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The set of four black leather cuffs in Jake’s hand caught Jessica’s eye. They seemed so out of place here in his office at the insurance company they both worked for.

«And just what do you think you’re going to do with those?» she asked, a slight catch in her voice.

«They’re part of your Valentine’s Day present. One I should have given you a long time ago.»

Jessica perked up and then frowned. «I have to work all day and half the night. The new ad campaign is due out Wednesday. Anyway, you’re just teasing.»

«We’ll just see about that,» Jake replied with a hard look.

That had been four days earlier and that hard look of Jake’s had kept Jessica on edge. Curiosity about what he had planned and the thought of being tied up with the cuffs fought for her attention. She sat in her office this Valentine’s Day morning and rocked her hips from side to side. She could feel the slip and slide of her inner and outer lips as she did.

She was technically his boss and had teased him relentlessly at a business conference. In a moment alone in an elevator he pinned her to the wall, her arms above her head. He hadn’t looked as strong as he actually was and Jessica had struggled but to no avail.

Jake had taken a long lick up the side of her neck and then whispered the threat in her ear. «I’m going to tie you up one day and fuck the ever-loving shit out of you.»

The elevator slowing rapidly made him release her and step back. Jessica was shaken by his roughness and the explosively quick power he had shown. With her high-profile job, she was the one used to having the power. This sudden turn of events had shaken her and made her wonder what it would be like if he carried out that threat.

He never mentioned it again but seeing those cuffs brought that threat back to mind and made it a distinct possibility. With a shiver, she rose from her chair and turned to her favorite window, staring out over the city. Her corner office was one of the perks of the job but it came with a price of time and devotion.

Her private social life was almost non-existent. She seldom dated and rarely slept with any of them when she did. She was at all the right parties and seen with all the right people, but it all felt wrong to her. Most in the office figured she was a social butterfly and she had the world on a string. If only they knew.

Her flaming red hair, heavily tailored suits, and business sense scared the hell out of the other vice presidents in the company but drew approval from those higher up. She was good at what she did and made sure it showed. The VP’s considered her the bitch from hell and left her alone. Jessica was only too happy to let them. She got stabbed in the back less that way.

Jake was the exception. He did his job and treated her as an equal but didn’t take her attitude. The first few times she had pulled the bitch act on him, he had looked at her sharply and frowned as he ignored it. He never even mentioned it or made reference to it in any way. He wasn’t afraid of her or afraid to argue with her if he didn’t agree with something she proposed.

Jessica sighed and turned from the window. For those reasons, he became a target of her flirting and teasing. He had flirted and teased back until the incident in the elevator. Afterwards he acted like nothing had happened, which enflamed Jessica’s curiosity even more and, if she let herself think about it, her desire to have him.

Giving herself a little shake to snap her mind out of these memories and thoughts, she headed for her private bathroom. She really didn’t have to pee but once inside with the door shut, she hiked up her straight skirt and slipped her silk bikini underwear down around her knees. She sat down on the commode and relaxed.

Her panties dropped around her ankles as she spread her knees wide. Well-manicured nails combed teasingly at the small patch of carrot-colored hair on her mound as a shiver ran up her spine. All the memories and thinking had her strung out and horny as hell. Her fingertips just barely grazed the skin of her plump outer lips and she shivered harder. She loved to tease herself, to bring her orgasm close and then let it wait.

She bit her lower lip as she dipped her middle finger between the folds and ran it up and down, feeling how wet and slippery she had become. Her nail flicked her swollen clit once and she moaned deep in her chest. It wouldn’t take but a few minutes to come, if she decided to masturbate to a climax.

The ringing phone on her desk made her jerk her hand away from her sex and stand up. She stepped out of the panties and worked the skirt down as she headed off to answer it. She left the panties lying on the floor and grinned in that direction as she picked up the receiver.

«Hello, Jessica Parks,» she said in a business like manner.

«Now that you have your panties off, the games can begin,» Jake’s voice said on the other end of the line.

Jessica gasped loudly and looked around wildly. Not seeing anyone she asked, «How do you know I don’t have my panties on?»

«I know everything. I know you’re going to go back in your bathroom and take off your bra and then get dressed again.»

«And if I don’t?»

«Then I’ll find someone else to use these cuffs on,» Jake said and then hung up.

Jessica felt her thighs tighten up, squeezing her sex as she hung up her phone. How did he know she didn’t have her panties on, there wasn’t a camera in her bathroom, in her office, yes, but not in there. She was back in the bathroom in a flash, searching the walls and ceilings.

She found nothing but that didn’t mean it wasn’t there, only that she couldn’t find it. She shut the door slowly and then stood there trying to decide whether to do as he said or not. If she did, then she was committing to go along with him. If she didn’t, he might do as he said and find someone else to use the cuffs on.

Her mind was at war over what to do as she started to unbutton her jacket. Those cuffs were hers damn it, and she wanted to find out what they were all about. The jacket came off, the blouse came off and then the bra. She dropped it next to the panties and ran her hands over the full globes of her breasts. Her nipples tingled and itched as her palms caressed the hard nubs.

When she pinched and rolled them around with her fingers, her back arched and her head tilted back. Visions of Jake watching her on a monitor flashed before her eyes and she moaned softly. The urge to masturbate was back stronger than ever.

She squeezed her thighs together and flexed her hips. Oh God that felt so good, she thought. It wouldn’t take much for her to get off big time. A loud knocking at her office door jerked her up straight and she scrambled for her blouse. She got it on quickly, buttoned it up, and tucked it in.

She was well aware of her hard nipples rubbing on the silky material as she walked toward the door. She was also aware of the slick slippery feeling between her thighs and along her slit. She hadn’t been this turned on since college. Her body was set and primed, so whatever Jake had planned had better live up to expectations or else.

Jake was standing at the door and came in when she opened it. Without a word, he closed the door and sat his briefcase down. He quickly pulled her over to the corner of the room, took her in his arms, and kissed her with a passion that took her breath away. At first, Jessica was frozen in shock and then she melted into the kiss with a whimpering moan.

She was trembling all over by the time Jake’s mouth released hers. He leaned his head next to hers and whispered, «Stand right here, and don’t move. I have a couple of things to take care of.»

Not waiting for an answer, he knelt down and opened the briefcase. He took a spray bottle out and a pair of pliers. He stepped up in a chair, and sprayed liquid at the small camera located high up in the corner near the ceiling. He did something with the pliers and then stepped down.

Quickly he went to Jessica’s desk and worked at her computer for a moment. Then he turned and grinned at her. «We’re back in the net but completely private now. The lens is fogged and the microphone wire is broken.»

«What about the camera in the bathroom,» Jessica asked.

«There isn’t one, just a little knowledge of female human nature and a tap into the camera in here,» Jake admitted. «I saw your panties through the open door.»

He got up from the desk and came around toward Jessica. Jessica tried to go past him to get behind her desk but Jake stopped her by pulling her into his arms for another kiss. She didn’t freeze for nearly as long this time and surrendered even more, grinding her hips against him in the heat of the moment. She was fast losing control and that thought scared her a little.

Jake suddenly broke the kiss and asked, «Are you ready to go to lunch?»

«Are you asking me to lunch?» Jessica asked, trying to regain some control.

«I thought I just did.»

Jessica looked at Jake for a quick second. Something seemed different about him. «Let me get my jacket.»

«You don’t need it, now turn around and bend over the desk.»

All sorts of naughty thoughts raced through Jessica’s mind as she asked, «Why?»

«I have something special for you to wear on this special day. Something the likes of which you’ve never even seen much less worn.»

Jake reached in his pocket and took something out. He held his hand out toward Jessica and slowly opened his fingers. There was a gold colored spike looking thing in his hand about four inches long and an inch around. The larger end tapered quickly down and then there was an even larger red heart shaped button on the end.

«What is it?» Jessica asked.

«Turn around, bend over, hike up your skirt, and I’ll show you,» was his reply.

Jessica hesitated and when she did, Jake said loudly and forcefully, «Turn around and bend over! I won’t tell you again.»

With a jerk of shock, Jessica turned slowly and bent over placing her hands on her desk. «On your elbows and spread your feet farther apart,» Jake ordered.

Jessica was even more shocked to realize that that was exactly what they were. He was ordering her and she was obeying. She was on her elbows and had her feet as wide apart as the skirt allowed before she even knew it.

His hands slid up along her outer thighs and lifted the skirt up above her ass, the cool of the office air conditioning and the fact that she was naked in front of this man made her tremble and shiver. She couldn’t believe she was actually doing this and getting even more turned on by it.

«Spread your feet wider.»

With a whimper, Jessica complied.

Jake’s hands rubbing and massaging her ass cheeks made her whimper even louder. When she did, one hand went to her tailbone and massaged her there as the other dropped down to explore her pussy. Jessica came up on her toes with a loud yelp of surprise.

The hand left her sex and landed with a stinging slap on her ass. When she made the same sound as before, the hand landed on the other cheek just a sharply. Jessica bit off a cry and stood still.

«That’s better. You can’t be making loud noises or jumping around anytime someone touches your pussy. Now relax while I get this butt plug in place.»

The words «butt plug» drifted around in Jessica’s mind for a moment before they took on any meaning. When they did, she started to straighten up but a solid slap on her ass made her freeze. One on the other cheek made her bend back over. She moaned loudly as the hand continued to spank one cheek and then the other for another four strokes.

Then the hand was caressing and rubbing at her stinging butt. She could feel the heat and stinging muted somewhat into a burning itch. Jessica hadn’t been spanked even as a child so this was all new and exciting for her. She was off balance by his forcefulness and the spanking.

«You keep it up and you’re going to be standing throughout lunch,» Jake told her, still caressing her ass.

A moment later his hand disappeared and then there was something small rubbing along her slit and dipping into her pussy. «I need to get this slippery,» Jake, told her as he pushed the metal butt plug into her vagina. It felt heavy as he left it there a second or two.

It left her vagina and a second later the end touched her anus. Jessica jerked and gasped loudly as she realized that he really meant to shove that thing up her ass. It disappeared and the hand landed on her ass solidly.

