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Her Presents

She had a number of surprises for him…

We had just gotten back from a friend’s wedding. They had a nice ceremony on a golf course under some trees and then a party afterwards inside the club house. It was an open bar and they had hired a band. We spent most of the night making the rounds saying hello and visiting with both families. After several drinks and a couple of dances we said goodnight.

We got home and snuggled in bed. It was the first time all day we had to ourselves. After some much needed kissing and fondling Pam said, «I bought you a present.»

I was pleasantly surprised when she showed it to me. It was made of three gold links interwoven together in a precise and intricate fashion making it about an inch thick. I looked closer and saw the word ‘Pam’ etched over and over again on each of the gold links.

«It’s pretty,» I said holding it.

«Let me put it on you,» she smiled. I held my wrist out and she giggled. «No silly, it is a cock ring.» She pulled the covers back and moved down to my crotch. I spread my legs giving her plenty of access. I had never seen a cock ring before.

She opened it up and looped the gold jewelry around my scrotum and pulled the ends together trapping my cock and balls away from my body. She clasped it shut, gave it a gentle tug to ensure that it was securely fastened and admired the view.

«That’s better,» she said. «Now you will think of me all the time,» she said with a smile.

«Honey…I think about you all the time now.» I reached down and fondled the ring. It was actually pretty comfortable. It was snug, but that was the way it was supposed to be. It put tension around my cock, pulled my awareness to my crotch. I was not used to having something there, something I could feel like that.

«So…what do you think?» she asked.

«I think it’s kind of sexy,» I said feeling myself becoming aroused.

She noticed my excitement and slipped her hand around my rapidly expanding cock. «Now that’s what I like to see,» she said pumping my cock. The ring accentuated the feelings. And after I got hard the ring kept my erection really hard. She leaned over and danced her tongue over my nipple as she continued to stroke me.

Now this was getting good. Everything seemed to happen twice as fast and twice as good.

«Umm…you are so hard! Climb up on my chest. I want to see my present.»

I swung my leg over her and straddled her mid section. My cock was so hard. The ring kept my attention on my cock, which was right before her eyes. One of her hands went around my cock while the other played with my balls. «Your cock looks so cute, «she smiled. «I own this now…it belongs to me.»

«It’s going to be more than cute if you keep that up,» I said rapidly approaching climax. She pumped that much harder. «Oh gees…» I moaned. Not only did it feel great, but it was terribly erotic. Her hand was a blur. «I’m…going…to…»

She pointed my cock at her breasts just as I exploded covering them in semen. It was a powerful orgasm. I really came buckets. That ring made all the difference in the world.

«Suck my nipples,» she cried pulling my head down to her breasts. I found my face mashed against her breast. I could feel the warm, thick cum I had just covered them with. In all the excitement I just slipped my lips around her nipple and teased it with my tongue tasting my semen.

Pam bucked underneath me as she felt my tongue playing with her nipple. «Oh that feels good. Lick it honey…lick it all up,» she cried.

I ran my tongue all over her breast licking and teasing getting my first big taste semen.

«More…do it some more…almost there,» she cried. There was something in the tone of her voice. I could feel her body undulating underneath me. She was really, really excited.

I took a nice, long lick of her breast gathering a huge wad on my tongue. It was then I realized the source of her excitement. It was me eating the semen. It was driving her crazy. I became more aggressive, making slurping noises to drive it home.

«The other one…quick!» I moved to her other breast. It looked like a snow capped mountain. Her nipple was so hard poking up from the nice, warm semen that covered it.

I ran my tongue from the bottom of her breast up to her nipple letting the semen gather on my tongue. I flicked my tongue across that hard nipple and pulled my head up so she could see the semen in my mouth. I swallowed it and moaned.

She watched, her eyes glued to what I was doing. Seeing me swallow the semen was too much for her. She closed her eyes and turned her head. «Ohhhhhh god.» It was driving her crazy.

It didn’t taste bad. And given the effects it was having on her just motivated me to do more. I ran my tongue all over her breast looking for more. Just about the time I was through she climaxed. And boy did she climax. She let out this high pitched groan that came from her very soul. We fell into each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep.

I slept the entire night with that cock ring on.

I woke the next morning with an extreme erection. Pam reached over and felt it. «I want you in me…now!»

I crawled between her legs and found her very wet. I slipped right in, all the way in. My cock felt like steel. Every sensation was doubled, tripled. It was glorious.

After several minutes of being inside her I pulled back and teased her with just the tip of my cock. She loves that. I rubbed it along her clit, teased her lips over and over again. I couldn’t believe the sensations. And I was so hard.

Finally I couldn’t take it any longer and pushed inside her once again. It was unbelievable. Every stroke was amplified. I rolled over and pulled her on top.

«Fuck me baby…ride that cock inside you.» I watched as she started pumping down on me. It felt so good. I reached up and ran my fingertips over her swaying breasts. My cock was steel.

«Does that feel good baby? Huh? You like that nice hard cock. Show me…fuck it…fuck it hard.»

She was thrusting down on my cock with such energy. We were both so worked up. I watched as she pounded my cock over and over. I grabbed her and rolled her over. I moved between her legs, felt them go up and wrap around me.

I pushed my cock into her deep. I got up on my arms and thrust into her with such power. It was mind blowing. We were both moaning and groaning from the incredible sensations going between us. It was like we were on a different planet.

I felt myself getting dangerously close to orgasm and pulled out. I wasn’t about to let this end. I spun her around and buried my face into her pussy. I teased and danced my tongue along that clit, sucked in her incredible juices. I had never seen her so wet.

