast. Afterward they packed up the Jeep and headed down the dirt road. They were only a half mile from the cabin when they reached the old rickety bridge. Unfortunately, it was no longer there.

They jumped out of the Jeep and walked over to the edge as close to the now raging river as they dared.

«Oh my God, the bridge is gone,» Linda said.

«The storm must have taken it out. It has probably been there for years and it has to be washed out the night we arrive. Our luck sucks,» Andy said. However he quickly realized that if they couldn’t get out for a few days they would have to tough it out. He didn’t let his mother see him smile.

«What are we going to do now?» Linda said, suddenly feeling panic building.

«Okay, okay, we’ll head back to the cabin and assess our situation.»

At the cabin they sat down to talk.

«Do you think there is another road out of here?» Linda asked.

«I don’t know. It looks like the road to the cabin continues up the mountain, but it doesn’t appear to have been used in years. We can check it out. We have enough food to last a couple of weeks or so, if we are careful. There is plenty of water. Maybe I can somehow fix the generator as well.»

«Our cell phones don’t work up here,» Linda said.

Andy nodded and said, «Worse case we can walk out if necessary.»

«I suppose so,» she answered, relieved that her son seemed so calm about it all.

«I was a boy scout you know,» Andy’s said and smiled.

«And a good one too,» she returned.

He put his arm around his mother. «We’ll be fine.»

«I know. It will be kind of nice to be here with just you, even if we are trapped like rats on a singing ship,» she said with a little smile.

«Maybe not that bad,» Andy said returning his mother’s smile. Then added, «Kind of like an exclusive South Seas vacation.»

«Well maybe not that good either,» she laughed. They laughed together. She looked at her son and her heart swelled with love. «I love you,» she said stroking his face and smiled brightly.

«I love you too,» Andy said and his face colored a bit. Quickly he added, «Now, let’s get unpacked again and I’ll see what I can do with the generator.»

An hour later Andy came inside with grease on his hands and said, «No luck, it is fried. But I did find a storage building that is kind of built into the side of the hill. I’m not sure what is in there. I’m going to break the lock.»

Andy’s went to the Jeep to get a tire iron to break the lock when he remembered an envelope that his friend had given him. He had totally forgotten it. He got it from the console of the Jeep and opened it. Inside was a note from his friend. It said that he hoped he enjoyed the cabin and explained about the generator and where the operating instructions were. He also said there was a storage shed with non-perishable food and other supplies, which he could use if needed. Andy took the key and ran to the shed and opened the door. Inside were shelves of canned food, a medical kit, generator fuel and other supplies, enough for them to survive for weeks, if not longer. Unfortunately with the generator fried, the fuel would be of no use.

Andy ran back to the house to tell his mother the good news. They hugged happily.

Later that evening they lit the oil lamps again and tried to read. There just wasn’t enough light. They washed as best they could and went to bed instead, Andy again sleeping next to his mother.

That night Linda had a very strange dream. It was similar to those she had had years ago, only much more graphic. She was in bed and Andy was with her. He felt him crawling between her legs and then he began to kiss up her thighs. She put her hand between her legs to prevent his mouth from reaching her private area. He kissed the hand which protected her pussy. She was about to pull her hand away when she suddenly awakened. She was breathing hard and could feel her pussy throbbing. When she came to her senses she realized that she was lying in the crook of Andy’s arm again, with her face against his chest. She could feel his heart beating under her cheek. His body felt warm and comfortable. She could smell his maleness which caused a little shiver to run down her spine. Morning light was streaming into the cabin so she pulled gently away and got out of bed. She padded to the bathroom and sat down. She realized that her pussy was soaked and knew why. She put that thought aside and did her business and then poured water in the toilet to flush it. Then she went to fix breakfast.

Andy woke up to the smell of breakfast. He stretched and yawned.

«Good morning,» she said.

«Good morning, Mom. It looks like another beautiful day.»

«It is.»

«Why don’t we go for a walk after breakfast? We can see if there is a high point where we can scan the area for other cabins or roads,» Andy said.

«Okay … okay, I’d like that.»

After breakfast they left the cabin and headed up an overgrown trail near the river where the bridge had been washed out. That walked further up the mountain and came to a clearing. There they found a man-made ladder and wooden walkway that led to a point very close to a huge water fall.

«Oh, wow, look at that, Mom. Tom told me there was a beautiful waterfall here.»

«God, that is beautiful.»

«Let’s climb up there,» Andy said, pointing to a ladder attached to a platform which overlooked the falls.

«Are you sure it is safe?» Linda said.

«It looks pretty sturdy. I’ll go up first.»

«Be careful.»

Andy climbed the ladder to the top of the platform. He walked back and forth testing the boards and then climbed down. «It’s really sturdy. It looks like it was built recently, the wood is still green. Go up in front of me. I’ll catch you if you slip.»

«Yeah, and we will both hit the ground with a thud,» Linda said and laughed.

As Linda began to climb the ladder, she could almost feel her son’s eyes on her ass. She was wearing the same pair of tight cut off shorts and the tube top she had on when they arrived. She knew she shouldn’t have worn such tight shorts, but she had not brought many clothes and certainly no good ones. Her ass was almost in his face as she felt him start the climb behind her. In spite of her embarrassment she felt a rush of excitement go through her. With each step she felt the excitement growing and knew that her panties were getting wet. It was crazy, insane, but she couldn’t control her reaction.

As much as she didn’t want to, she couldn’t help turning her head and looking down. She almost gasped when she saw her son’s eyes staring at her ample butt. She forced a quick smile and hurried up the ladder. When they were on the top of the platform, she glanced down at her son’s crotch and could see that there was a tent in the front of his jeans. She shivered.

She quickly averted her eyes and turned to look at the huge waterfall. Andy joined her now, standing close. They stood staring at the huge fall for some minutes. Finally they sat down on the platform with their legs dangling over the side. Andy removed his shoes and shirt. He wiggled his toes in the drifting mist from the falls. The sun shining through the mist created a gorgeous rainbow.

Linda saw his broad hairless chest and her breath caught. She looked away quickly. «Look at the rainbow,» she said, pointing at the arch of the rainbow almost close enough to touch.

«Wow, that is gorgeous, Mom,» Andy said and put his arm around his mother. She leaned close to him.

«This is fun,» she said. «Even if we are stuck here for a while.»

«Yes it is. Just you and me.» He squeezed his mother tighter.

They sat quietly for a long time, enjoying the gorgeous falls and the beautiful day.

Linda felt so close to her son at that moment. She felt so warm and secure in his arms. Her heart was beating a little faster as her mind wondered back to her dream. She wondered what would have happened had she move her hand in the dream and allowed him to put his mouth on her. No, her conscience screamed, that is so wrong.

Andy stood up and reached down to help his mother up. As she stood, her sandal caught on a board and she fell backward, but into her son’s arms. When she turned to say thanks, she realized that their lips were just inches apart. The gorgeous day, the breeze rustling through the leaves, the fine mist of the refreshing water all conspired to make Linda’s head spin. Before she knew what was happening their lips were pressed together. She had no idea how it happened or who initiated it and incredibly she felt powerless to stop it. Suddenly she felt Andy’s hands grasp her breasts. A low moan escaped her lips as his tongue entered her mouth. A moment later she realized the enormity of what they were doing.

Linda pulled her lips from him and reached for his hands and pried them from her breasts. She pulled away and stood flustered. «That, that was … not appropriate,» she said in a whisper that was almost drowned out by the thunder of the falls.

«I’m sorry, Mom. I guess being here and all this beauty, the rainbow and the falls, and being next to you … I mean I don’t know what came over me.» Andy’s face was beet red and he looked as if he might cry. He awaited her wrath.

«Okay, okay, let’s not let it ruin our day,» she said.

Andy almost sighed in relief. Instead of ruining his day, it has made it.

Linda she walked unsteadily toward the ladder, her legs feeling like rubber, and climbed down. Andy joined her a moment later. As they walked along the trail Andy reached out and gently took his mother’s hand. He was relieved and delighted when she didn’t pull away. They walked hand in hand back to the cabin.

Chapter 4

When they arrived back, Andy said he was going to explore the old road to see where it led.

«Okay, Sweetheart, but don’t be gone long.»

«Okay, I won’t.» Andy followed the vegetation covered road up the mountain and over the ridge. He figured the Jeep could navigate the road without any problem. There were several sections that were dicey, however. He came to a bend and saw that the road continued back down the mountain. He climbed a rock to see over the trees and realized that the road did in fact look as if it went all the way down the mountain. Then as he looked across the horizon he could see several cabins, with smoke coming from the chimney’s, and suddenly knew that this road had to have access to a main road. With excitement he turned and began to hurry back to his mother. Then his pace slowed as he wondered if he should tell her just yet. He knew it would incredibly dishonest, yet he remembered the kiss and wondered how far he could take it. Would she let him kiss her again? Maybe she would if they were there for a couple of days. What else would she let me do, he wondered? She had not really admonished him for pawing her breasts. As he neared the cabin he decided that he was not going to tell her right away. Maybe he would wait until tomorrow. What would it hurt, he thought?

When he walked into the cabin he did not see his mother. Then he suddenly realized that she was in the bathroom. He knew he should probably wait outside, but he could not bring himself to leave. Instead he sat on the bed.

Then he heard his mother pouring water into the toilet and a moment later she came out.

«Oh, Andy, I didn’t know you were back,» she said with a very red face.

«Sorry, Mom, I just walked in.»

«Uh … can you get me some more wood for the stove?» she asked, strangely flustered.

Instead he said, «Sure. Let me go to the bathroom first.» Inside, Andy sat down without taking his pants down. He thought about his mother. When he felt himself becoming erect, he thought about masturbating, but instead got up and used the toilet, poured water into the bowl and came out of the bathroom. He went outside and brought back a load of wood. Then he helped his mother set the table. As he did, he took every opportunity to brush up against her, to touch her hand, or arm. He was happy that she didn’t seem to mind. At one point she turned to go back to the stove as Andy was turning to bring silverware to the table. They collided. «Oops,» Andy said as his arms went around his mother to prevent her from falling backward. And as had happened earlier, when he had her in his arms, he tried to bring his lips to her. Just as they touched she turned away. At the same time she gently pushed him back.

«Behave yourself,» she said, but without anger.

Andy smiled and said, «I’ll try, but it is difficult.»

Linda pursed her lips at her son and shook her head. Then a small smile creased her lips. She wanted to be angry at him, but found it all but impossible. She should be mad … he had taken some personal liberties with her that were inappropriate. Yet she couldn’t find that emotion. It must be the high altitude and thin air she thought.

After dinner they went outside to watch the sun set. They sat side by side on the porch. Andy gently and carefully put his arm around his mother’s shoulder. She leaned into him.

«It’s so quiet here,» Linda said.

As it grew dark the stars almost popped out of the sky.

«Look at the stars. I don’t think I have ever seen so many,» Linda said.