«One more time and I’m going to turn you across my knees and give you a spanking like you’ll never forget,» Jake said softly with iron underneath.

Jessica believed him and relaxed back down on her elbows. The plug returned to her vagina for a second and then touched her asshole. She steeled herself not to move and then moaned long and loud as he worked the plug into her ass. Once it was in place he rubbed and caressed her ass for a minute or so.

He knelt down behind her and kissed each ass cheek in turn before whispering, «You have one of the most beautiful asses I’ve ever seen and now with that red heart planted in the very center it is even more spectacular.»

Jessica loved the feel of a finger in her ass during sex but this was outrageous. To be totally exposed to Jake, draped across her desk, spanked and then that thing shoved up her ass. It was all too much. Her redheaded temper was trying to kick in and the only thing stopping it was the threat of the spanking.

Jake stood up and said, «Stand up and straighten your skirt, it’s time to go to lunch. I have a limousine waiting downstairs and it will leave when I get in. It won’t wait more than a few seconds if you are late.»

Jessica straightened up cautiously and was about to turn around when she heard the door open. She yanked her skirt down in a panic and hastily straightened it. When she looked up, Jake was headed off down the hall with his briefcase in his hand.

She wanted her jacket but he was halfway to the elevators. She took a hasty long stride, then stumbled, and nearly fell as the plug in her ass moved and wiggled. Her eyes were wide and her mouth open in a soundless O as she hurried to catch up. The heavy weight of the plug and the movement had her mind focused on her ass like never before.

The hall was enough distance for Jessica to recover her composure somewhat before it opened out into the main room of the office. She was still very much aware of the plug and the jolts of pleasure shooting out from it to pool in her sex. She walked with her shoulders back and medium steps.

Her nipples were tingling and itching from rubbing on the blouse and she just knew that everyone in the room was looking at her. They weren’t of course but she felt so exposed, like everyone knew about the butt plug and that she didn’t have her panties or bra on.

The doors of the elevator opened as she caught up. Jake moved to the back and leaned on the wall. She stood beside him. No one was on board but they both knew it would be full by the time they reached the ground, packed like a sardine can.

Jessica was well aware of Jake’s hand on her ass. The tingling itch from the spanking was more pronounced as he caressed her through the rough material of the skirt. He patted her low on her ass, down very near to that plug that was so much on her mind.

«How does that feel?» he asked softly.

«Interesting,» she whispered shakily.

He grinned at her and patted her ass harder. «I’m glad you like it and just for your information and contemplation, when I pull it out, I’m going to replace it with my dick and fuck you long, hard, and deep.»

Jessica stiffened sharply and then moaned as the plug shifted its heavy weight. Before she could figure out what to do or say, the elevator doors opened and the first load of people got on. Jake continued to play with her ass, even to the point of slipping his hand up under the skirt and rubbing a fingertip over the butt plug.

There wasn’t much of a chance of anyone noticing with the packed house but the thrill of being played with in public had Jessica on a boil by the time they reached the ground level. Her legs were shaky and her knees weak as they crossed the lobby. Once out front, the steps down to the street became a new thrill.

She would step down and the plug would wiggle and shoot a jolt straight to her pussy. Step, wiggle, jolt, step, wiggle, jolt, it went on and on. By the time they reached street level and Jake opened the limo door, Jessica was holding onto his arm and shaking. He helped her into the limo and then grinned as she sat down hard.

Jessica went off like a bomb, withering, and moaning loudly, oblivious to everything around her. Her hands came up to caress her breasts through the silk blouse as her thighs tensed and relaxed. Her hips were flexing back and forth, which moved the butt plug around in her sensitive ass. This just fed her orgasm.

Jake was well aware of the driver watching Jessica in his mirror as he waited for her to calm down. The grin on the driver’s face said it all and pretty much matched the one on his own face. Strong, powerful Jessica was having a barnburner of an orgasm right in front of everybody and totally didn’t care.

When Jessica stopped moving so much, Jake told the driver, «To the restaurant, James.»

«Yes, sir,» was his reply and then the car moved smoothly away from the curb.

Jake looked over at Jessica and smiled. Her eyes were locked on the rearview mirror and they were wide with panic as she finally realized that the driver had watched her have that mind-numbing orgasm. When Jake patted her on the thigh, her head snapped around toward him and anger was written all over her pretty face.

«I can still spank you and I will, right here in this car. I’ll hike that skirt up and blister your bare ass while the driver watches,» he threatened. «I’ll even turn so he gets a good look at that red heart sticking out of your ass.»

A mixture of fear and embarrassment instantly replaced the anger as Jessica dropped her eyes and shivered. She had been tempted to go off on him and call his bluff but she knew deep down inside that he wasn’t bluffing. The thought of him spanking her in front of the driver, her bare ass sticking up as he did, had her pussy twitching and itchy.

«Now sit back and relax, it’s about ten minutes to the restaurant.»

Jake’s left hand caressed Jessica’s inner thigh as they started across town. It ran from her knee to as far up toward her pussy as the tight skirt would allow. When he would twist his wrist at the top of the caress, his fingertips were just a fraction of an inch from her outer lips. They were maddening close but too far away.

Jessica wanted to slip farther down in the seat and to spread her legs but the driver’s eyes in the rearview mirror reminded her that he would see her if she did. The thought of him seeing her pussy and seeing Jake caress it made her moan softly and flex her hips. When she did, Jake’s fingertips barely brushed the skin on her sex.

She inhaled sharply as her knees moved apart before she could think about it. The next caress of Jake’s hand brought his fingertips in direct contact with her sex. Jessica shivered hard and opened her legs wider as a finger traced up along her slit. Her hips jerked as it bumped against her clit.

They stopped at a light and the driver’s eyes were staring at her in the mirror. Jessica gave out with a whimpering moan and started to close her legs but Jake’s fingertip flicked her clit again and she froze, her eyes closing as the jolt of pleasure hit her. He flicked her clit again and then rolled it around. Jessica felt her hips flex up and press her clit tighter to him.

As they pulled away from the light, Jake leaned over and whispered in her ear, «You like him looking at your wet pussy as I play with it, don’t you?»

Jessica nodded slowly, not trusting herself not to scream if she said anything. His finger was rolling her clit from side to side and little shocks of pleasure were flashing along her nervous system. She was quickly approaching another climax.

At the next light, Jake moved his left hand away from her sex and turned so his right hand could slip between her thighs. As the hand went deeper between her legs, it was low down along the bottom of her thighs. Jessica rolled her hips up and a single finger speared straight into her hot, slippery opening.

Jessica gasped loudly, opening her eyes as the finger entered her vagina and she moaned long and loud as the palm cupped her sex. Jake rocked his hand, the palm rubbing her clit and the finger moving in and out of her sex. Jessica’s hands were back on her breasts before she realized it. Her eyes locked with the driver’s in the mirror.

The very idea of riding around the city with her legs spread wide, Jake’s finger in her pussy, and the driver watching it all was just unbelievable. If someone had told her such a thing anytime before today, she would have laughed and called them crazy. The reality, however, was something else altogether.

Crazy, yes, but she was about to explode with the biggest orgasm of her life. The earlier one, brought on by the butt plug, would pale in comparison and it had been a beauty. She could not believe that this was really happening and that she was actually enjoying and helping it along. Her hips lifted higher and she moaned deep in her chest.

As the limousine started to move again, Jessica felt her hips moving in counterpoint to the finger in her sex. Jake’s hand disappeared for a second and when it returned, two fingers speared into her. Jessica yelled loudly and came with a rush and a small gush, her hips jerking and hunching wildly on the two fingers.

When the world started to have some meaning for Jessica other than flashing lights and racing pleasure, the car was parked on the side of the street. Jake still had two fingers buried in her pussy but they were still and he was kissing her softly on the lips. Jessica’s hands were still cupping her breasts and slowly massaging the firm globes.

Jake broke the kiss and sat back. The driver was turned sideways in his seat and staring at Jessica, his eyes moving up and down over her hands and Jake’s and then back up to her face. Jessica moaned loudly and then whimpered softly as a shiver ran up and down her body.

She felt Jake’s hand move and she moaned as his fingers pulled out of her pussy. He held the wet shiny fingers up in front of her face and whispered, «You made one hell of a mess.»

Jessica tried to stifle a giggle but didn’t quite succeed. «Oh, you think that’s funny, do you? Then maybe you should clean these fingers up before I spank your ass,» Jake said sharply.

His two fingers moved to rub the slippery juices on them over her lips. Jessica opened her mouth to protest but found that impossible as Jake jammed the fingers in her mouth and said, «Suck, bitch, suck them clean.»

Jessica froze and then Jake’s other hand closed on her right breast and squeezed it tightly, painfully so. Jessica gave out with a muffled yell and tried to turn her head away.

Jake rammed the fingers deeper in her mouth, gave her breast a slight twist, and said, «Suck my fingers, bitch. You made this mess and you’re going to clean it up.»

The shock and pain had Jessica sucking on his fingers instantly. He relaxed his grip on her breast and then caressed it as she sucked and licked his fingers. The grin on the driver’s face made her whimper and then groan softly as he watched her sucking her own juices off Jake’s fingers. She felt embarrassed at him watching but somehow it seemed to turn her on wildly.

After a couple of minutes, Jake pulled his fingers out of her mouth and looked at the driver. «Hand me a couple of those handy wipes you keep up there.»

«Yes, sir,» the driver said, still grinning as he turned to get them.

When he handed them to Jake, Jake passed one to Jessica and told her, «Here, clean yourself up, that is unless you want Jackson here to lick you clean. He has a big strong tongue and loves to eat pussy, ain’t that right, Jackson?»

«Yes, sir, you better believe that’s right. Although, if I came home with the smell of a white woman’s pussy on my breath, my old lady would kill me deader than a knob.»

Jake laughed and told Jessica, «Then you’d better do it, we wouldn’t want Jackson’s death on our conscious, would we?»