I felt her lips close around my cock. We fell into the most torrid sixty nine. I could feel her sucking on my steel as I sucked the juices right out of her pussy. We pleasured each other deliriously lost in our lovemaking.

Finally I pulled away and lay next to her in bed. I glanced over to see her breasts heaving as she lay there. My cock was standing straight up, hard, throbbing like never before. The sheets were soaked with our sweat.

God I wanted to fuck her. It’s all I could think about. She felt so good. We were so horny. I rolled back on top of her and buried my cock all the way into her. I was out of my mind.

«You feel so good,» I cried.

«Fuck me…fuck me hard,» she screamed.

I knew I was not going to hold back this time. I started thrusting into her deep and hard. I could feel the mother of all climaxes building in my head. I felt like a machine, a fucking machine, driving my cock into her.

Then it happened. Everything exploded in my head. I screamed as my balls exploded. Everything was exploding. I almost passed out from the intensity. I pumped and pumped filled her with my seed. She locked her legs around me and took every drop.

I fell back against the bed drained like never before. I could barely remember how to breathe. I found myself drifting off to that place so far away.

Finally, some time later I came back. I opened my eyes to find us both still lying in bed. I cocked my head around to look at the clock and it was almost noon. I put my head back on the pillow and closed my eyes.

What a wonderful way to wake up.

We rested in each other’s arm for some time just enjoying each other’s feel. But then it was time to get up and make breakfast. I looked down at the cock ring, but could not determine how to unclasp it.

«How do you take this thing off?» I asked.

«I think you should leave it on,» she said before leaning down and running her tongue across the tip of my penis. She got out of bed and threw me my robe. I slipped it on and headed for the kitchen.

It was strange how I was aware of every step I took. Because every step I took I could feel the cock ring. It was right there. That ring made me think about my cock constantly. She came up behind me several times as I was making breakfast and ran her fingers over it. She traced the ring with her finger, teased my sensitive balls. Her gentle exploration was very sensual.

All through breakfast I was constantly aware of my cock. It was right there in my mind. After breakfast as I was doing the dishes it was there. It didn’t make any difference what I was doing; my cock occupied a certain portion of my consciousness constantly.

I put on some shorts and a tee shirt to work in the yard. I was re-doing a flower bed by the pond. I bought some organic material to mix in with the dirt before planting. As I worked the dirt I could feel that ring around my cock. It was like a picture of it was super imposed on everything I looked at. I couldn’t believe it, but that cock ring actually turned yard work into a sexual experience!

I thought about how it got there. I thought about Pam. What a devilish idea. Did she know it would make me think of her all the time? How could I not? I played back events from the last twenty four hours. Everything was so intense.

I found myself occasionally rubbing myself, rubbing that ring. It felt good. That ring had me jazzed up. It kept my libido running all the time.

I went in to take a shower after working in the yard. «Hey babe, I’m going to take a shower. How do I take this thing off?»

«You can wear it in the shower. Water won’t hurt it.»

I stepped into the shower and started washing my hair. I ran some shampoo around my cock ring. It had become a permanent fixture. I started getting excited. There was something about the warm water, the soap and that constant tug. Pam walked into the bathroom and glanced at me in the shower.

I felt embarrassed. I didn’t want her thinking I was playing with myself in the shower. «You know…this thing gets caught up in my pubic hair and pulls,» I said lamely. I don’t know if she bought it, but I felt better.

I stepped from the shower and toweled off. Once again I fondled myself making sure the ring was dry. Pam turned around with a razor in her hand. «Here, let me take care of that for you.» She dropped to her knees and began removing my pubic hair. I stood there and watched.

There she was inches from my cock shaving off all the hair. Naturally I got excited. My cock grew to full erection in seconds.

«That makes this much easier,» she smiled as she held it to one side shaving. Once the last hair was gone she slipped my cock into her mouth and proceeded to give me a world class blowjob. I hadn’t realized just how horny I was until I came. I came so hard it actually hurt.

Pam rode my climax until every last drop was drained. Then she rose to her feet and gave me a kiss. Her tongue pushed into my mouth followed by an ocean of warm, thick cum. Our tongues danced and played. Although I had just climaxed, I swore I could feel my cock growing thicker. Pam tilted my head back slightly as she continued to kiss me letting gravity do its job. For the second time I swallowed my seed finding it strangely erotic.

Once it was gone she pulled away from our kiss. She looked me in the eyes with that look. I knew she was terribly excited. She ran her finger along my bottom lip gathering a bit of stray semen and pushed it into my mouth.

It was so erotic. My tongue naturally moved to caress her finger. I traced its form gathering the semen. I couldn’t help but think this was just like sucking cock, taste and all. I felt this huge rush as that thought filled my mind.

«Now that was very nice…» she said removing her finger. She kissed the tip of it and pressed it against my lips so I would know exactly what she was referring too. There was that moment. It was just an instant shared between us.

Her eyes trailed down my body to my completely hairless crotch. I don’t know how, but my poor cock was once again hard as hell, standing proud. The ring took all the slack out of my scrotum pressing my balls together tightly about an inch away from my body. It was like it was presenting my cock and balls as a statuette, a curving, a sculpture.

«Just when I thought it couldn’t get any cuter…»

I turned to face the mirror. I was as smooth as a new born baby. And there was that ring, front and center. I wouldn’t be going to the gym anytime soon that was for sure.

We made love twice that night. It was incredible.

Now I didn’t mind wearing the cock ring around the house. That thing was single handedly responsible for turning my sex life into legend. But I was not at all sure about wearing it to work. When I suggested that it might not be appropriate Pam told me that was non-sense.

