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First Time with Neighbor Daddy

My name’s Matt. This story takes place in 2006, the summer before I went off to college. I was an 18 year old boy, enjoying my last summer home. One day in June, my parents had decided to take day trip to the beach for some shopping. This was great news for me — it meant freedom for the day. I enjoyed smoking weed back then, so I was able to hit the pipe all day, so long as I had ample time to clear out the smell. It was around midday that Saturday, and I had just finished smoking and decided I’d go outside, turn some tunes on and wash my truck. Being midsummer, I thought I could work on my tan so when I head off to school I’d have a nice tan for the women. God I love women. So shirtless I went out, all 145 lbs of me, wearing only mesh shorts. I had been going for about 20 minutes when I heard a voice from behind me. Turning around, I saw a face I had seen hundreds of times growing up.

My neighbor, Mr. Stanton. He was a divorcee with a son a few years older than me. If I had to guess, he was probably around 45 years old. His beard and hair had started showing a hint of grey in recent years. He had lived beside me ever since I could remember. I guess he must have been a hit with the ladies, because I was always seeing ladies coming and going from his house. The window to my bedroom faced his house so I could hear him and his guess coming in late at night on the weekends.

«Hey Matty», Mr. Stanton says. «Giving the ride a bath huh?»

«Yes sir Mr. Stanton» I reply.

We make small talk for a few minutes. I continue to wash the truck talking back. I was a small boy, standing 5’7. So when I get to the roof of the truck I have to get on my tip toes or a bucket to make sure it gets clean. With my bucket not near me, I struggle to reach the middle of the roof. Seeing my struggling, Mr. Stanton gets up. «Let me help you with that». He was a much larger man, being around 6’2 and an athletic build of 205 lbs.

Before I can say anything he is right behind me taking the sponge. It’s kind of a weird position we are in. I’m somewhat pinned between him and my truck. As he leans forward to get the center of the roof, he puts a little pressure against the back of my body, and that’s the first time I felt it. Right away, I knew what it was pressing up against my right cheek. It felt big, bigger than mine. I wasn’t the only one wearing thin shorts that day, so I was able to feel it slide back and forth as he worked the roof of the truck.

At first I was somewhat confused, never having experienced anything like this before. I had always liked women, and they me. But something about feeling Mr. Stanton’s dick up against me struck some sort of curiosity switch in my brain. As he reached for the far end, he put his hand on the small of my back to get better leverage. When I saw him make his final reach for the far side of the roof, I «discretely» pushed my body back into the crouch at the same time as he was pushing forward, pushing his dick up against me in a less discrete manor.

Mr. Stanton backed away and handed me the sponge, smiling and said «there ya go Matt.»

Grinning back, I mustered out a thank you.

«I saw your parents head out this morning. Another shopping trip at the beach today?» Mr. Stanton asked me.

«Yes sir. Said they’d be gone until tonight at least.»

«Your parents, I tell ya.» He replied. «well, if there is anything else you need help with, give me a shout» he says as he begins to talk back home.

Without even thinking, I said «Well, I’m trying to move the TV from the living room out of the cabinet. It’s kinda big so an extra person would help. Could you give me a hand with that real quick?»

What was I doing?! Did I really just invite Mr. Stanton, the man who just not-so-discretely rubbed his dick up against my butt into my house?

«Absolutely» he smiles back at me.

Nervous, and practically shaking, I lead him into my parent’s house, locking the door behind him..

As we walk back to the living room, I suddenly remember. Crap — I moved the TV yesterday when my buddy Mark was over. We get back to the room, and there it is, on the floor. As I walk up to, I stumble over my words, not knowing what to do next.

«Uh.. whoops. Sorry, uh Mr. Stanton. I forgot I had moved it yesterday.»

I turn around, and am stunned to see Mr. Stanton blocking the doorway, rubbing his hand over the outline of his dick through his thin shorts. Shocked, I stare for a few moments too long. But it was too much — I was unable to look away. I could see it growing bigger as he continued to rub the outline. But I knew it wasn’t fully hard because of how he flopped it — which surprised me because it was already the length of mine and maybe thicker. Myself, I am a solid 6″ so I was surprised to see how big his was getting.

«Uh, Mr. Stanton. What are you doing??..»

«Don’t worry Matt. I know why you really invited me in. Don’t think I didn’t purposely rub my cock against your soft ass. And you know I felt you push back on me. Just admit it.»

Unsure of what to do, I denied «Whoa Mr. Stanton. I don’t know what the heck you’re talking about»

«Oh is that so Matt. Hm. I know that smell» he says as he takes a whiff of the air. «That smells a lot like weed. I bet your parents don’t know about this do they. And what a shame it would be if they found out.»

«Mr. Stanton, come on. You wouldn’t tell them would you.»

«Oh yeah Matt. And more, I’d tell them about the drug dealers you have over here when they are gone on their trips.»

«That’s BS Mr. Stanton. And you know that!»