Jessica took the moist paper towel and lifted her hips. She was acutely aware of both men’s eyes on her sex as she cleaned herself up. It both scared and excited her at the same time. She found herself doing it slowly and showing herself off even more as she did. She even lifted her hips higher and wiped around the heart shaped button of the butt plug.

«Damn!» Jackson whispered as she did. «I ain’t ever seen nothing like that before.»

«You should get your wife one for Valentine’s Day,» Jake said with a grin.

«Getting her one would be one thing but even suggesting where to put it would get me killed, so no thanks,» Jackson said seriously.

«So she wouldn’t like it, huh?»

«No, sir, she surely wouldn’t. I’d love it but she wouldn’t stand for me even asking. Her ideas on sex are pretty vanilla if you know what I mean. Missionary mostly and maybe a little doggy if she gets to lit on Saturday night but that’s about it,» Jackson explained.

«Maybe you need to get a little forceful with her, show her whose boss,» Jake said with a grin, his eyes on Jessica’s.

«She’s a good Christian woman but if I was to throw my weight around, she’d make a bowtie out of my balls. She’s loving but she’s mean when she’s crossed. I think I’ll just take what I get and call myself lucky,» Jackson replied with a chuckle.

«Probably a good idea in that case,» Jake said.

Jessica had lowered her hips back to the seat and closed her legs. She dropped the towel in the trash and started to pull her skirt down. Jake caught her wrist and shook his head. «Leave it there and open your legs back up, I like to look at that red patch of hair and your pretty pussy.»

Slowly, Jessica spread her legs and then shivered as Jackson licked his lips. Jake was right — Jackson’s tongue was long, thick, and looked strong as hell. A mental picture of it buried in her pussy and his wide nose rubbing her clit made Jessica whimper softly and then moan.

Jake grinned at her and then said to Jackson, «I guess we can go on now.»

«Yes, sir,» Jackson replied as he turned and started the car.

Jake leaned over and asked Jessica in a whisper, «You were thinking about him eating your sweet, little pussy, weren’t you?»

Jessica nodded and then blushed a scarlet red.

«You’re getting to be quite the little slut, aren’t you?»

Jessica’s eyes got wide as she drew a sharp breath. «I am not!» she said louder than she meant to.

Jake just grinned, dropped his left hand down to caress, and pet her pussy as they drove on to the restaurant.

The meal gave Jessica time to think and by the end of it, she was ready to grab a cab and get the hell away from Jake. Her mind had been in a daze ever since he came into her office and kissed her and her body a whirlwind of desire ever since.

It had been exciting and fun even if it was embarrassing but it was now time to call a halt. His words about her being a slut kept floating around in her head. She didn’t see herself that way and the comment ticked her off to no end.

The limousine was waiting when they came out of the restaurant. Jessica started to turn aside but Jake’s hand on her elbow pulled her back, his thumb biting into the nerve above the joint. With a gasp at the pain, she followed him to the car and got in.

«Fun is fun but I’ve had enough,» Jessica said as the car pulled away.

Jake opened his brief case and popped a small video camera out of a bracket. His hands worked the buttons and dials for a second and then he turned the tiny view screen toward her. Jessica felt the blood leave her face as she saw herself bent over the desk in her office, her bare ass pointed straight at the camera.

«The fun is only beginning,» Jake whispered and turned the camera off.

«There’s also the camera up there if this isn’t enough,» he added, pointing at the corner of the roof where it met the driver’s compartment. An identical camera to the one he held was mounted to a small shelf.

Jessica sat there in shock as he pulled the four black cuffs out of his briefcase. She gave a sharp jerk as he dropped them in her lap. «Time for you to put these on,» he said softly but there was a hint of iron underneath.

Jessica’s hands shook as she picked up the cuffs. «I don’t want to,» she heard herself whisper in a shaky voice but a shiver ran up and down her spine all the same.

«Oh yes, you do, that is if you want to keep me from e-mailing our little home movies to the office and to your parents and sister. Blackmail is messy but very efficient, don’t you think?»

«You wouldn’t!»

«Try me and find out,» Jake said menacingly.

Jessica stared at Jake with her mouth open. She couldn’t believe any of this about the cameras. He had her trapped; she knew he wouldn’t think twice about sending the movies out. It was do as he said, or be fired from her job and shunned by her family.

She took one last shuddering, shivering breath and started putting the cuffs on her wrists and ankles. «Good girl,» Jake told her. She didn’t dare look at him; she would burst out crying if he was smiling.

Jessica had the cuffs on and Jake had clipped the ones on her ankles to two hooks at the base of the seat. Her legs were spread wider than before and her skirt was up around her waist. The ones on her wrists were clipped to hooks in the roof behind her head and to each side. She was totally restrained and helpless.

As Jake unbuttoned her blouse, he said, «I was going to take you back to the office and have my way with you. I was going to strap you to your office chair, gag and blindfold you, and fuck the ever-loving shit out of you. That is after I spend the afternoon taunting and teasing you to tons of mind-blowing orgasms.»

He caressed her breasts and leaned over to lick and then suck on her nipples. Jessica tried to ignore what he was doing but her body betrayed her as her nipples hardened. Then she moaned softly as his hot mouth and nimble tongue did wonderful things to her.

By the time he sat back, she was moaning almost continuously and breathing raggedly. His mouth and tongue, her body all spread out and tied down, the driver’s eyes in the mirror, the movies, and the fact that he was still filming. The whole situation conspired to build her passion quickly to heights she didn’t want to think about. She was on the ragged edge of another orgasm.

It wouldn’t take but a touch to set her off. The funny thing was that she wanted that touch; she wanted it more at that moment than anything else in her life. She loathed herself for admitting it but it was true and there was nothing she could do about it.

Jake took out his cell phone and dialed. «It’ll be your secretary, you ate bad sushi, and you’ll be out for the afternoon,» he said as he held the phone up to her ear.

Claire, her secretary answered and said, «Good afternoon, Ms. Parks office.»

«Claire, it’s me, I need for you to cancel my afternoon and evening matters. I’m not feeling well.»

As Jessica finished speaking, Jake’s fingertip flicked her nipple back and forth sharply. Jessica made a gasping sound as Claire asked, «Was it something you had for lunch?»

«Most likely,» Jessica said and then made a sobbing, moaning sound as Jake pinched and rolled the nipple hard.

«You go on home, Ms. Parks, I’ll take care of everything and if you’re not feeling better, give me a call later and I’ll take care of things in the morning,» Claire said, concern heavy in her voice.

«I’ll do that and thank you, Claire,» Jessica got out before she moaned loudly and Jake closed the phone.

His fingers rolling her clit around had been the last straw and Jessica’s body was racked by an orgasm unlike any she’d had before today’s experience. Wave after wave of pure pleasure washed over and through her, as her hips bucked and jerked against his fingers.

Her body strained against the bindings on her arms and legs, her head was thrown back, and she shook it at the intensity and power of the climax. Her mind lost track of time as the rockets and fireworks continues to go off behind her eyes.

Jake was sitting back from her and they were once again parked as time resumed once again for Jessica. Jackson was facing sideways and his eyes were drinking in her completely exposed body. A look of lust and appreciation were mixed on his face and he would lick his lips from time to time. His look thrilled Jessica and made her whimper.

«Welcome back,» Jake said grinning. «Isn’t it nice to have the afternoon off, even if you had to play sick to get it. I wonder what we should do. Is there anything special that comes to your mind?»

Jessica’s eyes flicked back and forth between the two men for a moment and then she shook her head. She wanted to yell for both of them to fuck her but she didn’t dare. That would make her sound like the slut that Jake had earlier accused her of being.

With a soft sigh, Jake said, «Well, let’s see. We could spend the afternoon teasing and pleasing you here in the car or we could go to Central Park. I know a nice little out of the way spot that has these two trees that are perfect for hanging around between.»

He paused to brush his hand over her nipples. «The air outside is probably a little cool for these to be on display so why be there, if you can’t. It would be fun though, to see how you would react to being blindfolded and spread-eagled naked between those trees. There are some real characters floating around in that park.»

Dipping his head, Jake sucked on her right nipple and then nipped it a couple of times lightly. Jessica whimpered softly and then gasped as his teeth closed on her nipple. It hurt a little but the pleasure shot straight to her pussy.

When he raised his head he went on, «You would never know who was touching you, fondling your breasts or pussy, or who was licking your pussy or fucking it for that matter. It might be some homeless guy or a banker out for a walk, or even a gang of hoods looking for a quick score.»

He ran his hands over her breasts roughly and then squeezed each one hard and sharp. He gripped a nipple between his thumb and forefinger and then rolled it back and forth varying the pressure from light to very firm as he did.

Jessica gasped loudly as he squeezed a little too firmly and then moaned as he slacked off just a little. Pain and pleasure her mind supplied. They were so close to each other. It hurts so good, it was so good it hurts. Both led to the same place, she realized.

«Yeah, that sounds good, four young studs, full of cum and horny as hell. What would they do if they found a pretty, naked lady tied to a couple of trees? Feel her up, suck on her tits, and finger her pussy at the very least. Four mouths, eight hands, they could and would be everywhere at once.»

Jake paused and rolled the nipple sharply. Jessica shuddered and moaned loudly. «Do you think you would like that?» he asked as he leaned in and licked her neck and then kissed it.

«No, I…. No!» Jessica whispered loudly but her body arched up as Jake rolled the nipple. She whimpered softly as he kissed and nibbled on her neck. She was pulling against the restraints, her muscles tight and burning slightly in places, her shoulders, and thighs most notabley.

«Oh, yes, you would,» Jake said as he continued to kiss the tight muscles of her neck and shoulder.

A shiver run up and down Jessica’s body as Jake sat back, releasing her nipple. «We will have to save that for a hot summer afternoon. As for this afternoon, we could go to your apartment or mine. That would take some time redressing you, removing the cuffs, which I have no intention of doing, and getting past the doorman. Anyway, it would be too long of a time to let you relax.»