There was not a single minute that day I didn’t think about my cock and about her. I thought about our weekend. I thought about our sex life. I thought about that damn cock ring. Somehow it had taken over my life. It was always on my mind.

I grew hard driving home from the office. I had been so aroused all day I couldn’t wait to get home. I walked in the door to find Pam waiting for me. It was like she read my mind.

Her hand went straight to the bulge in my slacks. She smiled, I moaned. She wasted no time freeing my hard throbbing cock and slipping her lips over the end.

It was amazing. The sensations were out of this world. I watched as she bathed my cock with her tongue. It was so damn sensuous. The cock ring made my balls hyper sensitive. I moaned uncontrollably as she licked and teased them.

God…everything was about my cock. It had been that way all day long. No matter what I did, where I went, it was about my cock. Life was now a constant state of arousal. And with that thought I unleashed a tidal wave of warm, thick cum straight into her mouth.

And she used my cock like a straw sucking every last drop from my balls. It was glorious.

She rose to her feet. I knew exactly what she had in mind. Her lips were covered with semen.

I gave her a sexy smile as I leaned in and ran my tongue along her lips. I pulled back, my lips now covered, so she could see.

Her eyes closed as she savored the moment.

I leaned in pushing my lips against hers followed by my tongue insistently finding its way inside her mouth. I could feel the surge of heat wash over me as I once again played in the thick, warm seed. I was really starting to identify with the erotic, sensual nature of this little game.

Everything about it was sexy, nasty, erotic. I caressed her tongue with mine, slowly, sensually sharing the taste between us. But then I became greedy. I swallowed every last drop thinking of it as a delicacy.

She looked into my eyes. They were glazed with lust. She grabbed my cock, which had grown completely hard and led me to the bedroom. We made love for an hour with such intensity that it was unbelievable. I felt like a complete porn star.

Later after dinner we were talking and I told her about my day. I told her how I was constantly aware of my cock. That ring spurred a low level arousal that never went away.

She told me it was the same for her. She thought about it all day too. She loved the idea that I was hairless and wearing her present. She knew I had to be horny.

She told me how she liked the way the ring made my cock look, how it presented my cock as if on a pedestal. She loved the way I stayed so hard while we made love. She told me how she masturbated three times that day thinking of me licking and drinking cum. She was so glad I liked it because it really got her off. She told me how sensuous it was that day I sucked her finger and how it made her think of me sucking cock. She admitted that really got her off too.

That night I came on her breasts again and made a huge production of licking it off slowly as she wiggled and squirmed underneath. I moved between her legs and found her so wet. It was easy bringing her to a powerful orgasm with my tongue. We cuddled before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

I went to work the next day wondering if it would be like the one before. It was and more so. I wondered if anyone could tell I was wearing the ring. I found myself looking at other guys, more specifically, their crotches. Were any of them wearing cock rings?

In doing so I began to notice bulges. I had never looked at a man’s crotch before, never gave it any thought. But now that I was looking, I could see their bulges. Some were so faint you could hardly see. Others were right there and hard to miss. Some went to the left, some to the right. Some wore briefs, some wore boxers. I got to where I could tell in a glance. I found myself visualizing their cocks in my head. It was crazy.

Our love life was out of this world. We were both horny all the time. We were making love all the time too, which was great. And we were talking about things again. I even shared with her that I was noticing bulges.

She seemed quite interested by this little tidbit. She asked me for all the details. I told her how I had begun visualizing these guys’ cocks and the underwear they were wearing as she fondled my cock. I told her how I could now spot boxer’s or briefs with the blink of an eye.

We spent the next half hour discussing cocks. I thought I was detecting a slight case of penis envy as she shared her inner most feelings on the subject. She described in intimate detail the thrill she received from sucking cock. I was throbbing by the time she finished.

She asked if I had ever been curious about such things. I confessed that upon rare occasions I had been curious as to what that experience was like. I could see the interest in her eyes. You would have thought I revealed the cure for cancer. She asked a thousand questions prodding me to tell her every thought and feeling I had on the subject. I went on to say I thought most guys were curious to some degree, but would never act on such things.

She climbed up on top of me. I could feel she was soaking wet. She rose up and sank down on my cock. Man she felt so good. She started riding my cock like a cowboy. She was really rocking it inside her.

She pushed her finger past my lips. «Suck this baby…do it just like you did the other day.»

I caressed her finger with my tongue. She started working it back and forth across my lips and I started thinking cock. It was like I was sucking cock. I knew that was what she was thinking. Our eyes made contact and it was totally awesome.

«I can’t wait to watch you suck cock,» she whispered.

I don’t know why, but the thought of her watching me suck some nice juicy cock filled my head and pushed me right over the edge. And I mean way over the edge! I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

She looked at me lustfully, «You really got off on that, didn’t you?»

«Oh man that was hot,» I said trying to catch my breathe. I don’t know what came over me.

She smiled at me. «Yeah it was. Now it’s my turn. Do you know what I’m going to do?»

I couldn’t help but smile. I had no idea, but I knew I was going to like it.

«I’m going to watch you suck all this cum from my pussy…»

I smiled from ear to ear. «Mmm yeah baby. Do it…let me lick you clean.»

I could see her face turning red and she moved up, planted a knee of each side of my head and lowered her pussy to my lips.

I ran my tongue from the bottom of her pussy right up the middle. She moaned loudly and squirmed. I toyed with her clit and she came immediately. But she didn’t move off. No, she stayed right where she was. I drove my tongue into her and sucked a big wad of semen into my mouth. I moaned. It was so naughty. I did it again and she started rocking her hips back and forth fucking my tongue. Then she did something and my mouth was flooded with semen. I loved it. We both moaned as I sucked it right down. She cried out as she had another orgasm. Her body jerked in minute moves as she clutched the headboard.