«Me either. I’m not happy that the bridge washed out, but I am happy to be here with you,» Andy said.

Linda sighed and touched his thigh with her hand. «So am I,» she said and turned to her son. A moment later their lips were together again. Again she had no idea who initiated the kiss. There was that voice of warning in her head but it somehow seemed far off. This time the kiss lasted longer. When Andy pushed his tongue forward, his mother opened her mouth and let it in. He moaned and felt himself getting excited. Then he almost gasped when he felt his mother’s hand drop to his crotch. He wasn’t sure if it was by accident or not. Incredibly he felt her squeeze him.

Linda couldn’t believe what she had just done. At first it was an accident, but when she realized that her hand was right on his erection she couldn’t help but squeeze him. It was almost a reflex action … or was it? she wondered.

Andy moaned quietly.

Linda pulled away suddenly. «I … I … had better get ready for bed.» She was shaking as she walked into the house. She couldn’t believe that she had let him kiss her and she had responded. But that wasn’t the worst part … she had actually touched her son’s penis. She had squeezed her son’s cock. Her knees almost gave way as she bent over to pull down the covers of the bed. She quickly put on her night gown and crawled under the covers. Without thinking she reached down and touched her pussy lips. They were very wet. A moan escaped her lips.

Andy sat stunned on the porch. He wondered if he had actually felt his mother’s hand on his cock. It must have been a dream, he thought. But he was wide awake and so was she. After a few minutes he got up and went into the cabin. Linda had put out all the lights, with only the burning wood in the opened stove lighting the room. She was in bed, under the covers. Andy undressed to his underwear and slid into the bed. He lay on his back, still thinking about what had happened on the porch, his cock was still as hard as a rock. He felt his mother turn over onto her back and then felt her hand search for his. She held it as they both lay quietly.

They were both deep in their thoughts when Andy said, «Mom, have you been lonely … I mean while I was gone?»

Linda didn’t answer for a while, still feeling the effects of the kiss on the porch. She worried that her voice would not work. Finally she said, «Yes, I was. I have friends, but none are as close as you and I are.»

Andy smiled. «Then you are glad I moved back in. I wasn’t sure.»

Andy felt his mother turn toward him. Then she turned his face toward her. He could see her face her eyes tearing. At the same time he saw the reflection of the firelight in her gorgeous eyes and his heart thumped.

«Sweetheart, why would you ever think I would not want you with me?»

«I don’t know. Most kids are out of the house by my age and the parents don’t want them to come back. Besides, I don’t want to burden you.»

«You are not a burden to me, don’t ever say that. You are the love of my life. I was never so happy as I was the day you were born, or as sad when you left. You have made me happy every day of your life. Always.»

Andy saw the tears in his mother’s eyes overflow. He had tears in his eyes now. A moment later their lips were together. And again they shared a passionate kiss. As the kiss continued, Andy felt his mother’s hand on his bare chest and he trembled.

What am I doing, this is crazy, Linda’s mind screamed as she moved her hand down his strong chest all the way to his stomach. Then she paused when she felt the waistband of his underwear. Suddenly her heart felt like it was going to jump out of her chest. Her hand was shaking, almost uncontrollably. A moment later her fingers had snaked under the elastic. A sudden gasp escaped her lips when she felt the wetness and then the swollen and dripping head of his penis.

Andy was frozen and his heart almost stop when his mother’s hand had slipped under the elastic of his shorts. Now her fingers were actually touching his swollen cock head. This is not happening, his brain screamed … but it was. He moaned involuntarily when he felt her hand suddenly close around his now throbbing erection. As their kiss continued Andy felt his mother’s hand begin to move, very slowly at first, hesitantly.

Linda couldn’t believe how wonderful his hard cock felt under her hand. She could feel the softness of the skin of his throbbing cock. It was hard and soft at the same time. She traced her fingers up and down the shaft, feeling the swollen veins and the dripping juice coming from the opening at the head. She began to move her hand faster and heard her son moan.

Andy groaned into his mother’s mouth as his cock throbbed. He was getting close and hoped that she wouldn’t stop before he climaxed. Yet he didn’t want to climax yet. He wanted to enjoy the feeling … one that he might never feel again, at least under his mother’s hand. Then he felt her hand moving faster. He moaned again and suddenly began to squirt his seed. The cabin spun around him as pleasure like he had never felt enveloped him. Of course he had climaxed many times in his life, but never like this. It was powerful and intense, but also loving and warm. It felt so natural.

Linda’s heart thumped faster when she felt his cream shooting up the shaft. She could feel the hot seed squirting as it surged up the long shaft. It ran down his stomach and she could feel the sticky cum under the knuckles of her hand. It was warm and sticky. She loved the feel of it under her fingers and moved some up to his shaft as the final cum was milked out of him.

When his seed was spent Andy felt his mother wipe her hand on his underwear and then turn over and face away from him. Andy lay awake for a long time, thinking about what had just happened. Nothing in his life had prepared him for the way he felt at that moment. His love for his mother was almost bursting from his chest. He wanted to grab her and squeeze her so tight. Yet, he didn’t move. He knew that his feelings were not normal. He glanced at his mother’s form lying next to him. She was lying on her stomach now. He could see the ups and downs of the sheet as he flowed across her body. He followed it with his eyes down her body to the swells of her hips. He could see the outline of her ass and the way the sheet hugged her cheeks. Without thinking he reached out and ran his hand from her waist, across her buttock, and to the back of her thigh. Then back up again, feeling the soft cotton of the sheet sliding across her smooth skin. He moved his hand up and down several times, enjoying the sensual feeling of her body and the heat that seemed to be growing under his caressing hand.

His hand was shaking as he moved it across her waist and over the cheeks of her ass again. The sheet sank into the crease under pressure from his fingers, leaving a dark divide between. He slid his hand down, trailing his fingers between that divide. When he tried to move his fingers deeper he felt his mother stir.

«Go to sleep, Andy,» she whispered, but without anger.

He was surprised that she was awake. He paused and knew he had pressed his luck as far as he could on this day. With a smile on his lips he said, «Good night, Mom. I love you.»

«I love you, too.»

Linda lie awake for a long time. The cascade of emotions she felt were almost too much for her; guilt, embarrassment, shame, self-recrimination, excitement, but mostly there was love.

Chapter 5

Andy had gotten up early and left his mother a note. He said he was going to explore the road across the mountain again and would be back in several hours. When he reached the top of the mountain he paused and sat on a large rock overhang. He could see the road, the river, and houses with smoke coming from the chimney’s. Inside those houses were people going about their daily routines. Yet here he was, thinking sexual thoughts about his mother. He was thinking about how his mother had taken his cock into her hand and stroked him until he climaxed. Most of the people out there would think that was so wrong. But who were they to judge him, he thought. Some of them might have dreamed of doing the same things, but never acted on them. Besides, who says it is so wrong … he knew from history books that love between mother and son, father and daughter or siblings was not such a strange thing. It had happened since time began. How could it be so wrong if it felt so good? Then he put those thoughts aside. He wanted to get back to his mother.

When he returned his mother was up and outside, sitting on the porch.

He waived and hurried down to her. He had decided to tell her about the access road. The deceit was bothering him too much. He was breathless as he said, «The road leads to a second bridge over the river. I’m sure we can get out that way. I could see cabins and a few cars.»

«Great, wonderful,» Linda said with a broad smile.

Then Andy lost his smile. «Do we … uh should we leave?» he asked.

Linda thought for a moment and said, «No, I don’t see why. I think we can make due here for a few more days.»

Andy’s frown turned to a broad smile. He grabbed his mother and hugged her, nearly lifting her off the ground. His hands had slipped down to her ass as he held her tightly. Then, when he tried to kiss her she pulled her head back. His heart sank.

Linda whispered, «Behave.» But she didn’t pull away, keeping her chest pressed tightly to him. They stood hugging for several minutes.

Andy could feel his erection growing uncomfortably in his jeans. He was pretty sure his mother could feel it as well.

Linda had felt it and she knew she lingered within the hug for too long. She thought about how that same erection had felt in her hand. How it had squirted his hot juices and how she had played with it. She shook her head to try to remove those thoughts. Wrong, wrong, wrong, her brain screamed. When she finally pulled back she said, «Let’s go to the falls again today.»

«Great,» Andy said. «We can take a picnic and sit on the overlook.»

«Wonderful. Let me clean up the cabin and then I will fix us something to take.

Andy stacked some firewood on the porch before he went into the house. When he did he saw his mother bending over to get a top out of the dresser. She was topless and her shorts were stretched across her gorgeous ass. He stood quietly enjoying the view for a few moments. He was hoping she would turn around when she heard him. He pushed the door a bit and it creaked.

Suddenly Linda turned around. «Oh,» she gasped, startled to see her son standing at the door. Her face turned red with embarrassment as she tried unsuccessfully to cover her breasts. They were much too large to be covered by her arms.

«Sorry, Mom, I didn’t know you were still getting dressed,» Andy said. He stared at his mother’s breasts for several long moments before he said, «I’ll wait outside.»

A few minutes later Linda came outside. Her face was still red from Andy seeing her bare tits. She had a picnic basket and a blanket.

«I’ll carry the basket,» Andy said and took it from his mother. As they headed for the falls, Andy reached over and took his mother’s hand. They walked to the falls holding hands and Andy helped his mother up the ladder, enjoying the view again of her gorgeous ass just inches from his face. They sat on the platform and had lunch. Then they relaxed, looking at the gorgeous falls and enjoying the day. Andy scooted over to his mother and took her into his arms, holding her against him.

«This is so wonderful. I’m glad we decided to stay,» Linda said.

«Me too,» Andy said. He was rubbing his hand up and down his mother’s arms. «Mom, do you think you will ever marry again?» he asked.

Linda laughed. «Where did that come from?» she asked.

«I was just curious. I mean you never date.»

«I have not been out with a man since your father died. I really don’t have any desire to go out. Besides I have you,» she said and snuggled into his arms.

Andy took a deep breath and blurted, «Can I kiss you again, Mom?» His heart was pounding in his chest.

Linda paused, surprised that he had actually asked her. How in the world could she answer that? She was his mother. «It’s wrong, Andy. You know that, don’t you? You also know what I did … you know, in the morning, was wrong too.» She looked up at him, her eyes searching his.

«No … I mean, yes, but how can something that makes us … I mean me, feel so good be wrong? Besides we love each other.»

«Mother’s and sons always love each other.»

«But not like we do … I mean at least not like I love you.»

Linda sighed and didn’t answer. She knew exactly what he was talking about and knew that if she denied it, it would be a lie.

«Mom, please,» Andy said, turning his mother’s face to him. Then he brought his lips to hers. She didn’t resist as his mouth covered hers.

A little moan escaped Linda’s throat as she felt her son’s tongue enter her mouth. When she pulled away several long minutes later she was breathing heavily. «Andy, we can kiss while we are here, at the cabin, but when we get back home, we will have to stop. Do you understand?»