«who are they going to believe Matt? You, the child, or me, the adult neighbor and best friend of your fathers?»

«Mr. Stanton, please come on.»

«Well Matt, looks like you’re going to have to do as I say. Get over here, and get down on your knees.»

Not wanting to get in trouble, I let out a shallow «..Ok..» and walk over to him. Right in front of him, I nervously get down on my knees. I could not believe what was going on. I was in such shock at the sense of arousal that I was feeling that I was under some control of his, obeying him without thinking twice.

On my knees, he grabbed the back of my head and rubbed his dick up against my face. I could feel it sliding back and forth across my nose. By now it was almost fully erect. He told me to grab his waist line and slowly pull down his shorts. With my fingers in his waistband, I looked up into his eyes, asking again «Please Mr. Stanton».

«Ssh.. boy.. Call me daddy»

He takes hold of my wrist and slides them down, forcing his underwear down, the whole time staring into my eyes with a smug look that tells me he knows he has control.

I don’t break eye contact with him as his underwear is slowly pulled down over his now fully erect cock. When suddenly they are down and something solid strikes me beneath my chin.

All I can do is stare at it. It’s at least 8 inches long, and thick enough so that I doubt if my hand would be able to wrap around it. His balls are big and hang low. The smell is intoxicating.

He grabs his cock and slowly strokes it right in front of my face. He begins to rub the head against my cheeks, moaning. With his hand still on the back of my head, he brings the head of his cock to my mouth and tells me to open up. I do as he says, scared to death but so aroused, and let him enter my now willing mouth. The underside of his cock rubs against the top of my tongue as he lets it rest in my mouth for a few seconds. I can feel pressure on the back of my head, indicating he wants me to go deeper on his cock. I let him force his dick deeper into my throat. It’s half way in my throat before I gag on its length. Laughing, he pulls out his cock.

«Pretty big huh? Don’t worry. We’ll work on that» he says as he puts it back in my mouth. I close my mouth and begin sucking again. It isn’t long before I notice how turned on I am. My dick has now become rock hard and I’ve even noticed that he removed his hand and it is now fully me sucking his cock.

I love this. I never knew I would but I do. I am sucking his cock now with all the might I can muster. Trying my hardest to take him all in my throat. I’ve had my dick sucked before by girls, so I know what feels good. I suck on the head of his dick, exploring the hole with my tongue as I jerk his cock in my hand.

«What a good boy. You like sucking Daddy’s dick don’t you?»

Drooling, I am able to look up into his eyes and let out a whisper «Yes Daddy». I’ve fully given in.

He stands me up, turns me around, and walks me to the sofa. He pulls down my shorts, causing me to be naked in front of another man for the first time in my life. I can feel the head of his hard cock rubbing between my as cheeks as he stands behind me.

With his forceful hands, he leans me onto the couch, putting my knees up on the cushions and face into the backrest. My virgin hole is fully exposed to me neighbor. His hands are exploring my ass, rubbing all over. Then he rubs a finger over my hole, and I perk up from the sensation.

«You like that don’t you boy? Don’t worry, there will be more to come»

Then I feel a warm tingling as he buries his face in my ass. He is now ravishing my hole with his tongue, and I’ve never had a feeling like this before. I’m moaning into the cushions as his tongue explores my hole. Then I feel something slid in, penetrating my virgin ass for the first time. My butt clenches as he puts a finger in, sliding it in and out. It feels amazing; I don’t want this to stop. I reach down and start jerking off my cock, feeling precum leaking out of my head already. He removes my hand, telling me not to waste it. He then inserts another finger, and I do as he says, removing my hand and enjoying this full feeling.

He then forcefully flips me over, putting my back on the seat cushion and my holding my legs in the air. My cock is now standing straight up in front of his face as he puts his mouth around it. It is the most extraordinary feeling as his wet mouth goes up and down all the way on my cock. He then takes it to the next level as he shoves a finger back into my wet ass. I think I’m about to cum. «I’m GOING TO CUM DADDY» I let out. And right before I do, he stop.

«Not yet boy»

He tells me to lay across the sofa now, with my head over the headrest. Moving to stand above me. He holds his cock in his hand as he brings his balls up to my upside mouth. He places this in my mouth and lets me suck his balls in and out of my mouth as he strokes his dick.

«Yeah boy, that feels so good. Suck daddy’s big balls. You want to taste daddy’s dick again? Tell me you want daddy’s dick again. Tell me you want it down your throat again»

«Please daddy, put your cock back in my throat. I want daddy’s cock.»

He is pleased. He lowers his cock into my mouth and begins forcing it as deep into my throat as he can. He picks up the pace and works a motion so that he is now fully fucking my face. I feel so hot. I can feel how slick his cock is getting as it slides in and out of my throat. I feel his cock tensing, and I know what is coming. I want it so bad!

But then, he stops. Backing away from me. I’m surprised.

«What’s wrong daddy? Did I do something wrong?»