She fell in a heap next me and started laughing. «That is my favorite!» she said. She glanced over at me. Her eyes dipped to my groin and took in the sight of her present. «You are such a stud!»

«You make me so horny,» I confessed. «I love your present.»

She curled up in my arms and we drifted off to sleep. My dreams were so nasty that evening I could have sworn I had a wet dream. But when I opened my eyes I found Pam’s lips around my raging erection. She brought me to orgasm in seconds and kissed me long and hard afterwards.

It was difficult putting my clothes on for work. I wanted to stay home and make love to her all day. Work was impossible. There was the lingering taste of semen in my mouth which I had come to enjoy. The more I tried not to look at bulges, the more I noticed them. I had this porn movie playing in the back of my mind all day. It was accompanied by the constant tug of that cock ring never letting me forget just how horny I really was.

I was a total mess by the time I left work. My cock was throbbing out of control in the car. It was all I could do not to pull it out and masturbate on the way home. The thought of drenching them with cum and sucking it from my fingers as I passed my fellow commuters was almost too much to resist. Would they even notice?

My little minx was waiting for me at the door. She was wearing her robe and apparently nothing else. She handed me a drink, sank to her knees and freed my erection right there in the entry hall. Her lips felt so good. Once again my cock was the center of attention, something I was becoming very comfortable with.

«Thinking about cock again honey?» she asked between licks.

«Yes,» I moaned. «All day,» I followed watching her tongue slid over my balls. She made it look so good.

«So have I,» she smiled as she rose to her feet. She grabbed my erection and led me into the bedroom. She sat me down on the bed and stood between my legs. My cock was standing proudly out of my zipper.

She dipped down and opened the drawer beside the bed. I watched as she retrieved the most realistic cock I had ever seen. I felt my face flush as it came into full view.

«Now I have one too,» she said rubbing the tip across my lips.

I just naturally opened my mouth to take it inside, but she said, «No, no. Not yet. Just close your lips…feel it.»

I closed my lips again. I watched her watching me as she sensually dragged her cock across my lips. The slow sensuous feel of her cock drew my thoughts from my cock to hers.

«I have wanted a cock to pleasure you with for the longest time,» she purred. «When I saw this one I couldn’t refuse.»

I could barely hear her words as my mind was all about the flesh-like cock sensuously massaging my lips in the most suggestive way. I had cock on the brain for days. There was barely a minute of the day when I wasn’t thinking of mine or one I had just seen walking by.

Her eyes were watching me intently. She had that lustful look. She was looking forward to this just as much as me.

«When I put it against my lips…I couldn’t tell the difference…it felt just like you do…»

My cock throbbed between my legs.

«This is my cock honey… I wanted you to have the best,» she smiled. «Take your tongue…feel the tip. Feel the tip of my nice hard penis.»

Oh man this was getting good. I ran my tongue over the tip, felt the slit. Now I had never felt a cock before, but she was right, it felt real to me.

«I have waited a long time to see you do that,» she whispered. «Now ease your lips over the tip…just the tip.»

Her giving me instructions like that made everything so much hotter. The tone of her voice, the look in her eye was driving me crazy. I eased my lips forward until I felt the mushroom shaped head slip behind them. I was sucking the very end of her penis.

«Is that not the most sensuous thing…» she said. «Feel the slit with your tongue.»

I ran my tongue along the slit provoking the wildest thoughts in my mind.

«If you were me…that’s the part that spurts your wonderful cream into my mouth. You like that cream so much…imagine how erotic it feels spurting into your mouth.»

«Mmmmm,» I moaned. I could feel the hot thick cum landing on my tongue, filling my mouth. I could hear in my mind her moans as she pumped her balls into my mouth. I was starting to understand just how exciting it was to suck cock.

Until then it was all about receiving. Now I realized that it was probably just as erotic to give one. My cock jumped at the thought.

«You can just feel my cock slipping between your lips…can’t you?»

«Mmm hmm.»

«You want it so bad…don’t you?»

«Mmm hmm.»

«Yes…I know you do,» she said pulling it away. «I want you to think about how wonderful it’s going to feel between your lips…when the time comes.»

What? I couldn’t believe it. I was so horny I couldn’t stand it. I wanted to suck that cock so bad. «But…but honey…»

«Yes dear?» she smiled. She was enjoying this so much. Her eyes went straight to my cock jerking back and forth.

«I …I want to suck your cock,» I pleaded.

«I know baby. I know. And you will. But only when I ready for you too.» She reached into the drawer and pulled out a harness. It was made of leather and matched her skin tone perfectly. She handed the harness to me and opened her robe.

«Help me put this on…won’t you?»

I took it and held it open for her to slide her legs through. I pulled it up in place noticing just how wet her pussy was. There was a little nub on the inside and I positioned that against her clit. «Yes…yes, that feels good,» she said. I tightened the straps in place and watched the pink leather blend into the rest of her body.

She handed me her cock. Just feeling it in my hand was electric. I immediately recognized its girth being bigger than me. And yes, it was longer than me too. Of course hers was bigger. I smiled. I would have done the same thing.

There was a stub sticking out and I pushed her cock onto it securely adding this new shape to her wonderful curves. The temptation to take it in my mouth was almost irresistible.

She saw the look on my face. «Not yet, my sweet. Not yet.» She took my head in her hands, tilted it up slightly so that our eyes locked on each other. She then maneuvered her cock across my lips using nothing more than her hips.

It was the most erotic thing I had ever felt. My cock jumped uncontrollably.