Andy nodded, ready to agree to anything as long as he could kiss his mother.

«I mean it, it ends when we leave here. Tell me you understand that,» she said, staring into his eyes.

«Yes, I do,» he said.

With a look which said, I am not sure about that, she went back into his arms. This time it was her tongue that went into Andy’s mouth and his turn to moan. Linda gasped into his mouth when she felt his hand come up and grasp her breast.

«Andy, no, we can’t,» she gasped as she pulled her lips from his.

He pulled her lips back to his and continued to caress her breast.

Linda knew she should stop him. She knew how wrong it was, but somehow she could not find the strength to pull his hand away. Her body was betraying her. Her pussy was suddenly on fire like she had not felt in years. Then she felt Andy’s other hand working its way toward her pussy. His fingers crept closer and closer until she could feel them on the crotch of her shorts. She knew that he could feel her swollen pussy lips and that the crotch of her shorts was wet. Breath hissed from her lips as his middle finger pressed between her lips and moved up and down. When he touched her clit she almost climaxed. It took all her power to reach down and grab his hand. «Stop,» she said, as firmly as she could muster considering her excitement.

Then fait intervened. It started to rain. Totally flustered, but feeling relieved, Linda pulled away from her son and stood up. «It’s raining,» she said. She held her hands out with palms up, and turned her face upward. «Have you ever tried to catch raindrops on your tongue,» she said with a laugh and stuck her tongue out.

Then she spun around like a teenage girl, giggling and moving her head back and forth letting the drops soak her face.

What she didn’t realize was that the rain was quickly soaking through her shirt, making it all but transparent. For several moments Andy didn’t notice. Then he glanced down and saw that his mother’s breasts were almost totally exposed. He couldn’t help himself and said, «God, Mom, you have the most gorgeous breasts I have ever seen.»

Linda suddenly looked down and her face flushed. «Oh my,» she gasped. «My top is getting soaked,» she said.

«Too late now,» Andy said, with a broad smile, still staring at his mother’s large breasts under her wet top. Her nipples were threatening to poke through her shirt. «Mom, take your top off. Please. I can see everything anyway.» When Linda didn’t say anything Andy quickly stripped off his shirt. «See, I am taking mine off. No one is around to see us.»

«I … I can’t … I’m your mother,» she protested weakly. Then when Andy grew bold and reached for her shirt and began to pull it upward, she stood silent. She closed her eyes as she felt the wet shirt move above her breasts and then over her head. She trembled as she now stood topless in front of her son. It was no accident this time. When Andy suddenly pulled her to him and she felt his strong chest against her breasts her knees grew weak. The two of them slid to their knees on the platform, their lips locked together.

The rain continued to soak them as their passionate kiss went on for a long, long time. Then Andy broke the kiss and pulled back. He stared at her breasts for a long moment before he reached out and placed his hands on them. When his mother didn’t protest he moved his hands around, squeezing and kneading the warm flesh, pinching the nipples.

He heard his mother moan and he grew bolder, lifting them and pulling the nipples. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. She was breathing hard and trembling. Andy took a big risk and bent his head, taking a nipple into his mouth. He heard his mother’s intake of breath as he sucked one and the then other. One hand slipped between her legs again and found her cloth covered, throbbing pussy. He found her clit. A moment later he felt her begin to tremble. A steady moan slipped from her mouth. As Andy continued to suck his mother’s breasts he realized that she was climaxing. His mother was actually climaxing from me sucking her breasts and rubbing her pussy, he thought. His cock was throbbing so much he feared he might climax in his jeans.

When Linda finally opened her eyes and realized what happened she quickly stood up. «We had better back before we get cold,» Linda said as she started to put on her shirt.

«Don’t,» Andy said, almost pleading.

«Well we are soaked anyway,» Linda said as she looked up at the rain still falling on them. Without a word she dropped her shirt into the picnic basket. Then they packed the basket and went carefully down the ladder.

Andy took his mother’s hand as they walked back. He couldn’t help glancing over and watching his mother’s gorgeous breasts bounce with each step.

Linda could see his eyes looking at her breasts. She felt embarrassment, excitement, and but more than a little pride. She was a 40 something woman and a young man thought her breasts were beautiful. Unconsciously she stood straighter and forced her breasts outward. At one point Andy, not watching where he was walking, tripped over a tree root and fell flat on his face. Linda quickly knelt beside him. When she realized that he wasn’t hurt she began to laugh, her breasts quivering with each gasp of breath. Andy pulled her down to him, their laughter becoming uncontrollable until they were in tears and rolling on the ground until she was on top of him.

As quickly as it started the laughter ceased when both realized that Linda’s breasts were pressed to Andy’s chest. Their faces were but inches apart. Andy quickly pulled his mother’s lips to his and they kissed. He pushed his pelvis upward and knew that his mother could feel his incredible erection. He actually thought that she pressed back to him. Then his mother slipped to his side and he felt her hand sliding down his stomach to his hard cock under his pants. His eyes opened wide when he realized that she was unzipping his pants. «Ohhhhhh, Mom,» he gasped when her warm hand wrapped around his now exposed cock. His mother lay her face on his chest as she began to stroke him. She teased him for a long time before he whispered that he was getting close. He was happy to find that his mother did not stop stroking him, but moved her hand faster.

«Ahhhhhhiiiiii,» he screamed as his cock lurched and his cum spurted out. He felt it hit his stomach and vaguely wondered if it had reached his mother’s face. He closed his eyes as pleasure rushed though him. He could feel each throb and each squeeze of his mother’s fist until he was drained.

Linda pulled away from Andy and stood up. The trail is getting slippery,» Linda said. She took her top out of the picnic basket and wiped her face. She helped Andy up and they heady back down the now muddy trail.

When they arrived home Linda went into the small toilet area where she had put the tin tub half filled with water. She washed up as best she could before taking off her wet shorts and putting on a night shirt and tiny panties. It was something she would never have worn just a few weeks ago, at least not with her son around. Yet it didn’t seem so inappropriate as it did just a few days ago. She looked at herself in the mirror. She didn’t look any different … except that her cheeks seemed to have a perpetual flush. Is this what a woman who has sex with her own son looks like she wondered. Strangely she did not feel as ashamed as she thought she should. She shook here head and left the bathroom.

Andy started a fire in the stove and then he stripped down and put on a pair of under shorts. When Linda came out he was sitting on a chair that he had turned backward to cover his cock, which had «slipped» from his underwear.

«Come over here where it’s warm,» Andy said.

Linda came over; suddenly feeling embarrassed by her scanty attire, yet she had walked all the back to the cabin half naked just a few minutes ago. She sat on a chair near the fire across from Andy. «Mmmm, that feels good,» she said. She could see Andy staring at her nearly naked breasts and her nipples grew harder.

Andy smiled as he stared at his mother’s gorgeous breasts. Then he looked down at her panties. His cock throbbed against the back of the chair. «It sure gets cold up here in the mountains at night,» Andy said thinking about getting up and putting more wood on the fire. Then realizing that he could not get up without his mother seeing his erection. Then he wondered why he cared since his mother had seen his cock hard already.

«I’m sorry I didn’t bring my flannel nightgowns,» Linda returned.

«I’m not,» Andy said with a laugh. «Did I tell you how gorgeous your breasts are?» he said, staring at his mother’s thinly covered breasts. «But I like them when they are bare better.»

«Andy, stop,» Linda said without admonishment. It was actually very flattering to her that such a young man thought her breasts were pretty. She felt her pussy getting wet and worried that it would be visible soon since her panties were so tiny and thin. To change the subject she said, «My feet are freezing.»

«I can warm them up. Get on the bed and I’ll rub them like they taught me in the Boy Scouts when people have frost bite.»

«I don’t think I have frost bite, or that the boy scouts taught you to rub feet,» she laughed. «But I wouldn’t mind a foot massage.» Linda got up and went to the bed and lay down on her stomach.

Andy walked over, his hard cock swinging in front of him, almost sad that his mother couldn’t see his excitement. He stared at his mother’s gorgeous ass and thighs. He could see that the small string of her bikini panties had disappeared between her cheeks. He crawled onto the bed and took one foot in both hands and began to rub it vigorously, while still staring at her almost naked ass. Slowly, almost imperceptibly he moved her legs apart until he could actually see her pussy lips where the tiny panties did not cover. A little higher he could see the rosebud of her asshole hardly covered by the string of her panties.

It suddenly occurred to Linda that Andy could see between her legs. She could feel that the crotch of her panties were wet. There was nothing she could do about it at that moment. «Ohhh, that feels so good,» Linda said, trying to push the thought from her mind.

As Andy continued to rub he slowly pulled his mother’s leg even further away from the other. The view grew even more exciting. He had to fight to keep from shooting his load on the bed. When that foot felt warm he moved to the other, rubbing it vigorously until it was warm as well. Then, instead of stopping he began to work his hands up his mother’s calves, rubbing and massaging them with his strong hands.

«Oh, wow, that feels sooo good,» Linda said dreamily. In the back of her mind she knew that she was exposing much more than a mother should show to a son. In spite of her embarrassment she didn’t try to close her legs. As she felt his hands moving higher her legs, warning bells began to go off, yet she didn’t stop him. She knew she should, she knew she should put an end to this, but she couldn’t seem to move. Another moan escaped her lips as his hands reached the top of her thighs. Then incredibly she felt his breath on her ass cheeks. She felt a huge rush of excitement, while at the same time, she was incredibly embarrassed. Her son was inches from her ass. Then she felt his lips touching her. «Andy, please … don’t … Andy please,» she said, yet she made no move to stop him. What is wrong with me, she wondered. «Andy, no, you can’t. It’s not … not right.» Her protest was weak and Andy paid no attention.

He kissed her across one cheek and to the other, leaving a trail of wetness. He then put his nose between her cheeks and drew in her scent. His cock was throbbing almost uncontrollably.

Linda buried her face in the pillow. She wanted him to stop, but hoped he wouldn’t. She felt him move even closer.

Her face was so hot it was burning. Before she even realized it, she felt her son opening her ass cheeks and burying his nose there. She felt him prying her cheeks apart and before she could stop him she felt his tongue … «Nooooo!!! she gasped. Suddenly she closed her legs, blocking further progress. With some relief she felt her son move around until his knees were between her legs. Then she felt him press his chest to her back.

«God Mom, I loved that. I love your smell.»

Linda shivered and whispered, «No, no, oh God.»

«I love you, Mom,» Andy said as he pressed himself to her.

Then Linda realized that her son’s erection was pressed between her legs. Her mind was screaming, STOP THIS!, but she was totally incapable of moving.

Andy was ecstatic that his mother was not pushing him away. He could feel his cock throbbing between her legs. He pushed his hips forward and was amazed to feel his mother lift her hips slightly.

«No, Andy, no, please don’t,» Linda begged, but she opened her legs just a little wider.