«No boy. Daddy isn’t done with you yet.»

He stands me up and turns me around so his cock is wedged against my ass.

«Take me to your room boy. Grab daddy’s cock, and take him to your room»

«yes daddy»

I grab his cock. It’s so wet and slick. I lead him back to my bedroom.

«Get on the bed. It’s time for you to take all of daddy»

I get on the bed and he motions for me to turn around. I get on my hands and knees, putting my face to the bed so my ass is sticking straight up to him. I’m so horny at this point it’s unbearable. I’m ready.

«Are you ready for Daddy’s dick boy? I’m going to fuck you’re tight little virgin ass.»

«Please daddy. I need your cock. Please take my virgin hole.»

He moves behind me. I feel my heart pounding from excitement, anticipation, and pleasure. He takes his cock and rubs the head against my hole. I reach back with both hands, forcing my face into the bed, and spread my ass giving him full access. Slowly, I feel pressure on my hole. Then, the pop. He enters my ass, and it hurts so bad! I scream into my bed and try to rise up. But then I feel a hand on my back, forcing me back down.

«Shh.. boy.. wait. You’ll learn to love it»

I don’t believe him, but I cant move. Daddy has me pinned down. He keeps s the head of his cock in my hole for a few seconds without moving it to get me accustomed to it. Slowly he starts to move back and forth. I feel my ass stretching more and more. But then the pain begins to get replaced. Replaced by this, full feeling. As he rocks back and forth, putting more of his cock into my tight ass, I begin to need it. When he pulls back I push back, moaning each time more is pushed inside me, until finally I feel his balls up against my ass.

«You like that boy? All of Daddy’s 8 inch cock is in your ass. And my what a tight ass you have boy.»

«Ohh.. Daddy.. It’s so good» is all I can muster out.

He then begins to pump back and forth, pulling out to the point to where the tip of the head is all that is left in my ass then pushing all the way back in. My body tingles each time.

«tell me you like it boy. Tell daddy you want me to fuck you . Tell me boy!»

«Daddy yes!.. You’re cock feels so good. Please don’t stop daddy. FUCK ME DADDY»

He picks up the pace, and is now pounding my ass. My body gives into him and I am in full ecstasy as his continues to penetrate my ass over and over again. He stops and lays on the bed, motioning to me that he wants me to get on top of him. I mount him in what I called a reverse cowgirl position when I have sex with women. I grab his cock and put it up to the entrance of my hole and slowly lower myself onto him.

The filling sensation is back, causing me to roll my eyes back into my head as I go all the way down. He tells me to lean back, placing my hands on the bed. Instantly a new feeling takes over.

«You feel that boy? That’s my hard cock massaging your prostate»

«Oh my god Daddy.. That feels so good. Please don’t stop»

He beings to thrust into my ass, slowly at first then picking up the pace. My cock is whipping back and forth as he fucks me. I grab my cock and start jerking off. As he continues to fuck me my cock comes alive. It feels so good. I can feel my cum building up.


Then the best orgasm I have ever had burst out of my cock. Streams of cum land on my chest. My ass clinches around Daddy’s cock as he keeps pumping my ass, enhancing the feeling. I am in complete bliss.

He slows down, then pulls out and tells me to get Daddy a washcloth. Without question, I run to the bathroom then back to my bedroom.

«Clean off daddy’s cock»

«Yes sir Daddy» I gently take his dick in the wet cloth and wash him clean.

«get between my legs boy. And put my cock in your mouth. I’m going to give you a treat» He tells me next.

«Yes Daddy»

I lie between his legs and take his cock in my hands then slowly lower my mouth over the head of his dick. I suck slowly, judging how I’m doing by the moans Daddy lets out. I work on deepthroating his cock. Going deeper and deeper each time down until I have all but half an inch in my mouth.

«Yes boy, take all of Daddy’s cock in your mouth!» he says as he grabs the back of my head and forces the last half an inch into my throat. I’m gagging and he lets me up just enough to catch my breath. But that’s it. He begins to fuck my face again, forcing my mouth up and down, up and down, on his cock.


Then he shoves my head all the way down on his cock. I feel a shot shoot into the back of my throat. Then another. It taste warm and salty, but so good. Another shot. I hold his cock in my mouth as I swallow all of his cum. It’s so much, requiring two swallows, but I take it all down my throat while keeping Daddy’s cock in my mouth. He moans, and I start sucking his cock again, making sure not to miss a drop. He stays hard for a few minutes, but then begins to soften.

«You’re a good boy. Doing what Daddy says. Did you like Daddy’s cum?»

As I remove his cock from between my lips, I say «yes. Yes I do. I love your cum Daddy. It taste so good.»

«Good boy.» He says as he smiles at me, standing now.

I’m still lying on my bed as he walks into the other room to get his shorts. As he grabs them, he turns back to see me looking at him.

«Better clean up boy. You’re parents will be back soon. I’ll be in touch.»

And just like that, the best summer of my life began.

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