She pulled away and tied her robe. Her hard shaft protruded through the fine satin material with the flaps resting on each side. The sight was strangely erotic and most provocative. She reached into that drawer one more time.

«I want you to slip into these,» she said dangling a pair of panties from her finger. «I bought them just for you.» She put them in my hand. The cool satin was titillating. «You are going to love the way they feel.»

She seemed quite pleased as she left me there mouth agape.

I could see she had this planned to the last degree. I was consumed with cock lust. To think that she bought a cock for herself was driving me crazy. Her tease had been perfect. I wanted it, I wanted it bad.

I pulled off my clothes and eased into the panties. They were red, trimmed in lace, made of satin and had a pouch for my balls. She was right, they fit perfectly. To think they made panties for men blew my mind. To think that she knew that and bought some for me really blew my mind.

I turned to join her in the other room and immediately felt the cool satin caressing my very sensitive cock. Only then did I fully appreciate those panties.

She was waiting for me in the den. She was plopped down in the easy chair, legs spread with her hand wrapped around her cock. She was stroking it slowly as if she had been doing it a lifetime.

«Nice,» she said with a smile. «Turn for me. Let me see the back.»

I turned for her. I tried to think of a pose that would be provocative for her, but I just couldn’t come up with anything. I felt her hand on my ass cheek and squirmed. I simply was not used to this. She extended her finger and traveled it up my crack. The satin intensified the act. My cock jumped, and teased by the satin, jumped again.

«I like that,» she said pleased. «Do you like the way they feel?»

«Yes…I do. Satin feels good.»

«Mmm hmm,» she moaned. «Turn back around.»

I turned to face her. She sat there stroking that cock of hers. Her fingers didn’t even make it all the way around.

«Take your hand…use it to rub your cock against that satin.»

I felt my face flush. What a devilish idea. I lowered my hand to my cock and rubbed it slowly against my panties. The sensations bombarded my brain instantly. I felt my knees weaken and start to buckle.

She raised her other hand inside her robe and toyed with her nipple as she watched.

I continued to rub myself against the cool satin watching her pleasure herself. I knew quite well that cock was lodged against her clit. Each stroke had to be sending thrills to her brain. I saw the smile cross her face as my panties dampened from pre-cum leaking profusely from my cock.

She beckoned me to step closer with her finger. I stepped right between her legs. She reached into my panties and scooped the pre-cum with her finger.

«Mmm…watching you do that makes me so horny,» she said rolling her finger over the tip of her cock. She did it once more making it glisten.

«Just the tip baby…just the tip.»

I sank between her legs. She pushed her cock towards my lips and once again I had the pleasure of feeling it enter my mouth.

I ran my tongue over the soft tip knowing this was exactly how a real cock tasted, how it felt. I closed my eyes and did it again. My brain was flooded with the wildest sensations.

I opened my eyes to find her staring at me, smiling. She pulled her cock from my hungry lips, stroked it a few times barely an inch from my lips.

«Mmmm…that was nice honey. Didn’t you think that was nice?»

I just nodded my head yes. I wanted to lock in that visual forever.

«Why don’t you fix us a drink? You know what I want.»

I rose to my feet and headed for the bar. I had no idea how long she planned to tease me, don’t know how long I could last. I had never been so erotically charged in my life.

We spent the next hour sharing drinks and pretending that nothing unusual was going on. But I could think of nothing but her cock, the one staring at me every time she walked past. I loved the contrast between the soft feminine robe and the very masculine girth peeking through.

I was no longer embarrassed by the ever growing wet spot in my panties as my cock lust grew. Every now and then, at her pleasure, she would dip her finger inside and apply it sensuously to the tip of her cock. She would then offer it to me.

I knew I was to take no more then the tip and was happy to get that much. I once again tried to satisfy my craving while the cock ring kept me pressed firmly against the cool satin heightening the slightest movement.

She had thought of everything. I was totally consumed by her. She had captured my every thought, commanded my every action.

Finally she untied her robe fully exposing her cock. She turned towards me, spread her legs wide saying, «I ready now for you to pleasure me.»

I scanned her lovely body taking it all in. Her nipples were hard, her breasts heaving. Her cock looked so at home nestled between her thighs. It jutted up from her crotch waiting.

I turned to her on the couch, eased between her legs. I wanted that cock so badly. I started kissing the insides of her thighs, slowly working my way towards it. I saw her balls hanging down below. I wanted to kiss them, suck them gently into my mouth. I wanted to feel that.

I inched my way up her leg. I snaked my hand around the base of her shaft instantly reminded of its thickness. I stroked her cock thinking of the richness of its feel, the nub inside the harness.

I moved my lips to her balls. I licked one, then the other realizing there were actual balls inside there, hanging inside her sack. I could hear her moan cascading down from above.

I reached into my panties and retrieved a liberal amount of cum and smeared over the tip. I retrieved more and coated the shaft as well. I could feel her legs jerking against me as my hand worked the taste into her cock.

I released her ball from my mouth and moved my lips to the bottom of her shaft.

«Let me see, let me see,» she said hurriedly. I realized my angle blocked her view. I would not make that mistake again.

I swirled around and worked my lips up her shaft once again impressed by her cock’s healthy proportions. The taste of cum was along every inch.

«Yes, yes…» she said through hooded eyes.

I traced every inch of her shaft with my tongue. Her cock could not have been more real. I paid particular attention to the tube running along the bottom, to the veins protruding its length.

I made my way to the tip once again. The place I had been so many times before. I danced my tongue over it several times, curled it around the ridge.

I looked her in the eye and slipped my lips over the end.

«Oh yes…just like that mister, just like that,» she hummed. I made a show of sucking that tip back and forth making little noises.