Suddenly Andy felt his cock touch his mother’s pussy. The head was pressing on the crease where her underwear had sunk into her pussy. His heart was pounding so hard and his head spinning so much he thought he might pass out. He pushed his hips forward and felt his cock slip to the side of his mother’s panties. Suddenly the head was warm and wet. Could he be in his mother’s pussy, he wondered? Oh my God, I am. He heard his mother moan as he pushed a little harder and felt several inches of his cock go into her.

«Andy, oh God, Andy, this is wrong, please, don’t. I can’t stop … I can’t stop you, please. Oh my God, oh my God.» Suddenly Linda began to shake. She could feel her son’s cock sliding into her pussy. Her own son was fucking her. She was allowing him inside her … inside where only his father had ever been … only the second cock she had ever had and it belonged to her son. She wanted to stop him, she had to, but her body would not listen. Instead her hips lifted from the bed, making it easier for his cock to go deeper. She had not had a cock in her for years, and the last time she did, it was quite small. She couldn’t believe how large her son felt in her. He was stretching her. «Slow, slow, easy, oh God,» she said, hearing her words, but not believing they were coming from her mouth. Then she was climaxing. «Ahhhh, oh Andy, noooooo!!!» she gasped as her body betrayed her mind and sent her into spasms of pleasure. She lifted her hips, taking his cock deeply into her pussy as her inner walls contracted squeezing him in a vise like grip, milking his cock.

«Oh God, Mom, oh God,» Andy gasped as his cock went deeper and deeper into his mother’s body. He wanted it to last, maybe forever, but he was also worried that she would stop him before he climaxed. When her pussy began to squeeze his cock he couldn’t hold back. «Ahhhhhiiiiieeee!!!» he screamed as he balls released his pent up sperm deep into his mother’s body.

It poured out of him in blast after blast. He could feel his mother’s inner walls grasping the pulsing head, caressing it and draining him. His cum kept pouring out of him until his balls were totally drained. I came in my mother’s pussy … I fucked my mother,» he thought. He collapsed onto his mother’s back, both of them gasping for breath. Finally he rolled to the side and onto his back. He threw his arm over his eyes as the reality of what he had done sunk in.

On one hand he had fucked his mother and it was totally wrong … even after she told him to stop, but on the other hand his heart was about to burst with love for her. He wondered if she was going to hate him now. He felt like crying and screaming with joy at the same time.

Chapter 6

When Linda could think again she raised her head and looked over at her son. He appeared to be asleep. She quietly got up and went into the bathroom. When she sat down to pee she gasped as she felt her son’s juices running out of her. She peed and stood up looking for toilet paper, which there was none. With a sigh she put her shorts on over her soaked pussy and then slipped on her top. When she came out of the toilet she saw that Andy was still asleep. She didn’t want to wake him, she needed to think. It had stopped raining and the sun was shining again. She walked out of the cabin unsure where she was going. She ended up at the falls.

She climbed the ladder and sat on the platform, staring at the cascading water. Her mind was swirling with thoughts of all kinds. She thought about the birth of Andy and how excited she was and how much she loved him. Then after his father died, he was all she had. She knew she had transferred the love for her husband to Andy, but she didn’t realize how that love would change and how she would feel about him now. She loved him with all her heart, yet she knew it was so very wrong. No mother should allow a son to do what she had allowed him to do. She knew her submission was a combination of being alone with him and her relief that they were not in any danger. But she also knew that it was more than that. She knew from talking with the doctor that her hormones were going wild. She had suggested a lover, and on reflection she realized that that might have been the best idea. She would have had sexual relief and maybe what had happen would not have taken place. However, deep inside she knew that was a delusion. She could not think of her son now without feeling her heart thump harder and her pussy start to moisten. She knew that she had allowed the genie out of the bottle and didn’t think she could put it back in … even if she wanted to, which she was not sure she did. We are alone here, so who will ever know, she thought. If I allow Andy to take further liberties, can I stop it once we leave? I have to, she thought.

Suddenly her mind returned to what had happened in bed just a short while ago. She had allowed her son to fuck her. Yes, he had put his hard cock into her and she had enjoyed it … had climaxed like never before.

Without thinking Linda allowed her hand to slide to her pussy. She almost gasped when she felt how wet the crotch of her shorts was and she knew it was from her son’s sperm. That served to make her even more excited. Her face was hot and her heart was beating hard as she stood and stripped off her shorts. She lay down on her back and slipped her hand between her legs. Another gasp escaped her lips when she felt her swollen and slick pussy lips. She didn’t have to search to find her swollen clit. She began to tremble as her finger slipped into her hole and then rubbed the juices on her clit.

What Linda could not see was that her son had awaken and come to look for her. He was about to step out of the trees when he saw his mother on the platform. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he realized that she was naked and appeared to be masturbating. He moved to get a better view and realized that she was in fact masturbating.

Linda, unaware of her son, continued to rub her clit. She could almost feel her son’s cock inside her. Her hips began to lift from the platform as she rubbed her clit faster and faster. Soon she began to tremble as trickles of pleasure began to form in her clit and move up her body. «Ohhhh,» she gasped as her pleasure grew rapidly. Soon she was squirming on the platform in full climax.

Andy watched in amazement as his mother gave herself pleasure. He was amazed at his staid mother and would never have believed he would ever see her do something like this. His cock was already hard in his pants and he thought for a moment of masturbating himself, but decided to wait.

As Linda’s climax ended, reality began to set in. She couldn’t believe that she had actually masturbated, especially not out in the open like this. Her face turned scarlet, but her body betrayed her as she felt her pussy still throbbing. Then she realized that Andy might have come looking for her and if he saw her … well she couldn’t even consider that. She sat up and quickly looked down the trail. She sighed in relief when she didn’t see anything. She got up and started to put her clothes on but then paused. She looked down at the refreshing water below and decided that maybe a quick dip would refresh her … as well as clean the combined juices from her pussy. She wished she had some soap.

She took another look at the trail and then padded down the platform and down the ladder to the water. She dropped her clothes on the bank and slipped in. A little moan of pleasure escaped her lips as she felt the cool water caressing her body. She moved around in the water, splashing her face and upper body. Suddenly she heard something behind her and spun around. «Andy,» she gasped and tried to cover her breasts, when she saw her son on the bank. Her face turned bright red.

«Sorry, Mom, I was worried about you,» he said, staring at her naked form.

«You shouldn’t be here,» she said before she thought about what had happened earlier.

«Mom … we … I mean … you know what we … did a little while ago,» he said clearly confused by her modesty.

Linda sighed, realizing that she was being very inconsistent at best. «I’m sorry … I mean … I … we … it is hard for me.»

«I know and I’m sorry, Mom,» he said seriously. «You don’t hate me, do you?»

Linda said, «Of course not.»

«But … I … I took … advantage of you,» he said, clearly distressed now.

«No, Andy, you didn’t. What happened was … was mutual. We can discuss it later,» Linda said, not wanting to have this conversation in their present situation.

Then Andy smiled. «You still have the best breasts I have ever seen. Let me see them again.»

Linda’s face reddened again. «Andy, behave.»

«Please, please, please.»

She saw him make his best pouting face. What difference does it make now, she thought. With a sigh, she dropped her hands. She looked down at the water, unable to make eye contact with her son.

«Mom, can I join you. I could use washing too.»

Linda looked up at her son and opened her mouth, but nothing came out. She hesitated a moment too long and saw Andy stand up and begin to take his clothes off. She watched with growing excitement as he bared his body. First his shirt, then his shoes and socks, and then his pants. Suddenly she was staring at the very noticeable bulge in his underwear. With her breath coming faster she watched as he slowly pushed his underwear to his ankles and flipped them to the side. She began to tremble as she stared at her naked son.

His body was gorgeous. His cock was even bigger than she had thought. As she watched as he took it into his hand and stroked it. «Andy … please … maybe we should go back.»

Andy didn’t answer. Instead he slipped into the water in front of his mother.

Linda backed up, watching her son move toward her. «Andy … behave … behave …» she said.

«I am behaving,» he said.

Linda looked at him as if he were a misbehaving child. Then she tried to lighten it up by suddenly splashing water into his face. A moment later he did the same to her. She squealed and turned and tried to flee her son. It only took a second for him to catch her. When he did she felt his arms tighten around her waist and pull her to him. She squirmed in his arms and giggled. But then she felt his hard cock on her ass cheeks. The giggles and squirming stopped as she felt his hand move up to her breasts. She tried to move away, but there was no strength in her legs. She allowed him to pull her back and kiss her neck. As he did he continued to play with her breasts. «Andy,» she said as she turned to him. A moment later his lips were on hers. She pulled away. «Please, this is wrong,» she said. She knew it was lame, but her motherly instincts would not let go easily.

Andy held his mother tightly in his arms. «Put your legs around my waist,» he said, looking into his mother’s eyes. He wasn’t smiling.

Linda saw a strange look in her son’s eyes. He was no longer her child … he was a man … almost a stranger … but one with a hard cock which he wanted to put in her. His eyes hypnotized her. «Andy,» she almost begged but allowed him to lift one leg to his waist. A moment later, with his help, she lifted the other. She could feel his hands on the back of her thighs now, pulling her closer. Then she closed her eyes as she felt the head of his cock touch her pussy. He was going to fuck her again. «This is wrong, this is wrong,» she whispered into his ear, holding him tightly with her arms around his neck. «Oh my God,» she gasped as she felt the head of his cock breach the opening to her pussy. «Andy, Andy, Andy,» she hissed as he began to pull her down, forcing more and more of his cock into her.

At that point there was nothing she could do to stop him as his huge cock opened her pussy and slid remorselessly into her. Her brain screamed NO, but her body won again. She pushed down, taking him deeply into her. «Oh yes, oh yes, fuck me,» she gasped, barely realizing she was using such crude language.

Andy gladly complied. He lifted his mother and brought her down, allowing his cock to slide out and then back into her. He still couldn’t believe he was actually fucking his mother again. He bucked his hips, causing the calm water to ripple and splash around them. The roar of the falls matched the roar growing in his head. He wanted it to last a long time. He wanted his mother to enjoy it. He was glad they had fucked earlier … he knew he could last a long time now.

«Yes, yes, yes,» Linda gasped, no longer pretending that she didn’t enjoy it. «I’m going to cum, Andy, fuck me, fuck me hard. Yes, yes, yes,» she gasped, delirious with pleasure now. She climaxed strongly. When her shaking stopped she realized that Andy was still fucking her. He looked into his eyes as she lifted up and moved down slowly, her eyes hooding as inch after inch of his long cock went into her. She squeezed her pussy muscles before she pulled up again. She did this for a long time … taking him deep and squeezing him before pulling up until all but the head was out of her. Staring into his eyes she climaxed again, never closing her eyes or wavering. She lost herself in the deep pools of blue, almost feeling as if her soul were being sucked into her son … as if they were becoming one. The sounds of the falls, the chirp of birds, the hum of insects disappeared. Then from somewhere there was a voice.

«Oh God, Mom, I’m going to cum soon.»