Jake turned to Jackson and said, «In which case I have the perfect place in mind.» He gave Jackson an address.

As the limousine pulled away from the curb, Jake turned and slipped off the seat to kneel between Jessica’s wide spread legs. His hands fondled her thighs and hips for a moment and then caressed her inner thighs lightly. When his fingertips brushed her sex, she lifted her hips and moaned softly.

«Jackson’s going to have fun cleaning this seat,» he said with a chuckle as he bent over closer to her bare sex.

The shockingly red of her bush contrasted highly with the milky whiteness of her skin. Her outer lips were open and the inner ones a bright, shiny, coral color. Her slit glistened with her moisture and her clit was dark and standing tall at the top. Jake took a deep breath through his nose, inhaling her earthy, sweet scent.

«Damn, that smells good enough to eat,» he whispered and he took another whiff.

Looking up at Jessica’s face, he said, «We have enough time and I think you’ll need it. It’ll take the edge off until when we get to the club.»

Jessica’s foggy brain took in the word «club» and was processing it as Jake unclipped her left ankle. She was still somewhat lost in the fantasy about the four guys, the park, and the remark about a hot summer day later on.

When he lifted her foot nearly to the roof, she slid down in the seat. Her arms were tight above her and her ass was on the edge of the seat. She felt how slippery the seat was and Jake’s comment on Jackson cleaning it made more sense.

Jake clipped Jessica’s ankle cuff to the grab handle above the door. Her knee was only slightly bent. Her other knee had been forced outward as she slipped forward. Her sex was now even more on display than before, even the heart-shaped head of the butt plug was visible.

She saw Jackson adjust his rearview mirror and moaned softly. She knew his eyes were now feasting on her openly exposed wetness. She wondered if he was licking his lips and then she jerked and yelled as a hot tongue made a swipe from the butt plug to her clit. She almost came right then and there.

Jake had seen Jessica was distracted and had given her a quick, full lick. Her reaction was as expected and he smiled as he sat back and waited for her to calm down and relax again. When she did, he used the tip of his tongue to tease her opening and to spread out the thin inner lips.

When his tongue touched her wet opening, she would gasp and when his tongue returned to the inner lips, she would whimper softly. He knew if he touched her clit or rammed his tongue home, deep inside her juicy sex, she would explode. He wasn’t ready for her to do that just yet. He wanted her orgasm to build until she couldn’t stand it any longer, that getting off was the only thing that mattered to her.

He took his time, licking around her opening, sucking on the delicious inner lips, even dipping down to lick around the heart sticking out of her ass. Each time she got to the point of coming, he would raise his head and wait. Her hips would jerk and she would make loud, impatient, whining noises.

The fourth time he went down on her, he drove his tongue deep inside and wiggled it wildly. At the same time, he had worked his fingertips under the heart’s edge, pulled the plug out enough to grasp it, and fucked her ass with it.

To say she came unglued is an understatement. She went berserk. Her hips were thrashing around and she was yelling incoherently. She was shaking her head back and forth violently.

Jake had seen plenty of women come but this took the cake. She had all of her body up in the air except for maybe one shoulder and her right foot. She was hunching her sex against his face and the butt plug like a maniac. He was afraid she was going to hurt herself.

When he lifted his head away from her sex, she yelled, «No!» and thrashed around even wilder than before.

He grabbed her hips from underneath and dove in to suck on her clit. She screamed sharply and then settled down to just hunching her hips. Her hips would shake and shiver each time his tongue touched her clit. She was still coming like there was no tomorrow.

Finally, when her hips were down to a quiver, he raised his head and released his grip. Her ass slowly settled back to the edge of the seat and when it did, she relaxed and sighed deeply. Her eyes were shut tightly and she was breathing rapidly with a big smile on her face.

Jackson pulled the limousine to a stop in the alley and shut off the motor. When he turned in the seat, Jake handed him some rolled up bills. Without looking at them, Jackson stuck them in his top pocket and nodded.

«If you can pick us up when I call later this evening, I’ll double that,» Jake told him.

«I’ll take the car home with me so it won’t be a problem but it might take me an hour or so,» Jackson replied.

«No problem. I’ll keep that in mind when I call,» Jake said as he turned in the seat and took something out of his briefcase.

Turning to Jessica, he snapped a narrow chrome collar around her neck. To the ring on the front of it he attached a silver leash. «Now, you are ready to make your debut,» he whispered softly with a smile.

Jessica shivered and whimpered softly. She was totally nude except for her cuffs, heels, and dark thigh high stockings. Her clothes were in Jake’s briefcase. He had made her undress completely after he released her earlier. She had still been groggy and disoriented from her orgasm.

Now, she told him he was crazy if he thought she would get out of the car dressed this way. He reminded her of the cameras and put the one from the car in his briefcase as well. Jessica shivered at the thought of what was on that tape.

She didn’t remember all of that last orgasm but she knew she had been totally out of control and ready and willing for anything and everything. Jake had played her body like musician played a delicate instrument. He had rung her out.

He told her not to worry, that she was dressed perfectly for this club and that it was very discreet. It was also a very, very exclusive, members only club so everyone there would be into the same things they were. After that, he helped her clean herself up and allowed her to redo her makeup and hair.

Now she was trembling as he got out of the car and gave the leash a gentle tug. With a quick last look at Jackson, she slid across the seat and slowly exited the car. The air was cold on her naked body and her nipples hardened to the point they hurt.

Jake used a keycard on a plain metal door and then opened it. Warm air wafted out of the dim hallway inside. Jake closed the car door and stepped inside the entrance. Jessica remained where she was. Jake had told her to only move when he tugged on the leash, that the leash was her guide as what to do and when.

She wanted to run inside badly and when the car pulled away, she almost panicked. Here she was naked, standing in an alley in the middle of downtown where anyone passing by could see her. She shivered from more than the cold as heat flashed into her sex.

Jake gave a tug on the leash; she walked the few feet to the door, and stepped inside, her heart pounding with fear and excitement. Jake closed the door, stepped behind her, and clipped the wrist cuffs together. With that done, he headed off down the hall and she followed keeping a little slack in the leash.

They came to a window and Jake knocked. When it opened, Jake passed over her purse and his briefcase. The guy took the items and handed Jake a stub along with a clipboard. Jake handed him a credit card as he signed the sheet of paper on the clipboard.

Extending it out to Jessica he said, «Here, sign this.» And then he laughed and added, «Oh yeah, you can’t can you. I’ll sign for you.»

He wrote for a moment and then held it up for her to read. It had his name and the word «member» after it and then it had her name with the word «slut» printed after it.

She gave a loud gasp and started to say something but Jake cut her off. «That is your official title and don’t forget it. I am your master and you are my pet,» he said softly but with an iron edge to his voice.

«And while I’m at it, remember, you can get spanked anytime and anyplace in here. I am the master and you are the submissive, that’s another thing for you to remember. I won’t abide an unruly sub.»

Jessica was stunned. She had heard these words and basically knew what they meant but they didn’t apply to her. She was her own person and nobody’s slave. «I’m not your slave!» she hissed at him in a harsh voice.

Jake’s hand blurred as he caught the leash up short by her neck. He pulled her toward him until her face was only inches from his. «I said nothing about a slave. You are a submissive. You love taking orders and directions and giving yourself up to me and my pleasure for your own pleasure.»

He kissed her lightly on the lips and dropped the loop of the leash. As he turned to sign the credit card form, Jessica’s mind flashed back to the first of the day and it ran like wildfire as she reviewed it based on what he just said.

She was startled to find he was right, that she had given all control over to him. Sure, she had tried from time to time to break away, and, yes, he had blackmailed her, but even so…. Her mind shied away from the thought that she had gone along with everything and that she had liked all of it.

In fact, she liked it more than anything that. It explained a lot about herself that she never fully understood. She was aggressive and forceful at work but passive in bed. She had always thought she was weird in that respect. The thought that she was submissive by nature was unsettling though.

A tug on the leash snapped her away from things she didn’t really want to admit and she followed Jake through a second door and into the dimly lit club.

It wasn’t a big place and it wasn’t crowded. There was a small bar in the far right hand corner and a small dance floor on the left wall. Open fronted U-shaped booths with low tables lined the walls and the center of the room was dominated by a raised round platform. The platform slowly turned. There was equipment and such, the likes of which Jessica had never seen in real life.

All of the women were naked except for a woman in leather pants and an open leather jacket. She had on a see-through blouse under the jacket. What had caught Jessica’s eye were the two naked young men sitting one on each side of her. Both were beautiful, with sculptured muscles and hard dicks standing up against their bellies.

A tug on Jessica’s leash drew her attention back to Jake. He was smiling at her. «I see you’ve notice our hostess. I’ll have to introduce you later; she likes women almost as much as she likes her boy toys. Just be careful, she’d eat you up in a heartbeat. Unless you’d like that, of course.»

Jessica shivered at the thought as her eyes returned to the lady in leather. She was quite beautiful and her body was stunning. The leather pants seemed to be spray-painted on, molding and highlight her thighs and calves more than just covering them. The gauzy top under the jacket showcased her large firm breasts.

Jake chuckled as Jessica licked her lips unconsciously and gave the leash a gentle tug as he headed for the center of the room and the raised platform. He took a seat on a wide padded bench and pulled on the leash until Jessica was kneeling on the softly carpeted floor at his knee. He took a moment to unclip her cuffs and then had her sit down to curl her feet up next to her beautiful ass and to drape one arm over his thigh near his knee.

«This is your position when we are together. It is the basic position you will get in unless told otherwise. You may touch my leg only. Do not touch yourself at all. That is, unless I tell you to do so and then you will do exactly as I say and when I say.»

Jessica saw that the other couples on the stage were seated the same way. «Are they all masters and subs?» she asked in a shy whisper and then wondered why she was feeling that way.

«Yes, they are. Even out host and her two boy toys. You may look around discreetly but no staring, it’s even ruder here than it normally is, especially for a sub. A master or mistress on the other hand is free to look as he or she may. Although staring at another master can be dangerous unless he or she are showing off they’re prized possession or invite it.»