«I am so glad you love my cock. I hoped you would. I love the way you look at it. And I love the way you caress it with those sexy lips of yours.»

I was so happy she was pleased. I turned my attentions back to my very first cock. I took a breath and descended its length as far as I could go. I loved the sensation of her cock filling my mouth. Once again my cock was jumping inside my panties, being caressed by the cool satin.

«Oh that feels good,» she said with her legs shaking. «Oh yeah…that’s nice.» She reached down and grabbed my head. I turned my eyes to her. «Let me see those lips as you suck my cock.»

Her words enflamed me. I slowly started sucking her cock with long smooth strokes.

«Oh yeah…that’s it baby…» she said watching. She grunted on the down stroke as my lips caused the harness to push against her clit.

I was determined to hear more grunts. I wanted nothing more than to send her over the top. I reached for more cum and smeared it over he length. Then I went right back to loving her cock.

I must have been doing to right. Her grunts filled the air. Every time I looked her way I found her eyes staring right back at me.

«Do it baby….keep going…so good…so good…suck my cock sugar.»

I continued lost in the act. I was sucking cock! I found it very erotic. And the fact that it belonged to my wife allowed me to enjoy it fully without reservation.

«Oh baby I’m close…so close,» she whispered. «I love watching you do that…those sexy lips of yours…more baby…more.»

I sped up. Her legs were jerking uncontrollably now. Her body was swiftly headed for a most powerful orgasm.

«Yes…yes…suck it, SUCK IT,» she cried. She flung her head back and screamed as her orgasm consumed her. She was thrusting her hips up trying to shove more cock into my greedy mouth.

Hearing her screams of ecstasy pushed me over the edge. My cock exploded inside my panties filling them with copious amounts of warm cum. I continued to suck her cock moaning as our orgasms carried us away.

Finally I fell back against the couch spent. I could feel cum leaking from my drenched panties and couldn’t care less. I looked over to see my wife sprawled against the couch, juices running down the inside of her thighs, her cock glistening with my salvia. It is a memory I will never forget.

We lay there for several minutes trying to gather ourselves.

«Oh baby…that was wonderful,» she said through hooded eyes. «Look at the mess you made in your panties,» she smiled proudly. «They feel good, don’t they?»

«They sure do,» I agreed happily.

«I’m just about ready to go again,» she said.

«But sugar…» I said running my hand down to my deflated cock.

«You see…the nice thing about my cock…its always hard,» she smiled wiggling her cock at me. «Why don’t you go clean up and wait for me in the bedroom. I’m just getting warmed up. Would you like a drink?»

I smiled back at her. «Strong.»

I went to the bathroom and got out of my panties. I ran a washcloth around my cock and balls. My cock ring seemed to shine up at me. That was where it all started. It wasn’t that long ago I had no idea what it was. Now I couldn’t imagine being without it.

I slipped onto the bed and waited. The door opened and she walked in with drinks. I watched her cock swing lewdly between her legs as she approached the bed. I wanted that thing. I wanted it just as much as before, maybe more.

«Here you go sugar,» she said handing me a drink. She held her glass next to mine, «Here’s to my cock…and the pleasure you’ll receive from it.»

I smiled and sipped my drink. That had already happened beyond my wildest expectation. I couldn’t take my eyes off the androgynous creature standing before me. There was something about her feminine curves coupled with a nice hard cock standing proudly from her crotch that really appealed to me.

«I’m so glad you like it,» she said catching me staring. «You look a little nervous honey. Do you need to suck my cock for a minute to help you relax?»

I reached up and touched it once again. It felt so real. I couldn’t explain my fascination with it. I was drawn to it. Her hand went behind my head, pulled me into her. It slipped right past my lips.

I found myself nursing on it just like I had in the other room. I did find it comforting. I could feel my cock coming back to life tugging against the ring. I guess that was when I realized I had a cock fetish.

«That’s it baby…suck that thing…» she encouraged. «I love having a cock.»

Once again I found myself lost in the thrills of sucking a nice, hard cock.

«That makes you so hard…I’ll never get tired of watching this…» she said starting to roll her hips into it. Her gentle thrusts pushed her cock back and forth across my lips in the most sensuous manner. She glanced down to my crotch and found me throbbing.

Several minutes later she pulled her cock from my hungry lips. «That was nice honey. Feel better now?»

She sauntered over to the chair across from the bed and sat down. She spread her legs slightly, her cock jutting from her crotch. I watched as her hand wrapped around the shaft and began a casual, yet steady stroke. I thought of that little nub on the other side.

«I have something for you in the drawer. Why don’t you open it?»

What else could she possibly have in that drawer? I reached over and opened it. I pulled out a pair of nylon stockings followed by a garter belt.

«There’s more…» she said with a smile. I reached in again and pulled out several vibrators of varying size.

«You know how you love to fuck me when I’m wearing stockings?» she asked.

I shook my head yes.

«Well, now it’s my turn. Put those on for me baby.»

I looked down at the stockings. Oh man! I started to realize those vibrators were for me too.

With trembling fingers I nervously clipped the garter belt around my waist. It fit perfectly of course. Clearly she had bought his for me. I fumbled around with the nylon stockings trying to figure them out. Then I slipped into them and clasped them to the garter belt.

The cool nylon sent thrills to my brain. I never really thought about the charge women get from wearing them. Now I understood. To say they heightened my senses would be an understatement.

«Let me see baby,» she commanded stroking her cock.

I got to my feet and walked over to her. She ran her hand along my nice, hard cock. Her fingers lingered on the cock ring.

«I thought you would like this,» she grinned. Then her hand slipped between my legs and ran down the nylons.