Linda was no longer in her right mind. All she could say was, «Yes, yes, baby, cum in your mother. Cum for me. Ohhhhhh, God, I’m cumming again!!!»

Andy pulled his mother down until his entire cock was inside her. He felt the head of his cock expand and then his balls sent his sperm blasting into his mother.

«Ahhhhh,» Linda gasped. Her climax intensified when she felt her son’s sperm shooting into her pussy. She squeezed her legs tightly around his waist and held him as close as possible as waves of pleasure rushed over her. Her climax seemed to go on for a long, long time. When she could finally think she realized that Andy was carrying her to the bank, his cock still inside her. He laid her down gently on his discarded clothes and began to fuck her again. Linda was amazed that his penis was still hard inside her. But she had little time to ponder that as her excitement began to grow again.

«Oh, God, Mom, you feel so good. I love you, I love you,» Andy gasped as he kissed her passionately.

«I … love … you too,» Linda replied breathlessly. She lifted her hip to her son as he began to pound into her hard. She threw her legs around his waist and pulled his lips to hers. She pushed her tongue into his mouth in a passionate kiss as another climax took her. From somewhere far away she could hear screams and realized it was her, screaming her pleasure into her son’s mouth. She had never felt like this … she had never been so excited … she had never been consumed with pleasure like this … she had never climaxed like this before. It went on and on as her son fucked her through one climax after another, until she was too exhausted to scream any longer. She wasn’t sure when it happened, but at some point her son screamed that he was climaxing again. That sent more chills of excitement rushing up and down her spine but she couldn’t climax again.

With their climaxes over, the two lovers lay on the bank trying to catch their breath. Eventually Andy summonsed the strength to move. His finally shrinking cock slipped out of her followed by gobs of his cum. He stood and reached down to pull his mother to her feet. Then he led her back into the water where they embraced and kissed again and again.

«We had better get out of the water before we shrivel up like prunes,» Linda said.

«I think it has already happened to me,» Andy said, directing her attention to his now soft penis.

Linda smiled and giggled. «How could something which was so big just a minute ago be so small now.»

«Nature can be cruel,» Andy said with a laugh.

«Come on, I need to start dinner,» she said. Again they walked hand in hand, back to the cabin, carrying their clothes in their hands.

Andy smiled several times when he caught his mother glancing at his soft penis as is swung back and forth. It had regained some of it’s girth and length.

Chapter 7

Linda and Andy were sitting on the porch enjoying another beautiful day when Andy took his mother’s hand in his. They had shared many kisses already this day and Andy was excited again.

«Andy, don’t you ever get enough,» she said, looking down at the tent in his shorts. She knew he had climaxed four times today. She didn’t know a man could possibly cum that many times in one day.

«Not when I am around you. You are so beautiful.»

Linda’s face turned red at the compliment. «I’m not that pretty,» she said honestly.

«You are the prettiest woman in the world to me … and I bet every man that sees you thinks the same thing.»

«Stop,» she said modestly.

«It’s true. I already told you that your breasts are the prettiest I have ever seen.»

«Andy, you are embarrassing me.»

«Why does that embarrass you?» he asked. «I mean it is meant as a true compliment.»

Linda thought for a moment or two and said, «Probably because I was raised in a very strict environment. But also, because you are my son … and we have done something mothers and sons are not supposed to do.»

«I know you say that, but the way I feel about you, it seems to be the most natural thing in the world.»

Linda sighed. «It is wrong … and when we get home … it … has to stop,» she said, but not very convincingly.

Andy did not answer but turned and brought his mother’s lips to his. When he pulled away, he said, «Doesn’t that feel natural?»

Linda’s mind was saying no, but her heart was saying yes. Her heart won. «Yes,» she whispered. «But it shouldn’t.»

It was much later after they had taken a nap. Andy had chopped more wood and stacked it next to the stove. He saw his mother sitting at the table drinking coffee. She only had on a bath robe.

«Mom, can I look at you?»

Linda looked at her son for a moment without comprehension. Then she realized that he was asking to look at her body, but not just her breasts. Her face flushed hot. «Uh … no … that is too … I don’t know … too …»

Andy moved over to her and pulled her to her feet. He kissed her and said, «Please, no one will ever know. It is just you and me here. Please.»

Linda took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She could feel her face burning. Could she do this … could she let her son look at her … pussy in the light … stare at her? she wondered. Then her pussy began to throb and her breathing quickened. «All right … but quickly.»

Andy smiled and moved toward the bed, pulling his mother up with him. He stripped quickly. When he saw that his mother had made no move to take her robe off he returned to her and untied the robe and then pushed it to the floor. He felt her tremble as his hands slide down her arms and then cupped her breasts. «God, they are beautiful. Can I kiss them again?»

«Andy …» Linda said, but didn’t try to stop him when he bent his head and began to kiss her breasts.

«Look at those nipples,» he whispered as he moved his lips her swollen nipple. He sucked it into his mouth.

«Andy … uh … oh … you said … you wanted to look,» she said.

Andy didn’t answer as he moved to the other nipple. When he had sucked both nipples until they were totally hard and wet he pulled back and said, «Lay on the bed, I want to look at … at you … you know down below.»

«Oh Andy, that is so wrong. Why do you want to … do that?»

«Because you are beautiful and I love you.»

Linda felt her heart swell. How could she deny him anything? She said, «Okay.»

Andy walked over to the bed and stood there, waiting for her to come over. With a deep breath she moved over and sat on the bed and then leaned back. She threw her arm over her eyes with embarrassment as she spread her legs. She could almost feel her son’s eyes on her bare and totally exposed pussy. There was no way she could express her mortification at allowing her son to stare at her pussy.

Then she heard movement and realized he was kneeling. Instinctively she placed her hand over her pussy … just like in her dream. A little gasp escaped her lips when she felt her son’s hot breath on her thigh. «Andy … no, you can’t,» she whispered as she felt his lips touch her thigh. Then she felt his hand on her protective hand. She tried to fight him when he began to pull her hand away, but her muscles wouldn’t cooperate. «Oh no, Andy,» she gasped when she felt his lips replace her hand. «Ohhhhhh,» she gasped. She couldn’t believe that she was allowing her son to put his mouth on her pussy. She could feel his tongue licking the inside of her lips … gently, as if he were afraid she would push him away at any moment.

Linda put her hand on her son’s forehead and tried to push him back, but with little strength. Then suddenly his tongue touched her swollen clit. «Ahhhhhhh,» she screamed and suddenly her body was writhing in illicit pleasure.

«Mmmm,» Andy groaned as he began to lick his mother’s clit. He wanted to put his tongue inside her, but was afraid she would rebel. He licked her throbbing clit until she was bucking under his mouth. When he thought the time was right he slid his tongue down and plunged it into his mother’s wet and now drooling pussy.

«Annnnnddddyyyy!!!» she screamed in pleasure. Instead of pushing his head away she now had her hands in his hair and was pulling him closer, forcing his tongue even deep her into her throbbing opening. «Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy,» she hissed, throwing her head from side to side in pleasure.

Then she was climaxing. She could no longer think, only react. She bucked her hips upward into her son’s face as she pulled his mouth tightly to her pussy. The room began to spin around her and the lamp light seemed to dim. Inside her head a kaleidoscope of colors were bouncing from one side to the other. Her body shook uncontrollably as an incredible climax rocked her.

Andy was in heaven. The taste and smell of his mother’s pussy was making his cock throb with pleasure, threatening to cause him to shoot his load against the bed. However, he didn’t want to waste his climax. He tried to avoid touching the bed with his cock in fear that he could not control himself. Yet, just the taste of his mother’s juices alone nearly brought him to his peak. When his mother, after four climaxes, finally settled down he pulled his dripping mouth away and looked up at her. She still had her eyes covered with her arm and tiny tremors were rippling through her.

Andy crawled up to his mother and lay next to her. «Sorry, Mom, I didn’t mean to embarrass you,» he said.

Linda opened her eyes dreamily. She looked at her son and a smile creased her lips. «Nothing to be sorry about,» she whispered. «I have to admit that I loved your mouth on me. I would never have believed it. I was taught it was so dirty. This may sound crazy, but I never knew that people actually did that … I mean I remember what you said when you were younger, about boys eating girls, but I thought that was just kid talk. But … but now I know why people do it. Thanks for teaching me something new,» she said as she pulled her son’s mouth to hers.

Andy was surprised that his mother was actually kissing his lips … after all his mouth had been on her pussy. Yet, in spite of that she was kissing him with great passion.

Linda turned to her son and pushed him onto his back. She kissed his chest and worked her way downward. She looked up at Andy and smiled.

As Andy watched his mother continue to kiss down his chest to his stomach, he suddenly realized what she was going to do. «Mom, you don’t have to … you know, do that to me.»

Linda grasped her son’s throbbing cock and looked at it.

She was still deciding if she could do it. It was so nasty, but after what he had done to her she wanted to try. «I want to,» she said. «But … when … when you, you know, climax, I don’t think I can … uh swallow it.»

Suddenly there was broad smile on Andy’s face. «That’s okay, Mom, I can shoot it on your tits,» he said.

In spite of everything Linda had to laugh. «Okay, that will work.» A moment later she was moving down again. When she was inches from his now throbbing cock she looked closely at it. She had never seen a cock this close before and of course she didn’t know that much about them, but Andy’s looked beautiful. Her face flushed when she thought about what she was about to do. She was going to put her mouth on a cock … and not just any cock, her son’s cock. Although she still had her doubts, she could feel her pussy begin to moisten again and her heart was beating faster. She stroked his cock and saw a large drop of clear juice form at the end. She watched with fascination as it grew larger and then dripped to his stomach, leaving a spider like string of almost transparent juice. Without thinking she stuck her tongue out and caught the string of juice on her tongue. When she pulled her tongue back into her mouth she moaned. Surprisingly it didn’t taste bad at all. She did it again, following the string up to the top of his cock head where she flicked her tongue across the opening. She heard Andy moan this time.

Andy couldn’t believe his mother was actually going to put her mouth on his cock. But then he felt it … he felt his mother’s mouth close around the head. Another moan escaped his lips as she began to suck him.

After a few sucks, Linda pulled away and said, «Am I doing it right?»

«Oh yes,» Andy gasped.

Linda put her mouth back on her son’s cock. At this point her head was spinning. The excitement of having her son’s cock in her mouth was almost too much for her. She also couldn’t believe how good he tasted … and smelled … there was a musk that made her head spin.

Andy wanted this to last, but unfortunately it felt too good … and the fact that it was his mother sucking him made his balls churn with desire. His cock began to throb almost uncontrollably. He was very close to climaxing and knew he needed to warn his mother. «Mom, … oh, God, Mom, I’m getting … close.»