A naked waitress in a French maid’s cap arrived to take their drink order. She was short and cute, a cascade of long, blonde hair only allowed brief glimpses of her pert breasts. Her sex was only inches away from Jessica’s eyes. Jessica could see the dusting of fine, blonde hair covering it. She licked her lips again and never realized it.

Jake gave the waitress the order and as she left, he whispered to Jessica, «If you keep looking at women, and licking your lips, someone is gong to take you up on your offer.»

Jessica’s eyes had been on the blonde’s ass as she walked away. Her head snapped around to Jake and she protested, «I’ve never…. I couldn’t…. I wouldn’t…. I….» The grin on Jake’s face made her drop her eyes. She was protesting too much, she realized.

«You’d be surprised what you could and would do under certain circumstances. As for never, I believe that, but you’ve thought about it, haven’t you?»

Jessica nodded slowly and then whispered, «I did once in college but was scared to death by it. Being branded a lesbian wouldn’t have been fun and anyway, I was drunk and horny as hell. So was she for that matter. I don’t know if she even remembered it later when she sobered up.»

«She remembered, believe me, especially if she started it. She probably wasn’t as drunk as she seemed to be. You were a freshman, if I don’t miss my guess and if you were, you were had in more ways than one.»

«I was a freshman alright and you’re probably right about being used. I got approached by at least a dozen other girls over the next few weeks. I turned down all of them of course but….» Jessica paused for a second and then added, «There were a couple that I later regretted turning down. I even still fantasize about one of them.»

Jake’s hand caressed her hair and then rubbed her neck. «If you ever see anyone who reminds you of her, point her out, and I’ll see what I can arrange with her master,» he said to gauge her reaction.

Jessica wondered if she could or would if presented with the situation. Jake’s hand moved off her shoulder and down across her upper chest to cup and gently squeeze her left breast. She bit her lip and looked around to see if anyone was watching.

A sub across the room quickly turned her head and whispered to her master. Jessica moaned when he glanced her way and watched Jake caressing her breast. Her shoulders went back as she pressed the breast forward. She felt a surge in her pussy as she covertly watched the couple looking at her.

«Is your pussy getting wet?» Jake asked her softly.

Jessica tilted her head back a little and then nodded. «I like being watched. Jackson’s eyes were driving me crazy in the car. Now these strangers are watching and it excites me in a strange way.»

«You are an exhibitionist in that case. I had always thought you might be from the way you dressed all slick and tailored but always completely covered. They are usually the ones that want to show it all off but are afraid to. They fear rejection or ridicule more than public outrage. They know if they ever start then they will be hooked on the thrill.»

Jessica was thinking about what he said when he pinched and rolled her nipple. She moaned deeply and leaned her head back father to rest on the seat. Jake now had access to her whole chest and fondled both her breasts randomly, pausing every so often to pinch a hard, sensitive nipple. She moaned each time he did.

By the time Jake’s hand left her breasts, she was breathing raggedly. She had been watching the couple across the way and then the waitress had shown back up with the drinks. Once again her blond muff was only a little ways away. On impulse, Jessica lifted her head and took a quick lick up one of the puffy outer lips.

The blonde grinned down at her. «Oh, yeah, my favorite type of tip.»

«She can do better than that,» Jake said looking at Jessica with a frown. «I didn’t giver permission to do that but she’s still in training so put your foot up on the seat and give her a chance to do it right. You’ll be her second pussy ever.»

«Neat,» the waitress replied as she did as she was told. Her pussy slowly settled toward Jessica’s face.

Jessica whimpered softly but she wasn’t sure if it was fear or passion. Jake and the waitress were both smiling at her encouragingly. She could see the couple across the way looking in her direction. Licking a pussy while being drunk when she was young and in college was one thing but now and in public to boot, was something else completely.

The word «public» hung in her brain and became «pub lick.» Jessica started to giggle but the waitress’s pussy touched her lips. The giggle came out as a loud groan and she buried her tongue in the sweet, wet opening to the waitress’s sex. Memories of a similar flavor shot across her mind and she groaned again.

The waitress made a soft sound of pleasure and rocked her hips. «She sure isn’t shy, is she?» the waitress said to Jake.

«It doesn’t look that way,» was his reply.

After a moment or two the waitress straightened and stepped back. With a shiver, she whispered, «Oh yes, baby girl, a little of that tongue of yours goes a long way. Anymore and I’d be coming my brains out.» She paused and blew out a soft breath. «And the management frowns on that.»

Jessica had her eyes closed and she was licking her lips provocatively as if she were trying to get the last little taste off them. With a deep sigh, she whispered a few seconds later, «Maybe you could come back on your lunch break or something.»

The waitress looked at Jake and replied, «That would be up to your master but I’d love to if it’s alright with him.»

Jake grinned. «If the service is good enough, then you should be tipped, or is that licked, well.»

«Talk about your job incentives,» the waitress said with a wink as she turned to leave.

Jessica sighed and watched her walk away, her eyes glued to the cute little butt just above eyelevel. She licked her lips and looked up at Jake. «Why did I do that?» she asked softly. «I’m not complaining you understand, I’m as wet as hell and equally as horny, but I can’t believe I did that on impulse.»

«Some part of your brain realizes just how free you are now and your body reacted. You must have enjoyed that time with another girl more than you knew. Maybe it was just a horny reaction to a pretty pussy in your face. You are the only one who can say for sure. Avenues are opening to you you’ve never fully explored or even allowed yourself to think about.»

With a giggle Jessica said, «You’ve got that last part right. Since that kiss in my office, this day has been like no other in my life. I’ve had more and stronger orgasms than I ever had before and I haven’t even been fucked.»

«Fucking is over-rated in some ways. The mind is the largest sex organ by far. Once it’s freed then the sky is the limit. Consider this the ultimate foreplay and then think about what it will be like when you truly are fucked. Remember what I told you about removing that butt plug. I might just do it right here in front of everyone.»

Jessica’s eyes got big at that last part. Jake laughed gently and stroked her hair. «That’ll be later and by then you’ll be more than ready, believe me. You’ll most likely be begging for me to fuck your ass.»

Wanting to protest, Jessica opened her mouth and then quickly closed it. Yesterday she would have told him he was crazy but after today she didn’t dare. Today she was sure he would do something to her to make her do just that even though she had no idea what «that» could be.

She shivered at the thought of everyone here watching her getting fucked in the ass. She squeezed her thighs together but the way she was sitting she had no leverage and it was not satisfying at all. Her free hand had been on her ankle but now it moved across her thigh and started between her legs.

She jerked her hand away and put it back on her ankle as she remembered what Jake had said about not touching herself unless told to do so. She rocked her hips from side to side and whimpered softly. She was suddenly twice as horny as she had been a few minutes before.

«You were almost a bad girl,» she heard Jake say softly. «But you caught yourself just in time, otherwise I’d be spanking you right now.»

Jessica squirmed at the thought of being draped over Jake’s knees, her sex, and that red heart exposed to all the eyes in the place. She would go off like a rocket the first time his hand touched her ass and the spanking would just drive her higher, she realized. Her hand started to move again and she had to force it back to her ankle.

«A spanking is sounding better all the time, isn’t it? Just like getting fucked in the ass is also. You thought about touching yourself so I would spank you,» he whispered.

Jessica moaned softly and nodded, he was in her head in a big way she realized and shivered heavily. She shifted her hips and felt her pussy lips rub together slickly. There was an itchy, antsy feeling deep inside her pelvis that she had never felt before. She rocked her hips and that only made it worse.

«The brain is a strong stimulant in small doses and you’re getting more than a small dose today. Right now you’re getting it with no physical contact to connect it with, so it’s pooling up and building, waiting for a trigger,» Jake whispered and then he caressed her hair and the back of her shoulders.

«Just relax and let it build, the release will be spectacular. Remember when I ate your sweet little pussy in the car and how that orgasm felt.» Jake paused for effect and then went on. «Then double it and it might be close.»

Jessica shivered and whimpered softly. «That would kill me.»

«No, I don’t think so. You’ll live through it and a lot more just like it in the future. You’ve held it in for so long and so hard that you’re like a spring under tension. My job as your master is to release that tension in the most pleasurable of ways. I’ve watched you over the last year, and especially all day today, so I’ve learned more than you realize. I’ll use that and my past experience to our best advantage.»

«I…. We…. Uh….» Jessica stammered as she searched for what she wanted to say. Finally it came out as a question. «What about after tonight, what does the future hold? You talk as if there is a long one in front of us as a couple.»

«That decision will be up to you. Tomorrow at work you will be my boss as usual. By the time you leave work is when you’ll need to figure out what you want. You will either go home alone or with me. If you go home alone, then it’s over for good. If you go home with me, you’ll take your clothes off at the door and never wear any again in our house unless we have company.»

«What about love?» Jessica asked in a whisper that was almost inaudible.

«I do love you and I have since we first met. Being around you has shown me who and what you are. How good a woman you are. You’ve filled my mind so much that it’s been hard to even be around you without telling you.»

Jessica took a shuddery breath and shivered long and hard, causing goose bumps. She couldn’t believe her ears. Then she swallowed hard. What would she say if he asked her the same question? She didn’t have an answer right at the moment but she figured she would before tomorrow afternoon.

Jake didn’t ask her; in fact they were both distracted by a couple coming up on stage from the back booths. The man was short and round, wearing a dark suit and a white tie. He looked odd and out of place next to the naked, Amazon-proportioned blonde next to him. She towered over him but kept a hand lightly on his shoulder as they walked.

They stopped next to the large X-shaped frame standing on end in the center of the stage. The blonde backed up to it, spread her legs, and lifted her arms. Her large breasts swayed and lifted with her arms. The dark circles on their ends were the size of the opening to a coffee cup and very dark in color.

The man bent down to shackle her ankles in place. As he rose back to his knees, he planted a kiss on the woman’s bare pussy and licked at the blonde V of hair on her soft mound. She wiggled her hips and smiled down at him as he kissed her navel and then stood up.