«Mmmmm,» I moaned.

«Nice, huh?» she smiled. «Go hop up on the bed for me baby. Lie on your back.»

Once again I found myself following her loving orders without the slightest hesitation. I plopped down in the middle of the bed, on my back. I could feel my heart beating a mile a minute.

She walked slowly over to the bed and climbed on. She positioned herself over me smiling. Her cock jutted up between us. Her nipples were so hard.

«Exciting…isn’t it?» She didn’t wait for me to answer. «Spread your legs for me baby.»

I spread my legs opening myself to her completely.

Her eyes went to my straining cock, jerking above the cock ring. She ran her hands along my nylon covered legs watching the look on my face change from concern to excitement.

She lowered her cock to my crotch, rubbed it against my cock.

The feeling was so amazing. My eyes were drawn to my crotch. It was so lewd. I could see for the first time just how much larger her cock was than mine. She rubbed her cock along mine in a way that established some sort of dominance. My cock responded with not so subtle jerks of excitement.

I looked up to find her studying my face. I had never seen her more confident.

She reached for the smallest vibrator and held it between us. She opened a bottle of lube and let it drip down on the tip. My eyes watched it splash on the tip before slowly rolling down covering the sides.

«Now I know you have never done this before…but I know exactly what I’m doing. You need to trust me completely. I have waited a long time to do this.» She put the bottle down and looked at me.

«You look so venerable like this. I love that. Do you thrust me honey?»

Strangely I did. I nodded my head yes unable to find my voice.

She turned the vibrator on and slipped it between my cheeks. She pushed it a few times before it popped in.

I admit it was rather small. For the first time in my life I felt something probing my ass. The vibration eased my tightness and I found myself relaxing rather quickly.

«Now see? Not so bad, huh?» she said in full control. She worked the vibrator back and forth easily. It was so small that it wasn’t a problem. She pushed it a certain way and I felt my cock jump. I looked down and saw semen leaking out the tip.

«That’s it…just relax,» she said scooping it up on her finger and feeding it to me. I sucked her finger appreciating that she did seem to know exactly what she was doing. She dipped that vibrator once again causing more semen to leak from my cock.

«Nice, huh?» she said coating my lips with a liberal amount of semen.

«Now I’m going to use this other one. Just stay relaxed,» she said pulling the small one out and getting the next size up. I watched as she lubed it up. It was probably twice as big as the first. I was not concerned as the first one had been so easy.

She looked down at my cock twitching between my spread legs. She smiled knowingly and turned it on. I watched as she lowered it to my ass and pushed it inside me.

«Mmmm,» I grunted feeling its girth. Clearly it was much thicker, but it didn’t really hurt. I was amazed at how quickly I adjusted to its size.

«Feels good doesn’t it?» she said smiling down at me. «I know the part you like…» she said dipping that thing down like the other one. This one was much bigger. It produced a bigger thrill. My eyes went to my cock and saw a large dollop of cum instantly produced.

«That’s what I thought,» she smiled scooping it off and feeding it to me. «Grab your cock baby…I know you want to. Play with it…let me see you play with it.»

I stroked myself slowly under her watchful eye. It felt so good. She started thrusting that vibrator into me in tune with my hand.

My brain was lighting up once again. I felt like I was in a fog, a sexual fog. I surrendered myself to her completely.

She sensed it immediately, «That’s it…now your getting it. I’m going to make you feel so good.» Our eyes locked. Her confidence was intoxicating.

She started working that vibrator sideways, then up and down. I was flooded with incredible sensations.

I started wiggling my ass a little. She was really working that vibrator. I was surprised by how good everything felt.

«Doesn’t that feel good? I’m getting you ready for my cock. You are going to love that so much. Just turn yourself over to me…completely.»

It was so easy to do. Everything she did felt better than the thing before.

«Wiggle that ass for me baby,» she encouraged. I pushed down on the vibrator. She dipped it and that thrill leapt through me.

«Oh man,» I grunted reaching for my cock. The tip was soaked. I ran my finger over it and brought it to my lips.

«Feel my cock baby,» she said. «You have me so hard. I can’t wait to fuck you.»

I was growing delirious. I reached for her cock, found that familiar hardness. I stroked it while somewhere in my mind I was trying to determine if it would fit.

She pulled the vibrator from me and grabbed the lube. She poured a liberal amount over her cock and placed it at my well gaped ass. She grabbed my legs and put them on her shoulders. I felt her cock between my cheeks.

«You are going to love this,» she said pushing her hips forward. The head of her cock slipped right inside. It was larger still, but I was flooded by the fact I was being mounted by my wife.

I took a deep breathe trying to submit to her penetration. She pushed a little more inside. I could feel every inch. She did it again and I took more. And then one more time. That’s when I felt her thighs pushed right up against mine.

«You’re right…those stockings feel great,» she smiled.

I moan realizing her entire cock is inside me. I was so proud I could take the whole thing. She stayed there letting me adjust. Then out of nowhere she gives a quick little thrust and I feel huge amounts of cum leaking from my cock. Did I just climax?

«Oh god!» I moaned realizing I am fully impaled on her cock.

I feel her finger running across my lips coating them with more semen.

I feel her hips starting to rock. The sensations are out of this world. She grabs my hand and places it on my rock hard cock.

«Oh yeah,» I moan pulling my cock in time with her thrusts.

She starts moving a little quicker picking up her pace. I am amazed at her skill using that cock. Each thrust feels so good.

«Do me baby…that’s it…give me that cock sugar,» I beg. I am so under her spell.

I open my eyes to see her holding my legs out ramming that nine inch cock of hers into my ass. The excitement on her face is incredible.