Linda was so involved in sucking that she didn’t hear her son’s warning right away. However, when she heard him moan loudly and lift his hips she knew something was happening. A moment before she pulled away she felt his cock head swell and suddenly a blast of his cum shot into her mouth. With shock she pulled back quickly, but the first blast had hit the roof of her mouth and before she realized she had swallowed it. From inches away she saw her son’s cock head pulse again and the second blast hit her in the face. She gasped, but then stifled a laugh. This was the second time she had her face splattered with sperm in just the last few hours. She closed her eyes and let his cum splatter across her face. It hit her forehead, her nose, her cheeks and her lips. She even had it in her hair.

A few moments later Linda realized that she had actually swallowed her son’s cum, and like his clear juice, it really didn’t taste bad. She saw cum still dripping from the tip and took the head inside her mouth again. She sucked hard, bringing more of his sweet juice into her mouth. When none seemed to be left his cock began to shrink, and she began to feel the inevitable embarrassment at what she had done. She hurriedly got up, picked up her robe and went into the toilet. She used a towel to wipe the cum from her face and hair. Then she put on her robe.

When she came out of the bathroom she saw Andy still lying on the bed. He had a sheepish look on his face.

«Sorry, Mom … I … I tried to warn you,» he said.

«I know. I didn’t react fast enough.»

Andy opened his arms to his mother and was pleased to see her crawl onto the bed and then snuggle into his arms.

Linda lay on her son’s chest, listening to his heartbeat. She snuggled closer to him, feeling her emotions building. Suddenly tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Andy felt her tears dripping on his stomach and sat up. «Mom, what’s wrong?» he said with great concern.

«Nothing,» she sniffled.

«Then why are you crying?»

«Because I am so … so happy.» She wiped her eyes.

«I don’t understand.»

«Men will never understand women,» she said and smiled. «Sometimes women cry when they are happy.»

«Oh … okay, I guess.»

Linda patted her son’s bare stomach and laughed. «Don’t worry about it,» she said. She looked down at Andy’s now limp cock. She couldn’t control the urge to reach out and grab it. She squeezed it and when she saw it twitch and start to thicken she said, «I think we have done enough for now.»

Andy moaned in mock frustration.

After they went to bed Linda allowed Andy to snuggle up to her but resisted all his attempts to take liberties. She wasn’t entirely sure why except that she felt like they couldn’t have sex all day, everyday.

Chapter 8

The next morning, after Andy had done his chores, cutting wood and fixing a few things that needed fixing, he came into the house to see that his mother had set up a chess game on the table. He smiled and said, «So you are ready to get beaten again?»

They often played board games and it seemed that Andy did often beat his mother. «Not this time,» she said and laughed. «It is my turn to win.»

«I don’t think so,» he returned.

«We will see,» she said.

«If you are so confident, why don’t we make a little wager,» Andy said.

«What kind of wager?»

«I don’t know … maybe the one that loses has to take off an article of clothing.»

«Oh Andy, I’m you mother. You shouldn’t be saying things like that.»

«Why not? It’s not like I have not seen my mother naked.»

Linda blushed mightily. In spite of what they had done, she still felt a twinge of embarrassment at being naked in front of her son. She knew it was not logical but she couldn’t help how she felt.

«Come on, Mom. If you win then you don’t have any problem anyway,» Andy begged, using is best little boy smile.

In spite of her modesty, Linda felt a chill of excitement rush through her. «All right,» she finally said.

They sat at the table and played several games, with Andy losing two times, forcing him to take off his shirt and pants. When he pulled his pants down, there was an obvious bulge in his underwear. Then his mother lost and she had to take off her top.

Her face was red as she stood and unbuttoned her blouse. She slipped it off without looking at Andy. Of course she knew that he was staring and it made her nipples rock hard. When she sat back down and looked over she saw that Andy was in fact staring and had a broad smile on his face.

The next game Andy lost and he stood and slowly took off his underwear, making sure his mother saw his hard cock, which was throbbing in front of him.

«Well, I guess the game is over,» Linda said, relieved that she was going to have to take off her shorts.

«Sorry, Mom, but I still have my boots on,» Andy said as he lifted his foot from under the table to show his mother that he was not lying.

«That’s no fair,» she protested. «I only had a top and shorts on.»

«All’s fair in love and chess,» he laughed. «Time for another game.»

«You are mean,» she pouted.

Andy proceeded to win the next game, forcing his mother to take off her shorts.

Linda stood and turned her back to Andy, her face flushing red. She unsnapped her shorts and slowly slipped them down her legs.

Andy pushed his chair back and leaned over the table to look at his mother as she revealed her gorgeous ass. «Mmmm,» he hissed as he watched her ass come into view.

«God your ass is gorgeous,» Andy said, almost to himself.

Linda felt the flush from her face rush down her neck and across her breasts. She was almost trembling with excitement. She gasped when she saw that her pussy juice had soaked the crotch of her shorts.

Andy hurried around the table and grabbed his mother and pulled her to him.

«Andy,» Linda started to whisper but it was cut off by Andy’s lips as he kissed her passionately. When their lips parted they were both breathing heavily.

Andy led his mother toward the bed. Then he paused and turned her away from him. He pushed her forward until her hands were on the bed.

«Andy what are you doing?»

«I want to fuck you like this,» he whispered.

Linda sucked in her breath. For a moment she thought about admonishing him for using the «F» word, but she knew that she had used it as well. She felt his lips on her back, trailing down her spine. Then realized he was sliding to his knees. «Andy, what … don’t,» she gasped as his lips reached her ass cheeks.

«I love your ass,» he said, kissing one cheek and then the other.

When Linda felt Andy opening her cheeks she reached back and grabbed his hand. «No … it’s … too … it’s too embarrassing for you to be looking at me like that.»

Before she could stop him Andy leaned his head forward and stuck out his tongue.

«Nooooo … Andy,» Linda gasped when she felt his tongue touch her rear hole. «Andy, stop,» she said, but because of the position she couldn’t stop him immediately. She reached her hand back, but before she could touch him she felt his tongue pushing into her ass.

«Oh my God,» she cried as an incredible wave of illicit pleasure consumed her. «No, no, no,» she cried, but now, instead of pushing him away she was swaying her ass from side to side. She took in a deep breath when she felt her son’s tongue probing her opening. She couldn’t believe what he was doing. It was the nastiest thing she had ever known. Yet, her pussy juice was now running in streams down her thighs. «Oh baby, don’t,» Linda cried, even as she began to push her ass back toward his mouth.

«Mmmm,» Andy moaned when he felt his mother’s asshole clinching his tongue as if it wanted to pull him inside. He couldn’t believe that he was actually eating his mother’s asshole. His cock was throbbing so much that he feared that he might climax prematurely. Reluctantly he pulled his mouth from his mother’s ass. For a moment he paused and stared, watching her rosebud open and close. Then he moved forward and forced his tongue deep one last time, bringing a long, low moan from his mother. He stood up. «I want to fuck you, Mom,» he said.

«Yes,» she answered dreamily. She allowed him to lead her around to the side of the bed. There they paused for a passionate kiss. Linda reached down and grasped her son’s throbbing cock as their tongues dueled.

They kissed for a long time before Andy pulled away. «Sit on my cock, Mom,» he said.

Linda sucked in her breath. «Andy … I … I … can’t.»

«Of course you can,» he said as he flopped onto the bed on his back. He held his cock upward and smiled. «Sit on it,» he said again.

Linda moved slowly toward the bed, almost as if in a trance. She climbed onto the bed and straddled her son’s waist.

«Let me lick your pussy first,» Andy said, pulling his mother upward. She moaned as if to protest, but complied by straddling his face.

«Oh baby,» Linda gasped when she felt her son’s tongue splitting her swollen and very wet lips. She pushed down, almost smothering her son before she realized that he couldn’t breathe. She lifted up and allowed him to lick her pussy lips. Then when he touched her clit she began to convulse with pleasure. Without warning she began to climax. Juice began to gush from her pussy. Her body shook and she moaned loudly as her climax went on for some time before she came down. When she did she saw her son smiling up at her, his face soaked with her copious juices.

«Turn around; I want to look at your gorgeous ass as you fuck me.»

Without protest Linda turned and squatted over her son’s cock. She grasped it and placed the swollen head at her opening.

Then she moved down slowly, taking him inch by inch into her body. Even after such a strong climax she felt her excitement building again rapidly. When she thought she had his entire cock inside her she paused.

«All the way, Mom.»

Linda looked down and realized she had two more inches. She moved down slowly, taking another inch, and then another until he was all the way inside her. She had never had anything so deep inside her. She could feel his huge cock head at the opening to her womb. «Oh God, Andy, I have it all now. Your cock is all the way inside your mother,» she gasped.

«Yes, yes, fuck me now, Mom. Fuck me hard.»

Linda lifted up slightly and then moved slowly back down, taking her son’s cock all the way into her. They both moaned. Then she did it again, faster, and then faster until she was moving up and down with abandon.

«Yes, yes, yes, oh God, yes, Andy.»

«Fuck me, Mom, fuck me, fuck your son.

«Oh, I’m going to cum, Andy. Ahhhhhh!!!» she screamed as a strong climax over took her.

«I’m cummmmiiiiinnnnngggg!!! Andy returned. His cock grew inside his mother as her pussy squeezed him tightly. A moment later his juices were squirting deep into his mother.

«Yes, yes, yes, cum in meeeeee!» she screamed.

Chapter 9

Andy was having another sexual dream. He was lying on his bed and his mother was sucking his cock. In his dream he reached for her head and pulled her mouth down on his throbbing erection. His hips lifted from the bed and forced his cock almost all the way down her throat. He heard his mother moan deep in her throat. Suddenly he opened his eyes and realized that it was not a dream. His mother was lying between his legs and she had his cock in her mouth. His hands were on her head as he had dreamed.

«Mmmmm!!!» he moaned as held her head. His hips began to move up and down in time with his mother’s sucking mouth.

Linda could hardly believe what she was doing. She had awakened from a sexual dream as well. When she looked over at Andy she saw that he had a morning erection. Suddenly she had an incredible urge to suck him. And she wanted to do something more … something she had never done; she wanted to drink his cum. She wanted to swallow his juices. She lay in bed and began to play with her pussy. As her excitement grew she realized she needed to suck him and drink his cum to satisfy her desire. She crawled quietly between his legs and then gently took his hard cock into her hand. She examined it closely. It was strong with bulging veins yet it was smooth, and soft. She never knew that a cock could look so good … but maybe it was because it was her son’s cock. For long moments she studied his beautiful cock. The head was like a helmet sitting almost proudly on top of the shaft. The slit in the center was already drooling clear juices. She drew in his scent and felt a chill rush through her. She could almost understand why he seemed to like her smell; his musk was intoxicating and set her senses on fire. She stuck out her tongue and ran it up the shaft slowly, feeling the hot flesh throb. When she reached the head she covered it with her lips and sucked. That was when Andy grabbed her head and she thought he had awakened. But he hadn’t.

She allowed him to move her head up and down. Then she felt him pushing her down further. His cock moved deeper and it almost breached her throat before she pulled back and suppressed a gag. Then he did it again and she took him deeper. She was pretty sure he was awake now. He was gentle, but forceful.