The waitress showed up with a short stepladder and he laughed as he took it from her. «This will teach me to pick on someone more my own size, won’t it? Being short is a bitch.»

«No one who knows you would ever call you short, Mr. Lester,» the waitress said with a giggle.

«Hey, I’m the bitch around here,» the blonde said, «And anyone who calls my baby short will get bitch slapped into next week. Eight inches of tongue and a ten inch dick, there ain’t nothing short about him.»

«I called myself short, dear,» Mr. Lester said and shook his head and rolled his eyes as he sat up the ladder.

«Oh!» Blondie said. «That’s okay then, I guess.»

He tied the blonde’s hands to the upper part of the X and then sat the ladder off to the side. He turned to face the room and said in a clear voice, «Hands, mouths, and tongues only please.» And then he sat down at the table beside the rack.

«What does he mean by that?» Jessica asked Jake. She thought she had it figured out but wanted to check.

«Anyone in the club is free to feel her up, or kiss her or even lick her anywhere or anyhow they might want to,» Jake told her. «He’s telling everyone she is his private stock as far as fucking and sucking goes but she loves to be felt up and have oral stimulation performed. He probably likes to watch as well.»

Jessica nodded her head. It was as she had figured it would be. She shivered as she thought of herself in that position. She wondered just how hard she would come as the waitress went up and licked the blonde on the belly. She trailed her tongue upward and sucked on a nipple.

After a moment she stepped back and wiggled her jaw. «Nice boobies, honey, but way more than my poor little mouth can handle.»

«You should try Mr. Lester’s dick. That would stretch you mouth wonderfully,» the blonde said with a giggle.

«I’ve seen it and there’s no way I could even get the head of that thing in my mouth.» the waitress replied holding up her hands and making the sign of the cross with two fingers.

Mr. Lester and the blonde laughed.

The waitress had gotten the ball rolling and over a period of time half the people in the place had been up to pet, lick, and tease the blonde. There was a monster of a tent in Mr. Lester pants and the blonde was squirming and moaning.

The owner and her two boy toys came up and stood in front of the blonde. «Alice, you old tart, how are you hanging?» the owner said with a chuckle.

«By my arms right at the moment,» Alice deadpanned.

«One of these days, I’m going to hang you by your heels, pack a quart of ice cream in that pussy of yours, and have me the biggest pussy-flavored sundae ever made.»

«Promises, promises!» Alice said with a laugh. «No one could eat that much ice cream.»

«I’ve got help,» the owner said indicating her two boy toys. They both stuck out long tongues and wiggled them at Alice.

Alice’s face lit up and she looked at Mr. Lester. «You know how to hang me next week, don’t you?»

He laughed and nodded, «By your tits more than likely,» he said sarcastically. «Anyway, that ice cream would be boiling milk before they got the first few bites of it.»

«We’ll make hot chocolate then,» the owner said loudly.

Alice blushed deeply and said, «You hush! I liked to have never gotten all the chocolate rabbit out of my poor pussy. Mr. Lester swears he can still taste it when he gets that tongue in really deep.»

«No, dear, that was the bonbon you were nibbling on at the time, remember?»

Alice looked at him blankly for a second and everyone laughed. Slowly, a smile crossed her lips and she whispered, «You’re such a teaser.»

«And you, my dear, are such a pleaser,» Mr. Lester replied.

The owner walked over and sat down on Mr. Lester’s lap. She wiggled around and then grinned at him. «How about if I leave the boys to tease and please big, old Alice here and you and I go to the office and discuss your tab.»

«I don’t have a tab,» Mr. Lester said, looking confused.

«Want one?» the boss lady shot back.

Mr. Lester laughed and shook his head. «I don’t think I could afford your interest rate since you’re only interested in how much of my tongue and dick I could shove up that pretty ass of yours.»

«Damn, another customer that knows me to well,» she said standing up. She turned to her two boy toys. «A blowjob to the first one of you that makes a nipple explode.» The two young guys literally attacked Alice’s boobs.

The boss lady walked over to stand next to Jake. She studied Jessica for a moment and then said, «A very nice, pretty one you have there. She’s new, isn’t she?»

«Very new,» Jake replied. «This is officially her first day. Valerie, let me introduce Jessica.»

«Welcome to Debauchery, Jessica. I’m the owner and the head Mistress, at least in my own mind.» She paused and gave Jessica a leering grin. «I do so love redheads and you are a natural one, I see.»

She licked her lips and turned to Jake. «If you tire of her, just let me know and I’ll gladly take her off your hands.»

«Now, Valerie, you know that won’t happen. Belle and I were together what, like twenty years and we would still be together if she hadn’t passed away. This one is of the same mold and bend. I won’t tire of her believe me,» Jake said looking a Jessica the whole time.

Jessica had no idea who Belle was, or what had happened to her, but from Jake’s voice it sounded like she was a good thing and a long-term commitment. Jessica felt her heart skip a beat and her stomach fluttered as Jake’s confession of love came back to her.

Valerie chuckled and nodded. «Yeah, I know, but a girl can dream, can’t she? This one looks even tastier than Belle and that’s saying a lot. She’s handy with that tongue, too, if the expression on my waitress’s face is any indication.»

Jessica felt herself blush hotly. Valerie grinned and blew her a kiss as she turned to walk back over to where Alice was shaking and moaning loudly under the ministrations of the two boy’s mouths, and tongues.

«Lester, old fellow, I think its time to stick a fork or something better in old Alice here, before she explodes. My two toys are driving her deliciously crazy, I see.»

«You can say that again. I think she’s had at least three orgasms but I’m not sure who the winner is between the two guys, not counting Alice, of course,» Mr. Lester replied standing up. The front of his slacks looked like they were ready to split.

«Boys, why don’t you move Alice over to the padded table for Mr. Lester. I’m sure she would be more comfortable there,» Valerie said, looking to Mr. Lester for conformation. When he nodded, she turned to her two boy toys and nodded to them.

One man released her feet while the other got her arms. Between them, they carried her over to the table and gently laid her across it, her hips bent at the edge of the padding, her ass sticking out nicely. One shackled her ankles to the legs on one side of the table and the other attached her wrist cuffs to the legs on the other.

The one at her feet took a lick up the center of Alice’s slit as he stood up. Valerie’s hand caught him in the back of the head with a sharp blow. «Who told you, you could do that?» she asked sharply.

«No one, Mistress,» the man answered quickly.

«I should beat you but you’d enjoy it to much,» Valerie said sharply. «I’ll find a way to punish you that you won’t like, believe me. You know better.»

«Yes, Mistress!» the man said as he came over and knelt beside Valerie’s right foot.

Her hand buried in his hair and she pulled his head back sharply. «Move to the other side, you are now number two. Number one will get the privilege of licking my pussy while Mr. Lester fucks Alice. You will get the pleasure of licking his ass, if he so wishes.»

The young man looked toward Mr. Lester. «Not him, you twit, number one’s ass,» Valerie said with a roll of her eyes. «Good help is so hard to find. If that boy couldn’t lick his eyebrows, I’d kick his ass to the curb.»

«Send him around to my house one afternoon and I’ll straighten his little ass out for you,» Mr. Lester said as he pulled a very large dick out of his pants. His small stature made it look disproportionately huge and the number two boy toy’s eyes got as big as saucers.

«I might just do that if he doesn’t mind his manners,» Valerie said as she unzipped a zipper on the leather pants that ran from the waistband in front to the waistband in back. Then she sat down at a table near by. The number two boy was close by her left foot and looked like he wanted to hide behind his Mistress.

The other boy toy helped Mr. Lester adjust the table’s height until his dick was on level with Alice’s ass. When Mr. Lester nodded to him, he hurried over and literally dove head first between Valerie’s thighs. She grabbed his hair and pulled back on it with a laugh.

«Calm down, son, it isn’t going anywhere,» she told him and then pushed his face back between her legs. She wiggled once and then shifted down a little and sighed deeply. «Oh yes, that’s the spot.»

Jessica had watched all this and her eyes had bugged out worse than boy number two at the sight of Mr. Lester’s dick. She had seen one longer but never anything as long and thick. It was as big around as a cola can. She licked her lips and took a deep shuddery breath. That thing scared her.

Jake looked down at her and smiled as he stroked her hair. «Interesting to say the least, isn’t it?»

Jessica nodded and then shook her head. «That will never fit in that poor woman,» she whispered in a shaky voice.

«Just watch and learn,» Jake said softly as he unzipped his pants.

Jessica’s eyes darted to the open zipper and she licked her lips again. When Jake put his hand back on her shoulder and took a sip of his drink with the other hand, she whimpered softly and looked back at the pair in the center of the crowd.

Everyone in the place had moved to tables close to the action and in some cases they were the action. Valerie’s boy toy was feasting on her pussy. A cute brunette had her Master’s cock out and licking it like an ice cream. Another Woman was sucking on her master’s dick, while he fingered her pussy.

Jessica’s eyes returned to Jake’s fly and she shivered as the thought of people watching her suck his dick flashed through her mind. A loud grunting groan from Alice drew her attention back to the padded table. Mr. Lester’s huge dick was slowly disappearing as his hips closed on Alice’s ass.

By the time his hips touched her ass, Alice was yelling and writhing around on the table as a tremendous orgasm ripped through her body.

Jessica was breathing hard, rocking back and forth, and whimpering from just watching all that meat disappearing. Her pussy felt like it was trying to squeeze down on something that wasn’t there but should have been.

Mr. Lester held still for a moment and then started to fuck Alice with long, full, steady strokes. Alice yelled louder once and then grunted loudly as his hips slapped her ass. Jessica could see her trying to push back at the bottom of each stroke. Somehow she had that monster inside and wanted more. Jessica couldn’t believe it even though she could see it.

Jake moved, shifting his position so he faced more toward Jessica. She looked up at him and then got to her knees as his legs spread wider. His hand dipped into the fly of his pants and hauled his dick out. Jessica licked her lips as she looked at it closely.