«Oh hell yeah,» I cried watching her cock slide into me fully.

She looks at me in total control. She slows her thrust. «What do you think about my cock now baby?» she says slowly pushing it all the way in. She shifts her hips, which twists her cock, which causes me to moan in pleasure.

I watch as she pulls it almost all the way out. I see such satisfaction on her face. Then she rams it home making cum to leak from my cock.

«I love it…god I love it…you are driving me crazy…»

She smiles that sexy grin. «I’ve wanted to do this for so long…» she says settling into a series of nice, deep thrusts. I feel every inch coming in and going out. «Your ass belongs to me…doesn’t it?»

«Yes, yes…hell yes. I love feeling your cock inside me,» I say in total submission.

She rests my legs on her shoulders once again and starts thrusting her hips into me. I feel all nine inches of each thrust.

«Let go of your cock baby…let me do it,» she says.

I release my cock. I put my hands behind my head so I won’t be tempted to grab it again.

She is thrusting into me so hard it reverberates throughout my body. My cock is leaking continuously. I bite my bottom lip trying to remember every single sensation.

«Oh god baby…I think I’m going to cum…I’m going to cum,» I cry shaking my head from side to side.

Each of her thrusts pulls more semen from my cock. I feel her cock ring wrapped tightly around my cock. That’s it. I loose it.

«Arrrrgggghhhhhh,» I scream as my cock explodes spurting a huge stream of cum all over my chest. She rams her cock home causing my cock to send another huge stream up my chest. «Arrrrggggghhhhhh.»

We lock into this cause and effect. She rams her cock into me, my cock explodes with such force I think its’ going to fly off.


I think I pass out, I’m not sure. I feel something at my lips. I feel her pushing her cum soaked fingers into my mouth. I dutifully suck and lick them as if my life depends on it. She feeds so much cum to me. I know it’s all mine…I just can’t imagine there is so much.

«Turn over,» she says pulling her cock from me.

It takes a moment for her words to register. «No baby…I can’t. I need to rest.»


I flip over and stick my ass up in the air. I feel the tip of her cock. Then she pushed it inside, all the way inside. I take all nine inches on her first thrust.

«Oh god yes,» I scream into the pillow.

I slam my ass back against her. I want more. She starts fucking me again. This time I am fucking her back. I meet her thrusts, slam into her trying to get as much cock as I can.

In no time we are locked into a frenzy, fucking hard.

«I love this…I love this,» I hear her scream as she grabs my hips. She holds me still and rams her cock straight up to that spot.

«Ooooooooh,» I yell as my brain lights up.

She moves her hips in little circular movements, each one scores a hit.

I feel my balls release another tidal wave of cum. I feel it spraying between my legs. I’m not even hard!

«Oh yes, yes, yes,» I scream trying to hold on. I can’t breath, I can’t move. I’m spurting cum all over the place. She holds me still against her cock. The tip is pressed up against whatever that is causing me to spurt wildly.

Out of nowhere I hear her scream. It is a guttural sound I had never heard before. She grunts and groans under the influence of a powerful orgasm as she continues to dick my ass.

Then it’s over, completely over. I drop like a rag doll. I feel her cock still in me. I don’t care. I can’t think, can’t move, can’t breath. I’m lying in a pool of cum. My mind is off in lala land refusing to be a part of Earth. I feel her collapse on my back, her breasts mashed against my skin. I feel her sweat dripping on me.

I feel that nine inch cock lodged inside me. It’s the only thing I can feel. It’s the only thing I can think about. It dominates my mind.

I don’t know how, I don’t know why…but I start moving against it. I feel its girth inside me. I feel its length. I can’t get over that last orgasm. My body wants more. I have completely lost control. I am so hopelessly addicted to her cock, those sensations…I have to have more.

I push against it. How I love that feeling. I do it again, longer this time.

I feel her waking up. She thrusts into me, «Is that what you want?»

«Yes, yes…I want your cock.»

«You are so hungry…» she says thrusting into me again. «You love that cock…don’t you?»

«Yes, yes…I love it. Fuck me. Please fuck me.»

«Oh I’m going to fuck you alright…» she says thrusting into me harder. She pushes into me several times listening to me moan and pant.

«Yeah…you love that cock,» she says triumphantly.

She pulls out of me and lies down on her back. «Get up here. Sit on this cock darling.»

I look over and see her. I climb up on her stomach and grab her cock. I positioned it right at my asshole. I close my eyes and ease down its length. I can’t believe how easily it slides in. I take the whole thing right down to her balls.

«Oh fuck,» I hiss feeling it wiggle inside me. I jerk my hips looking for the right angle. I move my legs around giving me better access.

«Oh hell yeah,» I say rocking back and forth gently. I can’t believe how greedy I become. I rocked harder. It’s all about her cock. I find that spot. I rock against it lighting up my brain once again. I have cum so many times, so hard. I can’t even imagine another orgasm. But I can’t deny that feeling. I push up against it.

I can hear the moan that escapes my mouth. I can’t believe it. It’s so guttural, so harsh, so deep.

I know right then that everything has changed. Everything.

«Do it baby,» I hear her say. «Use my cock. Fuck yourself with my nice hard cock.»

I rock on it feverishly. Seconds later I splatter her breasts with a rich layer of cum.

I collapse upon her. My mouth moves to her breast. My tongue searches for cum.

I am consumed by the thought of how much better she fucks me than I fuck her.

I move to her other breast. I find the warm cream sliding down from her nipple.

I push down on that familiar feeling. Her hardness fills me once again.

«That’s it sugar… the nice thing about my cock…its always hard.»

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