His strength and control excited her. When he pushed her down again she was able to suppress a gag and took the shaft almost all the way down her throat. When she pulled back she looked up and saw that Andy was in fact awake and smiling down at her. She tried to smile back, but her mouth was full.

Linda went back to sucking, enjoying the taste and feel of his throbbing cock. She sucked the head and then licked it, bringing a moan from her son. As she continued to suck the excitement of what she was about to do made her head spin. She was nervous, but was determined to do it. She wanted to drink Andy’s sperm … all of it … she wanted to swallow him and have his sweet cream in her belly. She wanted to do it for him … or maybe it was for her. She lost herself in her task and the outside world disappeared. Her heart belonged to her son now and nothing would ever change that. Drinking his cum would seal it forever in her heart and mind.

«Mom,» Andy whispered as he felt his excitement building to a peak. When his mother didn’t respond he said, «Mom,» this time a little louder. He could feel his balls churning and knew that his climax was not far away. «Mom, I’m getting close,» he said in warning. When she still didn’t respond, he tried to push her head back, fearing she would be mad if he climaxed in her mouth.

Linda felt Andy’s hands on her head, pushing her back, but nothing was going to stop her from getting what she wanted. She looked up at her son and their eyes met. She tried to translate what she was about to do to him. Then his eyes opened wide in surprise and she knew that he knew. She moaned deep in her throat and closed her eyes, telling him it was okay, telling him to cum in her mouth.

«Oh God, Mom,» he gasped as his cock throbbed and suddenly a huge blast of cum lurched from the head. It was followed by another and another.

Linda thought she was prepared, but the volume that hit her throat was still a surprise. She swallowed the first blast, loving the feeling of his thick cream as it slid down her throat. But she didn’t want it all to go into her throat. She wanted to taste him. She shut off her throat and let the rest spew into her mouth. It came in such a great quantity that she feared that her mouth would not contain it all. Her cheeks bulged with his load and she tried to hold it in. A little sperm trickled from the corner of her mouth, but she kept the rest safely inside.

When the flow finally stopped she was relieved, if not proud, that she had contained it all. She pulled her mouth from his shrinking cock, closing her lips tightly, and turned her face up to him. Her eyes were smiling as she looked at him. Then she swallowed. Incredibly she felt her pussy spasm like she was about to climax. She swallowed again and the spasm grew stronger. On the third swallow she did climax. It was an amazing climax and she had not touched her pussy. It was a strong, yet smooth and gentle climax, like the flow of his sperm down her throat. It continued until she had swallowed the last drop.

When she looked up, she saw Andy looking back at her with a look that was a combination of love and amazement.

Andy saw that there was a gob of his cum on her chin, but the rest was gone and he knew she had swallowed all of it. Then his lips spread in a broad smile.

«God, Mom that was incredible.»

Linda continued to smile proudly at her son. She now knew why women liked to suck cocks.

Andy reached down and pulled his mother up to him until she was lying on his chest. Then he tried to pull her lips to his and she resisted. «Let me brush my teeth,» she said.

«No,» he responded and pulled her to him again. Their lips met in a wet and loving kiss.

Linda stood at the small sink. She was naked. Andy sat at the table, also naked. «So what are we going to do today?» Linda asked and she dried the last breakfast dish.

Andy looked at the bed and smiled.

«We can’t spend all day in bed,» she said.

«Why not?»

Linda threw the dish towel at him and said, «Because.»

Andy stood up and pulled his mother into his embrace. «We can because I love you more than anything in the world.»

Linda started to protest, but paused as she allowed her son to kiss her. Her heart started to beat faster as the kiss turned passionate. Andy pushed her back until her buttocks hit the table. Then he lifted her and sat her on the table, his lips never leaving hers. When Linda finally pulled away she whispered, «Don’t you ever get enough?»

«Not of you. And since you said we can’t do this when we get back home, I want all I can get. That is still true … I mean about stopping, right?»

Linda remembered that she had told him that they had to stop when they got home. Of course that had been when they were just kissing. She felt a strong wave of sadness come over her at the thought of them no longer holding each other, kissing each other, and making love. She sighed as she looked into her son’s loving eyes. «We will see,» she said.

Suddenly Andy wanted to squeeze the breath out of his mother. «We will see», meant that they could do things … at least he thought that was what it meant. A small smile creased his lips, but he didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to press it and give her a chance to put limits on their relationship. Instead he kissed her again, hard. When he pulled away he saw that she was breathing heavily.

«Andy,» Linda said as her son slipped from her arms and to his knees. Then she allowed him to lift her legs and push her back until she was lying on the table. «Oh, Andy,» she hissed as he began to kiss her bare thighs. She knew it would be useless to ask him to allow her to wash before he used his mouth on her, so she didn’t try. His hot lips trailed across her thigh until they reached her swollen and wet pussy. She felt him gently licking her outer lips and couldn’t help moving her hips. She wanted his mouth on her pussy now. She reached for his head and tried to pull it to her, but he resisted, continuing to tease her lips with gentle licks and bites. «Andy, please,» she begged.

Andy paused and said, «Andy please what?»

«Oh God, Andy eat me.»

Andy smiled at her crude words. «So you want me to eat your pussy? You want your son to eat your pussy?»

«Don’t tease me. Please eat your mother’s pussy.»

«Okay, since you said please.» With that he moved his mouth to her pussy.

«Ahhhhhhh!!!» Linda hissed as her son began to suck her. She felt his tongue lick her and then push deeply into her opening. Then he twisted his head around so his tongue touched all sides of her wet opening. Then he sucked. The room quickly filled with the sound of Andy’s sucking mouth. Linda bucked her hips upward, pulling his head down as she did. «Yes, yes, yes, eat me,» she gasped. «Ohhhhhhh, Andy, I’m going to … cummmmmmm.» She began to climax.

Andy plunged his tongue in and out of her as deeply as possible in time with his mother’s convulsing pussy. When he felt her climax began to wane he found her clit and sucked it, sending his mother into another spasm of pleasure. He licked and sucked her until she climaxed again, and then again. He couldn’t get enough of the sweet juices streaming from her pussy. Finally he felt her pushing gently on his head. He pulled back and pushed her legs back and over her head. He spread her ass cheeks and paused to look at her. Her little rosebud was pink and wrinkled. It was still pulsing from her recent climax and almost appeared to be winking at him. He stuck out his tongue and touched the little hole with the tip. He heard his mother moan and he did it again. He was ecstatic that she wasn’t pushing him away. She was going to let him eat her ass this time without protest. He plunged his tongue deeply into her asshole. His index finger found her swollen clit and he rubbed it.

«Anddddddyyy,» she screamed as another climax started.

He could feel her asshole clinching on his tongue as it twisted and plunged into her neither hole. Her reaction excited Andy beyond belief. He did it over and over as his mother twisted and squirm on the table.

For Linda, the embarrassment of having her son tongue fucking her asshole her was less this time. It felt too good too stop him and he seemed to love doing it. Her hips moved in time to his plunging tongue as she climaxed over and over.

It took a while for her to come down. When she did she realized that Andy was still licking her. For a moment she thought of pushing him away, but she knew it was too late … he knew that she had climaxed from his tongue in her ass. She couldn’t deny that she had liked it.

Andy couldn’t get enough of his mother’s sweet asshole. He licked it and sucked it long after she stopped climaxing. He kept her ass cheeks spread as he literally made love to her asshole. He loved the taste and smell of her and would have stayed there for hours if his knees had not begun to hurt. Reluctantly he stood up and looked at his mother. Her eyes were closed and there was a serene look on her face. He leaned close and kissed her.

She readily accepted it into her mouth. When they broke the kiss she took a deep breath and said, «Are you trying to kill your mother?»

«Never. I can’t help it if I love to eat your ass and pussy,» he said.

«Well, how about fucking me now,» Linda said.

Andy looked back at his mother with eyes wide. He couldn’t believe that she was asking for it.

Linda was as surprised as Andy that the words had come from her mouth. But somehow the words didn’t seem dirty anymore. Yes, I love my son FUCKING me, she thought. She wondered if she would have loved it as much if were not her son. She guessed not.

Andy stood up and grasped his throbbing cock. «You want my cock? You want your son to fuck you?»

«Yes, please.»

Andy stepped forward and brought his cock to her more than ready pussy. He lifted her legs to his shoulders and placed the head of his cock at her pussy opening. He pushed in until the head had disappeared. He paused, enjoying the incredible feeling of his cock head soaking in his mother’s pussy.

«Andy, don’t tease me,» Linda said.

«Wow, that is a change,» he said. «I thought it was me that wanted to get my cock inside you quickly.»

«Please,» she begged, bumping her hips upward.

Andy sighed as if it was a big inconvenience to push his cock inside his mother. «All right,» he said and thrust his hips forward hard.

«Ahhhhhhiiiiieeeeee!!! Linda screamed as she felt her son’s long cock slip through her opening until it was entirely buried in her pussy. «Oh yes, yes, fuck me.»

Andy fucked his mother for a long, long time. He pumped his hips back and forth in a steady rhythm. He was going to make this last. He wanted his mother to enjoy it and remember it, just in case she began to think she could live without his cock. She climaxed three times before he finally warned that he was about to cum.

«Yes, yes, fill me with your sweet cum,» Linda said. She watched her son’s face as it contorted in pleasure. She had never really watched him before. If she didn’t know better she would have thought he was in great pain. Of course she knew better because no pain could cause the throbbing of his hot cock inside her. Then she felt him begin to blast his juices into her welcoming pussy.

When he was done he staggered backward, finally satiated for now. However, they both knew that wouldn’t last very long.

Chapter 10

The torrential rain on the roof awoke Linda from her sex induced nap. She got up and padded over to the window naked. It was the first time she had slept naked in a long time … or maybe she had never slept naked since she was a small child. It had felt so liberating. The fact that she was in bed with her son, who was also naked, made it seem so wicked and quite exciting. She looked out at the overcast skies and the pouring rain and wondered what they were going to do today since it didn’t appear that the rain was going to stop. Then she smiled and thought of Andy, knowing what he would want to do. She sighed as the now familiar tingle went though her pussy. As quietly as possible she slipped back into bed, crawling under the covers. She gently moved between his legs, kneeling with the covers over her head. Under the blanket it was dark, but there was enough light to see her son’s sexual parts. There was a warm and sensual smell … it smelled like her and Andy. She supposed the entire cabin now smelled like that, which was not at all unpleasant. It was so primal and earthy and made her pussy leak, adding to the aroma.

«Mmmm,» Andy moaned when he realized that his mother was between his legs. He could feel her soft fingers tickling his thighs and her hot breath followed. He spread and bent his legs to give her room. He now felt her tongue following her fingers, moving slowly toward his rapidly growing erection. Then her tongue was on his balls, gently licking them. Another moan escaped him when he felt her take one of his large orbs into her mouth. «Mom,» he gasped as she gently sucked it, rolling it around in her warm and wet mouth. He had never had that done before. Then she moved to the other. A moment later she let that one slip from her lips and began to lick upward across his now throbbing cock. She circled the head, teasing the sensitive area under the crown before running her tongue down the shaft to his balls again.