It wasn’t that big; nowhere as large as Mr. Lester or even the boy toy’s but it was still plenty for her. The head was circumcised and had a large mushroom shape to it. The shaft was long for it’s thickness and heavily veined. Jake’s hand moved to the back of her head and pulled her forward and down as the other pointed his dick in her direction.

With a moan, Jessica moved forward and bent at the waist to lick at the clear drop of fluid on the slit. Jake pulled harder and she sucked the head of his dick into her mouth with a deep groan of surrender. He moaned softly as she did. This spurred Jessica on and she sucked him with a wild abandon she had never felt before.

She didn’t care if anyone was watching her or that anything else was going on. Her one goal was to give him as much pleasure as possible. She knew he would come in her mouth and that she would swallow it. She’d never wanted to do that before but that had changed somehow. She wanted him like she had never wanted a man before in her life.

Jessica was swallowing Jake whole and sucking in hard enough to hollow her cheeks as she lifted her head. Her tongue was bathing his shaft on the way down and on the way back up. At the top it ran wildly over the head. She could feel his thighs tense up where her breasts were pressed to them. This was her gauge as to how well she was doing.

A loud, undulating yell from Alice made her turn her head to look. Mr. Lester was planted deep inside her and rapidly bouncing his hips off her ass. Alice was a wild woman, bucking and jerking on the table, her head whipping back and forth as she arched up high enough to get her tits off the padding.

Jessica was in awe, a shiver running up and down her body. This was the first time she had ever seen another woman have such an orgasm and only the second woman she had seen come period. Her head had slowed in its movement for a moment and then she moaned as she felt a small orgasm hit her own body.

She returned her full attention to Jake’s dick and bobbed her head faster. She wanted him and wanted him now. She knew she would come as hard as he did when the time came. It was only a few minutes before she got her reward. The first jet of hot salty semen splashed along her tongue and she moaned loudly as her pussy spasmed right along with it. Her orgasm was long and drawn out as she continued to suck greedily.

Jessica had her head on Jake’s thigh and she was nursing on the head of his dick softly as her mind slowly cleared. With a soft, deep sigh, she let it slip from her mouth. Jake’s hand stroked her hair and then down across her back. Jessica sighed again and sat back on her heels.

Only then did she realize that anyone behind her had had an excellent view of her pussy and the heart at the head of the butt plug. She shivered at the thought and looked up a Jake. Jake smiled down at her and pulled the leash until she was close enough to kiss.

Jessica was back up on her knees with her ass once again pointed out into the darkened room. Between the kiss and her newly discovered exhibitionist streak, she was shaking and on the edge of coming again. She couldn’t believe how sensuous and sexy she felt and how alive her body felt.

Jake broke the kiss and looked at her closely. As his eyes ran down her body to her ass, he smiled and nodded. «So that’s it. The thought of people seeing your Valentine’s heart is getting to you, is it?»

Jessica nodded quickly. «Yes. Yes Master,» she whispered before she even thought about it.

That brought a bigger smile to Jake’s face. «Welcome to my world,» he said softly and pulled her forward for another kiss. This one was more passionate and a lot deeper. A thrill ran up and down Jessica’s spine.

After a while, Jessica was to the point of shaking with desire. Jake broke the kiss and asked in a whisper, «What if I put you on display? You with your little ass sticking up in the air, and your heart right there for everyone to see and to touch if they wanted to.»

There was a catch in Jessica’s breathing at several points as he spoke; her eyes were big with excitement. «I’ll take that as a yes, in that case,» he whispered as he stood up and tucked his dick back in his pants.

He tugged on her leash and she got to her feet a little unsteadily. He led her over to a high, padded, bench looking thing what was only half as wide as it was long. One end was higher than the other but the slope was not very steep. Jessica watched as he folded out rods at each end.

He positioned Jessica at the high end and then had her bend over like she had been on the desk at the start of the day. That memory and thoughts of it being on tape made her shiver. Jake knelt behind her and worked her legs outward until she was lying on the soft pad. He clipped her legs there by her cuffs.

Her ass was raised and her legs spread wide. The shiver that went up and down her body was closer to shaking than anything. In her minds eye, she could see how exposed she was and she moaned deeply. Jake now pulled her arms out and attached the cuffs to clips on the ends of the rods. She was completely tied down, helpless and exposed.

Jessica whimpered softly and bit her lower lip, she was on a hair trigger for a monster of an orgasm. Any touch would most likely set her off. In that she was wrong as she heard Jake say, «Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention. I have my new sub up here for display purposes only at this time. Feel free to come up and have a closer look. She will most likely come as soon as someone does come up.»

Jake moved to sit at the table closest to her head where he could watch her face. The sound of someone walking up behind Jessica caused her to try and turn to look and see whom it was. She couldn’t do it from the way she was restrained and whimpered loudly as the footsteps stopped very close to her ass.

«Very, very nice, I love the red heart. Very appropriate for Valentine’s Day,» a mans voice said from close enough behind Jessica that she could feel his breath as he talked.

Jessica groaned loud and long as her hips working her ass up and down in short quick movements. She could feel the butt plugs heavy movement in her ass and the groan got even louder. She was right on the ragged edge and wanted someone to touch her, to push her over.

A female voice, Valerie’s voice, came from very near where the man was kneeling. «Oh yes, that is lovely and I’ll bet it feels great, too. I need to get a couple for the boys. I’ll bet the slightest touch to it would put you into orbit right this minute. A tongue in that sweet looking pussy would put you in another universe,» she ended with a laugh.

Jessica started to shake and shiver all over, a deep whining, moaning sound coming from deep in her chest. The sound got louder as she heard more people behind her. She heard a voice that sounded like the little waitress say, «Damn, I’d love to wrap my lips around that little clit but from the looks of things I’d need a raincoat very quickly.»

It sounded like a dozen people laughing and chuckling behind her and Jessica was about to explode but she couldn’t quite get there. Jake saw the strain and the longing in Jessica’s face. With a grin, he walked around to the end of the table Jessica was on and tapped the heart lightly with his fingertip.

Jessica gave a long drawn out scream and came like mad, her body jerking and shaking hard enough to move the table. From far away she heard someone yell, «Bombs away.» Another laughed and asked for an umbrella. Someone else said, «Holy shit!» All that just added to her orgasm and Jake’s slow steady tapping finger only added fuel to the fire.

Hands running all over her body snapped Jessica back to the here and now. There were hands on her inner thighs, hands on her ass, hands on her back, hands on her shoulders and arms, there were even hands on her feet and ankles. Jessica’s overloaded brain just moaned and went with the flow. It felt like a wonderful massage gone out of control.

Slowly, she realized that Jake was back in the chair next to her head and smiling at her. After a few moments he grinned and said, «I see you got back safely.»

Jessica nodded and sighed. «The body is here and feeling great but I think the mind is forever damaged.»

«You’re in caress and stroke mode right now. I thought that would cushion the landing somewhat and relax you for the next stage of the project.» When Jessica just looked at him dumbly he chuckled and added, «It’s about time to pull that little cork out of your ass and fill it properly.»

Jessica’s eyes got really big and Jake laughed. «Don’t worry, you haven’t died yet, have you? Anyway, there are about thirty people standing around here waiting for you to get fucked in that cute little ass of yours. A lot of people have volunteered for the job including a female or two and they all looked dejected when I told them it was my job.»

«Thirty people!» Jessica whispered softly and then shivered.

«Yeah. What do you think of that? You’re the big show tonight. Just think of all those people watching as I shove my dick slowly up you ass. Which do you think will make you come harder, them watching or me doing?»

Jessica groaned loudly and her hips flexed up and then back down a couple of times. From behind her she heard someone say, «It looks like she’s warming up to the idea.» Warm wasn’t the word for it, Jessica thought. Going up in flames was more like it.

«So you just relax and let things build for a little bit,» Jake advised her.

All the hands slowly and gently caressing her body had Jessica relaxed and highly excited at the same time. She shivered and sighed deeply when several sets of hands ran up and down along her inner thighs. She could feel the slippery wetness there.

The little waitress appeared next to Jake, her pussy a foot from Jessica’s face. «She could use a little cleaning up,» the waitress said with a grin.

Jake shook his head. «Not tonight. I want her as messy as possible when she leaves. I want her to remember how she got that way and who made it all happen.»

The waitress got a pouting look on her face. «There goes all my fun.»

Jake grinned at Jessica and replied; «I think there’ll be other nights in the near future.»

Jessica whimpered softly and licked her lips. «I can almost guarantee it,» Jake added with a chuckle as he put his hand on the waitress’s ass and pushed her forward until her pussy was against Jessica’s face.

With a soft moaning groan, Jessica licked the soft spongy outer lips of the pussy. The waitress lifted a leg and put her foot on the end of the bench. She squatted slightly and pressed her sex to Jessica’s mouth. She sighed softly as Jessica’s tongue worked at her opening and up along her slit.

«She has such a light delicate touch,» the waitress said in a soft hissing voice, her hips rocking against Jessica’s tongue, nose, and chin. «It wouldn’t take much for me to come big time.»

«Consider it your tip, I don’t think your boss will mind,» Jake said, looking at Valerie who was sitting at a table close by.

Valerie grinned and nodded. «It’s fine by me. My customers always come first, you know that.» About then her hips jerked and she sighed deeply. The boy toy between her thighs moaned softly and moved his head lower to lick at the flow of juices along the crack of Valerie’s ass.

A moment later she whispered, «Well, most of the time anyway. Damn, that boy has a good tongue and ain’t afraid to use it.»

The waitress whimpered softly and whispered, «This lady is very much the same way.» A few moments later she gave a little soft yell and ground her sex hard against Jessica’s face. «Oh yes…! Hell, yes…!» the waitress almost yelled as she came with a small gush.

Jessica moaned loudly as the waitress started to come and she felt the wet flow on her chin. She wanted to move down and lap it up but she couldn’t get there. Between the restraints and the sopping wet pussy plastered to her face, she could barely move or breathe for that matter.