Linda almost giggled when she heard Andy’s moan of frustration. She knew she was teasing him but she also knew that he loved it. It was amazing how much she had learned about the male libido and pleasure points in just the past few days. She knew he loved her to lick around the head, and now she knew that he loved his balls sucked. She pushed his legs up to his chest, and nuzzled her head down lower until she felt his balls on her forehead. She heard him moan again as she began to lick the area just below his balls. She moved her tongue up and down from his balls to his asshole. Did she dare she wondered? She moved her tongue down … down … down.

«Oh God, Mom,» Andy gasped.

Linda circled the little nether hole, feeling it react to her gentle probing with a pulse. With a deep breath she pushed her tongue through the puckered opening. At the same time she found Andy’s cock and grasped it. It was throbbing and juice was pouring from the head and ran across her fingers.

Linda was suddenly lost in her own world. Under the blanket she felt like she had closed the world out … like she had shut out all the things she had learned that women didn’t do. No one knew they were there, no one could hear her, no one could see her, it was only her and her son and he wasn’t complaining. She stroked him in time with the movement of her tongue. Each throb of his cock brought a throb of his asshole on her tongue. She was lost in her own sensual and exciting world and didn’t realize how close Andy was to climaxing.

«Ohhhhhhh, Moooooommmmm!!! Andy gasped.

Linda could feel his ass spasm and felt his balls moving. It took her a moment to realize that he was about to climax. She wanted to have his cock in her mouth when he did, but it was too late. She stayed put, plunging her tongue in and out of his asshole as deeply as possible. She felt the hot juices rushing up the shaft and squirting onto his heaving stomach. She would have giggled if it had not been so incredibly exciting. When the last dribble was out of his cock and his asshole no longer squeezed her tongue so tightly, she pulled away. She stayed under the blanket however, wanting to enjoy the musk that had been generated by her son’s strong climax. She kissed up his balls until she found his shrinking cock. It was lying in a pool of his cream. She nuzzled his cock and then took it into her mouth. His cream coated her cheek as she sucked him gently, pulling the last of his juice from his balls. Then she turned her mouth to his sticky stomach where she licked the cream like a cat does milk. When her tongue could find no more cream she rested her head on his stomach.

After a few minutes Linda knew from his steady breathing that he had fallen back to sleep. With her face covered in his cream, his taste in her mouth, she reached between her legs and pushed several fingers into her overflowing pussy. She moved her fingers in and out until her own pleasure peaked. It was a gentle climax, but none-the-less satisfying. Her attempt to restrict her movements in order not to awaken her son made her pleasure that much more intense. With her fingers now soaked with her son’s sperm and her own juices, she fell asleep, her face inches from his now flaccid cock.

Chapter 11

Linda was humming as she stood naked at the stove fixing dinner. The door opened and Andy came in carrying an arm full of logs. He was soaked from head to toe. «Put that wood down and get out of those wet clothes before you catch your death of cold.»

Andy stacked the pieces of wood next to the stove and began to strip. He saw his mother looking between him and the food cooking on the stove. He stood and gently began to stroke himself, bringing his cock to erection.

She was hungry for food, but incredibly found herself just as hungry for her son.

Andy pulled a chair over and sat down, his cock now pointing toward the ceiling. «Sit on my cock, Mom,» Andy said.

«The food will burn,» she returned.

«Put it aside, we can eat later,» Andy ordered.

After a bit of hesitation Linda moved the pan off the stove and turned to her son. She moved over and threw her leg over his thighs, centering her pussy over his throbbing erection. Slowly she began to slip downward. A moan escaped her lips as inch after inch went into her already wet pussy. When she had him all the way inside her she paused, looking into her son’s eyes. «I love you,» she whispered.

«I love you, too,» he answered as he kissed her passionately. As he did he lifted his mother’s hips until his cock was several inches out of her.

Linda whimpered and pushed herself down, taking Andy into her all the way again. With their lips locked together they fucked like that for some time. Linda climaxed several times. She couldn’t get enough of his wonderful cock. She wanted Andy to climax in her. She moved faster until Andy halted her.

«Turn around and sit on me,» he said.

Linda stood up and turned with her back to him. Then she moved backward and slowly slipped downward. Andy grasped his cock and held it upward for her. «Oooohhhh!, Andy,» she giggled, «That’s the wrong hole.»

Andy moaned and a shudder went through him. His cock head was on his mother’s asshole. Instead of moving his cock to her pussy he pulled her downward.

«Andy … what … we … uh … what are you doing,» Linda gasped as she felt her son’s huge cock head pressing into her asshole.

«Relax, Mom … relax,» Andy encouraged. He felt the tight ring of his mother’s asshole begin to expand. «Yes, yes, push down and relax,» he whispered.

«Andy … oh God, … this is not righttttttt,» she gasped as she felt the cock head pop into her asshole. His cock felt huge as it stretched her normally tight nether hole. Yet it had not really hurt … she felt stretched and full, but there was little pain. After a moment or two she felt Andy pulling her downward again. «Ohhhh,» she moaned as several inches of his cock slipped into her asshole. She reached down and touched her now very swollen clit. It felt huge and was throbbing with excitement. She moved her fingers lower as if to make sure his cock was not in her pussy. It was not. She pushed two fingers into her pussy and could actually feel Andy’s cock through the thin membrane between her pussy and anal canal. Her pussy convulsed. She didn’t realize that having a cock in her ass could cause her pussy to spasm.

A moment later she felt Andy’s thighs under her thighs and knew that he had his entire cock in her asshole. «Ohhhhh, hold it … wait,» Linda whispered. She had never felt so full. It felt strange … good, but different from when his cock was in her pussy. She could feel her asshole pulsing around his shaft. That caused his cock to pulse in response. It happened again, and again. It was as if neither of them could control the autonomic reaction. As they remained still the pulsing increased, growing more rapid by the second. Linda slowly lifted up, letting Andy’s cock slip out of her asshole until only the head was still inside her. She did a little hip rotation, circling around on his cock head.

«Oh God, Mom, you are so tight and warm,» Andy moaned.

Linda giggled and rotated her hips again. Then she pushed back down, taking his entire cock deep in her asshole again. «You like fucking your mother’s asshole?» she asked.

Andy moaned in response.

«I’ll take that as a yes. I love it too.»

Linda began to move up and down slowly on her son’s cock. Her asshole had loosened enough that she could move freely now. She was amazed that she liked being fucked in the ass. She wasn’t sure she could climax like that, but there was a sensuality about it … a closeness to her son that she had not felt before when they were fucking. Her pace on her son’s cock quickened until she was taking him in and out of her ass with ease and at a rapid tempo. Her finger found her clit again and began to rub it.

«Mom, you are so tight. You are going to make me cum if you keep that up.»

«Cum then. Cum in your mother’s asshole. Yes, cum in me,» she responded.

«Ahhhhhhiiiiieeee!!!» Andy bellowed as his cock throbbed and began to send his hot cream deep into his mother’s willing asshole. It seemed that her bowels were sucking his cum out of his balls like a vacuum. Each throb of his cock sent another huge blast of cum into her until he was totally drained.

Linda’s fingers continued to rub her clit until she had climaxed as well. It wasn’t an earth shaking climax, but it was nice and she thought that with some practice she could climax as strongly with a cock in her ass as she did with it in her pussy. She remained on Andy until his cock had shrunk and slowly slipped from her rear hole. She got up and looked at Andy. «Well, what brought that on?»

Andy looked sheepishly. He thought about trying to act like it was an accident, but he was pretty sure his mother would see through it. He shrugged and said, «I love your asshole so I … well I figured it might be fun.»

Linda leaned over and kissed him and said, «Well that was different and I think I liked it.»

A broad smile crossed Andy’s face.

«But next time, ask first,» she gently admonished.

«Would you have let me do it if I had asked?»

She thought about that for a moment and answered, «No, probably not.» She smiled. «Let me get dinner started again.» She began to hum again as she put the pan back on the stove. As she stood there she felt her son’s cum slowly trickling out of her still stretched asshole.

Over the next few days Andy and Linda fucked in every position possible and in ever corner of the house. She sucked him and he ate her. He fucked her pussy and ass several times a day. They even walked naked to the falls and fucked on the platform with the mist of the waterfall covering their sweating bodies with a refreshing spray. They felt like Adam and Eve, with no prying eyes, save for the squirrels and deer, witnessing their taboo coupling.

As they walked back toward the cabin they stopped on the bridge for one last time. They were to leave tomorrow.

Finally, Andy said, «Mom … what’s … what’s going to happen when we get home?»

Linda didn’t look at her son. She didn’t answer right away. It took a long time for her to say, «I’m not sure.»

«I don’t know if I could stand it if we couldn’t … do … you know, do what we have been doing.»

Again Linda was silent. She paused and turned toward Andy, looking into his eyes. She saw tears. There were tears in her eyes as well. Taking a deep breath she said, «What we have done here is so wrong. We are mother and son. But if I am to be honest with you, I feel the same way.»

Andy felt his heart skip at his mother’s words. He wasn’t sure what to say … afraid he would say something stupid and spoil everything. Instead he said, «I love you … but not like a son … I mean like a son, but so much more.»

«I love you too and I know what you mean.»

Linda was standing in front of Andy, leaning back on his strong chest as they stared at the rainbow made by the mist of the falls. It would be their last time, at least for this year. Linda leaned her head back and presented her lips to her son. She could already feel his hard cock pressing to her ass. She moaned as he gasped her breasts and they shared tongues.

When they pulled away Andy asked, «So what do we do when we get home?»

«I don’t suppose we have much choice. I can’t let you go. We will never have the same relationship again,» Linda said and then quickly added, «Which is not a bad thing. But we will have to be very careful. No one, and I mean no one can ever know.»

Andy’s face grew bright with excitement. «I know, I know … I would never tell anyone.»

«I know you wouldn’t on purpose, but it could happen if we are not careful. But, the truth is I have to have you. Our sexual relationship ties us together like the day I birthed you.»

Andy pulled his mother’s lips to his and they kissed for a long time. When they pulled apart they saw several female deer and their babies not twenty feet away from them. The animals paused in their eating and casually looked at the two naked people. For a moment it was as of everything in the forest froze and there didn’t seem to be a sound. Then, as if accepting the two naked humans as part of the nature around them, the deer went back to eating. One of the babies casually walked over to within inches of them. The baby sniffed them and turned away.

«See, even the animals think it is okay for us to be together,» Andy said.

«It seems so,» Linda answered with a huge smile.

Andy gently pushed his mother over the wooden rail. He positioned his cock at her asshole and pushed forward until he was deep into her. Linda screamed in pleasure. The deer looked up for a moment but then went back to eating grass.

The End

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