The waitress raised her sex off Jessica’s face and lowered her foot to the floor. She stood there on shaky legs and grinned at Jake. «That was one hell of a tip. I’ll be your waitress anytime.»

«Just how the hell am I supposed to take taxes out of that, I wonder,» Valerie said and then laughed. «I guess I could have one of the boys clean up the overflow.»

With her fingers held up in the sign of the cross, the waitress shook her head and whispered, «Oh no, no way am I getting even close to either one of those tongues right now.»

Valerie laughed and stroked the head between her legs. «They do get addictive,» she said and then sighed deeply.

Jake was watching Jessica closely and when she opened her eyes he leaned over and kissed her slick, wet lips. Jessica moaned into his mouth and kissed him passionately, her tongue going wild. Jake kissed her even harder. He had only meant to calm and reassure her but it seemed to have the opposite effect.

The taste of the waitress was strong on her lips and mouth. Jake licked his lips as he broke the kiss and sat back. Jessica licked her lips and smiled at him. «She does taste good,» she whispered.

Jake nodded and got up from his chair. «Yes, she does,» he said as he walked toward the end of the bench.

Squatting down behind Jessica, he took a slow lick up the inside of one thigh. Jessica gasped at the touch of his warm, wet tongue and squirmed in her restraints. He licked the other thigh the same way.

«You taste good also. Maybe your little friend would like a taste of you. It only seems fair,» Jake said and the waitress was by his side in a flash, a big grin on her face.

«Leave her clit alone,» Jake whispered as he moved back.

The waitress was in his place as soon as he was out of the way, her face buried in Jessica’s dripping pussy. Jessica had let out a yell and hunched her hips as best she could under the circumstances.

Jake walked back to his chair and slipped off his slacks. His hard dick was standing up against his belly. With a smile, he moved toward Jessica and brushed the spongy head against her lips. Her eyes jerked open and then she swallowed as much of him as she could reach, a loud groan sounding deep in her chest.

Between the dick in her mouth, the tongue in her pussy, and all the people watching her, Jessica was almost beside herself. There was a monster of an orgasm building but it didn’t seem to be in any hurry and that surprised her. She should have been coming her brains out right this moment.

The hands were missing and had been since Jake had walked to her rear and licked her. The thought that all those people were watching her sucking Jake’s dick and the waitress licking her pussy, made the orgasm loom closer and bigger.

Jessica was whimpering and moaning when Jake pulled his dick out of her mouth and walked around to stand behind the waitress. His hand on the girls shoulder made her look up. He smiled as he saw how wet and shiny her face was. She grinned broadly and licked her lips as she moved out of his way.

With a nod, Jake moved up behind Jessica and rubbed the head of his dick up and down in the slippery wet slit of her open pussy. Jessica jerked and then groaned deeply. Jake almost groaned himself as he rubbed the head over and around her hot opening. She was far hotter and wetter than he figured she’d be.

As his dick slipped into her tight, wet pussy, Jake did groan. He was glad for the blowjob from earlier or he would be well on the way to coming. That was something he definitely didn’t want. He had to fuck her ass and he had to do it right.

Jessica had frozen when Jake’s dick touched her sex. She had taken a deep gasping breath as he slid slowly into her core and held it until his hips touched her ass. She couldn’t believe that he had hilted himself in her in one slow motion. She marveled at the ease he had entered her pussy and how full she felt.

Jake held still with his hips pressed tightly to Jessica’s ass. Her hot, tight pussy was doing marvelous things around and to his dick. He wanted to fuck her as hard and fast as he could but he didn’t dare. They would both go up in smoke and flames in a matter of minutes.

Jessica suddenly realized that she needed to breathe and blew out sharply. The breath she took next was ragged and shuddery. After that it got easier but there was a whinny whimpering component to each one. She was waiting for him to move. She tried to will him to move.

Finally, she tried to lift her hips so he would move inside her. His hand slapped her ass sharply. She gasped loudly and froze. Her orgasm was very close and very big she realized. She also realized that Jake was holding still for the same reason.

They stayed that way for a long time or so it felt to Jessica. Then slowly, very slowly, excruciatingly slow, Jake pulled out of her. Jessica was panting by the time the head left her sex. When he touched the butt plug she gasped loudly and then moaned. When he started to work it in and out of her ass, she gasped even louder and started to shake.

Jake pulled the plug out of Jessica’s ass, and let her rest and calm down for a few minutes. He held the plug right above the opening and watched it pulse and slowly close. When he thought the time was right he touched the tip to the opening and pushed it home.

Jessica gave a soft yell and arched her back. Her head and shoulders strained upward. Jake worked the plug in and out of her ass in a slow, fucking motion. The monster orgasm was back, lurking in the shadows and bigger than ever. It stayed right there even when Jake pulled the plug completely out.

Jake grinned and rubbed the head of his slick, slippery dick over her opening and then over the pucker of her asshole. Jessica was shaking and whimpering loudly. It was time, he thought as he centered the head on her anal opening. He eased forward and applied a light pressure.

Two things happened at once. Jakes dick squeezed through the loosened ring of muscles and slid into Jessica’s ass a couple of inches easily. The second was the monster orgasm waiting in the shadows consumed Jessica in one long loud yelling explosion of pure pleasure.

Jake held still and let Jessica’s orgasm run its course. It was hard to do, the way she was wiggling and jerking. Her ass was clamping and clenching at his manhood as if to gobble it up. As her body moved, his dick moved inside her and fed the orgasm more fire, and pleasure.

It was a never-ending cycle or so it seemed to Jake. The crowd around them was cheering, whistling, and yelling, egging him on to fuck her. This just added to Jessica’s orgasm even more as she was reminded they were there.

Jake was in awe of how long and how hard her orgasm was. He grinned and rode it out. He loved it when a plan literally came together. Now if he could just hold his own off until he was ready.

As Jessica started down from her orgasmic high, she stopped moving and slowly relaxed back against the bench’s padding. Ripples and sparks still flowed along her nervous system but nowhere near the overload that it was before. She could feel the pulse and throb in her tightly stretched ass that was Jake. She shivered hard and moaned.

That was the cue Jake was waiting for. He pressed his hips forward and felt his dick slide even deeper. He paused as Jessica gasped and lifted her head. Her hips flexed up and down and then she moaned softly deep in her chest.

Jake let her relax a moment and then eased forward again. When he felt his manhood move forward, he reversed and pulled out until the head was just inside the opening. Jessica yelled and shook her head but not from pain. A jolt of pure delight shot straight to her center and hung there glowing and hot.

That glowing ball of heat and passion expanded as Jake pushed back inside even deeper than before. Jessica opened her eyes and lifted her hips to meet him. He pulled back out and the ball shrunk. He pushed in and the ball expanded. Jessica felt a joy fill her completely as his hips touched her ass cheeks.

Jake held still with his hips against her ass and his dick buried as deeply in her ass as it would reach. He bit his lower lip to keep from moaning as he leaned over and kissed Jessica on the shoulder. The burning heat, along with the clenching and clutching of her inner muscles were ecstasy around his dick.

«Happy Valentine’s Day. How does it feel to have a dick buried completely in your ass?» he asked her.

Jessica whimpered loudly and then almost yelled, «Fuck me! Fuck my ass!» The ball of energy was pulsing with life and slowly growing. She knew what was coming and this would be even more powerful than the monster from the dark.

«I told you, you would say that,» Jake whispered as he raised his hips.

Jessica started to chant «Yes,» each time Jake’s hips touched her ass. The glowing ball kept on expanding and growing stronger the longer and harder he fucked her. A part of her wondered what it would feel like when he came deep in her ass. Another part shivered and she yelled even louder.

Jake felt his climax rising and pounded her ass even harder. He needed her to come with him, for both of them to peak at the same time. She was close but he felt like he was even closer. He hoped his orgasm would spark hers if he couldn’t hold back.

When Jake slowed his strokes to try and hold off his growing need to come, Jessica yelled «No!» Jake had his answer and pounded into her as hard and fast as he could. In a matter of a few minutes, he planted himself as deep as he could and came harder than he ever remembered. Jet after jet of hot semen sprayed her insides.

Jessica yelled incoherently and thrashed around in her restraints as the glowing ball exploded deep inside her belly and flooded her sex and ass with pure heat and energy. Her body was glowing golden and bright in her mind’s eye as she came right along with Jake. Her yells were for the pure joy of it now.

Jessica and Jake were cuddled together in the one of the back booths. Jessica was sitting in his lap. Jake had called the driver and he was on his way with the car. Jake was surprised that it was only ten o’clock, it seemed far later for some reason.

The little waitress came by and sat two drinks on the table. «Compliments of Valerie,» she said with a grin. «That was quite a show, half the people in this place are fucking their brains out, if they hadn’t already,» she added as she turned to walk away.

«It seems we are a hit,» Jake said to Jessica.

She nodded, her head against his chest and sighed deeply. Jake hugged her tightly and rocked her back and forth slowly. She sighed deeply again and snuggled closer. She was so relaxed and sated that that was all she could do. Her mind and body were still wrapped in a warm glowing cocoon.

The next day after work, Jessica stopped at the door of Jake’s apartment building and rang for security. The guard signed her in and gave her an envelope. On the elevator to the fifteenth floor, she opened it to find a key and an ID card with her name on it.

She was smiling as she used the key to unlock the door to her future home. She quickly undressed and hung her clothes on the hook behind the door. A blouse and skirt were all that she had on besides her thigh high stockings and heels. She had left her jacket in her car.

She noticed the cuffs and collar on the side table and took a moment to put them on. He hadn’t mentioned them but they were hers so she would wear them proudly. She now knew what they meant and what they were for.

Walking into the living room, she saw Jake sitting in a chair by his computer desk. She walked over and sat down by his right knee, tucking her feet up under her ass.

«Hi and welcome home,» Jake said as he leaned over to kiss her softly on the lips.

Jessica kissed him back and then replied, «It’s good to be home with you.»

He smiled and stroked her hair as she laid her head on his knee and sighed contently.

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